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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Teachers Teaching Teachers #110 - Joyca Valenza on PowerPoint Reform and Gail Desler & Sue Waters on Edublogs

65:40 minutes (15.02 MB)
In the second half of the show Gail Desler and Sue Waters decsribed the teaching community around Edublogs.
Chat Log

Chat Log for TTT#109

Teachers Teaching Teachers #109 - Cybercamps, Summer Invitationals, Institutes, and Workshops- 06.18.08

70:45 minutes (16.19 MB)We invite you to join us as we reflect on Writing Project Summer Institutes and other professional development opportunities we have or will be facilitating for our colleagues this summer.

Please take a moment, go register and leave your comments over at our Teachers Teaching Teachers room on and take a look at some of the sites we've been collecting there for this Wednesday's live webcast.

Hear what Bud Hunt (Colorado), Mary Meyer (Prairie Lands Writing Project), and Bonnie Kaplan (Hudson ValleyWriting Project) have been up to:
  • Blogging with Summer Institute 2008
    A blog for integrating technology into the Hudson Valley Writing Project's Summer Institute. Bonnie Kaplan, technology liaison will be with us on TTT, Wednesday night, June 18.
  • Writing With Technology
    Mary Meyer will be with us on Wednesday to reflect on this work.
  • CyberCamp 08
    Bud Hunt's work in his district over the past couple of weeks. Bud will be with us (an maybe a participant or two).

What are you doing to bring 21st century literacies to your Writing Project or in your district or school this summer?

Also listen to Julie Conason and Paul Allison on this podcast as they talk about the 3-week institute they are planning for the New York City Writing Project.'

Lee Baber checks in on this podcast as well. Stay strong Lee!

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Chat Log

Chat Log for TTT#108

Teachers Teaching Teachers #108 - Planning all out in the open - 06.11.08

67:50 minutes (15.48 MB)
On this podcast you'll hear Felicia George, Bill O'Neal, Susan Ettenheim, Cheryl Oakes, and Gail Desler as they help Paul Allison and Julie Conason think about this Summer Instutute for teachers in the New York City Writing Project.

Youth Space

Using Web 2.0 tools to build
social networks for learning


New York City Writing Project
Institute for Literacy Studies
Lehman College, CUNY

Summer Advanced Institute
Mondays - Thursdays, 9 - 2
June 30 - July 17


How can we use technology to put the voices of youth at the center of the curriculum?

Spend 12 days this summer with other New York City Writing Project teachers who use technology in their classrooms.
Share the ways we use the Internet to make student-to-student connections. Learn about a curriculum currently being developed and collaborated on by teachers across the nation. Explore how we use blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other tools to inspire young people to do research into their own questions.

Find out why Creative Commons Man is our superhero!

Facilitators: Paul Allison and Julie Conason
Location: Lehman College, CUNY

Participants will receive 3 graduate credits or a $500 stipend.
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