EdTechTalk#19 Chat Transcript

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version[scott] I just heard about K7 - http://www.k7.net/
[scott] might be something to address the functionality Jeff Flynn was looking for with voicemail
[scott] It emails you a wav file from the voicemail message
[dave] ah.
[scott] haven't tried it yet, just heard about it on a podcast today
[dave] Jeff is already using it apparently
[JeffLebow] Flynn that is
[dave] Jeff said "so... what's scott doin'?
[JeffLebow] Greetings Scott
[scott] Hello Jeff
[scott] I'm trying to encode the latest Tokyo Calling on the other computer episode 028
[JeffLebow] Cool...it's been a little while
[JeffLebow] read your recent CI stuff. No audio for a while. Scott must be a busy guy
[scott] Tokyo Calling is featured on the front level of iTunes Music store
[scott] total chaos with downloads
[scott] 3000 in 96 hours
[scott] not able to skype at the moment
[JeffLebow] popular guy
[dave] you're cool and we're not jealous
[dave] :<
[JeffLebow] That's very cool
[dave] *slap*
[scott] old version of skype methinks - lemme download an update
[scott] did the stream crap out too?
[scott] just lost it on realplayer
[scott] ;(
[Guest_478] I'm lookin'for the man who shot my brother!
[scott] hello elderbob
[scott] any1 able to hear the stream??
[Guest_478] i don't hear it
[Guest_478] but then again... i'm not trying
[Guest_478] mmm...
[Guest_478] this is strange
[Guest_478] we're looking fine here
[Guest_478] can you tell me what's going on?
[Guest_478] do you click to emptiness?
[scott] I am trying to listen the realplayer low bandwidth
[Guest_478] could you hear faint typing
[scott] I heard it before, a few minutes after the skype crash here it faded out
Dennis has joined the chat.
[Dennis] Hi, EB, Guest, Jeff, and Scott.
[Dennis] I'll be back in a few minutes.
[Guest_478] greetings dennis
[elderbob] Hello all.
[elderbob] Im here too now.
[scott] I am cursed. Sorry guys
Jo has joined the chat.
[Guest_478] hi jo
[Guest_478] nice to see you again
[Jo] Hi, is that you Dave?
[Guest_478] yes it is
[elderbob] Dave you can get there by Highlighting Vances name in the reception area, and then on the right drop down menu, choose join, and
[elderbob] and that should take you there.
[elderbob] Eat more turkey.
[scott] Hi Dennis
[Guest_478] turkey is nice
Jo has left the chat.
Jo has joined the chat.
[Guest_478] welcome back again
[Jo] sorry don't know where I went
sus_ has joined the chat.
[sus_] here I am!
[elderbob] Ill be there for that.
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[sus_] for the Canadian Moodle Moot, there is a participant fee
[elderbob] Woooohooo.
[Jo] Hi, Sus
[sus_] Hi Jo & everyone else
[sroseman] greetings
[scott] way to go ElderBob
[sus_] I think we may be in the Lava chat now?
[sus_] is this different from earlier?
[scott] Anyway to get Larry King in as a guest?
[elderbob] Very new technology.
[Dennis] Hi, Scott.
[elderbob] Running through Sunny Swamps.....no....
[sus_] George Siemens once said, to explain RSS is like trying to explain sex, you don't understand until you try it!
[elderbob] Really Slick Stuff?
[Dennis] Interesting, Sus!
[sus_] I liked the analogy
[sroseman] Google Alerts..is that similar to RSS feeds
[sus_] real me use RSS!
[sus_] real MEN
[elderbob] Great advice...dont worry about it.
[sroseman] I use rocket news and bloglines
[Dennis] My yahoo? Interesting.
[sus_] can we have the url for that paper, Yahoo on RSS?
[Dennis] I use bloglines--but have just begun.
[Dennis] I use Firefox, but not its aggregator.
[sus_] does the site need to have a spceial feed for Firefox?
[Dennis] I like Opera, too--and also OmniWeb.
[elderbob] Ya cant help but wonder what Google would say about their stats.
[Dennis] Thanks for the link, Jeff.
[sus_] thanks, will look at show notes
leeb has joined the chat.
[leeb] I have firefox
[Dennis] Hi, Banjo Lady!
[leeb] Hello... ding a linga how are you strum strum...
[leeb] No, it really sounds better than that.
[sus_] I agree, that way of generating money from research papers is like an industry
[Dennis] fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-een-een-een-een-een. (This is how it sounds on a balalaika.)
[sus_] and, I have seen some university editors who have made RSS sites wherer people will be directed to their papers (for money), I t
[Dennis] Kudos, indeed. This will go a long way toward establishing credibility of online material.
[Dennis] Of coursew, it'll take time.
[elderbob] Are you using the Beta, Dave?
[Dennis] Oops: Of course.
[JeffLebow] http://jarche.com/
[Dennis] Incredible . . . about having word processing, etc. online instead of having to depend on Microsoft (and others).
[sus_] yes we do hear a sweet little kid, not too noisy!
[Dennis] Interesting point about Microsoft.
[Dennis] It is quite neat (about Microsoft).
[sus_] what can you do with xBoxes, anyway?
[sus_] yes
[sus_] Elluminate works FINE on a mac
[Dennis] I agree, Sus.
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[sroseman] collaborative writing tools discussed here http://acolla.blogspot.com/2005/10/collaborative-writing-tool-writely.html
[Dennis] Thanks for the collaborative writing tools link, SR. I'll add it to my feeds list.
[jeff_in_ann_arbor] reader's theatre with multiple voices cool
[Dennis] Way cool.
[Jo] I like that idea, soap opera
[leeb] I use audio all the time for my class instructions..
[Dennis] I like it, too.
[Dennis] Reminds me of the popularity that ESL comic books used to have--in, say, Japan.
[leeb] podpal
[Jo] And the reader's theatre, too
[Dennis] Thanks for the URL for Dave's edblog.
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[sroseman] 4 year olds and up like www.orisinal.com..quite engaging
[sroseman] http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/
[Jo] Doesn't Marc Prensky say that the playing of games changes the brain structure?
[Dennis] PhotoStory is Windows only, no?
[JeffLebow] I think so
[Dennis] It seems to be.
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[Guest_478] hello Rob
[sroseman] Al Gore invented the Information Highway
[Guest_478] truth is he never said that
[Rob_MacMillan] hello everyone. glad to be on board
[elderbob] Wasnt Al GOres Dad involvedin the original Arpanet?
[Guest_478] jo... we're skyping you
[Dennis] What was that name again, Jeff?
[Dennis] (the one you mentioned right after you mentioned links)
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leeb has joined the chat.
[Guest_478] jo... turn off the webcast
[sus_] Jo is not here in the chat - Jo who btw?
[sus_] good girl!
sus_ has left the chat.
[Dennis] URL for the Oz directory?
[Guest_478] mmm...
[Guest_478] i have that somewhere...
[JeffLebow] http://theopenclassroom.blogspot.com/
[Dennis] Thanks, Jeff.
[elderbob] I was there.....very late at night....
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[elderbob] But it was awesome.
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Rob_MacMillan has left the chat.
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[Dennis] Something was mentioned about a password.
[Dennis] Some of my students are doing an international exchange blog. It's just started, but it has promise.
[JeffLebow] I think you only need a password to edit http://australianedubloggers.pbwiki.com/
[Dennis] Ah, I see. Thanks, Jeff. I got the Australianedubloggers URL through Google.
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[Dennis] The business about establishing one's personal voice is critically important.
[Dennis] I haven't been too critical about grammar and style in my international exchange blog. I think participation is more important--
[Dennis] i.e., more important to "establish their voices."
[Guest_478] granted... i'm moving towards more editing as time goes on
[elderbob] Hi Scott.
[Dennis] 478: Sounds reasonable.
[sroseman] grade 7/8 students have enjoyed reviewing game sites
[Dennis] Thanks, Jo. Very interesting work!
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[leeb] hi scott
[scott] hi leeb
[sus_on_a_mac] Bye Dave
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[Dennis] Will EB be here, Jeff?
[Rob_MacMillan] Bye Dave. Thanks
[Dennis] So EB _will_ be here, right?
[leeb] bye dave
[Dennis] Hi, EB.
[sus_on_a_mac] hello Bob, we hear you!
[Dennis] Yew awl raht?
[sus_on_a_mac] pretty loud even Bob
[leeb] I dont hear bob
[sus_on_a_mac] bloggoblin
[leeb] yep
[sus_on_a_mac] when is halloween in texas?
[leeb] hey jeff, where is bob
[sus_on_a_mac] Bob is in the post edtecktalk stream
[leeb] bobbloggin
[sus_on_a_mac] http://knowplace.ca
[sus_on_a_mac] good question Bob
[leeb] ok,,whre is #5
[scott] sounds like hobgobblin
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[sroseman] with google alerts I receive what I want directly to my email accounts
[sroseman] can manage my google alerts as well
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[sus_is_back] once I decide I MUST now have that cell phone,. I could get a Gmail account
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[scott] Do you get spam on the RSS?
sroseman has joined the chat.
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[Dennis] Very interesting, EB. Thanks for the info on using the built-in Firefox / Thunderbird aggregator.
[Dennis] I'll be back in a minute.
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sus has joined the chat.
[sus] sorry for running in and out, my connection seem to be unstable (as often happens, sigh)
[scott] can anybody else from the chat room join in on the conference call/webcast??
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sroseman has joined the chat.
[sus] I'm listening to Bob
[sus] do you have problems lisetning Scott?
[scott] yeah, I hear it
[sus] sorry, I misunderstood your question;-) I hear you now as well
[sroseman] RSS for Dummies
[sus] clap clap clap, hello Vance!!
[sus] I hear the old scuba diver from Abu Dhabi!
[leeb] skubaskype?
[Dennis] Hi, Vance.
[leeb] hoora..Vance
[Dennis] RSS for Dummies: good idea.
[Dennis] Or maybe Really Simple Syndication: A Really Simple Explanation
[Dennis] And if Tapped In is cautious, then it's fairly safe to assume that many school districts would be even MORE cautious, no?
[Dennis] So it's a matter of what elements a school would incorporate?
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[Dennis] So the security depends on the back end of what would enable RSS?
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[Dennis] There are all kinds of Google references to xml RSS security .
[JeffLebow] Any links? Or would you like to Skype in Dennis?
[Dennis] Some suggest that encryption (on the part of the fed site) is the way to handle this.
[JeffLebow] Long time, no skype.
[Dennis] "Long time, no skype" who?
[JeffLebow] Long time I have skyped with you Dennis :(
[Dennis] True.
[Dennis] The reason is simple.
[Dennis] I have to watch the noise while WB is on.
[Dennis] Because some folks are still sleeping here.
[Dennis] That's the only reason--but it's a big one.
[Dennis] Sorry.
[JeffLebow] ah, I forget how early you get up for this
[Dennis] Yes, it's 8:44 in the morning here in Phoenix.
[Dennis] The sleeping folks are night owls and could get up at any time, but they need to get up when THEY want to.
[Dennis] Not when I wake them up by talking.
[Dennis] Yes, very well said.
[Dennis] Yes, do them exactly like this: xml RSS security
[Dennis] There are a number of references from Microsoft in the items in the Google search. I didn't check them.
[scott] *meow*
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[helenk] hello everyone
[Dennis] So maybe the fears are groundless? Fear of the unknown? Politics? Corporatethink? Or ARE the fears basically groundless?
[Dennis] Dem is de questions, no?
[JeffLebow] Hello Helen
[Dennis] Or some of the more important ones.
[Dennis] Hi, Helen.
[Dennis] Good point, EB. But IT people who have a vested interest in another course delivery platform are often resistant to offer moodle
[Dennis] as an alternative
[JeffLebow] Are you listening to the webcast
[Dennis] Yes.
[Dennis] (I'm listening to the webcast.)
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[sus] hi Helen
[Dennis] Yes, that's right: http://www.twilightbridge.com/hobbies/festivals/thanksgiving/canada/
[Dennis] re the Webheads Convergence:
[Dennis] http://www.geocities.com/vance_stevens/papers/evonline2002/convergence20...
[Dennis] I think all the information is available from the above URL.
[Dennis] It's good that the date has been pushed forward.
[Dennis] Spam onigiri: luvit!
[Dennis] Spam in Korea? Incredible!
[sus] Spam cases for gift presents!!
[Dennis] It brings back memories of po' folks' food to me.
[sus] really yummy
[Dennis] (I remember when Soul Food was chic and all the rage. I was disappointed to find out that I ate it all the time as a kid.
[helenk] I saw a special on that on the foodnetwork EB :)
[sus] bye bye now everyone
[Dennis] I'll join you you there, EB. I have the window open.
[sus] enjoyed todays' talk
[Dennis] I enjoyed it, too.
[Dennis] It was informative and also very understandable.
[sus] need to go cook dinner!
[Dennis] Thanks, Jeff.
[sus] audible and clear!
[sus] great sound quaoity today!
sus has left the chat.
[Dennis] Hear, hear (re audible and clear and re "an awesome resource").
[Dennis] Vance: What do you know about ArabSat?
[helenk] as I came in late - would someone let me know where the archive can be found
[Dennis] Thanks, Vance.
[Dennis] I'm spacing, too.
[Dennis] I'll check out more later and send another message, Vance.
[Dennis] It is. A communications network.
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helenk has left the chat.
[Dennis] Also ArabSat.Com
[Dennis] http://www.arabsat.com/
[Dennis] The father of a former student was one of the founders.
[Dennis] G'night, Vance.
[Dennis] Ma'asalaama.
[Dennis] Will the Webheads be doing an EVO presentation this year, Vance?
[Dennis] Please let Vance know about my question, OK?
[JeffLebow] will do dennis
[Dennis] Thanks, Jeff.
[Dennis] I'm interested because I won't be at TESOL, either.
[Dennis] The redirect option is an easy one, if you change domain names.
[Dennis] Ma'asalaama, Vance.
[Dennis] And shukran.
[Dennis] And Dennis is leaving, too. Thanks very much, Jeff. This was an excellent session.
[Dennis] Can you relay my ma'asalaama and shukran message?
[Dennis] No need.
[JeffLebow] sorry I missed
[Dennis] And now I'm leaving. Thanks again. Sorry to leave just as you've arrived, Anne.