Women of Web 2.0.18 - Jeanne Simpson and Chris Harbeck - Wiki collaboration with Middle School math wikis

Women of Web 2.0.18
March 13, 2007

Well fans, join the Women of Web 2.0, Jen, Sharon, Vicky and Cheryl as we interview Chris Harbeck and Jeanne Simpson. It was March 13, 2007, the Nicecast gremblins took over and quit out of SKYPE a couple of times. Then the guardian angel Jeff Lebow, stepped in and helped with the stream and recording. THANKS to Jeff. Anyway, the lesson/moral of the story is......try something new, there is always a safety net out there to catch you! The content of the show, in spite of the glitches, is incredible. Where else can you hang out on a Tuesday evening and get such great staff development. Thanks to Chris and Jeanne for their expertise and classroom examples. You are the pioneers and our heros. There are a number of great links in the chat log. Enjoy.

Links for the show!

Chat Log Below

20:48:21 charbeck ->  This is my colour stamp stamp double stamp
20:48:27 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Hello in the chat room, getting ready for Chris and Jeanne and Math
20:49:16 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Hello Monica
20:50:23 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Hello guest 465
20:50:59 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Hi Sharon and Chris too.
20:51:15 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Now hello guest 772, thanks for joining us with our math conversations.
20:51:16 cookies4u (Monica) ->  Hi!
20:51:17 sharonp ->  HI everyone
20:51:43 guest 772 ->  hello
20:51:43 cookies4u (Monica) ->  should i be getting sound?
20:51:53 charbeck ->  Good evening everyone.
20:52:10 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  yes monica, please click on A
20:52:47 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  hi Jeanne S.
20:53:15 cookies4u (Monica) ->  okay now I hear
20:54:22 cookies4u (Monica) ->  I only hear cheryl
20:54:45 sharonp ->  HI Cathy!
20:54:47 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  do you hear me talking and others?
20:54:57 Jeanne S ->  I hear everyone
20:55:26 CathyE ->  I only hear Cheryl
20:55:42 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  thanks cathy going to try other stuff
20:56:49 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  give it a few seconds can you hear Jen
20:56:55 Monica ->  nope
20:57:18 CheriT ->  i hear typing
20:57:21 Vicki Davis ->  Hello everyone!
20:57:23 CheriT ->  and hmmmm
20:57:25 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  Hi Cheri
20:57:32 CheriT ->  hi cheryl
20:57:39 CheriT ->  i'm getting it
20:57:58 CathyE ->  still just Cheryl
20:58:08 CheriT ->  i only hear cheryl
20:58:31 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  can you hear others talking besidesme
20:58:36 Monica ->  no
20:58:37 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  I just quit skype will be back
20:58:38 CheriT ->  bye
20:58:49 Vicki Davis ->  The skype monkeys are at it again.
20:58:59 charbeck ->  I am singing right now.  Can you hear my fabulous voice!!
20:59:14 CheriT ->  yes, I think they are the ones from the Wizard of Oz - they always scared me
20:59:20 Vicki Davis ->  "I'm singing in the chat room... just singing in the chat room!"
20:59:38 CheriT ->  :p
20:59:48 Monica ->  i'll dance while you sing
20:59:49 charbeck ->  We are getting it togerther for a second time everyone
20:59:58 Vicki Davis ->  We love to sing!
21:00:05 CheriT ->  la la la la la
21:00:20 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  can you hear all?
21:00:38 Jennifer Wagner ->  Testing 1 2 3 in the room???
21:00:41 Vicki Davis ->  Can you hear us?
21:00:44 Jennifer Wagner ->  can you hear us
21:00:49 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  now can you hear all?
21:00:59 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  give it 30 seconds
21:01:10 Vicki Davis ->  We're a little anxious, aren't we?
21:01:19 Monica ->  i hear typing only
21:01:35 Vicki Davis ->  Do you hear voices?
21:01:45 Jeanne S ->  Hello everybody
21:01:47 Vicki Davis ->  I hear .... teacher people...
21:02:00 CathyE ->  nope
21:02:00 Vicki Davis ->  Instead of dead people guys!
21:02:18 CheriT ->  can we join the skype?
21:02:24 Vicki Davis ->  Ok, give us a moment.
21:02:30 bknittle ->  I hear you fine
21:02:44 Jennifer Wagner ->  CheriT -- let us work this out first
21:02:53 CheriT ->  okee dokee
21:03:23 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  can you hear jen?
21:03:30 Vicki Davis ->  Just a moment, we'll be starting soon
21:03:32 CheriT ->  i hear cheryl, and i hear her talking to others ... are there really others or is it in her head? *)
21:03:37 CathyE ->  I think I hear Vicki very very faint
21:03:55 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  okay, I'll kick off and try again.
21:03:58 Monica ->  they have medications for that....
21:04:03 Vicki Davis ->  Hello, sue!
21:04:03 CheriT ->  nope
21:04:08 cheryl oakes wow2 ->  going off the stream
21:04:21 CheriT ->  Hi vicki, how's your weather today?
21:04:28 Jeanne S ->  Hi, Sue1
21:04:28 CheriT ->  we had 80 here in Illinois
21:04:32 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/March13
21:05:01 charbeck ->  The joys of skype.  Some times it is your friend and sometimes it is not
21:05:29 Vicki Davis ->  We have a great wiki to take a look at.
21:05:33 sroseman ->  that's why I like tappedin.org ..so reliable
21:05:35 Jennifer Wagner ->  I love skype
21:05:41 Jennifer Wagner ->  even when it is bad -- it is good
21:05:43 Jennifer Wagner ->  and FREE
21:05:49 sroseman ->  yes, yes
21:05:50 Vicki Davis ->  Interestingly, it seems like we have people logging out who aren't showing in the room.  That is interesting.
21:05:59 sroseman ->  thanks for your participation
21:06:08 Vicki Davis ->  OK, while we're waiting, why don't you post something amazing in the chat.  Let's wow ourselves for a moment.
21:06:09 Jennifer Wagner ->  Hey Sue
21:06:11 charbeck ->  One could say it is magically delicious 
21:06:17 Jennifer Wagner ->  wasn't I just talking to you a few moments ago
21:06:18 Jeanne S ->  I am still amazed that Skype works at all!
21:06:19 sroseman ->  GREAT job..you are such a talent!!
21:06:31 Vicki Davis ->  http://elgg.net/dtruss/weblog/158637.html
21:06:40 Vicki Davis ->  That is a cool wow -- a fascinating blog post!
21:06:43 sharonp ->  Well, first of all I am soooo glad we are giving some time to middle school tonight
21:06:48 Vicki Davis ->  Any other wows?
21:06:56 sharonp ->  two wows for me -
21:07:06 sharonp ->  http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/
21:07:18 charbeck ->  That is a great blog vicki
21:07:19 CheriT ->  I will be collaborating on a short movie that will document what Illinois k-12 teachers are doing in the classroom with technology and what principals want their new teachers to be able to do with technology when they come in.
21:07:28 Simon ->  Good evening all.  Is there audio?
21:07:31 sharonp ->  great easy webpage building software! Great for middle schoolers
21:07:37 Vicki Davis ->  Great video to show at parent meetings - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcw8n8CuSK8
21:07:42 Jeanne S ->  They are working on the audoe
21:07:44 Jeanne S ->  audio
21:07:47 Vicki Davis ->  we will have audio soon.  Sorry for the delay.
21:07:51 Simon ->  ok
21:07:55 CheriT ->  I'm calling it a propaganda documentary - trying to influence college faculty
21:08:03 Vicki Davis ->  Cool, Sharon.
21:08:10 charbeck ->  right on.
21:08:15 sharonp ->  would love to see the propaganda documentary
21:08:26 Vicki Davis ->  I hope you'll post it on youtube.
21:08:29 CheriT ->  we're shooting for roll out in the fall
21:08:30 sharonp ->  will show some student exemplars from the software later
21:08:32 CheriT ->  will do
21:08:46 Vicki Davis ->  Youtube is incredibly influential .
21:08:51 CheriT ->  i'm even going to try to interview the Lt. Governor who is a big 1-to-1 fan
21:08:55 Vicki Davis ->  So many more people are watching it now.
21:08:58 Vicki Davis ->  Wow, Cheri.
21:09:09 Vicki Davis ->  Any other wows?
21:09:12 CheriT ->  we've got to do something to put a fire under teacher educators
21:09:14 sharonp ->  secondly, am very proud of my middle schoolers collab project with two other schools
21:09:26 sharonp ->  http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/index2.html
21:09:44 charbeck ->  Chat up about the stream please
21:09:45 Vicki Davis ->  While you wait - check this out - http://www.zefrank.com/dtoy_vs_byokal/index.html
21:09:47 sharonp ->  still a work in progress - due in two weeks for a web design competition - the collaboration was awesome
21:10:35 CheriT ->  I've played on Zefrank's site, some fun stuff
21:10:58 Vicki Davis ->  Well, thought it would make the time pass until we get things up for this incredible show-- The presenters have done a lot of work.
21:11:30 CheriT ->  check out our website - http://www.coe.ilstu.edu/etip/ - especially the activities
21:11:37 Vicki Davis ->  We'll be going up in a moment.
21:11:50 Vicki Davis ->  Any other amazing wows?
21:12:02 Jeanne S ->  I want some info about getting a master's degree online...any opinions?
21:12:09 sroseman ->  zefank has alot of playful sites
21:12:16 CheriT ->  jeanne - what do you want the degree in?
21:12:23 Jeanne S ->  Educational Technology
21:12:44 Vicki Davis ->  Ok, another fascinating one -- http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/flash/cntower_timelapse.swf
21:12:48 Jeanne S ->  I have been looking at Walden University
21:12:54 CheriT ->  Take a look at NovaSoutheaster, Grand Canyon (theirs is curriculum & instruction with an emphasis in ed tech)
21:12:59 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, I know a great teacher who teaches at Walden.
21:13:01 CheriT ->  walden is good too
21:13:05 Vicki Davis ->  She just did an in service last week.
21:13:11 Vicki Davis ->  She is great!
21:13:14 Jeanne S ->  What is her name?
21:13:23 Vicki Davis ->  Her name is Dr. Mary Friend Shepherd and she is incredible.
21:13:29 Vicki Davis ->  One of the best!
21:13:35 Jeanne S ->  She's the one lined up for August?
21:13:56 sroseman ->  Walden has a presence at Tappedin.org
21:14:04 Jennifer Wagner ->  thanks for sticking with us
21:14:10 Jeanne S ->  ahh!  Where do I look for them?
21:14:12 Vicki Davis ->  We're about to start -- sorry for the delay.
21:14:12 Jennifer Wagner ->  we are still working out the little quirks
21:14:31 CathyE ->  yea for JEFF 
21:14:34 CheriT ->  Yahoo!
21:14:36 Monica ->  yeah!
21:14:45 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yeah
21:14:47 Jennifer Wagner ->  remember a 30 second delay
21:14:49 bknittle ->  Good to hear you all now!
21:14:54 Jennifer Wagner ->  and WELCOME
21:15:00 Jennifer Wagner ->  our guests tonight -- are
21:15:03 sharonp ->  thanks for your patience everyone
21:15:05 CheriT ->  yippee
21:15:08 sharonp ->  we are finally in!
21:15:09 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL -- in just a moment
21:15:13 sharonp ->  Jeff is my hero tonight
21:15:53 Jennifer Wagner ->  he gets a big CYBER hug!!!
21:17:32 Vicki Davis ->  Wow, the horizon report is looking amazing -- I'm scanning through it.
21:17:45 Vicki Davis ->  http://www.nmc.org/pdf/2007_Horizon_Report.pdf
21:17:50 Vicki Davis ->  Cheryl's wow.
21:17:50 sharonp ->  student exemplars - http://wiki.selwyn.ca/students/comm9/grassif/, http://www.neilsabharwal.com/ec/Home.html http://wiki.selwyn.ca/students/comm9/peresse/
21:17:59 Lisa M Lane ->  The Horizon Report says two-three years for Second Life -- a little slow.
21:18:30 Monica ->  I think the report predicts things will happen even faster than they will.
21:18:45 Monica ->  we have a long way to go to get to implementing those technologies
21:19:02 [Action] JasonR ->  in SL right now watching a preso on Sloodle
21:19:55 Lisa M Lane ->  it comes out every year
21:20:02 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/HA010449811033.aspx
21:20:07 JasonR ->  Lost the stream
21:20:15 cheryloakes wow2 ->  be right back, skype quit
21:20:44 sharonp ->  it is just one of those nights!
21:20:51 jeff ->  feel free to call 'worldbridges' if you'd like me to host
21:20:52 sroseman ->  Jason where is the Sloodle presentation
21:20:57 Lisa M Lane ->  sun spots
21:21:21 Vicki Davis ->  Sometimes gremlins get in the Internet.
21:21:26 JasonR ->  ISTE SkyPark
21:21:35 sharonp ->  the sloodle pres is on right now I believe in SL
21:21:37 jeff ->  if someone else is hosting, bring me in to put some audio back on the stream
21:21:42 JasonR ->  EduIsland, 12, 209, 549
21:21:48 sroseman ->  where in SL
21:21:52 sharonp ->  not sure I could do both!
21:22:01 Jeanne S ->  What is sloodel?
21:22:10 JasonR ->  Second Life + Moodle = Sloodle
21:22:19 Jeanne S ->  Cool!
21:22:23 Monica ->  sounds very interesting
21:22:33 JasonR ->  A way to see SL status and interact with folks in SL through Moodle and vice versa
21:22:33 sroseman ->  Jason, can you offer me a teleport
21:22:44 JasonR ->  What is your avie's name sroseman?
21:22:46 sroseman ->  I am Sue Aferdita
21:23:03 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am MacsMom Alcott
21:23:29 JasonR ->  sroseman, SL says you are not online
21:23:30 CheriT ->  we are streaming ... row row row you're stream
21:23:33 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/HA010449811033.aspx
21:23:33 Vicki Davis ->  I'm coolcat whitman
21:23:40 bknittle ->  While we wait; I have some middle school special ed math teachers who just started a math wiki to give support to their students - these are also ESL kids any ideas for good resources for them.
21:24:12 Vicki Davis ->  We also have a channel about it http://www.youtube.com/computercountry
21:24:17 Vicki Davis ->  My 9th grade class.
21:25:19 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks for hanging in to all this happening
21:25:51 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Go Jeanne
21:26:56 sharonp ->  what channel are we in?
21:27:10 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we are on channel a
21:27:25 Vicki Davis ->  http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com
21:27:30 Vicki Davis ->  They did the math area.
21:28:34 charbeck ->  alatoba.pbwiki.com
21:29:11 cheryloakes wow2 ->  great analogy Jeanne about students playing together
21:29:49 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Hello Janices, welcome.
21:30:45 CheriT ->  Great work Cheryl - you're the techie of the week ... again
21:31:04 cheryloakes wow2 ->  only with lots of help, thanks to Jeff and this great cyber community
21:31:08 sharonp ->  That is an amazing wiki project! Can't wait to show it off
21:31:42 cheryloakes wow2 ->  I love the bubbleshare examples! visuals say so much
21:31:45 Monica ->  having trouble hearing Jeanne....
21:31:57 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yes jeannes' mic is cutting out
21:31:58 Jennifer Wagner ->  you might need to turn your sound up for Jeanne & Chris
21:32:00 sharonp ->  the bubbleshares really add to the wiki to make it look like a much more dynamic space
21:32:06 Jennifer Wagner ->  and then down for the rest of us  :)
21:32:17 cheryloakes wow2 ->  can't do that
21:32:25 Jennifer Wagner ->  noo -- each person individually
21:32:31 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am doing that on my speakers
21:32:50 cheryloakes wow2 ->  oh,
21:33:30 Jennifer Wagner ->  we love google apps --
21:33:47 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://www.google.com/a/
21:33:55 cheryloakes wow2 ->  good point how hard it is to find tools that both of your schools can use.
21:34:10 Jennifer Wagner ->  online collaboratin -- documents, spreadsheets, email
21:34:16 Jennifer Wagner ->  and so far -- many are NOT blocked yet
21:34:37 Jennifer Wagner ->  and soon they will have a powerpoint called PRESENTLY
21:34:59 sharonp ->  google docs are prohibitive at my school - bec. the kids are not allowed any access to outsdie email
21:35:05 cheryloakes wow2 ->  that will be interesting to have presently, I wonder if it will be like slide.com?
21:35:07 Jennifer Wagner ->  Sharon -- truly???
21:35:10 sharonp ->  yes
21:35:31 charbeck ->  my kids love slide.com
21:35:49 jeff ->  Getting typing noise from some backchanneling action
21:35:58 CheriT ->  Jennifer, is zoho blocked
21:36:07 cheryloakes wow2 ->  hm,
21:36:11 Jennifer Wagner ->  what is ZoHo???
21:36:14 sharonp ->  am working on my IT director, but they are quite emphatic about not allowing outside email, hard to invite students to the google doc - can do, but the students have to accept from home
21:36:23 CheriT ->  similar to google docs, but offer more
21:36:27 CheriT ->  zoho.com
21:36:39 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Jeff, how is it?
21:36:40 Jennifer Wagner ->  don't they put a logo though on all your work
21:36:45 Jennifer Wagner ->  or was that the beta???
21:36:54 CheriT ->  no
21:36:59 jeff ->  not hearing anything now
21:37:03 cheryloakes wow2 ->  okay,
21:37:04 Jennifer Wagner ->  Hmmm -- I thought their powerpoint did
21:37:17 CheriT ->  the only problem i've heard is that using zoho presentation you can't export it into a ppt
21:37:20 Jennifer Wagner ->  I could be wrong though - - probably am
21:37:26 CheriT ->  hopefully they're working on it
21:37:47 alicemercer ->  Did she say that her principal hadn't seen the project until recently?
21:38:09 Jennifer Wagner ->  from seeing it myself - YOU HAVE TO HAVE TEACHERS helping make the TECH decisions
21:38:22 Jennifer Wagner ->  slowly but surely -- baby steps
21:38:30 Jennifer Wagner ->  but small changes can be made
21:38:33 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Jeanne and Chris, kudos to you for sticking with this project, through all !
21:38:40 sharonp ->  modelling - that is what I have been trying to do
21:38:46 CathyE ->  I have created email for a 5th grade class and told them it was just a fake email so we can register for 2.0 stuff. 
21:38:56 cheryloakes wow2 ->  hi maria
21:39:03 maria ->  hi there
21:39:23 maria ->  i keep getting disconnected
21:39:33 cheryloakes wow2 ->  try a new browser
21:39:34 maria ->  when i check out a link
21:39:43 cheryloakes wow2 ->  oh, that happens to me on my mac
21:39:46 Jennifer Wagner ->  maria -- are you using I/E or Firefox???
21:39:49 maria ->  grrrr
21:39:52 Jennifer Wagner ->  or something else??
21:39:54 maria ->  firefox
21:39:58 Jennifer Wagner ->  ahhh --
21:40:00 Monica ->  when students' work is blocked, though, it can be a great teaching moment, too
21:40:03 CheriT ->  wireless? maria
21:40:04 Jennifer Wagner ->  is your chat detached??
21:40:04 alicemercer ->  I can't do online at home with my students. It would be nice.
21:40:07 maria ->  yes
21:40:09 Jeanne S ->  I just lost sounde
21:40:22 maria ->  how do i detach?
21:40:24 bknittle ->  I was a classroom teacher for 20 year and am now the tech specialist - my hardest part of my job is helping admin not to decided to block stuff willy nilly with out a good discussion on how the tool can be used for education.
21:40:27 Lisa M Lane ->  I am using wired Mac with Firefox and can't click on links at all here
21:40:27 Janice Stearns ->  Try holding down the apple key when clicking on links. It should open a new window.
21:40:29 Jennifer Wagner ->  the third icon from the bottom right
21:40:39 Jennifer Wagner ->  looks like 2 sheets of paper
21:40:51 Jennifer Wagner ->  sometimes being detached helps
21:41:04 cheryloakes wow2 ->  welcome to all who have moved over from Tapped IN!
21:41:05 Jennifer Wagner ->  next to the ??? mark
21:41:16 maria ->  got it- thanks
21:41:16 Lisa M Lane ->  Thanks, Jennifer, I'm trying your suggestions also.
21:41:38 cheryloakes wow2 ->  great maria
21:41:43 sroseman ->  Use Safari, Maria
21:41:52 cheryloakes wow2 ->  I like FLOCK on my mac
21:41:53 bknittle ->  We also start in a "safe" walled garden of moodle so some of our second graders can start learning how to work with these tools
21:42:06 Lisa M Lane ->  what is flock?
21:42:07 Monica ->  students may be more likely to die in a car accident at this point than through an online contact....this may change as more and more see how accessible children are through it.
21:42:07 cheryloakes wow2 ->  good idea bknittle, that is important
21:42:21 sroseman ->  Flock and OPERA
21:42:22 Monica ->  it seems teachers will need to be even more diligent
21:42:29 cheryloakes wow2 ->  FLOCK is a browser, has some nice features like a built in blog tool and built in aggregator
21:42:36 Jennifer Wagner ->  I enjoy FLOCK
21:42:46 bknittle ->  My name is Beth, should have logged in that way
21:42:46 Lisa M Lane ->  ohhh I'll try it -- thanx
21:43:05 cheryloakes wow2 ->  you can log in anyway with first name only
21:43:15 KristinHokanson ->  does anyone know if flock is blocked by networkks as a social networking site
21:43:30 bknittle ->  It is not blocked at my district
21:43:31 cheryloakes wow2 ->  i use flock with facebook and myspace
21:43:34 Jennifer Wagner ->  flock shouldn't been seen as a SN site
21:43:38 Jennifer Wagner ->  should it??
21:43:52 Vicki Davis ->  Almost everything is considered social networking.
21:43:59 Vicki Davis ->  Myspace has videos now.  Did you know that?
21:44:04 Vicki Davis ->  aol video is big now.
21:44:10 KristinHokanson ->  I am finding that tsometimes things I use at home like stumbleupon I can't use at my school
21:44:17 Lisa M Lane ->  they're calling Flock a "social browser"
21:44:54 Monica ->  how do you think these tools will change the next generation?
21:45:12 bknittle ->  I can't use Stumble upon at work but do at home, I think people worry about what a kid might stumble into
21:45:15 Jennifer Wagner ->  Really??? Lisa -- wow
21:45:26 alicemercer ->  My district is picky-choosy about the blogging. I never know what's blocked.
21:45:30 Jennifer Wagner ->  I would say that stumble upon could lead to worries
21:45:38 Jennifer Wagner ->  but I only do educational stumbling
21:45:54 alicemercer ->  No del.icio.us, but yes for diigo, Yahoo My Web, google
21:46:08 alicemercer ->  Yeah.
21:46:17 alicemercer ->  About what kids can stumble on.
21:46:31 bknittle ->  Monica - I know they have changed my own children, they think about and interact with the world in a whole new way.
21:46:38 KristinHokanson ->  and we CAN use del.icio.us go figure :)
21:46:58 Jennifer Wagner ->  it definitely has expanded our walls - or perhaps made them transparent???
21:47:00 alicemercer ->  Yeah, and no technorati.
21:47:14 Monica ->  Beth, I see that, too. I think with this collaboration different types of leaders will be formed.
21:47:38 bknittle ->  Monica, I hope so
21:47:46 Monica ->  How old are your kids? Do you give them a lot of access on the web?
21:47:50 CheriT ->  Monica and Beth, I think they will be able to handle information differently
21:48:03 CheriT ->  than past genereations
21:48:21 CathyE ->  What did you use to get the image of your math problems for Bubbleshare
21:48:25 Monica ->  Differently good or differently bad??  Differently indiferrently....
21:48:53 CheriT ->  Monica, manipulate, interpret, publish
21:49:04 sharonp ->  Sue you are jumping in and out tonight like a jumping bean!
21:49:08 bknittle ->  My kids are 13 and 10, they blog, wiki, chat and play online games they have friends from all the contries we have lived. We also have a family AUP
21:49:14 alicemercer ->  I've got mine trained on teh last names.
21:49:18 CheriT ->  Monica, interact with it rather than just take it in
21:49:20 sroseman ->  yes, I am having problems
21:49:24 Monica ->  CheriT, who will create new knowledge?
21:49:28 sharonp ->  a family AUP - what a cool idea!
21:49:29 CheriT ->  you and me
21:49:34 CheriT ->  everyone
21:49:39 Monica ->  Beth, what is AUP?
21:49:46 sharonp ->  Acceptable use policy
21:49:54 Vicki Davis ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/March13
21:49:55 sroseman ->  I will plant my feet to the floor, Sharon!
21:49:56 cheryloakes wow2 ->  remember we are all the Time Person of the year
21:50:02 Vicki Davis ->  Where the links are for tonight.
21:50:06 sharonp ->  Sue ;-)
21:50:22 sharonp ->  good point Cheryl
21:50:27 Monica ->  oh, I'm in higher ed, not PK12. AUP sounds good....
21:50:42 sharonp ->  my headmaster thought it jsut meant everyone until I pointed out it was just everyone who uploaded content....
21:50:51 cheryloakes wow2 ->  slide.com
21:51:01 Lisa M Lane ->  Monica, where in higher ed?
21:51:02 Monica ->  My kids just have the "Mom knows how to find out every site they've ever accessed from day 0" policy.... :)
21:51:23 Monica ->  Bradley University
21:51:24 sroseman ->  btw Scribd is a way to easily put your documents online.
21:51:25 bknittle ->  Sharon types faster...I set up the expectations of what they can and can not do, what the results might be... they sign one at school, and will at work some day they should know the rules of the road so to speak
21:51:28 Monica ->  in Peoria Illinois
21:51:30 sharonp ->  slide.com is more wikispaces-friendly then?
21:51:37 sroseman ->  www.scribd.com/
21:51:41 cheryloakes wow2 ->  that was my policy too monica, if the history was cleared they had  a chat with me and a time out from computer, only happened one time
21:52:12 Monica ->  yes, that happened once with me as well. three weeks without internet is a long time for a 12 year old role-player....
21:52:13 CathyE ->  Chris- will you give us specific directions for wikispaces
21:52:20 CathyE ->  to add bubbleshare
21:52:24 cheryloakes wow2 ->  oh monica you are tough
21:52:51 KristinHokanson ->  I sat in an interesting webinar today through the state of PA that talked about how even though kids socialize using technology they still prefer to be spoonfed information so they are successful in high stakes testing
21:52:58 Monica ->  got the point across.... (actually, i started giving access at the end for good behavior....)
21:53:10 charbeck ->  change the first <span to <div and the last /span> to /div>
21:53:24 KristinHokanson ->  http://vclass.cciu.org recordings on today's date if anyone is interested
21:53:29 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Kristin, that is true, that is why creating content is more successful for learning
21:53:34 sharonp ->  that is the great thing about wikis is that they are flatter and not as heavy - good thing to keep in mind when working with students in other parts of the world who don't have the bandwidth we have
21:53:48 Monica ->  Kristin, what do you mean by high stakes testing? SAT and ACT?
21:53:54 KristinHokanson ->  I agree---but most are afraid to take the risk
21:54:04 KristinHokanson ->  we are doing state testing PSSA this week
21:54:19 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Monica we have state testing then we also use NWEA online testing gr. 2-10, 2 times a year.
21:54:30 KristinHokanson ->  and it is interesting because it is mostly our highest achieving kids who FREAK in project based learning environment
21:54:39 alicemercer ->  NCLB testing is high stakes
21:54:42 KristinHokanson ->  because no one is giving them the answer
21:54:47 Monica ->  It just seems there is too much emphasis on achievement on standardized tests and it stresses young children.....
21:54:49 cheryloakes wow2 ->  that is true kristin for me too in Maine
21:54:53 Vicki Davis ->  Kristin you are right!
21:55:19 Vicki Davis ->  But project based learning creates critical thinkers!
21:55:30 KristinHokanson ->  True vicki
21:55:30 Monica ->  That doesn't make sense to me....I would think it would be the opposite.
21:55:35 sharonp ->  I will certainly be showing off this wiki at my upcoming presentations in April! Such great models for use of online collab projects!
21:55:46 KristinHokanson ->  but when you have teachers that are USED to doing it a certain way...
21:55:49 bknittle ->  we don't test for that.... in high stakes tests
21:55:54 KristinHokanson ->  and having success for the moment
21:56:02 sroseman ->  using technology or computers improves your math skills, Jen. I was poor in math
21:56:24 cheryloakes wow2 ->  math isn't just numbers, it is a way of thinking and looking at the world
21:56:31 Vicki Davis ->  We have no exams - we teach project based and all of our classes are in the 90th percentile.
21:56:48 Vicki Davis ->  But we are a private school -- but our IQ's are pretty equivalent to most schools.
21:56:49 cheryloakes wow2 ->  spread the word vicki, keep talking
21:56:53 sharonp ->  authentic audience is so important!
21:57:01 cheryloakes wow2 ->  audience is the best
21:57:07 bknittle ->  Vicki - how I wish it was so in my school and for my kids
21:57:17 Monica ->  There is a high correlation between successful CS students and those that do well on standardized math tests.
21:57:24 Janice Stearns ->  I really enjoy Gizmos at explorelearning.com for math and science, even though ti costs money
21:57:25 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Jeanne you are doing an excellent job
21:57:27 maria ->  my kindergarten kiddos love writing for their worldwide audience
21:57:30 Monica ->  It's the logic behind it
21:57:47 sharonp ->  I find my middle schoolers are more engaged and involved than my high school students
21:57:48 maria ->  it is so motivating, also for them to know their grandparents are reading their blog
21:57:59 KristinHokanson ->  maria where are your k kids writing
21:58:01 alicemercer ->  I find that they do a lot even for the class on web.
21:58:12 KristinHokanson ->  I have a k friend I would like to share this with :)
21:58:14 sharonp ->  particularly for collab projects - for some reason, my high school students are more self conscious than my middle schoolers
21:58:15 alicemercer ->  I have told them that folks are looking at our class website.
21:58:18 maria ->  we use blogmeister
21:58:37 sroseman ->  7/8 kids can really take off
21:58:39 CathyE ->  Hi- Maria
21:58:42 Monica ->  If anyone is interested in teaching young children logic (pre-programming), see alice.org
21:58:42 cheryloakes wow2 ->  i love blogmeister
21:58:49 maria ->  Hi cathy
21:59:05 Monica ->  3.0 will be released next year with all characters from the Sims games
21:59:11 maria ->  i'd post a link to our blog but I'm having trouble doing it
21:59:33 Monica ->  students will be able to "program" in a drag and drop environment, getting characters to interact with the environment
22:01:23 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://mrwilliams.edublogs.org/ -- this is the link I mentioned earlier
22:01:55 bknittle ->  I need to get the kids to bed, thanks everyone for all the work you do, i'll finish listening on the mp3 later, g'night
22:02:03 cheryloakes wow2 ->  bye beth, come back
22:02:04 Jennifer Wagner ->  Good night Beth
22:02:59 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we will go a little longer tonight, due to the late start, hang in
22:03:37 KristinHokanson ->  wow really need math blog
22:03:49 KristinHokanson ->  will definitely pass that one along
22:03:50 Vicki Davis ->  The new office 2007has formula editors in it.
22:03:52 Jennifer Wagner ->  yes -- it is amazing what they are doing with Math Blogs
22:03:59 Janice Stearns ->  Thanks for the math link, Jen.
22:04:07 Jennifer Wagner ->  Janice -- you are welcome
22:04:19 Vicki Davis ->  http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html - National Library of Math Manipulatives
22:04:24 sharonp ->  thx
22:04:28 sroseman ->  Do you think the Numbers series has stimulated interest in Math?
22:05:01 KristinHokanson ->  I do
22:05:06 Vicki Davis ->  http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/mathsfile/index.shtml
22:05:23 Vicki Davis ->  www.pbskids.org
22:05:30 CathyE ->  Vicki- I wanted to tell you that Will Richardson talked about you today in the keynote at the NCaect conference :)
22:05:35 Vicki Davis ->  http://www.blockcorner.com/
22:05:43 Vicki Davis ->  http://www.linkslearning.org/Kids/1_Math/2_Illustrated_Lessons/4_Line_Sy...
22:05:57 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, my goodness, Cathy!
22:05:57 charbeck ->  writetomyblog.com
22:06:26 CathyE ->  He used you as one of his great examples
22:06:33 Vicki Davis ->  Oh!  Wow!
22:06:35 alicemercer ->  There's a couple of immersive math games from Maryland PTV
22:07:01 sroseman ->  http://plus.maths.org/issue38/features/livio/index.html
22:07:01 cheryl back again ->  Great conversations and links tonight
22:07:12 cheryl back again ->  thanks susan
22:07:19 Jeanne S ->  7math.wikispaces.com
22:07:23 sharonp ->  thx susan!
22:07:36 cheryl back again ->  good idea to add the discussion on the wiki
22:07:55 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://everyschool.org/u/ohlone/admin/JIMS.html
22:08:01 cheryl back again ->  the wiki with all the links from Chris H
22:08:27 KristinHokanson ->  Vicki-does this chat get archived anywhere?
22:08:28 sroseman ->  Fractions are so hard to teach
22:08:28 Jeanne S ->  crmspbl.wikispaces.comm
22:08:42 sroseman ->  http://www.visualfractions.com/
22:08:42 KristinHokanson ->  y'all are moing too fast for 10 pm :)
22:08:50 Vicki Davis ->  Yes, you can come back later and see the chat archive.
22:09:00 Jennifer Wagner ->  we all sort of collapse in about 5 minutes
22:09:02 sharonp ->  what a wonderful show!! so glad to see a focus on middle schoolers!
22:09:14 Vicki Davis ->  I use a video on youtube to teach and review exponents.
22:09:26 Jeanne S ->  this was fun!
22:09:27 sharonp ->  thanks Jeanne and Chris!! such a great project! and such innovative teaching!
22:09:39 Lisa M Lane ->  thanks everyone!
22:09:40 Vicki Davis ->  Thank you Jeff for bringing us back in!
22:09:52 CheriT ->  thanks eveyrone
22:10:02 CheriT ->  pie?
22:10:02 sroseman ->  Thanks ..a wonderful session
22:10:05 CheriT ->  or pi
22:10:08 jeff ->  Behind every group of great women is a backup geek :)
22:10:09 Jennifer Wagner ->  pi  3.1???
22:10:11 Jeanne S ->  pi...
22:10:13 alicemercer ->  http://villainyinc.thinkport.org/
22:10:17 cheryl back again ->  Thanks to my angel Jeff lebow at world bridges.
22:10:18 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL -- I don't do math
22:10:29 CheriT ->  3.14
22:10:33 Jeanne S ->  The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
22:10:38 cheryl back again ->  great!
22:10:48 Janice Stearns ->  Great
22:10:48 CheriT ->  ah, the old days of geometry
22:10:56 JasonR ->  Comics Scott McCloud?
22:11:03 KristinHokanson ->  Vicki--glad you post the reminders for this chat on your blog :)
22:11:07 CheriT ->  oh, dear ... is that what you sing along with? Vicki
22:11:15 Vicki Davis ->  thanks, I was wondering if anyone caught the reminders.
22:11:23 Vicki Davis ->  I'll keep doing it then!
22:11:25 Janice Stearns ->  I think it's the Scott from Dangerously Irrelevant
22:11:39 cheryl back again ->  thanks for being with us tonight and for contributing!
22:11:45 JasonR ->  scottmccloud.com Scott McCloud?
22:11:49 cheryl back again ->  Thanks to Chris and Jeanne!
22:11:51 alicemercer ->  Scott McLeod
22:11:57 CheriT ->  we're on spring breatk
22:11:59 CheriT ->  break
22:12:17 sroseman ->  Thanks all. I am off to Colorado to ski. Then I go back to teaching and tutoring
22:12:25 jeff ->  http://www.scottmcleod.net/about
22:12:26 JasonR ->  Doh, that makes more sense.
22:12:37 cheryl back again ->  sue, have fun skiing, the Loaf was great last weekend
22:12:51 cheryl back again ->  the chat is archived on the ed tech talk site
22:12:57 sroseman ->  spring skiing yesterday
22:13:00 KristinHokanson ->  http://www.weallusematheveryday.com
22:13:03 charbeck ->  spfractions.wikispaces.com
22:13:13 sroseman ->  Jen..you think up the most amazing projects
22:13:17 KristinHokanson ->  lil slow, but this is the link to the numb3rs activities
22:13:24 Jennifer Wagner ->  thanks -- I have too much free time
22:13:26 Lisa M Lane ->  Jason, I was thinking comics too
22:13:54 JasonR ->  And watch out for the human bot flys
22:13:54 CheriT ->  solar panel charger?
22:14:01 Jennifer Wagner ->  hang on for the link
22:14:01 CheriT ->  shew
22:14:21 cheryl back again ->  goodnight all
22:14:23 JasonR ->  Lisa, thanks. Freaking out my inner geek there for a moment
22:14:29 CheriT ->  nite
22:14:33 Lisa M Lane ->  LOL Jason
22:14:34 Jennifer Wagner ->  try lesliefisher.com
22:14:39 Jennifer Wagner ->  and check her gadget page
22:14:45 Jennifer Wagner ->  for the solar charger
22:14:48 Lisa M Lane ->  I gottta remember that!
22:14:51 CheriT ->  thanks jen
22:14:53 CathyE ->  Leslie is here at the conference :)
22:14:54 Lisa M Lane ->  good night!
22:14:59 cheryl back again ->  Thanks all again, great show!
22:14:59 Jennifer Wagner ->  sorry -- I can't find it
22:15:02 Jennifer Wagner ->  Tell Leslie HELLO
22:15:03 CheriT ->  no prob
22:15:05 Jennifer Wagner ->  and everyone else
22:15:10 Jeanne S ->  Goodnight!
22:15:18 CathyE ->  it was a great day
22:15:20 sroseman ->  Night all
22:15:23 charbeck ->  Thanks jeff
22:15:28 charbeck ->  Goodnight everyone.
22:15:38 maria ->  goodnight all - talk to you soon i hope cathy
22:15:41 charbeck ->  check out the wow wiki for more info
22:15:48 Vicki Davis ->  goodnight!
22:15:54 CathyE ->  Maria- we need to set a date
22:15:56 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, I got the colar charger - it is a solio.
22:15:57 Jennifer Wagner ->  who else is there Cathy
22:16:00 Vicki Davis ->  It is great!
22:16:02 Vicki Davis ->  Bye!
22:16:04 KristinHokanson ->  wow wiki?  URL please :)
22:16:05 maria ->  right - just got a new video camera
22:16:06 CathyE ->  David Warlick is here
22:16:14 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am jealous
22:16:16 maria ->  lucky you
22:16:21 CheriT ->  so jealous
22:16:36 Jennifer Wagner ->  tell David HELLO
22:16:39 Jennifer Wagner ->  and Leslie HELLO
22:16:43 Jennifer Wagner ->  whoelse???
22:16:50 CathyE ->  We had a session today with Will Richardson and David WArlick toghter
22:16:59 Jennifer Wagner ->  AUGH
22:17:00 maria ->  awesome
22:17:11 CathyE ->  it was wonderful
22:17:26 maria ->  email mail me with your thoughts about what we can do next
22:17:30 Jennifer Wagner ->  he bloged about it today
22:17:38 CathyE ->  yep
22:17:48 CathyE ->  I will be back to school on Friday
22:17:50 Jennifer Wagner ->  yep
22:18:05 CathyE ->  I will talk to MS. Sanders and we'll set a date
22:18:14 CathyE ->  night all
22:18:14 maria ->  i'm just loving our blog
22:18:15 CheriT ->  jen, i read your blog about cue and other stuff - even left a comment
22:18:21 Jennifer Wagner ->  CheriT --
22:18:23 Jennifer Wagner ->  thank you
22:18:28 Jennifer Wagner ->  I like commentors
22:18:43 CheriT ->  have you looked at mine in your "spare" time drctedd.wordpress.com
22:18:59 Jennifer Wagner ->  I think I subscribe
22:19:00 CheriT ->  i've been ranting about college teachers needing to start using technology
22:19:06 CathyE ->  Cindy- You are here :)
22:19:13 misstizzy ->  just made it
22:19:31 CathyE ->  YOu will have to read the chat when it is posted- great links
22:19:51 misstizzy ->  I'm sorry I missed it, had to sneak away
22:19:58 misstizzy ->  will definitely check back
22:20:00 CheriT ->  well, i'm getting the look from my husband - pay attention to me *) so i think i will
22:20:04 CheriT ->  night all
22:20:07 CathyE ->  Go to sleep - see ya in the AM
22:21:30 KristinHokanson ->  thanks all

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