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Teachers Teaching Teachers #85 - 01.02.08 - Old and New Ring in the New Year

69:25 minutes (15.91 MB)

We were joined by many old and new voices as we brought in the new year with music and stories of things that changed our teaching last year.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #84 - Old School Meets New School: A Chat with Dave Cormier and Bonnie Stewart on A Living Archives

44:05 minutes (10.15 MB)

userstartupDave Cormier and Bonnie Stewart joined this show to discuss their project "A Living Archives." As you will hear them explain, this project, which is funded by Canadian Heritage, has students from all three school districts on Prince Edward Island (PEI) using leading edge technologies to bring PEI history and heritage to life. Bonnie and Dave have been building partnerships between the University of Prince Edward Island, the Provincial Archives and Records Office, the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, the PEI Library, and the three PEI Boards of Education.

Click Read more to find out what what Dave wrote about "The Living Archives project" in July 2007.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #83 - Tagging, Ceramics, Digital Photography, and More

45:00 minutes (10.31 MB)
Listen in as these eight teachers have a wide-ranging conversation during one of their virtual staff meetings, where they discuss their work together.
  • Paul Allison, East Bronx Academy for the Future, Bronx, NY
  • Lee Baber, J. Frank Hillyard Middle School, Broadway, VA
  • Susan Ettenheim, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, New York, NY
  • Russ Knopp, Preston Hall Middle School, Waitsburg, WA
  • Matt Montagne, University School of Milwaukee, WI
  • Bill O'Neal, Trenton High School West, Trenton, NJ
  • Chris Sloan, Judge Memorial High School, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Woody Woodgate, Marshall School, Marshall, AK
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #82 - Is the Internet Enough? - A Dialogue with Vance Stevens

39:00 minutes (8.96 MB)Vance Stevens joins us on this podcast, to discuss a project he has been doing with four teachers--Nelba Quintana, Doris Molero, Sasa Sirk, and Rita Zeinstejer. They have been asking their students to use the tag "writingmatrix" when they post to their blogs, then they use Technorati and Google Reader to find each other's blogs. Vance and these four teachers presented this work recently at the K12OnlineConference: "Motivate Student Writers by Fostering Collaboration through Tagging and Aggregating" We thought it would be a good idea to see how we might join their network of student bloggers with our school-based social networks at and the

Teachers Teaching Teachers #81 - Looking for the Passions and Keeping the Faith

43:00 minutes (9.83 MB)The week before Thanksgiving, many National Writing Project (NWP) teachers participated in the NWP's Annual Meeting. Several presenters at the 2007 Annual Meeting joined us for a live webcast on Wednesday, November 28th. This is an edited podcast of that conversation with these teachers:
  • Cynthia Calvert, Alcorn Writing Project
  • Jason Shiroff, Denver Writing Project
  • Lynne Culp, UCLA Writing Project
  • Kevin Hodgson, Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • Peter Kittle, Northern California Writing Project (invited)
  • Christina Cantrill, NWP Program Associate in Technology

We asked pairs of teachers who presented at the NWP Annual meeting to continue their dialogue on this webcast. We focused on their collaboration before, during, and perhaps after their face-to-face presentation. Find out what their conversations and questions are now.

The theme of the webcast was about how moments where teachers have the opportunity to gather and share practices, such as the NWP's Annual Meeting, are important points along the continuum of on-going conversations and sometimes even collaborations which begin long before the "events" and which often last long after.

We asked our guests to tell us what they learned from planning and presenting together -- both from each other as well as the extended network -- for their Writing Project sites as well as their classrooms.

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