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WOW2 Show #96 Barbara Bray and "My E-Coach"

66:24 minutes (15.4 MB)

Barbara Bray shares http://my-ecoach.com/ with us and describes its history and rich resources for educators. Special thanks to Jeff Lebow for helping Sharon with the streaming and archiving! 


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WOW2 Show #95 Jen Wagner with Rushton Hurley of NextVista

60:01 minutes (29.26 MB)

Our guest tonight, Rushton Hurley, share his NextVista video-sharing initiative for educators.


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WOW2 Show #94 with educators from THE School at Columbia and Lucy Gray

63:21 minutes (57.99 MB)

A lively discussion with Lucy Gray who introduces us to  Don Buckley, Karen Blumberg, Andrew Gardner of the innovative school, THE School at Columbia.

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WOW2 Show #93 with a focus on K12 Online & NotK12Online: Dean Shareski and Bud Hunt

69:25 minutes (31.64 MB)

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WOW2 Show #91 with Elizabeth Helfant and the Darfur Video Project

53:01 minutes (48.54 MB)

Elizabeth Helfant shares the exciting Darfur Video Project that her school is undertaking. Jen Wagner, Cheri Toledo and Sharon Peters engage in a conversation with Elizabeth about integrated learning projects and tablet PCs in a high school setting.

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