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Teachers Teaching Teachers #93 - Open Curriculum Planning - 02.27.08

Imagine, if you would, your department meeting webcast live every month or so. At it's core, that's what we aim for at Teachers Teaching Teachers, and there's more. In this podcast, we go back to the basics, back to the making public our private curriculum discussions. Five National Writing Project teachers and two guests joined together to check what our students were doing and what we were thinking. We work together with a group of sites:

The curriculum we build together is beginning to be gathered together in places like these: On this podcast Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim, from New York City were joined by:
  • Chris Sloan, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Bill O'Neal, Trenton, New Jersey
  • Lynne Culp, Los Angeles, California
  • Mike Sansone, Iowa
  • Jim Sigler, Missouri

Chat Log

Chat Log for TTT#92 - 02.20.08


20:50:31 Lee Baber -> hey there ho there
20:50:34 SusanEttenheim -> hi plugusin welcome
20:50:36 SusanEttenheim -> hi lee
20:50:41 Lee Baber -> hi pugusin
20:50:46 Lee Baber -> plugusin
20:50:51 Lee Baber -> where are you from?
20:50:54 paulallison -> hi
20:51:00 Lee Baber -> hi paul
20:51:08 Lee Baber -> hi george may
20:51:13 paulallison -> plugusin is Bill?

Teachers Teaching Teachers #92 - Many Voices for Darfur - 02.20.08

Listen to this podcast of 8th grade students from Maryland and Virginia talking about Darfur.

Then go to Many Voices for Darfur with you students and have them add their thoughts.

Thursday and Friday, March 6 and 7, 2008

Many Voices for Darfur

For 48 hours, starting at midnight Eastern standard time on March 6, 2008, many student voices will be collected in the name of those suffering in Darfur. Be sure that your voice is among them. Men, women, and children in the Darfur region of Sudan are dying. The Sudan militia and Janjaweed are responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths and 2,500,000 displaced refugees. You can learn more about the genocide taking place in Darfur by visiting the Many Voices for Darfur Wiki. Once you have had a chance to learn more about Darfur, please post your comment to one or more of the following prompts below:

  1. If you could visit the camps in Chad and sit down one-on-one with a refugee who is your age, how would you explain what you or others are doing in your country to spread awareness and make a difference?
  2. Write an open letter to Omar al-Bashir pleading your case for the Darfur region of Sudan.
  3. Write an open letter to leaders in your country to make a case for government support of international efforts in Darfur.
Please read these RULES and GUIDELINES before posting your comment.


Chat Log for Teachers Teaching Teachers #91 - 02.13.08

Teachers Teaching Teachers #91: Tagging, Tumbling, and Mathcasting 02.13.08

20:36:34 NCavillones - hey, susan
20:36:46 SusanEttenheim - hi!
20:36:59 SusanEttenheim - getting ready then running off for a few minutes... how are you?
20:37:04 NCavillones - early , eh?
20:37:06 NCavillones - im good
20:37:14 NCavillones - been having fun with http://my.nycwp.net this week
20:37:21 NCavillones - i meant to email you about volunteering


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