EdTechWeekly#52 - Taking Meebo out for a test drive

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[19:04] Durff: is there audio?
[19:04] davecormier: that's alot of colour
[19:04] Margo Jantzi: Where did the audio go?
[19:04] davecormier: what audio?
[19:04] AliceMercer: Smooth Jeff, smooth John, smooth Jen...
[19:05] davecormier: did the audio go anywehere?
[19:05] AliceMercer: Audio is there.
[19:05] Durff: where?
[19:05] guest8217738: sound OK?
[19:05] Meebo Message: guest8217738 is now known as Jeff2
[19:05] AliceMercer: a ok
[19:05] AliceMercer: below text input
[19:05] Jeff2: testing
[19:05] Durff: good sound
[19:06] AliceMercer: No, it's not
[19:06] Durff: where can you make text big and purple?
[19:06] AliceMercer: we're in MEEBO!
[19:06] AliceMercer: whoa
[19:06] Cathy E: And you can change the font
[19:06] Meebo Message: guest6649452 is now known as SuzieQ
[19:06] guest6649452: Like wow!!
[19:06] Durff: yes we are
[19:06] JenWagner: where is Text Input
[19:07] AliceMercer: Yep, we want links!
[19:07] AliceMercer: WE WANT LINKs!
[19:07] Durff: sure
[19:07] Meebo Message: Gary5 is now known as Gary
[19:07] AliceMercer: Wait, where is text input, how did you input that?
[19:07] Jeff Lebow: non-embedded version
[19:08] AliceMercer: What next?
[19:08] Meebo Message: guest9041228 is now known as JenW
[19:08] JenW: OHMI
[19:08] davecormier: http://www.fsckin.com/2007/11/03/interview-with-gos-founder-linux-for-human-beings-who-shop-at-walmart
[19:08] AliceMercer: Hey, didn't I just send him the link?
[19:09] AliceMercer: What is that place all the educators like to meet in that is like ALL text?
[19:09] Meebo Message: guest903245 is now known as sharonp
[19:09] sharonp: okay what is happening here - see nothing, hear nothing
[19:09] Durff: there's tax
[19:09] Cathy E: It comes with Open Office installed
[19:10] Durff: sharon click on the ustream
[19:10] Durff: got it sharon?
[19:10] sharonp: okay so I had to press on the Ustream for audio.... ahhhh!
[19:10] sharonp: it is a good thing I am a persistent geek
[19:10] Durff: excellent!
[19:11] AliceMercer: Hmm, they've been trying dummy PCs since oh, Larry Ellison gave my old school district Oracle boxes
[19:11] Durff: how do you float the chat room
[19:11] JenM4: http://scores.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=273070194
[19:11] AliceMercer: College football, a giant suck of resources.
[19:12] sharonp: am I supposed to be seeing anything??
[19:12] JasonR: Hey, it remembered me?
[19:12] AliceMercer: Should I be scared, my XP machine changed time automatically
[19:12] Durff: no today sharon
[19:12] Jeff2: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/10/30/details-revealed-google-opensocial-to-be-common-apis-for-building-social-apps
[19:12] sharonp: okay..... so we stare at the big globe thing?
[19:12] AliceMercer: Sharon, click on the USTREAM above for audio
[19:12] AliceMercer: Yeah, stare, and wonder...
[19:12] Meebo Message: guest45569 is now known as sharonbetts
[19:13] sharonp: thanks Alice, I got the audio, finally!!
[19:13] Jeff2: http://www.webware.com/8301-1_109-9809413-2.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Webware
[19:13] sharonbetts: Am I in this room? sharonbetts
[19:13] Durff: you are
[19:13] JasonR: No video in the ustream, correct?
[19:13] sharonp: you guys at ETT really keep us on our toes - this morning in the listen room, tonight in chatroom2
[19:13] Jeff2: correct
[19:13] Durff: correct
[19:13] sharonp: it is kind of like ETT hide and seek
[19:13] Cathy E: I like how this chat shows the links
[19:13] Meebo Message: guest500687 is now known as arthus
[19:13] Durff: keep one guessing
[19:13] sharonp: Hi Sharon
[19:13] sharonbetts: Nice to see meeboroom as I have just started to use it embedded in our district moodle
[19:14] arthus: hi all
[19:14] Durff: it's the name of the game
[19:14] sharonp: oh, cool
[19:14] Durff: hi arthus
[19:14] JasonR:
[19:14] Durff: streaming thru ustream
[19:14] sharonp: wonder if meeboroom would embed in Sakai
[19:14] sharonbetts: hard to concentrate with Manning and Brady in front of me
[19:14] arthus: yup...
[19:14] Durff: probably
[19:14] sharonp: Sharon are you watching hockey or lacrosse??
[19:14] SuzieQ: arthus, what is the site of the moment for you?
[19:15] JasonR: ;|
[19:15] JasonR:
[19:15] arthus: hmm.... Moo maybe
[19:15] Durff: site of the moment? you have moments?
[19:15] sharonbetts: Ho Ho SharoP - obviously not a football fan
[19:15] SuzieQ: I love to know what kids find current!
[19:15] JasonR:
[19:15] Meebo Message: guest77873 is now known as JackieB
[19:15] arthus: since I'm buying business cards
[19:15] JohnSchinker: http://www.harddrive-settlement.com/index.htm
[19:15] Durff:
i'm going to office max to print mine
[19:15] SuzieQ: MOO??
[19:15] sharonp: litigation?? LOL
[19:15] arthus: yup, MOO
[19:16] arthus: moo.com
[19:16] sharonbetts: working to get ad free Ning, heard that Wetpaint is also going ad free for educators next week - trying to figure out what combination of tools is right for K12
[19:16] Durff: anyone know how to float the chatroom?
[19:16] sharonp: yup, that is such a shiny happy story
[19:16] Cathy E: John, I thought you were going to surprise us
[19:16] sharonbetts: heard of the new ASUS eee? think I want one for conferences.
[19:16] sharonp: Sharon, wikispaces would be my first choice - been ad-free for educators for quite a while
[19:16] arthus: @Suzie actually, edtech site of the moment for me is WizIQ
[19:17] AliceMercer: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250182934237
[19:17] sharonbetts:
I use wikispaces ALOT - you have to pay to get the "branded" version - which I may do next year.
[19:17] AliceMercer: Can you tell I don't like candy holidays?
[19:17] Meebo Message: CNelson7 is now known as CNelson
[19:17] sharonbetts: alicemercer - fruit holidays are much better
[19:17] CNelson: am here Lisa oh official ETT anoucer for Twiter
[19:17] AliceMercer: Sharon, check out the link...
[19:17] sharonp: I am getting fat from the fact that we only had FOUR trick or treaters come to our door on Wednesday night
[19:18] davecormier: http://fraser.typepad.com/socialtech/2007/10/omg-its-the-all.htm
[19:18] sharonp: OH, that is SOOOO funny!!
[19:18] AliceMercer: Hey, you click on globe for current linmk DOH!
[19:18] sharonbetts: alice - which link the podcastpickle?
[19:18] arthus: yay, EduBlog awrds
[19:18] sharonp: a few years ago, I bought my son's take home of candy for $20!!
[19:18] Meebo Message: guest1124042 is now known as Durff
[19:18] Durff: ahhh
[19:18] Meebo Message: Lee Baber10 is now known as leebaber
[19:18] arthus: (everyone vote for me jk)
[19:18] leebaber: Nice!
[19:18] AliceMercer: That was jeffs
[19:18] sharonbetts: HA - good Alice
[19:19] Durff: that's better
[19:19] CNelson: testing
[19:19] Meebo Message: guest4504388 is now known as david
[19:19] david: hio
[19:19] JenM4: http://2007.weblogawards.org/polls/best-education-blog-1.php
[19:19] AliceMercer:
I had a nice halloween, so I can't complain, but that mom obviously had her hands full!
[19:19] Durff: thank you to whoever told me
[19:19] david: people
[19:20] AliceMercer: my kid was great. I was sick, didn't get him a new costume. He wore an OLD costume, without complaint
[19:20] Durff: ahhh
[19:20] arthus: they need a new category
[19:20] AliceMercer: Matt Tabor?
[19:20] AliceMercer: Hmmm
[19:20] arthus: best student blog
[19:20] CNelson: best moodle?
[19:20] JasonR: The bloggin scholarship?
[19:20] david: smile when your heart is breaking smile when you areaching
[19:21] Jeff2:  http://blog.davidville.com/2007/11/01/tumblr-3
[19:21] AliceMercer: That explains the giggles from Jenn
[19:21] david: lol
[19:21] Cathy E: Welcome to all the new folks- lots of new names in the chat room
[19:21] arthus: I have a Tumblr: http://stream.myfla.ws
[19:21] davecormier:
yes... we've seen mr. tabor in the past
[19:21] Durff: and he sold it?
[19:21] arthus: it is my stream
[19:21] sharonbetts: I played with tumblr a long time ago - guess I will visit my account
[19:21] sharonp: Matt Tabor? is he the guy that took on Dave C once??
[19:21] leebaber: we should have the screen showing one of us in yugma showing the site
[19:21] Jeff2: http://zuneinsider.com/archive/2007/11/02/zune-podcast-submissions-directory.aspx
[19:21] JohnSchinker: good idea, lee
[19:21] AliceMercer: I need to (unsuccessfully) run for the school board. Maybe that will increase my traffic?
[19:21] sharonp: he made it to the edublog awards??!!
[19:21] AliceMercer: And offend people
[19:22] sharonbetts: WOW - New England wins in the last seconds - now I can concentrate better.
[19:22] JasonR: Anyone here own a ZUne?
[19:22] arthus: Why is edublogs aegist!
[19:22] Durff: the truth comes out
[19:22] arthus: HOW DARE THEY
[19:22] leebaber: No
[19:22] CNelson: my brother LOVES his
[19:22] Durff: a kid told me it is better than otherws
[19:22] AliceMercer: Hey, anyone use Juice?
[19:22] JohnSchinker: http://alexrabe.boelinger.com/wordpress-plugins/nextgen-gallery[
19:22] sharonbetts:
have used Juice - not now
[19:22] Jeff Lebow: not in love with Juice
[19:22] JasonR: Confiscated any Zunes in the classroom?
[19:23] AliceMercer: Cause my prof gave me a choice of Juice or iTunes to sign up for podcasts
[19:23] Jeff Lebow: prefer Miro
[19:23] AliceMercer: I didn't bother
[19:23] sharonp: should figger out how to use Miro properly
[19:23] sharonbetts: keep losing the sound - anyone else?
[19:23] leebaber: nope
[19:23] AliceMercer: I just find my edupodcasts direct?
[19:23] arthus: Why is edublogs agist?
[19:23] Cathy E: My audio is good
[19:23] sharonp: nope Sharon, all is well for me
[19:23] AliceMercer: Not I
[19:23] davecormier: http://www.teach42.com/2007/11/01/why-dont-we-wiki-well
[19:23] arthus: it is very annoying
[19:23] sharonbetts: probaby my wireless - losing
[19:24] Durff: world domination
[19:24] AliceMercer: I dont' have any of those wikis....
[19:24] sharonbetts: Yep - I have so many wikis I am wiked-out. Must combine.
[19:24] leebaber: 0
[19:24] Durff: i have many wikis
[19:24] AliceMercer: I post on a central wiki for blog lists, etc. Moving Forward
[19:24] AliceMercer: Hey have we ever talked about Moving Forward?
[19:24] sharonp: but my wikis - or the ones I belong to - are very different from each other
[19:24] sharonbetts: My issue is that no one solution has everything I need
[19:25] JenM4:http://podcamp.pbwiki.com/PodCampEDU
[19:25] leebaber:
can you turn your volume up a little Dave?
[19:25] Durff: otherwise they fill up 'cause kids like images, sound, movies
[19:25] Durff: take alot of space
[19:25] Durff: fill one up and learn
[19:25] AliceMercer: http://movingforward.wikispaces.com[19:25] sharonbetts: does anyone use Elgg
[19:25] JohnSchinker: I think Dave's maxed out on volume.
[19:26] AliceMercer: SB: nope
[19:26] davecormier: there are a few people who use it
[19:26] davecormier: i've grown very tired of it
[19:26] sharonp: I like the elgg idea
[19:26] JohnSchinker: It used to be a lot more popular than it is now.
[19:26] JohnSchinker: We're thinking about using it for portfolios
[19:26] davecormier: the interface has never gotten better
[19:26] sharonbetts: I believe it has wikis, blogs, forums etc. right? Why has it faded (ELGG)
[19:26] sharonp: but not sure I like the elgg itself
[19:26] Jeff Lebow: http://blog.meebo.com/?p=370[19:27] AliceMercer: Howdy, Riptide
[19:27] AliceMercer: I have NO idea?
[19:27] AliceMercer: I just saw it....
[19:27] SuzieQ: no
[19:27] sharonp: nope
[19:27] davecormier: i've started communities and participated in communities with it
[19:27] sharonbetts: AHA - I am going crazy trying to get decision on what to use for the k12 district
[19:27] Durff: are you kidding?
[19:27] davecormier: and tried very hard to like elgg
[19:27] JohnSchinker: http://www.podcastingnews.com/2007/10/31/university-opens-dedicated-podcasting-room
[19:27] AliceMercer:
Ya want me to experiement?
[19:27] Durff: of course not
[19:27] davecormier: the devel community is not responsive
[19:27] Durff: i do alice
[19:27] sharonbetts: experiment is my middle name
[19:27] Durff: i meant of course not jeff
[19:28] AliceMercer: lisa, maybe we can try to do tomorrow's planning event with meebo?
[19:28] sharonp: Sharon, you DON'T want Sakai or Open CMS - trust me on that!
[19:28] AliceMercer: Wait, arent' we using Meebo NOW JL?
[19:28] Durff: don't count on my mic working
[19:28] Riptide Furse: Hi Alice
[19:28] AliceMercer: Howdy!
[19:28] Durff: i think it is out for the count
[19:28] sharonbetts: My staff really likes Meebo and we use it for in-service back channel (no voice)
[19:29] JasonR: Do they help with posting the podcast?
[19:29] AliceMercer: SB: it's blocked in my district
[19:29] davecormier: http://techchannel.att.com/site/home/index.cfm
[19:29] sharonbetts:
there is so much going ad free for teachers - Voicethread
[19:29] sharonp: I am really hip on wikis - have you considered media wiki, Sharon?
[19:29] Durff: i'm in here twice
[19:29] sharonbetts: sharonp - yes, I have considered about 5 different ones. I love wikis
[19:29] AliceMercer: OUCH< you kill me
[19:30] AliceMercer: Someone clicked on it.
[19:30] Durff: clicked on what?
[19:30] JenM4: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5648
[19:30] sharonbetts:
I need to be able to seamlessly use wikis and blogs - we use Moodle, but the blogs are non-existant and the wiki poor.
[19:30] CNelson: what>
[19:30] AliceMercer: Sarcasm?
[19:30] Durff: clicked on sarcasm?
[19:30] AliceMercer: WOW!
[19:30] sharonbetts: I like screencast-o-matic
[19:31] sharonbetts: and of course Jing
[19:31] sharonp: I agree, Sharon - the wiki is weak in moodle - it is even lamer in Sakai
[19:31] AliceMercer: Cause I think still screenshots are better than streaming video of screen...
[19:31] davecormier: good debate on alex's blog about this right now sharonbetts...
[19:31] Durff: click-o-casm
[19:31] CNelson: lol\
[19:31] Jeff Lebow: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20071030-prof-replaces-term-papers-with-wikipedia-contributions.htm
[19:31] CNelson: lol
[19:31] sharonbetts: LInk to alex's blog
[19:31] sharonp: but I like the fact that so much already integrates into a wiki - video, chat, images, etc
[19:31] AliceMercer: Lack of relevance.
[19:32] Jeff Lebow: http://vimeo.com
[19:32] AliceMercer: That'll teach 'em
[19:32] sharonbetts: Yes, wikis can almost be everything - but no quizes
[19:32] davecormier: sharon... i'll do it on the next round
[19:32] sharonbetts: thanks
[19:32] Durff: i have used vimeo
[19:32] CNelson: your thots durff?
[19:32] Durff: i liked it
[19:32] Durff: easy to post - easy to embed
[19:32] CNelson: what is it comaprable to?
[19:33] AliceMercer: WIki commty sometimes sucks eggs
[19:33] CNelson: comparable
[19:33] Durff: we used it for our oreo videos
[19:33] CNelson: ok
[19:33] AliceMercer: Vimeo...
[19:33] sharonbetts: Just did a school channel on splashcast.net worked well
[19:33] davecormier: i used archive.org this week
[19:33] AliceMercer: Video exchange...hmmm...wonder what folks have up there?
[19:33] davecormier: it was awesome
[19:34] davecormier: it took my 1.7GB video
[19:34] AliceMercer: Wow
[19:34] davecormier: converted it to mpeg4
[19:34] davecormier: and posted both
[19:34] sharonbetts: you are going to post this chat, right - need these links
[19:35] AliceMercer: Will this "store" video?
[19:35] JasonR: /me having difficulty figuring out the copyrights on some archive.org material
[19:35] Gary: Vimeo - when you join it becomes your home page?
[19:35] sharonp: who hosts archive.org?? Isn't it Stanford or one of those Cali universities?
[19:35] AliceMercer: I'm having a horrid time finding place to store audio. Any ideas?
[19:35] sharonbetts: Nice - archive.org
[19:35] Jeff2: http://www.archive.org/details/A_Living_Archives_Presentation_October_26th
[19:35] JasonR: Do they transcode it?
[19:35] Durff: no gary it doesn't
[19:35] sharonp: I LOVE archive.org - been using it for years!
[19:35] JasonR: Or leave it at +1GB
[19:36] sharonbetts: space is cheap and easy
[19:36] Gary: Ok
[19:36] JasonR: Like Youtube?
[19:36] AliceMercer: Jason. Can't blocked
[19:36] sharonp: Alice, that would be a great place for you to store it
[19:36] Durff: youtube is not appropriate for education
[19:36] sharonbetts: did someone publish Alex's blog
[19:36] AliceMercer: Archive is your recomendation Sharon?
[19:36] JenM4: http://freshdelicious.googlepages.com/home
[19:36] davecormier:
sorry.... next turn
[19:36] JasonR: blushes
[19:36] sharonbetts: Yep Alice
[19:37] sharonbetts: Whoa - my delicious had become rather tasteless and I will use freshdelicious later
[19:37] AliceMercer: http://www.archive.org/about/about.php
[19:37] AliceMercer:
In San Francisco, from ALA
[19:37] AliceMercer: Nope, member of ALA
[19:38] sharonbetts: Do your own YouTube: http://www.entertainmentscripts.com
[19:38] sharonp:
LIsa Durff - this week wwwtoolsfor teachers highlighted youtube for education - 
[19:38] JenM4:
[19:38] sharonp: Alice, archive has been around for a while and will likely be a keeper
[19:38] Jeff Lebow: http://sketchcast.com[19:38] Durff: sharon youtube is NOT appropriate for education
[19:38] JasonR: Education is not appropriate for YouTube
[19:38] Durff: period
[19:39] sharonp: archive.org is also where one finds the Wayback Machine
[19:39] sharonbetts: Durff -- this script is for installing your own media server
[19:39] Jeff2: http://www.stevehargadon.com/2007/11/big-news-from-ning-ad-free-student.html
[19:39] sharonp: Durff - don,t throw the baby out with the bath water - there are some awesome tutorials and the like on youtube
[19:39] AliceMercer: Jeff: don't forget, no Ning for under 13 or it's in limbo
[19:39] sharonbetts: There is a bit of issue with Ning - they are balking with younger kids
[19:39] AliceMercer: YEP
[19:39] Durff: tough
[19:39] JasonR: sharonp: agreed
[19:39] JenM4:http://education.ning.com/forum/topic/show?id=1027485%3ATopic%3A10101
[19:39] arthus: my Meebo room broke?
[19:40] sharonbetts: I am still waiting to see if they will ok my k12 ning
[19:40] Durff: naked women do NOT belong in the middle of any classroom
[19:40] CNelson: ºDurff I used a news blurb about the woamn Jammie Thoams who was convicted for illegally downloading in a very effective lesson on ethical use
[19:40] AliceMercer: Nope I didn't
[19:40] CNelson: right from youtube
[19:40] AliceMercer: I wanted to but won't
[19:40] sharonbetts: what is naked women - I pushed a link to install your own media server - run your own YouTube in house intranet
[19:40] JohnSchinker: http://www.writingfix.com[19:40] sharonbetts: did I ever get Alex's blog
[19:41] CNelson: you can pull yutubes down using zamzar
[19:41] davecormier: poor john... who skipped him
[19:41] AliceMercer: Hey someone was reading Brian Crosby
[19:41] davecormier: Sharon... it's next!
[19:41] sharonp: saying all of youtube is objectionable is like saying all print media is bad because of pornography and propaganda
[19:41] davecormier: next!
[19:41] Durff: why bother - use teachertube
[19:41] JasonR: durff: depends on what classroom. Art history???
[19:41] CNelson: or that pencils are dangerous tools
[19:41] sharonbetts: I download lots of YouTube and republish them for teachers
[19:41] AliceMercer: Sharon, you don't put the whole newstand in an elementary library
[19:41] CNelson: me too Sharon
[19:41] sharonbetts: I also really use TeacherTube a lot.
[19:41] JohnSchinker:http://www.businessblogconsulting.com/2006/12/how-to-subscribe-to-a-blog-feed
[19:41] arthus: @JasonR art history isn't in elementary
[19:41] CNelson: you tue has a lot of Hot issues for current events classes
[19:42] AliceMercer: I like YouTube, I wish they would unblock for teachers, but having k-6 wandering there in my lab would be a PITA
[19:42] sharonp: exactly, Alice - one uses media discriminately
[19:42] CNelson: great discssion starters and debate starters
[19:42] sharonbetts: Alice - newstand? I think my link to http://www.entertainmentscripts.com
[19:42] arthus: how is RSS hard to understand?
[19:42] sharonp: I think youtube should be unblocked for teachers, not for students
[19:42] JasonR: should be. But the statement was any classroom
[19:42] sharonbetts: My teachers are finally getting RSS
[19:42] Durff: yes jason in all k12 - we are not trying to chase people away - we are trying to pull people into the echo chamber - what better way to get parents to close their minds?
[19:42] CNelson: when u haven't experienced rss it is
[19:43] Durff: RSS is great
[19:43] CNelson: what is the best way to intro rss OTHER than common craft
[19:43] Durff: dave!
[19:43] CNelson: lol
[19:43] AliceMercer: BECAUSE someone said YOUTUBE
[19:43] CNelson: woot
[19:43] Gary: RSS vs porn??? Hmmm
[19:43] sharonbetts: that's good new
[19:43] davecormier:http://www.learning-blog.org/2007/10/25/not-drupal-wordpress-mu
[19:43] sharonbetts:
YEA thanks
[19:43] AliceMercer: Cause they are "hooking up" and getting real dates, not virtual ones, lol
[19:43] Durff: go sharon betts!
[19:44] JasonR: @am: ha
[19:44] sharonp: LOL at Alice about real dates
[19:44] arthus: WordPress MU is awesome
[19:44] AliceMercer: Well, the hook up situation has it's own downside...
[19:44] Cathy E: If I can drupal - anybody can
[19:44] JohnSchinker: RSS info: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2007/06/20/summer-renewal-3-read-the-feed
[19:44] leebaber: I agree
[19:44] sharonbetts: I have installed DRupal - but eventually went to Joomla for the site - we also have Moodle. Looking for the correct blog and wiki solutions. And then how to combine them
[19:44] arthus: I disagree, WordPress has a great API
[19:45] leebaber: Yours is looking so good
[19:45] Durff: in my classes we check our rss before we do the day's work
[19:45] JenM4:http://www.poptech.com[19:45] sharonp: wish we would use drupal
[19:45] JohnSchinker: Lots of wordpress stuff breaks when they upgrade it though, which they do every four months
[19:45] Durff: i like poptecch!
[19:45] leebaber: yep
[19:45] leebaber: I may have sent it to you jen
[19:46] sharonbetts: Oh no, I will be off to listen to the podcasts - I still don't have k12Online finished
[19:46] Durff: me either
[19:46] leebaber: I have been watching them for my edtech cognate
[19:46] Jeff Lebow: http://www.nysais.org/page.cfm?p=4&verbose=231&month=11&start=11/01/07
[19:46] arthus:
neiter do I
[19:46] leebaber: authoring
[19:46] sharonbetts: John, that is discouraging for Wordpress
[19:46] Durff: yeah jeff!
[19:46] davecormier: it's a fantastic blogging platform
[19:47] JohnSchinker: Yeah. Wordpress is still worth the trouble, but I try to keep the number of plugins I use to a manageable level
[19:47] davecormier: plugging thigns into it gets messy over teh long haul
[19:47] JenM4: to add links for next week ... tag them as "for:edtechtalk" when in del.icio.us
[19:47] Jeff2: http://www.collegedegree.com/library/college-life/99-mind-mapping
[19:47] Durff: and his stream was incredibly cleat
[19:47] arthus: @davecormeir none of my plugins have broken yet, and i wrote most of them
[19:47] AliceMercer: Plugging thighs?
[19:47] Durff: clear
[19:47] sharonp: yeah, Jeff - I can be there for you - NOvember 14 and 16th
[19:47] sharonbetts: yep this is nice.
[19:48] Jeff Lebow: excellent Sharon
[19:48] sharonbetts: I always forget to send my links to edtechtalk - I'll try to remember
[19:48] Meebo Message: guest137228 is now known as Karen Janowski
[19:48] davecormier: chat2
[19:48] arthus: I'm using embedded
[19:48] CNelson: is this meebo?
[19:48] davecormier: it's been fine
[19:48] AliceMercer: I couldn't figure out un embed.
[19:48] leebaber: unembedded and really great
[19:48] sharonp: embedded
[19:48] sharonbetts: its fine unembedded
[19:48] AliceMercer: Text is too small
[19:48] SuzieQ: weird experience
[19:48] Durff: embedded
[19:48] Gary: Chat 2 - ok
[19:48] SuzieQ:
[19:48] Durff: like it
[19:48] arthus: it's been okay... but it BROKE
[19:48] JenM4: here are all the links we maybe or maybe didn't get to ... http://del.icio.us/edtechtalk/20071104
[19:48] JasonR: I like how you can open the old chat in a new window. Makes for easier parsing, make it bigger.
[19:48] arthus: I lost all chats half way through
[19:48] AliceMercer: and whte window is too big
[19:48] CNelson: i think im using the embedded
[19:48] Cathy E: I'm unembedded - but I don't like the LARGE media window
[19:48] CNelson: its good
[19:48] arthus: and had to refresh page
[19:48] JohnSchinker: Wordpress upgrade woes: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2007/05/25/wordpress-excitement-wanes
[19:49] sharonp:
so off to the side..... could we make screen of globe smaller??
[19:49] CNelson: i have MANY tabs opened cool
[19:49] SuzieQ: I like the old way
[19:49] SuzieQ: I like the old way
[19:49] sharonbetts: THanks see you
[19:49] sharonp: I am with Cathy E
[19:49] CNelson: chat too little
[19:49] leebaber: i like this version..much lighter
[19:49] sharonp: great show guys
[19:49] leebaber: good job
[19:49] arthus: *hijacks conversaiton: http://learn-teach.wikispaces.com
[19:49] CNelson: tsk tsk play nice
[19:49] SuzieQ: It does take some getting used to
[19:49] sharonp: Dave is grumpy again tonight, I see
[19:49] CNelson: why
[19:49] Karen Janowski: will WOW2 look like this tuesday night?
[19:50] Durff: yes one can resize the video thing
[19:50] sharonp: ummmm that question must be for me
[19:50] sharonp: I doubt it
[19:50] Durff: i did on mine
[19:50] Riptide Furse: I would like the text larger too
[19:50] leebaber: text is good
[19:50] Durff: nope
[19:50] SuzieQ: bigger
[19:50] Durff: resize it
[19:50] CNelson: okay so who do we complain to?
[19:50] sharonp: the WOW2 ladies need to get together to agree on any show changes
[19:51] CNelson: pls not this for WOW2[19:51] AliceMercer: Jeff always trying new toys
[19:51] Karen Janowski: @durff how did you resize it?
[19:51] Durff: john resize the video window
[19:51] Durff: there are arrows
[19:51] leebaber: complain to meebo
[19:51] AliceMercer: Hey, I like the color code for names!
[19:51] Durff: run your cursor over them
[19:51] Durff: pull the window to the right
[19:51] SuzieQ: move the little arrows ...gives more text screen
[19:51] AliceMercer: I can find people, and when comments are split up, I can find the first part easy with color coding
[19:52] Durff: dave is always argumentative
[19:52] sharonp: we want user control!
[19:52] SuzieQ: Oh now I like it
[19:52] leebaber: Great audio
[19:52] CNelson: audio excellent
[19:52] Durff: audio is great
[19:52] Cathy E: OH I can close the media window
[19:52] JasonR: http://cephalopodcast.com/img/pic/pic_060104a.jpg

[19:52] arthus: ustream was fine
[19:52] Cathy E: Much better now
[19:52] AliceMercer: Yep
[19:52] CNelson: like what is that?
[19:52] leebaber: yes
[19:52] JasonR: Booyah
[19:52] CNelson: cool
[19:52] sharonp: Who is cephalopodcast in RL??
[19:52] leebaber: oh no
[19:52] AliceMercer: Cathy E, how?
[19:52] JasonR: Post your own graphic
[19:52] CNelson: lol
[19:53] sharonp: LOL - Jason is so outed
[19:53] Cathy E: the skinny button to the left of the media window if you are un-embedded
[19:53] Durff: i didn't last year
[19:53] arthus: I grew up with RSS
[19:53] sharonp: you would not believe how hard it is for people to understand rss??
[19:53] SuzieQ: takes some getting used to ..now that I had it fill the screen
[19:53] arthus: I'll Skype in?
[19:53] sharonp: they are so stuck in email paradigm
[19:53] davecormier: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2156/1751726383_5d961a08b7_o.jpg

[19:53] Durff:
go arthus
[19:53] CNelson: oh you digital native you
[19:53] CNelson: aww
[19:53] arthus: what is Skype id?
[19:54] AliceMercer: http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html
[19:54] arthus: woldbridges?
[19:54] JasonR:http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/demotivators_1972_5186375
[19:54] Durff:
arthus = wotrldbridges
[19:54] Meebo Message: guest8242241 is now known as JenM
[19:54] JenM: baby O!
[19:54] CNelson: woot
[19:54] sharonp: oh very cool!
[19:54] CNelson: now i know im coming
[19:54] Durff: worldbridges
[19:54] sharonp: the copyright show - will it be American view only??
[19:54] arthus: yup
[19:54] CNelson: someone please tweet w/ topic
[19:54] sharonp: how about Canada? Will you be able to speak to Canada copyright?
[19:55] AliceMercer: Probably Sharon P, BUT
[19:55] CNelson: gen rss
[19:55] Durff: cool arthus
[19:55] CNelson: cool
[19:55] AliceMercer: Fair use, has some application up north
[19:55] JenM: test
[19:55] CNelson: wonder how many kids other than sla will attend
[19:55] SuzieQ: are teens using RSS
[19:55] Durff: Jan 26
[19:55] CNelson: you are so high tech arthi
[19:55] CNelson: philly Jan 25
[19:55] sharonp: 27 28 29 of Jan
[19:55] sharonp: something like that
[19:55] Durff: Jan 26
[19:55] arthus:http://learn-teach.wikispaces.com
[19:56] sharonp: last weekend in Jan - that is how I remember it
[19:56] CNelson: im planning to go
[19:56] CNelson: its just $50
[19:56] JasonR: Signing off. Thanks.
[19:56] CNelson: along w/ travel lodg
[19:56] davecormier: i vote sharon peters in charge of canadian copyright
[19:56] AliceMercer: Yippee
[19:56] arthus: yea, very affordable
[19:56] sharonp: I put in two proposals for Educon (if I may also self-promote)
[19:56] arthus: that's why I chose it
[19:56] sharonp: oh gee thanks Dave - I was the Canadian looking for answers
[19:57] Jeff Lebow7: http://www.indeed.com
[19:57] Durff:
so if this is in meebo and someone meebos me....i guess i should have closed that window?
[19:57] AliceMercer: http://www.edjoin.org
[19:57] sharonp:
I put in proposal to do a 'conversation' with my teen daughter about media literacy and evaluation
[19:57] Meebo Message: guest952985 is now known as charbe`ck
[19:59] Durff: colors
[19:59] arthus: cool sharon
[19:59] charbe`ck: hi everyone
[19:59] sharonp: okay, must be missing something - how do you choose the colour?
[20:00] Durff: above where you type
[20:00] Meebo Message: charbe`ck is now known as charbeck
[20:00] Durff: there is a diamond
[20:00] leebaber: Wednesday's show is the National Writing Project's Annual Meeting... special guests and projects being highlighted
[20:00] Cathy E: I love color
[20:00] Jeff Lebow4: you can choose your text color in non-embedded, but not your name color
[20:00] charbeck: HI lee
[20:00] leebaber: Hi!!
[20:00] Durff: i use it all the time
[20:01] leebaber: Good to see you aobut
[20:01] Durff: brings yahoo, msn, aim together
[20:01] Durff: wonderful for me
[20:01] charbeck: just getting the kids ready for bed and listening
[20:01] Meebo Message: guest7834833 is now known as sharonp
[20:01] sharonp: Oh I get it - I was in the embedded chat room - no cloour
[20:02] sharonp: but then, how do I listen??
[20:02] Durff: on a separate page
[20:02] Durff: let tom out of the closet
[20:02] CNelson: kept getting kicked out---good show folks
[20:03] sharonp: more ETT hide and seek
[20:03] SuzieQ: MEEBO
[20:03] leebaber: meebo
[20:03] Durff: oh try a new one
[20:03] CNelson: and I wanted to say I LOVED Wednesadys show about VT
[20:03] charbeck: meebo...just because it is different
[20:03] Riptide Furse: non embedded meebo
[20:03] CNelson: lose the embed
[20:03] SuzieQ: try a new one each week why not
[20:03] leebaber: Great!
[20:03] sharonp: as long it is clear where I am supposed to be - too much mucking around to find you guys!
[20:03] CNelson: it makes anoying noises when folk***** enter too--or maybe that s just me
[20:04] sharonp: Love the pics of Oscar - 2 cute!
[20:04] Durff: virtual hide and seek
[20:04] CNelson: nope everyone
[20:04] leebaber: It was really fun to have them both talk about their original ideas for starting voicethread
[20:04] AliceMercer: OH question, did you guys ever talk about Moving Forward wiki?
[20:04] CNelson: excellent conversation about VT
[20:04] SuzieQ:
[20:04] charbeck: that is a bonus
[20:04] CNelson: exciting news about flash vid coming to VT
[20:04] CNelson: bye
[20:04] Durff:
[20:04] leebaber: Night all
[20:04] Gary: No - it is not just you CNelson
[20:04] Riptide Furse: ty
[20:04] charbeck: bye
[20:04] sharonp: bye for enow
[20:04] SuzieQ: bye
[20:04] arthus: bye all... off to do homework
[20:04] SuzieQ: good student
[20:05] JenM: nite all! Fun stuff!
[20:05] leebaber: Night me too arthus
[20:05] JenM:
[20:05] JenM:
[20:05] JenM:
[20:05] SuzieQ: i
[20:05] sabetsu: Hello everyone!
[20:05] JenM:
[20:06] leebaber: :cool
[20:06] JenM: meebo has fun emoticons
[20:06] leebaber: where
[20:06] SuzieQ:
[20:06] JenM: I'm in the unembedded version and it is above the type in bar
[20:06] SuzieQ: cheerio ..I like it
[20:07] Meebo Message: guest759300 is now known as arvind
[20:07] arvind: are we all done?
[20:08] Meebo Message: guest1796531 is now known as juvy
[20:08] juvy: hi
[20:08] arvind: hi juvy, i think we may have missed the show
[20:09] juvy: hi arvind
[20:09] juvy: from where art thou
[20:09] juvy: so many Jeff in here