ETT21 #127: Brad Rathgeber from the Online School for Girls

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21st Century Learning #127Brad Rathgeber
April 6, 2010
Brad Rathgeber from the Online School for Girls

Brad Rathgeber, President of the Board at the Online School for Girls joins us to discuss the new online school specializing in single gender online education for girls.

<Chat Transcript>


 14:04:33  matt montagne ->  hey all
 14:05:41  alex.ragone ->  hello! 
 14:05:49  alex.ragone ->  We'll be getting going in the next couple minutes
 14:05:53  mrsdurff ->  stream?
 14:06:06  matt montagne ->  sounds good
 14:06:21  mrsdurff ->  where?
 14:06:59  mrsdurff ->  ETT A
 14:07:08  mrsdurff ->  waiting to connect
 14:07:23  mrsdurff ->  read my thoughts about the slow connection
 14:07:33  mrsdurff ->  sounds good
 14:09:18  alex.ragone ->  Thanks, Durff.
 14:09:30  alex.ragone ->  Just got ustream going as well.
 14:09:54  alex.ragone ->
 14:10:20  alex.ragone ->  Brad Rathgeber is the President of the Board.
 14:13:30  matt montagne ->  what are tuition fees for courses??
 14:13:39  alex.ragone ->
 14:13:44  alex.ragone ->  Their course catalog.
 14:14:55  matt montagne ->  are the courses mostly asynchronous, or is there a mix of asynch and sycnch
 14:15:09  matt montagne ->  What are they using for synchronous, remote sessions??
 14:15:59  matt montagne ->  are faculty members who are teaching online courses being compensated?? Or do they receive a course reduction at the school that they are at??
 14:16:12  matt montagne ->  Do you have any examples of student work published from these courses??
 14:16:22  alex.ragone ->  Getting to those, Matt!
 14:16:25  VinnieV ->  great questions Matt. We will get to them
 14:16:50  matt montagne ->  coolio
 14:17:13  matt montagne ->  are there options for outsiders to sit in on courses??
 14:17:34  matt montagne ->  Are you planning on making any of these coureses freely available as OERs for anyone in the world to use??
 14:22:19  alex.ragone ->  Online School for Girls is using the Haiku LMS:
 14:24:22  matt montagne ->  What has been parental feedback, both good and bad, regarding their daughter's participation on the various courses??
 14:24:33  alex.ragone ->  Member schools:
 14:26:32  matt montagne ->  Independent schools that figure out ways to use online learning to broaden and deepen learning opportunities for students will do well I think...
 14:26:37  alex.ragone ->  Stanford's Online School:
 14:27:20  matt montagne ->  I think online learning can have a very positive impact on language learning opportunities...why be beholden to only offering 3-4 languages when we could offer 35
 14:28:09  alex.ragone ->  Apply:
 14:29:39  matt montagne ->  nice webcast all

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