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EdTechWeekly #173

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EdTechWeekly #173 

November 7, 2010 

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest hosts: Connie Sitterley, Teacher / Technology Integration Specialist from Pennsylvania

This Week's Menu:

Dave's Link: Leigh Blackall and the open phd. and the response from Darren Draper.'s+Takes)

Jen's Link: Mashable recently posted a roster of "website designs" that blew them away in 2010 -> see ... so, with some pushing students to create / foster their "online identities" -> see!/shareski/status/29421705996 ... what does "website design" mean to students (and teachers, instructional designers, etc.) in 2010? in 2015?

John's Link: Firesheep

Connie Sitterley: School Leaders' Opinions of 21st Century Skills:

Wiki Agenda

Chat log below

18:59:22 JenM -> hi, CathyE! how is the east coast tonight?
18:59:28 dave -> try that Gary...
18:59:34 dave -> or... at least... try soon
19:00:08 gary -> The same as far as I can tell - will restart it.
19:00:17 dave -> i just listend it seemed ok
19:00:20 dave -> pls check again
19:00:37 Cathy E -> Chilly and windy here in eastern NC
19:00:44 matt motagne -> hey y'all
19:00:51 dave -> hey matt... how was googledocs?
19:01:02 gary -> OK now - restarted.
19:01:26 JohnS -> Show notes for tonight, in case you want to follow along:
19:01:49 gary -> :)
19:01:59 matt motagne -> went well, particularly given that it took place in a conference room on a hotel wifi system.
19:02:14 matt motagne -> audio really good more echo
19:02:15 Steve_K -> Hello everyone.  
19:03:20 msboganrads -> Hello. Thought I'd "listen" in and see what's going on.
19:03:23 JenM -> What is a tuque ...
19:03:54 gary -> Not even in Canada - rode my motorbike yesterday.
19:04:45 JenM -> Dave's links:
19:04:53 matt motagne -> dave, it helped too that most of the attendees went on a tour of the googleplex the day before...they were all excited about gaining experience with docs...
19:04:54 JenM ->'s+Takes
19:06:21 matt motagne -> this is pretty that blog post by Darren
19:08:03 matt motagne -> I've been thinking about college for my little baby in 18 yrs...a big part of me wants to give her 50K to go travel the world for 2 years...and when she gets back, another 50K to start a business...
19:09:23 matt motagne -> I do think that in 20 years there will be more opportunities for a post high school experience...
19:13:57 matt motagne -> I agree, the letters should mean something...but I know some folks who have the letters that make me scratch my head. Piled High and Deeper
19:14:19 gary -> Sometimes having published before your master's programme may be an imporytant factor getting into a particilar school.
19:15:55 dave -> this is my question about web based learning... are we giving up something that we might need?
19:16:25 matt motagne -> good question...
19:17:56 gary -> I have had students with Asperger's - the interaction in the classroom was a very important part of their education.  They could have finished the course work faster but .....
19:20:29 JenM -> What is web design today and tomorrow?
19:21:23 JenM ->!/shareski
19:22:29 JenM ->!/shareski/status/29421705996
19:22:37 matt motagne -> portfolio site of some sort
19:23:28 matt motagne -> great collection of uiiversity student portfolios from Clemson students:
19:24:01 matt motagne -> look at craigslist...most ugly site ever...but people love it
19:24:01 gary -> And hate it when Facebook changes
19:24:17 matt motagne -> look at Amazon...horrible site...but people love it
19:24:55 matt motagne -> people get too caught up in platforms and is about the content and community
19:28:23 JenM ->
19:29:26 JohnS -> Using Wi-Fi? Firesheep may endanger your security
19:31:21 matt motagne -> isn't it only for http sites??
19:31:30 matt motagne -> doesn't work for encrypted sites I think...
19:33:09 matt motagne -> facebook has encryption...foursquare and a few other possible social media tools don't.
19:35:41 matt motagne -> encryption can be slower if you don't have a fast internet connection...
19:36:44 gary -> Would using something like Hotspot Shield be of any help?
19:37:26 JenM -> Wes Fryer on Firesheep: in reference to John's link     *
19:37:53 JohnS -> Firesheep not Evil, says Snooping Tool's Maker:
19:38:10 JohnS -> Security Now episodes: and
19:38:38 JenM -> School Leaders' Opinions of 21st Century Skills:
19:40:24 matt motagne -> test of 21c skillsz?? Wow. More of the same is a good thing??
19:41:02 matt motagne -> go ontario!!!
19:41:38 JenM -> NSBA link (all links on the NSBA Top Stories were broken earlier today but seems OK as of 6:00
19:42:25 JenM -> (from @dave)
19:42:40 dave -> worship our canadian awesomeness
19:43:26 matt motagne -> I was at Yahoo's assistive technology lab a few weeks was amazing. We saw some very powerful technologies that can be used for folks with all sorts of special needs...
19:45:45 gary -> My friends and I "collaborated" on many things in the 50's and 60's - some were even legal.
19:47:23 Dana -> is this over?
19:47:33 matt motagne -> 15 more mins dana
19:47:39 Dana -> oh thank you so much
19:47:47 dave -> (@Dana)
19:50:15 JenM ->
19:50:38 JenM -> Resource link:
19:52:04 JohnS -> Connie's site:
19:52:44 JenM -> Can Connie tell us about this picture?
19:53:03 gary -> No teacher retires.
19:56:28 Cathy E -> Have a great week!
19:56:43 gary -> Thanks again
19:56:57 matt motagne -> chow folks
19:57:20 Connie Sitterley -> Bye everyone

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