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Parents as Partners Episode #12 October 6, 2008

49:03 minutes (22.45 MB)Dean Shareski, Digital Learning Consultant from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada shares his presentation Going Global with hosts Matt Montagne, Lorna Costantini, Cindy Seibel and resident parent CIndy Zuatcke. What was interesting in the discussions is Dean's approach to the subject of children and the internet. He finds it more relevant to emphasize the positive aspects of digital tools, the need for good examples of digital citizenship and not predatprs and safety on the internet. An excellent resource for Principal, administrators,teachers and parentsStreaming difficulties appeared through out the hour webcast. The recording for this show has had numerous edits one of which is the removal of Matt Montagne. Matt's terrific comments and question could not be heard. Dean's message and ideas are still clear. Enjoy listening to the show and his presentation here . You can find Dean Shareski at his blog

Parents as Partners Episode #11 September 15, 2008

63:17 minutes (28.97 MB)

Jeannine St. Amand, Cindy Seibel, Penny Lindballe, Joanne McMahon join show regulars, Matt Montagne, Lorna Costantini and Cindy Zautcke as they kick off the school year. Jeannine St. Amand comes from New Brunswick where she chairs District Education Council 18 in Fredericton New Brunswick. Cindy Seibel is graduate student and a full-time technology director for the Calgary School Board. Cindy is currently designing a parent portal. Please go to her blog and Wiki and give your thoughts on setting up the portal. Penny Lindballe and Joanne McMahon gave an update on their Local Ning parent network and Kindergarten blog. There is a lot of excitement in their community with the use of a parent driven network that links parents together in supporting their community and their school. Parents posted lists of school supplies as well as sharing recipes for back to school lunches.Joanne has started her own Kindergarten Blog

Upcoming Falls Shows

School is just around the corner and parents, students and teachers are all getting themselves ready for school. Parents as Partners is right behind with an exciting fall series of webcasts.
Our first show will be Monday September 15, 2008 9:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) at

Jeannine St. Amand, Cindy Seibel, Penny Lindballe, Joanne McMahon will join show regulars, Matt Montagne, Lorna Costantini and Cindy Zautcke as we kick off the school year.

Parents as Partners #10 w/ Dennis Richards June 16, 2008

77:06 minutes (17.65 MB)

Parents as Partners is joined by Superintendent of Falmouth Schools in Falmouth, MA, to discuss issues of parental inclusion and engagement. The PAP webcasting team would like to thank Dennis for taking time away from his busy schedule to join us for our final webcast of the 2007-2008 school year. Look for Parents as Partners to resume at the end of August or early September. Have a wonderful and restful next few months everyone!

Parents as Partners Episode #8 May 12, 2008

61:29 minutes (28.15 MB)

Anne Reed Milwaukee Lawyer brings her experiences to the show as a blogging lawyer describing her entry into the blogosphere. Her interactions with Facebook, Twitter and blogging describes an approach counter culture to the fear mongering of the media. If your child is starting to use chat rooms, social networking tools, this is a great place to hear how to use these tools to benefit your and your children.


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