Women of WEB presentation at NECC 2007

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Here is the recording of the presentation of the Women of Web 2.0 at NECC 07.

The slide show and notes and live wiki reside here 

Enjoy the show! It was great to greet and meet all the great folks who made it to Atlanta. However, leave us a comment and it will be great to converse with you! Thanks to so many of you who told us how much how show has meant to you. We thank you for making our show what it is!

Cheryl, Vicki, Jen and Sharon 

Teachers Teaching Teachers #59 - 06.27.07 - Welcoming new voices

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Joining Paul Allison (NYC), Lee Baber (Virginia), and Susan Ettenheim (NYC) on this show were two new voices on Teachers Teaching Teachers and one regular guest (with a side of him we haven't seen before):

Karen McComas was finally able to join us. (She has had a class on Wednesday evenings.) Karen is Associate Professor of Communication Disorders at Marshall University, in West Virginia. She is an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist. Karen also serves as the Chair of the Technology Liaison Leadership Team of the National Writing Project and as a Teacher Consultant for the Marshall University Writing Project . For her, writing is an historical and political act. She writes to understand and preserve the story of her life. She has also been an inspiration for teaching with technology in the National Writing Project for many years. Here's Karen's blog mind's eye...

Betty D. Collum was able to get on using her cell phone. Betty is a 5th/6th writing teachers in Webster County Schools, Eupora, Mississippi. She is also the Mississippi State University Writing Project Tech Liaison, and a member of the National Writing Project's Tech Liaison Leadership Team. This year Betty's students have been contributors to a podcasting project that includes teachers and their students from all over the country, Youth Radio: Connecting Youth Voices to the World.

Bill O'Neal also joined us. Bill has worked with us for several months on He is an English teacher at Trenton Central High School, West, and he is the Tech Liaison for the Trenton Writing Project. After show #58 (06.20.07), Bill wanted us to know that he also has a life in music! When we asked if we could highlight his website about his musical life he wrote:

"The music on my site has little to do with education... but whatever. This fall I am, however, reviving a guitar workshop for the students. I limited enrollment to eight. The district sent us to a weekend workshop (a few NYC teachers also attended) for a not-for-profit group called Little Kids Rock. They will provide the guitars. Lack of instruments was my biggest hurdle the last time I ran a workshop: Very few students owned guitars. Their web site is:"

Bill's music site is:

Enjoy this a low-key, summer show. We recorded this webcast in the middle of electrical storms that kept knocking out our Skype connections, something you will probably barely notice because of Susan Ettenheim's amazing editing skills!

Please add a story of your own about something that you did in your classroom this year, something that you want to do better in the fall... or something that you want to continue doing.

ETBS - Tech Matters Preview / Worldbridges Town Hall Prep

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ETBS - Tech Matters Preview / Worldbridges Town Hall Prep
July 5, 2007

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21st Century Learning #48: Peter Gow: Online Professional Learning Communities

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #48
Peter Gow: Online Professional Learning Communities
July 3, 2007

This week, we discussing Online Professional Learning Communities with Peter Gow, creator of Independent Educator and Director of College Counseling and Special Programs and a former Academic Dean at Beaver Country Day School

EdTechWeekly #37

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women of web 2.0 Show #35!

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This is a great show, the chat is below and you will love listening to the Aussies! This is the first show we had hosting 8 people in the SKYPE. This is our first show where we were live in 2 days July 10 and July 11.

Join us!

Here is the agenda!

It's Elementary #1 - Blogging, Just Do It!

45:52 minutes (21 MB)

Our first attempt at Webcasting!  Hosted by Alice Mercer, Lisa Durff, and Jose Rodriguez.

We were joined by Paul Harrington, Jason Hando, and Maria Knee talking about their blogs.

Paul shared about his blogging with Allanah King in New Zealand and his blog. 

Jason shared about his first blog, "24 Stars". Work done on an outreach trip with students to Thailand.

Maria shared about blogging in Kindergarten on her blog.

Please join our next webcast on July 23, 2007 at 23:00 GMT on the edtechtalk channel where we discuss webquests.


ETBS July 12, 2007 - an EdTechTalk Educationbridges Development Planning Session

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EdTechTalk Educationbridges Development Planning Session
Towards Registraion, New Server,  Moodle Hosting
July 12, 2007

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EdTechWeekly#38 - Viddler, GoPHP5, Vista Woes, Flickr apps galore, & lots more

44:55 minutes (20.57 MB)

July 15, 2007

Viddler, Talkbean, OpenMoko, Scrubit, Vista Woes, Blending IPhones, DotSub,  Oops, Vitalist, GoPHP5, Ingimp, Flightaware & Lots 'o Flickr Love from Jen 

This week's  Links

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