EdTechBrainstorm #35

June 29, 2006

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A short excerpt from another 2 1/2 hour mega-session.  This segment deals with the possibilities of creating some kind of tech teacher coop for sharing the challenges of staying up to date with so may computing languages and programs.  Participants include Susan Ettenheim, Harold Jarche, Jeff Lebow, and Doug Symington. 

Chat Transcript Below 

19:02:16 SusanEttenheim: stepping away for a few but leaving the chat open
19:50:38 JL: Hey Harold
19:51:04 JL: heard rumors that the Informl gang may be around tonight
19:51:41 USSROVER: good evening
19:51:49 Harold_Jarche: yah, but I may be the only one
19:52:00 Harold_Jarche: who's JL?
19:52:15 USSROVER: ??
19:52:26 Harold_Jarche: I'm not getting positive audio - is it down?
19:52:40 USSROVER: I'm just a tech show junkie :) he-he
19:52:57 USSROVER: http://worldbridges.net:8002/listen.pls is the one I'm using
19:53:37 Harold_Jarche: it works! I think?
19:53:39 USSROVER: uses win Amp or Jet Audio player
19:53:54 Harold_Jarche: I here jeff talking
19:54:24 USSROVER: web casting
19:54:36 Harold_Jarche: where's Doug?
19:55:06 USSROVER: my 1st time in chat during show
19:55:33 Harold_Jarche: Jeff! Are you live??
19:56:20 Harold_Jarche: may just be me
19:56:26 Harold_Jarche: what's skypecast?
19:57:12 USSROVER: Skypecast uses Skype
19:57:37 USSROVER: JL ? have a phone ##
19:57:58 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:58:56 USSROVER: reason I ask I have a list of computer / tech shows
20:11:27 rover: can you pass the skype link again this is USSROVER
20:11:46 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:11:50 rover: ty
20:12:27 cheryl: great to have students teaching
20:13:29 cheryl: cheryloakes sorry, yeah, can't wait
20:13:40 Harold_Jarche: cool
20:13:45 cheryl: having dinner with the family, brb
20:15:27 JL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnomedex
20:16:45 JL: Hi Paul, skypecast at https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:16:58 Harold_Jarche: vyew.com
20:18:04 Paul_Ellerman: Hi everyone
20:22:05 Harold_Jarche: http://www.squidoo.com/opensource4learning/
20:22:59 rover: off subject I'm a Grand-uncle want pictures ?
20:24:30 rover: Open Office good replacement for MS Office
20:25:36 Harold_Jarche: gabbly.com
20:25:46 JL: http://gabbly.com/
20:26:03 Paul_Ellerman: I have heard of it.
20:26:10 Steve_K: Our websites: http://www.spdc.org http://www.k12opensource.org
20:26:25 Paul_Ellerman: www.gabbly.com/cbc.ca
20:27:01 JL: http://gabbly.com/http://edtechtalk.com
20:28:39 Harold_Jarche: http://gabbly.com/http://edtechtalk.com/
20:31:07 rover: for those that are interested go here http://www.kalnet.com/~ussrover/show.html for a list of over 160 computer / tech shows
20:31:19 rover: I maintain the list
20:32:47 JL: http://www.kalnet.com/~ussrover/c-shows.html
20:33:02 cheryl: i am back to this one.
20:33:10 cheryl: HI susan.
20:33:14 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
20:33:18 rover: jl that is the web version of the list
20:33:32 rover: Central time is web list
20:34:07 rover: Yes SKYPE as USSROVER
20:34:19 SusanEttenheim: hi
20:34:24 SusanEttenheim: lol
20:34:30 SusanEttenheim: tnx
20:34:37 JL: +99001110009475818
20:34:41 SusanEttenheim: will never live that one down!
20:34:54 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:34:59 rover: Speadsheet Excel Open Office usable
20:35:02 SusanEttenheim: too many years with Moms Online
20:35:16 rover: all the shows stream LIVE !! no podcast
20:37:30 rover: I see pop-up with host Susan, Paul & uwe
20:39:04 Paul_Ellerman: When will the next webcast acadmey start?
20:39:47 Harold_Jarche: rover - try the skypecast instead
20:40:11 Paul_Ellerman: July 15th, cool
20:40:26 rover: I may not have skypecast
20:40:38 rover: I have Skype itself
20:40:47 rover: adding you to my list
20:40:49 cheryl: I think opening ceremonies prior to July 31st works for me.
20:40:51 Harold_Jarche: don't need skypecast - just go to the URL
20:41:13 cheryl: Moodle started?
20:41:35 cheryl: I must have checked out by then.
20:41:49 cheryl: Bob and I want moodle, plus 2 other teachers in Wells.
20:43:00 cheryl: Susan you were so calm with all that was happening!
20:43:09 rover: I'm hearing the young lady talking now
20:43:42 rover: I have my transmit MUTED
20:44:19 cheryl: Arnold was just being a bully.
20:44:20 Harold_Jarche: rover - you are in the skype conference
20:45:51 rover: Harold in via Skype :) the way I know works
20:47:06 rover: lost call
20:47:19 rover: I'll try in a tick
20:49:15 cheryl: Susan, I want you as my mentor.
20:49:34 cheryl: Okay, I'll do moodle, there must be someone here in the Linux community who is awesome.
20:50:21 Harold_Jarche: have you asked at moodle.org?
20:50:29 Alex.Ragone: Greetings...
20:52:02 Alex.Ragone: Who is speaking?
20:52:09 rover: me
20:52:14 Alex.Ragone: Hi Rober.
20:52:15 hbryant2: Am I in the chat room for EdTechBrainstorm? I've joined through Skypecast.
20:52:17 rover: aka USSROVER
20:52:18 Alex.Ragone: rover.
20:52:32 JL: http://www.kalnet.com/~ussrover/c-shows.html
20:52:34 Alex.Ragone: Yes --- You're at the EdTechBrainstorm...
20:52:41 SusanEttenheim: could you do a list of all education shows?
20:52:43 hbryant2: Thanks.
20:53:02 Alex.Ragone: Thanks, Jeff!
20:53:39 SusanEttenheim: wow that's great
20:53:47 Alex.Ragone: We'll have to get 2!ST Century Learning up there!
20:53:55 SusanEttenheim: does anyone use eChalk?
20:53:56 rover: Susan You can copy and use my list to your needs
20:54:11 SusanEttenheim: thanks rover- great job- is it a database?
20:54:30 rover: yes open office & MS Excel usable
20:54:33 SusanEttenheim: i used to run a site of websites for women - it was a wonderful task - i loved doing it
20:54:46 cheryl: nice list, thanks rover
20:54:49 SusanEttenheim: it's really satisfying isn't it?
20:54:55 rover: free to all
20:55:25 SusanEttenheim: rover do you have people contribute and send ideas to you?
20:55:30 rover: I'm in the process of trying to get some non-streaming show to stream live
20:55:36 rover: some do
20:55:42 SusanEttenheim: cool
20:56:21 rover: many of the people that email me say I can't see column B in my time zone
20:57:08 rover: I email them find your time zone on Sheet 2 then put Number in Cell D1 on sheet 1
20:57:40 Alex.Ragone: I really like Akisnet -- It's eliminated my wordpress spam.
20:58:13 JL: http://languagelabunleashed.com/
20:59:30 JL: http://www.echalk.com/
21:01:40 DougSymington: hi all
21:01:46 JL: can you call in?
21:01:47 rover: hi Doug
21:01:54 Alex.Ragone: hi doug...
21:02:03 Harold_Jarche: Hi Doug
21:02:24 JL: 1-603-574-4923
21:02:43 rover: is that the land line call in ??
21:02:51 JL: skype in #
21:03:11 cheryl: it looks interesting, right, what is the new and transformative result
21:04:44 cheryl: it was about echalk
21:05:00 Harold_Jarche: http://elgg.net
21:05:06 cheryl: I like open source and just starting to get my district moving in that direction
21:05:08 rover: thanks I added it to NOTE for show
21:05:11 Alex.Ragone: We're going to start testing elgg in the next few weeks.
21:05:31 cwe: Is there a fee for elgg?
21:05:35 SusanEttenheim: yes cheryl I'd like to move the larger community in that direction
21:05:39 Harold_Jarche: elgg is not that mature but real potential - new version in Sept
21:05:56 SusanEttenheim: it's a fine line of how to do that and balance one's own responsibilities on a day to day basis
21:06:28 SusanEttenheim: alex - I'd be very interested in that
21:06:39 SusanEttenheim: what have you been using?
21:07:03 Harold_Jarche: Alex - I've done a lot of testing with elgg - contact me if you want at jarche.com
21:07:18 SusanEttenheim: ahh doug- had someone using php and declaring it as the big thing about 8 years ago!
21:07:24 SusanEttenheim: was she ever right!
21:08:47 SusanEttenheim: harold - what a great clean looking blog - is it wordpress?
21:09:00 Harold_Jarche: yup - WP
21:09:15 cheryl: off see you another evening.
21:09:23 SusanEttenheim: wow - that's encouraging - just trying to get going with that this summer
21:10:34 JL: http://mu.wordpress.org/
21:12:09 Alex.Ragone: Susan -- you should come over to the west side -- we're doing a linux hangout the second or third week of July -- we can geek out and check out wordpress mu, elgg and drupal...
21:12:30 hbryant2: Bye.
21:12:34 JL: http://flickr.com/search/?q=drupalcampseattle&m=tags
21:17:16 SusanEttenheim: JL exactly
21:19:42 Alex.Ragone: Jeff - maybe Susan and I can start off the cms academy?
21:19:57 JL: sounds good
21:20:14 JL: can you come on to announce the opening Mr Headmaster?
21:21:20 Alex.Ragone: Ha!
21:21:20 JL: http://www.cmsacademy.net/drupal/ is pretty much waiting to be launced
21:21:40 Alex.Ragone: Unfortunately -- I have chores -- a usual night!
21:22:15 SusanEttenheim: alex do we want to start drupal or elgg?
21:22:23 SusanEttenheim: see I'm still confused
21:22:29 Alex.Ragone: both
21:22:42 SusanEttenheim: nice but unrealistic
21:22:44 SusanEttenheim: lol
21:23:01 SusanEttenheim: what does everyone else think?
21:23:09 SusanEttenheim: alex do you know php?
21:23:18 Alex.Ragone: Yes -- I'm thinking of starting with elgg.
21:23:27 SusanEttenheim: I'm a notch lower than JL on php
21:23:38 Alex.Ragone: no worries... we'll learn.
21:23:48 cwe: I would like which ever will be best for elementary
21:24:04 SusanEttenheim: I don't know about every one else but I was actually thinking of getting some sleep this summer
21:24:24 Alex.Ragone: Night, Susan...
21:24:24 DougSymington: just in the door from Seattle
21:24:37 DougSymington: speakin' o' sleep
21:24:56 SusanEttenheim: ok alex
21:24:57 Harold_Jarche: it's almost midnight here - Zzzzz
21:25:11 Alex.Ragone: I'll coordinate the elgg learning....
21:25:23 Alex.Ragone: You guys have to be involved though.
21:25:34 JL: Great Alex
21:25:38 Paul_Ellerman: Night all
21:28:00 Alex.Ragone: Teach them to use the forums....
21:28:34 Alex.Ragone: C
21:29:36 Alex.Ragone: I like that Jeff...
21:29:50 cwe: How many tech teachers do you have in your school?
21:29:52 Alex.Ragone: c was somewhat of a joke..
21:30:00 Harold_Jarche: oops
21:30:17 Alex.Ragone: It's very detailed...
21:30:19 DougSymington: 2nd Life is written in a "C-like" language
21:30:19 JL: Amonst the Worldbridges Domain Collection are a lot of coops - i.e. teachercoop.net learningcoop.net etc.
21:32:21 Harold_Jarche: my son's blog http://dragonlance.gnomz.com/22453-sakata.html
21:33:30 JL: http://schools.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
21:36:09 JL: http://teachersnetwork.org/
21:36:57 cwe: I like LEARNNC.org
21:37:19 Alex.Ragone: There's also http://schoolcomputing.wikia.com/wiki/School_Computing_Home_Page
21:41:07 JL: Hi Jason
21:42:15 SusanEttenheim: harold - how old is your son?
21:42:26 Alex.Ragone: What happened to the stream?
21:42:28 JasonR: Howdy. Just lost the stream. Networked stalled. Rebuffering.
21:42:48 Alex.Ragone: Jeff --- are you weening me off the stream?
21:43:10 SusanEttenheim: I can still hear it fine- no breaks
21:43:32 JL: Oops
21:43:36 JL: not sure what happened
21:43:41 JL: should be back
21:43:50 Alex.Ragone: Thanks! It's back!
21:44:33 SusanEttenheim: school computing is terrific
21:44:59 JasonR: Whoohoo. Dragonlance!
21:45:23 JasonR: Loved that series as a teenager.
21:47:10 JL: Skypecast is at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=... if anyone would like to join in
21:47:50 DougSymington: http://grail.oise.utoronto.ca/journal/team/aggregator.cgi
21:51:33 SusanEttenheim: url for learners blogs?
21:51:42 SusanEttenheim: tnx
21:51:55 Alex.Ragone: http://www.learnerblogs.org/
21:52:04 DougSymington: http://elgg.net/dougs
21:52:04 SusanEttenheim: http://www.learnersblogs.net/?
21:52:24 Harold_Jarche: learnerblogs.org
21:52:30 Harold_Jarche: elgg.net
21:52:57 SusanEttenheim: this looks great
21:54:11 cwe: Do you think I could use elgg with 4th and 5th graders?
21:54:27 ussrover: Jason I'm an OLD D&Der stred out in CHAINMAIL Series
21:56:05 JasonR: Tried the skypecast URL. No audio. Odd.
21:56:14 JL: hmmm
21:56:50 JL: new URL after I restarted it
21:56:59 SusanEttenheim: did you do that ?
21:57:10 SusanEttenheim: do you host the blogs for the 130 students?
21:57:55 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
21:59:42 Harold_Jarche: http://sandbox.sourcelabs.com/bozpage/?hrv
22:00:57 ussrover: thanks for letting me talk about my showlist
22:01:05 JL: thank you
22:01:13 JL: I look forward to checking it out more carefully
22:01:20 JL: and tuning in to some of the shows
22:01:44 ussrover: if you know of any other show computer / tech related let me know email in file
22:02:12 JL: will do... feel free to check and let us know if there are any edtechy shows out there you think we'd be interested in
22:02:14 ussrover: I also have a google calendar
22:02:35 ussrover: :)
22:02:56 JL: what's the google calendar URL?
22:03:01 SusanEttenheim: i'm having trouble hearing doug's audio is anyone else?
22:03:10 JL: he's coming in pretty low
22:03:17 ussrover: it is on my page
22:03:26 ussrover: http://tdurl.com/y << is a redirect
22:03:59 DougSymington: http://drupaled.org/
22:05:06 DougSymington: http://drupaled.org/forum/general-discussion/drupaled-where-can-i-get-it
22:05:39 JasonR: Depending on the Cosmos Commons?
22:05:40 Harold_Jarche: jarche.com
22:05:53 SusanEttenheim: and the sahara..
22:06:06 SusanEttenheim: inside joke... sorry
22:06:12 SusanEttenheim: hhh
22:06:36 Harold_Jarche: good night everyone
22:06:42 SusanEttenheim: wow what a delay
22:07:07 SusanEttenheim: can you just mute everyone?
22:07:50 ussrover: test
22:08:28 Alex.Ragone: night everyone.
22:08:34 Alex.Ragone: thanks for a great conversation.
22:09:07 ussrover: about a 2 hour how norally
22:09:21 ussrover: normally
22:10:25 SusanEttenheim: hi doug
22:10:27 SusanEttenheim: i think
22:10:35 SusanEttenheim: is it cathy?
22:10:42 SusanEttenheim: is she in the chat?
22:14:22 ussrover: hi cwe
22:14:35 cwe: nhe.dare.k12.nc.us
22:16:20 JasonR: http://nhe.dare.k12.nc.us
22:17:35 JasonR: Cathy, does NC do much with videoconferencing in the classroom?
22:18:41 JasonR: Nice website, BTW.
22:19:18 JasonR: She has a cephalopod on the front page :)
22:20:54 SusanEttenheim: wow you really hit that nail on the head doug
22:21:08 SusanEttenheim: lol jason
22:22:43 SusanEttenheim: is the combination what gave moodle the blogs?
22:22:53 SusanEttenheim: I'm pooped
22:23:16 SusanEttenheim: no albert tonight?
22:23:16 JasonR: Indeed. Getting late here too.
22:23:34 cwe: Thanks for letting me in :)
22:24:11 SusanEttenheim: thanks for sharing!
22:24:57 cwe: When is the TEachers teaching Teachers?
22:25:13 JasonR: SL!
22:26:15 SusanEttenheim: TTT is Wed eve 9pm eastern time
22:26:23 cwe: thanks
22:27:09 ussrover: heading out folks have a good one
22:27:14 ussrover: nite all
22:27:15 cwe: bye from NC

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