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Teachers Teaching Teachers #102 - Connecting to Place-based Education in Alaska - 4.30.08

The ice has melted, many are off fishing, and schools have graduated their seniors in the rural areas of Alaska where our guests for this podcast are from. But our colleagues in Alaska have already begun planning for the next academic year, and on this podcast, you can find way to connect with them. In this podcast, we focused on the "Digital Foxfire approach to Placed-based Education" that seems to describe some of the work in the schools in Marshall, Alaska and in the Bering Strait School District (BSSD). Our guides for this conversation were:
  • John Concilus, Director of Technology, BSSD
  • Ginger Crockett, teacher Brevig Mission, Alaska
  • Woody Woodgate, who will soon be working for the State of Alaska's Education and Early Development Department
  • Flora Evan, Language Arts teacher, Marshall, Alaska

Listen to the podcast, then connect! Click Read more (below), and see what they are cooking up in the Bering Strait School District. Add your thoughts to their survey, and click Contact. We'll see you there.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #101 - Collaborating in the Bering Sea - 04.23.08

On this podcast Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison are joined by John Concilus, Director of Educational Technology, and a student from one of the schools in the Bering Strait School District. John introduced himself a few weeks ago by responding to an earlier podcast with a "Comment and Invitation for Collaboration."

Learn more about the Bering Strait School District and their work with technology. Then this Wednesday, April 30, join John Concilus again, plus a teacher from Brevig Mission, AK, Ginger Crockett, and others. Woody Woodgate and a colleague may be joining us as well. (Maybe we'll finally find out more about that seal hunt.)

We are excited to continue our connections with teachers in Alaska, and in particular we want to learn more about "place-based education." Here's what John said in a recent email:

We've already decided at the budget meeting to move forward with our Digital Foxfire program next school year. I'll have more information about this by Wednesday, but will have a form set up by then for having potentially intersted partner schools sign up.
Where's Brevig Mission? Check out this map, and use the zoom to find where you are in relation to Ginger's school.

Brevig Mission School map
TTT 101 April 23, 2008
placed-based education
[email protected]

Some projects involving sites in multiple locations using our Wiki, Ning, etc...



Teachers Teaching Teachers #100 - Making Space on Youth Twitter - 04.16.08

Just before the second issue of Space was published, Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison, from the New York City Writing Project, were joined by:

  • Kevin Hodgson, a sixth grade teacher from the Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • George Mayo, an 8th grade teacher from Maryland, and one of his students Pablo, an editor of the second issue of Space.
  • Chris Sloan, a high school teacher from the Wasatch Range Writing Project in Salt Lake City, and one of his students, Dane
  • Hannah, a student from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

Join the fun!

  1. Listen to this podcast, as we bounce ideas off each other and plan future collaborations.
  2. Please share Space, Issue #2 with your students.
  3. And register your students at Youth Twitter.

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