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21st Century Learing #29: A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #29
A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx
January 23, 2007
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A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx from Oregon Episcopal School about laptop programs, iBooks, Edline, Moodle, SharePoint and other school related topics.

Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
[arvind] Jim's stats on US laptop increase:
[Alex Ragone] k-12 programming starting at 2nd grade.
[Alex Ragone] iChat for collaboration.
[Alex Ragone] Online homework chat.
[arvind] 3-d modeling
[vvrotny] I am hearing only alex, i think. I am not hearing Jim or arvind
[arvind] uh oh
[arvind] looking into it vinnie
[Alex Ragone] how's that vinnie?
[vvrotny] still nothing
[arvind] give it a few secs to stream through, let's see
[vvrotny] there it is. thanks
[arvind] thanks for pointing it out
[Alex Ragone] just restarted my broadcasting software -- try now.
[vvrotny] you guys are sounding great. Thanks
[Alex Ragone] Moving to faculty and kids taking care of things.
[arvind] my post on servicing kids laptops:
[Alex Ragone]
[arvind] and fantastico lets you install open source software with a few clicks. so easy!
[arvind] i personally use
[arvind] jim's first post:
[vvrotny] I am using bluehost. There seemed to be performance issues that have cleared up in the last ten days
[arvind] bandwith reclamation project
[Alex Ragone] SharePoint -- Edline --
[Alex Ragone]
[Alex Ragone]
[arvind] blackboard:
[arvind] don't forget moodle!:
[arvind] year to year course migration is one of the most underlooked feature when eval'ing a course management system
[arvind] you don't realize it until year end
[arvind] then it hurts
[Alex Ragone] Our Whipplhill Advanced Academics system has rollover, but needs lacks other options.
[Alex Ragone] Sakai -
[arvind] Sakai just had their 6th conference. you can get video and audio podcasts here:

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