Ed Tech Weekly #14

January 14, 2007
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 JohnSchinker  etw this week?
 dave  yes
 dave  yes it is
 JohnSchinker  is there a skypecast, or just stream?
 dave  john... is there usually skypecast
 JohnSchinker  there's always a skypecast, but I didn't see one scheduled, so I thought I'd check. I only really care so I can avoid the delay.
 JenM  Mr. Dave is setting one up as I type!
 JohnSchinker  :-) Thanks. Some people might be confused with the chat room, since EVO is now the default. That's where Jeff is at the moment.
 JenM  Actually, that is virtual Jeff. He is MIA this evening, but is here in "spririt". Be kind to Dave and I as we muddle through :)
 JohnSchinker  Doug -- we're in EdTechTalk
 dave  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYImy9OhrjE&mode=related&search=
 dave  yay bob ross
 JenM  http://www.cesweb.org/default.asp
 JenM  http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette/?p=236
 dave  http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2523359
 JenM  http://www.digranch.com/flash_tutorial/index.htm
 JenM  http://del.icio.us/edtechtalk/20070114
 maria  hello
 paule  Hello Everyone
 lee  hi
 JenniferW  Hello everyone too
 dave  yo yo
 dave  hey dudes
 JohnSchinker  I pasted in some text from my blog, and it found it.
 JenM  http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=badgerjen01
 JohnSchinker  Then, I changed some of the text, keeping the same information but worded slightly differently, and it still found it.
 dave  wow
 dave  that's a smart website
 sroseman  just popped in ..the site
 JohnSchinker  Has anyone used BookMooch? http://bookmooch.com/
 sroseman  please
 JohnSchinker  SR: http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=badgerjen01
 sroseman  and thank you
 JohnSchinker  yep -- got the pronounciation right :-)
 DougS  hi all, and thanks to John for getting me to the right chat room
 JenniferW  very cool site -- thanks, Jen -- I need to know new titles -- and this is a cool way to find them
 dave  http://www.virtualaloft.com/3d_modeling/
 JenM  http://worldbridges.ourtoolbar.com/
 DougS  excellent--and good luck on the 2nd Life grant proposal Dave
 paule  Yep It was me
 paule  www.conduit.com is the website
 dave  paul... got a headset?
 dave  wanna come ina nd tell us about it?
 paule  yes
 paule  sure if you want
 sroseman  super cool
 JenniferW  cool -- Paul, I am making one now for WOW2............sooo cool
 JenM  http://scottmcleod.typepad.com/dangerouslyirrelevant/
 lee  mac excluded?
 sroseman  ohhh ..
 JenM  http://scottmcleod.typepad.com/dangerouslyirrelevant/2007/01/education_b...
 sroseman  shucks
 JenniferW  Oh, I forgot about that -- the results are coming out --- Tuesday??
 dave  http://web2.wsj2.com/the_best_web_20_software_of_2006.htm
 dave  http://www.linkedin.com/
 sroseman  How is the new job, JenW
 JenniferW  I start tomorrow -- so I shall let you know when I know more
 sroseman  good luck
 JenM  http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/
 JenniferW  thank you
 paule  I have gotten a couple of things off of it recently
 JenniferW  ahhhh -- I love giveawayoftheday.com -- I have downloaded 3 items so far
 JenniferW  and uninstalled just 1
 dave  http://www.campware.org/
 JenniferW  giveawayoftheday -- also has free games --
 sroseman  playing with these web 2.0 apps can be a full time job
 JenM  http://us.slingmedia.com/page/home
 JenniferW  I downloaded a flashprogram that changes PP to flash -- $39.95 value, and I downloaded Pacamania. I also downloaded a quickstart launch program -- but it was hideous
 sroseman  are these windows or mac programs, JenW
 paule  I downloaded a webstream recorder. have not had a chance to use it yet
 JenniferW  Giveaway is 100% PC right now
 JenniferW  no mac stuff yet
 JenniferW  Good show
 sroseman  ok..figures
 JenniferW  Paul -- this mini toolbar is neat
 sroseman  any comments about MacWorld and the iphone etc
 paule  Its pretty cool
 paule  So, does WOW2.0 have a toolbar now?
 JenniferW  LOL -- moments away
 JenniferW  having trouble with Links
 JenniferW  We are going to talk a lot about MACWorld Tuesday night
 JohnSchinker  http://www.sun.com/products-n-solutions/edu/solutions/staroffice.html#Ed...
 JenniferW  Wes F is our guest and he was at MW
 sroseman  oh good, JenW
 JenniferW  he was at the keynote
 sroseman  I am waiting to upgrade my phone
 JohnSchinker  http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2007/01/11/copyright-canada.html
 sroseman  Thanks John
 sroseman  Read the last paragraph
 Gary  Remember this is a minority government and it may end soon if the NDP is not satisfied with environmental legislation.
 JohnSchinker  Go BNL
 paule  Hi Doug!
 DougS  http://www.futureofthebook.org/blog/archives/2007/01/post_4.html
 DougS  hey Paul
 JenM  Please tag links as for:edtechtalk and the links will come into this folder http://del.icio.us/edtechtalk
 JenM  "for:edtechtalk"
 DougS  http://2007.northernvoice.ca/
 Gary  Speaking of money, those who might have wish to purchase a $100.00 laptop for $300.00 see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/01/14/olpc_no_consumer_version/ .
 JenniferW  what did he ask???
 JohnSchinker  Dave's giving out Vista keys? All we have to do is send him a private message :-)
 JenniferW  the Office trial was going to take me 2 hours to download
 JenniferW  so I did not
 paule  Jen is the toolbar done?
 JenniferW  LOL -- almost
 paule  lol
 JenniferW  moving separators
 lee  youthbridges kicks off on Thursday at 15:30GMT
 lee  :)
 JenniferW  paul -- almost done -- how can I show it to you??
 paule  post or send me the link for downloading it.
 JenniferW  okay -- just a second
 JenniferW  yes, moments away
 sroseman  post it here, Jen
 JenniferW  http://wow20.ourtoolbar.com/
 JenniferW  that is our toolbar
 lee  yes
 JenniferW  it is supposed to be wow2.0 -- lost the .
 JenniferW  Kathy said it was GREAT
 paule  very nice... hey i should see if I can pt the googlegroup in it for worldbridges
 lee  we do have spacecast fri. at 10:30 est
 JenniferW  pt???
 dave  http://webheadsinaction.org/
 paule  put
 JenniferW  ahhhh
 JenniferW  so -- did I forget anything???
 JenniferW  GOOD SHOW
 JenniferW  not sure if I will be home intime for Drupal tomorrow night
 lee  yea
 DougS  thanks all, have a great week
 JenniferW  great night
 JenniferW  good links
 JohnSchinker  Thanks, everyone
 sroseman  Thank YOU!!
 lee  bye
 paule  night all
 JenniferW  have a great week, everyone!!!! and thanks Paul
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