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21st Century Learning #201 - October 30, 2013

21st Century Learning is back with a new season! We've even got a new numbering convention, because we've lost track of our show #. We're starting with 201 this season. We are trying to use Google Hangouts on Air as our streaming mechanism. Today's show was a test run, and a pretty good one. We haven't figured out how to connect the Q&A so that people can be in the chatroom or asking questions, but we'll get there.

In the mean time, hear us discussing the starts of our years, Chromebooks, Gary Stager, schedules, and more. Oh my!

ETT21 #169 Creating Grace Church High School, Hugo M. Mahabir, Head of the High School Division

30:35 minutes (27.99 MB)

arvind and Hugo from a GSC video

ETT21 #169 Creating Grace Church High School, Hugo M. Mahabir, Head of the High School Division
May 30, 2012

What does a new High School look like?  Why restructure school?  How is the world different? How is teaching different?

ETT21 #168: iPads and Professional Development

23:42 minutes (21.7 MB)

ETT21 #168 -- iPads & Professional Development
May 23, 2012

iPads in School -- Why is there so much excitedment over iPads? How will we design professional development and learning in schools that are implementing iPad programs?  How do iPads change the game. 

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ETT21 #167: The Reboot

26:10 minutes (23.97 MB)

ETT21 #167: The Reboot
May 16, 2012

An update on where we have been and a conversation on where we are going. 

Why do we do what we do?  Where are we going in the next year or two.  An invigorating conversation around how we are planning to reinvigorate our practice. 

How we've developed over the years -- Our friendships and how we hope to continue to flourish in the future.  

EdTechTalk21 #166: Minecraft in Education with Joel Levin

21:06 minutes (9.71 MB)
EdTechTalk21 #166: Joel Levin: @MinecraftTeachr
March 14, 2012
Joel Levin @minecraftteachr
Joel Levin, creater of MineCraftedu.com  joins us to discuss MineCraft uses in Education.  If you're using MineCraft, Joel asks that you share what you are doing via blogging, twitter or joining the conversation at MineCraftedu.com.

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