EdTechWeekly #53

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EdTechWeekly #53

16:59 Cathy E Hello All
16:59 JenM hi, all!
16:59 JL2 Hello Cathy
17:00 Cathy E Audio is not great - tonight
17:01 Cathy E Jen is - ok
17:01 Cathy E Dave and John are iffy
17:01 Cathy E Jeff is perfect
17:02 Cathy E really
17:02 sharonp okay, so I found the chat - where is the stream?
17:02 JL2 the ustream
17:02 davecormier go to the big tree
17:02 davecormier turn left
17:02 davecormier go down the hill
17:02 JL2 if anyone can stream the audio from the ustream to ETT A, that would be lovely
17:03 sharonp all in one page tonight I see
17:03 Cathy E you want me to stream from UStream
17:06 SuzieQ any visuals
17:06 JohnSchinker http://cribchronicles.com/2007/11/09/haiku-spilled-guts/
17:07 sharonp congrats Dave! congrats Bonnie! Loved her haiku
17:07 SuzieQ Congrats too
17:07 sharonp Tony or Emmy..... lol
17:07 davecormier http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/page/2/
17:08 JohnSchinker better link: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2007/10/19/21st-century-illiteracy/
17:10 SuzieQ testing
17:10 sharonp why spend time on training on this - we use squirrel mail too.... just started
17:10 sharonp this is not rocket science
17:10 Cathy E I'm streaming on ETT A for ya
17:10 JenM4 http://2008.northernvoice.ca/
17:11 JL2  http://jefflebow.net/neit2007
17:11 sharonp I was blissfully free to join Jeff... until my bosses have called us in for training for MS Manager.... (should I direct them to John S"s blog??)
17:12 davecormier lol
17:12 davecormier great idea sharon
17:12 davecormier i want to send that post to everyone!
17:12 davecormier yay JS!
17:13 JohnSchinker http://www.montereyinstitute.org/nroc/
17:13 JL2 oh bummer, Sharon
17:14 JohnSchinker http://hippocampus.org/
17:14 sharonp grrr... this thing kicked me out
17:15 davecormier  http://www.smm.org/buzz/blog/keep_your_butt_on_the…
17:15 sharonp interesting
17:15 sharonp I can see this working
17:15 SuzieQ great for hyper kids..wiggly little ones
17:16 stevem Would they work at my dinner table?
17:16 sharonp I was lucky enough to have rocking-style chairs in my classroom last year for my grade 7 students
17:16 JenM  http://www.protopage.com/elearning07
17:16 sharonp it made a HUGE difference in the wiggly-jiggly factor
17:16 davecormier oh yes... stevem... i suggest it for your whole house
17:17 sharonp But it was particularly funny on parent teacher interview night - lost count of how many parents just about fell off the chairs..... LOL
17:17 arthus never fear, arthus is here
17:17 davecormier SP that's hilarious
17:17 JL2 http://www.profilactic.com/
17:17 SuzieQ cuts the noise level down..those balls
17:17 sharonp Dave, you have to imagine the clientele at my old school!
17:18 arthus  http://learn-teach.wikispaces.com
17:18 davecormier upper canada college being what it is
17:18 sharonp Lower Canada College - but I will forgive you
17:18 Durff great name
17:18 SuzieQ ha ha ha
17:18 sharonp not sure I want to tell peeps that I use profilactics
17:19 JohnSchinker http://mrbs.sourceforge.net/
17:19 JL2  http://www.wliwcelebration.org/index.html
17:19 davecormier upper canada... lower canada
17:19 davecormier whatever
17:19 davecormier west
17:19 sharonp yeah, it's about like that....
17:20 stevem we use FirstClass calenders for that
17:20 arthus Jeff, where's link to profile aggregator?
17:20 davecormier http://www.pipebytes.com/
17:20 JL2 http://www.profilactic.com/
17:21 AliceMercer Hi all
17:21 AliceMercer Nicer chat room
17:21 arthus or just use dropbox..
17:21 JenM  http://www.pontydysgu.org/2007/11/announcing-freef…
... and ...http://demo.freefolio.net/wp-login.php?redirect_to…
17:21 davecormier yo
17:22 AliceMercer That could be interesting for you and and Durff Dave
17:23 AliceMercer Dave did I miss you talking about Archive project?
17:23 arthus busy building an open source WordPress package for education...
17:24 AliceMercer I did one at Edublogs
17:24 JL2 http://www.snapvine.com/
17:24 AliceMercer Miguel G is doing work on that
17:24 stevem We use an ELGG, plugged into moodle for portfolios
17:24 davecormier right...
17:24 sharonp ooooh, that sounds very cool
17:25 JL2  http://www.jott.com
17:25 arthus I love Jott :)
17:25 davecormier where was that link Alice?
17:25 arthus had computer taken away... but was still able to tweet :P
17:25 JohnSchinker I was thinking elgg was the way to go, but wasn't sure if there was something newer & better
17:25 AliceMercer Oh, I have REVOLUTIONED my admin with Jott
17:25 arthus did anyone notice Jott integrated with Twitter?
17:25 arthus very nice...
17:25 JohnSchinker  http://notemesh.com/notemesh.php?a=home
17:25 AliceMercer The NPR on story corp, then you were going to talk about archive project in PEI
17:25 sharonp ahhh you Americans whose cell phone service is so cheap
17:26 AliceMercer Arthus, I heard about it.
17:26 sharonp those kinds of services would cost me a mint
17:26 AliceMercer Sharon, you have NO idea how ugly the documentation is with new speical educuation plan
17:26 davecormier yes... i couldn't remember that it was NPR
17:26 sharonp Alice, I shudder to imagine
17:27 AliceMercer John, anyone think of using that with conferences?
17:27 davecormier http://www.vmware.com/download/server/
17:27 sharonp my despair this week - we have a great education plan - based on multiple literacies.... took a look at the annual prov teachers' conference - NO web 2.0 - closest is someone offering to teach how to make webpages on geocities....!!!
17:27 SuzieQ what are you using at school at the moment. Arthus..I wonder if it jives with what you use out of school
17:28 JohnSchinker I think they're trying to keep it to postsecondary, but there's no reason why you can't just do the same thing with a wiki
17:28 AliceMercer I also put in a link for Jen Stark's paper sculpture, and Eric Gejarde's photostream of origami
17:28 SuzieQ that qustion was directed at arthus
17:28 SuzieQ question
17:28 arthus Suzie: what do u mean as in wat i'm using?
17:29 arthus using for....
17:29 AliceMercer Sharon, sounds like my online class. Scholastic pages for teachers or teacherweb
17:30 JL2 http://www.cogniview.com/convert-pdf-to-excel/post/conversion-central-101-tools-to-convert-video-music-images-pdf-and-more/
17:30 JL2 http://www.trueknowledge.com/
17:30 arthus uh... use Mac OS X :P
17:30 JenM having some skype issues ... sorry ... brb (I hope)
17:30 AliceMercer Hey, why didn't Premiere Elements read the Mac .mov file I uploaded? That's not an unusual format is it?
17:30 SuzieQ do you use the same web2.0 apps at school as you are using outside of school
17:30 AliceMercer Sorry, existential question
17:30 sharonp I looked at trueknowledge - very interesting
17:30 davecormier sorry Alice... too long for me to read live... will have to wait :P
17:30 JL2  http://googlereader.blogspot.com/2007/11/attack-of…
17:31 arthus @Suzie oh... lol... we don't use web 2.0 apps in school at all
17:31 JohnSchinker  http://wiredforbooks.org/index2.htm
17:31 arthus unfortunately we dont
17:31 AliceMercer Dave, the link or my link to story corp?
17:31 SuzieQ I thought so, arthus!!
17:31 AliceMercer How to change my color?
17:32 arthus why is there something saying "webcam ustream" over the text?
17:32 arthus over the stream
17:32 davecormier  http://librarianinblack.typepad.com/librarianinbla…
17:33 AliceMercer Dave, Hey I use that google reader to link list on my blog!
17:33 JL2 it's the webcam max logo
17:33 AliceMercer It's sweet!
17:33 JenM  http://www.boingboing.net/2007/11/05/wfmu-streamin…
... and ... http://www.sesamevault.com/mobile?campaign=deck&ad=3
17:33 JL2 haven't paid for it on that machine yet
17:33 arthus @JL2 oh... stupid Windows :P
17:33 AliceMercer Arthus, don't get me starte on MAC! I've had "issues" this week.
17:34 arthus you've had issues with your mac!? WHOAH
17:34 AliceMercer Dave Cormier: you want to do it another week?
17:34 SuzieQ Mac and issues..hard to believe
17:34 SuzieQ LOL
17:34 sharonp I object to the American exclusive coverage of iPhone....
17:34 arthus no longer...
17:35 arthus it's in Europe now...
17:35 arthus doncha know? :P
17:35 AliceMercer That proprietary thing is a PITA
17:35 AliceMercer Europe is NOT Canada
17:35 sharonp exclusive from Canadian
17:35 JL2  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/where-the-dust-settl…
17:35 sharonp s
17:35 SuzieQ one can hack an iphone so that it can be used here in Canada
17:35 JenM Yeah!!! NJ!! :)
17:35 arthus much better answer...
17:35 sharonp yes, have been eyeing them on ebay
17:35 arthus my new phone comes tomorrow :)
17:35 sharonp HEY! I watched that show!
17:35 sharonp I blogged about it even
17:36 sharonp I have a question about online safety ?
17:36 sharonp is it a public or private school??
17:37 sharonp Should we have concerns about pedophiles being able to openly view UStream - please know that I think it is a great idea and followed along.... just throwing the question out there
17:37 davecormier no.
17:38 davecormier by that argument we shouldn't bring kids to the park
17:38 arthus pedophiles need not use ustream... they can just hang out on street or park
17:38 AliceMercer Sharon, if they aren't striping, I think not?
17:38 sharonp I ask because I have been advocating skype in the classroom... and I get this argument thrown at me
17:38 davecormier need to type faster arthus :)
17:38 arthus yup... darn u
17:38 davecormier bwhahahaha
17:38 AliceMercer Sharon, the logic leads to the chador
17:39 davecormier everyone take notes
17:39 davecormier lessons learned!
17:39 AliceMercer Hey, someone might see your daughter, and lust after her, so put her in a sack!
17:39 sharonp I was very impressed with what I saw - on many levels
17:39 sharonp impressed with the students and their ability to answer questions
17:40 AliceMercer Would you recommend having a chat moderator?
17:40 sharonp impressed that you were able to do this with the students
17:40 sharonp my question - did the fact that the students had an audience make a difference to the students? in what ways?
17:40 AliceMercer If you had another adult there as moderator would that help?
17:40 JohnSchinker It's great to see people taking chances and pushing at the edges
17:40 AliceMercer Oh, lots of those on Skype.
17:40 Durff And I thought it was dave...
17:41 davecormier :|
17:41 sharonp was great
17:41 sharonp nice to have pioneers out there ahead of me
17:41 JL2 http://justin.tv/
17:42 sharonp trailblazers.... I raved about it to a whole bunch of prov consultatns later
17:42 AliceMercer Sharon, do you feel like you have the arguments against it?
17:42 sharonp I feel as though I need to anticipate the opposition and arguments
17:42 Durff oh the segues
17:42 AliceMercer How's this looking? http://voicethread.com/#u16410.b20480.i116623
17:42 AliceMercer Sharon, you do...
17:42 sharonp so this is why I throw the questions out here.... to those who are doing it...
17:42 AliceMercer As 14-15-16 yo's are want to do?
17:43 AliceMercer Yeah, you don't teach them, they do stupid stuff.
17:43 AliceMercer Oh, who was a latch key kid?
17:44 sharonp the internet are the new social spaces
17:44 JenM Here are all the links we got to and didn't get to ....http://del.icio.us/edtechtalk/20071111
17:44 AliceMercer I wasn't but you ALWAYS wanted to go there
17:44 JohnSchinker  http://whs.d214.org/results/whslibspecial/research…
17:44 JenM To contribute a link for next week, please tag it "for:edtechtalk" .... and THANK YOU!!!!
17:44 arthus 3 students in here now...
17:45 AliceMercer Dave, you want me to resend link, or no?
17:45 AliceMercer Oh oh, better clean up our act!
17:45 Goohman hello
17:45 davecormier http://www.carbonite.com/ http://treefalls.wikispaces.com/
17:45 AliceMercer I didn't realize that teachers were so interesting to the High School set?
17:45 Durff I use carboite
17:45 Durff carbonite
17:46 SuzieQ no carbonite for MAC users
17:46 davecormier naw... no time to read the whole post alice
17:46 davecormier i had it queued... but couldn't read the whole thing
17:46 AliceMercer read it?
17:47 AliceMercer What?
17:47 arthus for:edtechtalk eh?
17:47 davecormier yes. read it
17:47 arthus might have to put some stuff in there
17:47 AliceMercer What did I put in there for gosh sake?
17:47 davecormier i like to read them before i present them
17:47 Tkidd132 okay ey everyone
17:47 JL2  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story…
17:47 davecormier LOL
17:47 Goohman you meah hey..
17:47 davecormier LOL LOL LOL
17:47 Goohman =P
17:47 Tkidd132 yeah
17:47 JL2  http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1788161
17:48 AliceMercer Dave? are you making fun of me?
17:48 davecormier no
17:48 davecormier it just happened
17:48 davecormier that's hilarious
17:48 Tkidd132 hey goohman
17:48 davecormier i was going to wait till next week
17:48 AliceMercer I frequently don't make sense...
17:48 davecormier :)
17:48 AliceMercer I would like to hear about YOUR oral history project too
17:49 AliceMercer How about you talk about that? I'll contribute it.
17:49 Durff i'm there
17:49 AliceMercer JL I need to do a project for a class...
17:49 davecormier 40 min on thursday night...
17:49 AliceMercer YEP!
17:49 AliceMercer Yep
17:49 Durff ye[
17:49 AliceMercer 7 pm. EDT
17:49 AliceMercer Bye Dave...
17:50 leebaber Okay
17:50 SuzieQ great show
17:50 Goohman so........
17:50 Durff they are being awfully nice this week
17:50 Tkidd132 yeah
17:50 Durff what's up?
17:50 AliceMercer Are you UStreaming, or can I?
17:50 AliceMercer for at least part?
17:50 leebaber yes
17:50 Durff they are
17:50 Goohman i like meebo
17:51 Tkidd132 me to
17:51 Durff but that doesn't stop you
17:51 AliceMercer JL: Can I do some of the stream?
17:51 AliceMercer So I can get "credit" for my class?
17:51 Durff i like the other chat room
17:51 AliceMercer I like the colors?
17:51 SuzieQ yes mine is underlined
17:51 Durff the other one does colors too
17:51 AliceMercer Nope, not It's Elementary
17:52 leebaber I will be for sure
17:52 AliceMercer I need to create a project for a college class
17:52 leebaber 1:00
17:52 leebaber wed.
17:52 AliceMercer So I need to stream a little JL
17:52 Durff what time is that preso jeff
17:52 AliceMercer Sorry!
17:52 Durff sorry john
17:53 SuzieQ what time wednesdy
17:53 SuzieQ eastern
17:53 leebaber Virginia?
17:53 leebaber Are you coming to visit us?
17:53 leebaber I will have the guest room ready Jen
17:53 AliceMercer So is JL Ustream tom after It's E?
17:53 AliceMercer or Wed?
17:53 leebaber My first wb f2f visit
17:54 JL3 yes - say 8pm-ish EST?
17:54 leebaber No
17:54 leebaber western
17:54 leebaber right
17:54 Cathy E Norfolk is very close to me
17:54 leebaber close to wv
17:54 leebaber yep... ~~
17:55 leebaber country dude
17:55 arthus bye
17:55 Goohman bye
17:55 leebaber OHH well since I am really from PA. I cant make excuses for VA
17:55 AliceMercer JL: Monday 8 pm. EDT?
17:55 JL3 yes
17:55 AliceMercer Bye!
17:55 stevem g'night
17:55 leebaber Good luck.. Jeff
17:55 Cathy E Night All
17:55 JL3 thanks
17:55 AliceMercer On Fair Use and Derivative Use!
17:56 AliceMercer Be there, or....
17:56 AliceMercer Adios
17:56 Cathy E I will not be here Tuesday
17:56 leebaber Night
17:56 Durff nite
17:56 Durff where is that box?
17:56 Durff it disappeared
17:57 Durff alice send me the link again
17:57 leebaber durff do you remember the link to our edtechtalk ustream site?
17:57 Durff i'll skype you
17:57 Durff me?
17:57 Durff i could look it up - hang on
17:57 Durff i'll skype chat you