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Teachers Teaching Teachers #81 - Looking for the Passions and Keeping the Faith

The week before Thanksgiving, many National Writing Project (NWP) teachers participated in the NWP's Annual Meeting. Several presenters at the 2007 Annual Meeting joined us for a live webcast on Wednesday, November 28th. This is an edited podcast of that conversation with these teachers:
  • Cynthia Calvert, Alcorn Writing Project
  • Jason Shiroff, Denver Writing Project
  • Lynne Culp, UCLA Writing Project
  • Kevin Hodgson, Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • Peter Kittle, Northern California Writing Project (invited)
  • Christina Cantrill, NWP Program Associate in Technology

We asked pairs of teachers who presented at the NWP Annual meeting to continue their dialogue on this webcast. We focused on their collaboration before, during, and perhaps after their face-to-face presentation. Find out what their conversations and questions are now.

The theme of the webcast was about how moments where teachers have the opportunity to gather and share practices, such as the NWP's Annual Meeting, are important points along the continuum of on-going conversations and sometimes even collaborations which begin long before the "events" and which often last long after.

We asked our guests to tell us what they learned from planning and presenting together -- both from each other as well as the extended network -- for their Writing Project sites as well as their classrooms.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #79: Helping students blog their passions, hunt caribou, share culture, and feed elggs with RSS

Find out what happens when you bring together seven teachers and a student to talk about perennial questions that come up when we use blogs in the classroom.

  • a 6th-12th grade "New Journalism" teacher from the Bronx (with laryngitis) (Paul Allison)
  • a half-time computer teacher/half-time technology coach from a town west of Chicago, "right about where the corn begins" (Scott Meech)
  • a high school art/technology teacher and librarian from New York City (Susan Ettenheim)
  • an 8th grade computer technology teacher and Webhead from Virginia (Lee Baber)
  • a math/science/employability skills/hunting safety teacher from Alaska (Woody Woodgate)
  • a ninth grader from a small town in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (Victoria)
  • an eighth grade science teacher from northern New Hampshire (Rick Biche)
  • a middle-school technology integrator from an independent K12 school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Matt Montagne)



Image: "Stalking a Caribou" by Travis S. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/baggis/1735135201/) License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #78 - Digital Composing and the National Writing Project's Annual Meeting

This is the first of two shows in November in which we are going to sandwich the National Writing Project's Annual Meeting with two special Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts/podcasts, one before and one after the Annual Meeting: Nov. 15–17,

For this show we invited Writing Project Technology Liaisons who are coming to present in New York City to join us to give us a taste of what will be happening at this vital conference.

Listen to learn what it is that brings us together each year. Learn more about how Writing Project teachers are using digital storytelling (or digital composing) in their classrooms, in summer youth camps, and with other teachers in their local Writing Projects.

Joining Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, Lee Baber, and Woody Woodgate on this week's special Teachers Teaching Teachers were

  • John Bishop, Red Clay Writing Project
  • Clifford Lee, Bay Area Writing Project
  • Bonnie Kaplan, Hudson Valley Writing Project
  • Valorie Stokes, Prairie Lands Writing Project
  • Paul Oh, National Writing Project
Learn more about the NWP's Annual meeting and these teachers at the Google Notebook that we set up for this webcast.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #77 - Participation is the Most Important Part

We were joined this week by Joyce Valenza and the co-founders of of Voice Thread, Ben Papell and Steve Muth (and many wonderful teachers in the chat room). In the spirit of producing content that is open to co-creation...

...we invite you add an interesting Voice Thread to this post. Either link to or embed a Voice Thread that would help show how teachers are using this tool in their classrooms or with their colleagues.

Click Add new comment, and show us a Voice Thread that you think is cool!



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Teachers Teaching Teachers #68 - Information for All!

Here, finally is Teachers Teaching Teachers from August 22, 2007. My most sincere apologies for the delay. As you might know, the echo has long been fixed but the editing job of that evening remained for a long time! Thanks for your patience - enjoy the show. It was a good one!

Some notes:
You are invited to Teachers Teaching Teachers tonight and join in the conversation about using State Online Virtual Library Databases in k12 education- especially as a source for information in blogging conversations.

Joining us tonight, will be Nancy Keane, who taught the online class this past summer for YALSA about teens and database use and Michael Gorrell, the Chief Information Officer for EBSCO (thank you Karen Minton of GALILEO, Georgia for making the connection!) As a Dad of 5 boys, Michael understands our cries for support and greater understanding about using these resources. Join us to learn new info from the inside!

We also welcome back Kate Storms of NOVEL, New York, Sylvia Nortonof MARVEL, Maine, Karen Minton and Courtney McGough of GALILEO, Georgia.

Did you do your homework for tonight? Please make sure that you have tried a search in your state virtual library and have noted your results and experiences.
Add to the Google Notebook:
(just email me if you don't have editing rights [email protected])
Read Paul's experiences:
Be sure to check back later today at the blog and the notebook for Michael's notes.
Watch Joyce Valenza's wonderful new Voice Thread
Why I Love Databases


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