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21st Century Learning #37: South by Southwest Recap and

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #37
South by Southwest Recap and
March 20, 2007

This week arvind and Alex recap arvind's trip to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. The second half of the show is on and a discussion of where this show and Worldbridges in general are headed.

[arvind] Will Wright:
[arvind] Serious Games:
[arvind] Online Games:
[arvind] Dan Rather:
[arvind] Online social networks:
[arvind] Convergence Culture:
[arvind] When communities attack:
[arvind] I can't believe you sent that:
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Lee: IP Address
User Lee has entered this room.
[Lee] Hi Alex and Arvind
[Lee] My student Andrew is listening today..he will be part of the interview webcast on Thursday!
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[Lee] Hi
[Lee] WE are still here
[Lee] Andrew put a comment on your apples blog
[Lee] no Zach is listening    
[alex.ragone] Hi Guys.

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