EdTechTalk #79 - A Discussion with Curtis Bonk & Steve Kossakowski

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July 15, 2007

A Discussion with Curtis Bonk of Indiana University & Steve Kossakoski of SPDC
As Steve's ECD897 students and assorted memebers of the Bonkosphere listen in,  our guests discuss how educators and learning institutions can adapt to the ever increasing flow of emergent technologies at our disposal.
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #60 - Why Technology Matters

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On this weeks Teaching Teaching Teachers webcast, we were joined by four National Writing Project teachers who were selected last summer to participate in Tech Matters — a 4-day summer institute sponsored by the Tech Liaison Network of the National Writing Project.  Joe Bellino, Bonnie Kaplan, Kevin Hodgson, and Donna Bragg discussed moments they remember from Tech Matters`06, and they talked about five issues they faced after they returned from Tech Matters. These teachers talked about learning to turn these separate challenges into strands of a web of support for change in their teaching and in their local Writing Projects:

  • creating a personal learning system to continue learning about important new technologies
  • bringing personal learning and experiences with Web 2.0 technologies into their classrooms
  • working with other teachers in their buildings and in other schools in their area to them to begin their learning about Web 2.0 as well.
  • staying connected with other teachers in the National Writing Project's Tech Liaison network, developing projects for their own learning together
  • working alongside the leadership team of their local Writing Projects, helping these leaders to take their own personal next steps with important technologies.

Thats an outline of what these teachers learned last summer. What did you learn last summer? Did it make a difference in your classroom? How are you learning this summer? Join us to share one of your memories about summer learning.

For example, here is a part of Cynthia Calvert’s story:

Being at TM 06 was one of the best things that ever happened to me both professionally and personally. If I had not been invited to TM06, I would not have met Jason, Tracey, and Paige–my fellow Common Threads collaborators and my life would not have been as full. I now count them among my closest and dearest friends. Then I wouldn’t have met Kevin who inspires me to take risks and try new technology tools that until TM06 I did not know existed. I could go on about each and every person who was involved in TM06. I am a better person and a better TL for having been a part of the institute. I know this sounds corny, but it’s true. Finally, I have a better handle on what my job as Alcorn WP’s TL is. I have more confidence and speak with more authority when I talk about technology. I’ve learned to take baby steps, thanks to Peter and Betty, and not try to do everything at once, so I’m less overwhelmed.

Tech Matters`07 starts within hours. We have already invited all former TM participants to join the Technology Matters website (a DrupalEd site that Bill Fitzgerald and Will Banks have been helping us to build). If you were a Tech Matters participant in  `03, `04,`05, or `06, and we missed you. Please register on our site now:

We would also like to invite anybody who is reading this now to subscribe to the work of Tech Matters`07. We want you to hear the podcasts, see the videos and pictures, and read the texts published by this years invited participants of Technology Matters.
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Finally we want to invite you to join us live on webcasts that we will be streaming from Chico, California through the help of Susan Ettenheim, Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier and others connected with Here are the times when we want you to join us. All you need is Skype, a microphone, and a headset of ear buds to join us on any of these afternoons:

  • Tuesday, July 17 - 5:00-5:45 Pacific / 8:00-8:45 Eastern
  • Wednesday, July 18 - 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern
  • Thursday, July 19 - 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern
  • Friday, July 20 - 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern
  • Saturday, July 21- To Be Announced
Please join us at Help us to widen the conversations we are having at Technology Matters `07.

WoW 2.0 Show # 36 with Linda Criddle, Internet Safety

66:36 minutes (15.25 MB)

Our #35th show. We were missing Sharon, she was in Boston at the Alan November Learning Communities conference. But, Vicki, Cheryl and Jen have a great interview with Linda and learn about predatory behavior and how to garner parent support through empowerment!

Jennifer's Wow
Sharon's wow - (just in case I don't make it to the show) -

  • Blog pick of the week - Andrew Keen: Luddite? (About his book Cult of the Amateur) We have to have an entire show to deal with this one!!
  • Webpage of the week: Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student's or Professor's Productivity - probably already shared another time, but recently rediscovered (mentioned on ETT on Sunday). The show of ETT on Sunday was really great - can't wait to listen to the podcast because my Internet was so flaky that night
  • Cheryl's Wow
Vicki's Wow - Some cool visual tools

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #61 - 07.18.07 When do students feel compelled to use multimedia?

51:42 minutes (47.33 MB)Five teachers from the National Writing Project's Tech Matters`07 Institute joined Victoria, a soon-to-be 9th grader from Virginia, and Danielle, an 18 year-old student from Australia, to discuss what leads to effective learning with technology. The teachers from Tech Matters had been working with the theme of "compelling communication" in the hours before this webcast, and they were right to suspect that Victoria and Danielle might have pretty clear thoughts about how we teach students to use communication tools in schools now. On this webcast, we learned once again that teachers might benefit from listening more to what students say makes some assignments compelling and others not so compelling. The 2007 Horizon Report claims that "there is a skills gap between understanding how to use tools for media creation and how to create meaningful content. Although new tools make it increasingly easy to produce multimedia works, students lack essential skills in composition, storytelling, and design." The conversation on this webcast between Victoria and Danielle and the teachers from Tech Matters would seem to confirm this claim. These girls suggested that many of their teachers had a lot to learn about how to use the tools, and that teachers could learn from the students. At the same time, Victoria and Danielle seem to appreciate the teachers who had worked with them on "composition, storytelling, and design." Most of all these students seem to be saying that two of the most important elements in any school assignment were to be able to connect to real people outside of the school and to create projects are are personally meaningful for students. On this webcast, learning seemed to be happening in many different directions. Here's how one teacher Scott Floyd, from the Bluebonnet Writing Project in Texas described the webcast:
Yesterday, after a long, first day of learning, Janelle and I joined the Teachers Teaching Teachers
podcast with Paul Allison.  It was an incredible experience to be a part of this very diverse group of folks.  I can't say teachers because we had the benefit and privilege of two students joining us.

One, a ninth grader, was about to become the most connected student in her county.  Out of need, she is being given a loaded laptop that will allow her to be a seamless part of the classroom.  Her goal in life is to be a writer.  Good for her.  Her district seems to be doing what needs to be done to help her in every way possible.  I can’t wait for her to start honing her skills on her own blog.  

The other student, an eighteen year old from Australia, was not shy in the least bit.  She was asked hard questions about what teachers need to do to engage students with new tools.  She fired back answers that made us pause and reflect about our own actions in our instruction and how they alter the learning environment.  While she says her teacher, Jason Hando , is the best, she discussed how it was not an across the board feeling in all of her classes.  Then she asked what it would take to teach teachers how to be more in tune with technology and integrating skills.  Ouch.  Can anyone say, PD Bingo?  

Overall, the six of us that joined together here in Chico, CA, were very impressed with the student input.  The chat room, as usual, provided some great questions and running commentary about the conversation.  It bounces me back to the reflections from Karl Fisch and others about NECC: Where are the students at these events?   Bravo to Paul and the TTT folks for including them in the webcast.  We should all strive to include these most important voices in our tech planning.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #62 - 07.19.07 - Podcasting, RSS and more from Tech Matters`07

52:10 minutes (23.88 MB) ­This was a special webcast from the National Writing Project's (NWP) ­Tech Matters`07 -- an annual summer institute sponsored by the Tech Liaisons Network of the NWP. In addition to several teachers who are working together in Chico, CA as part of Tech Matters, we were joined by Writing Project teachers Bill O'Neil (Trenton WP) and Bud Hunt (Colorado State University WP). Also two Writing Project teachers who were participants in Tech Maters`06 joined us, Donna Bragg, Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project and Lynne Culp, UCLA Writing Project. Thanks also to Susan Ettenheim who streamed for us and edited this podcast, Lee Baber who added more music to our lives, and Doug Symington who was there to remind us about his show EdTech Brainstorms, which on on Thursdays nights(Americas)/Friday (Asia,Oceania) 2amGMT.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #63 - 07.20.07 - From Collaboration to Revolution at Tech Matters`07

54:22 minutes (12.44 MB)­This is our third, and final installment of Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts from the National Writing Project's Tech Matters`07 in Chico, California. Today, Jason Hando from Sydney, Austrialia and Donna Bragg, from the Lehigh Valley Writing Project in Pennsylvania joined six teachers to discuss Google Docs, wikis, collaboration, and the changes that are happening in learning for both young people and for many teachers, even if these changes are happening more slowly for school systems. This is our discussion at the end of a day focused on how collaborative tools have changed the ways we write and learn in and out of schools in the 21st Century.

EdTechWeekly #39 - OpenLibrary, Jotform, Mashable, Zing, Pownce, Policeware, Remxer, Acqualia, CouchSurfing, &

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EdTechWeekly #39
OpenLibrary, Jotform, Mashable, Zing, Pownce,  Policeware, Remxer, Acqualia, CouchSurfing, &

July 22, 2007

This Week's Del.icious Links

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EdTechBrainstorm: July 19, 2007

43:38 minutes (19.98 MB)

Thanks to Cheryl Oakes, Cathy Evanoff, and Alice Barr for joining me for last week's show. Thanks too to Mrs. Durff and Jason Hando for their contributions from the chat room.

Here are some of the links mentioned during the show:


EdTechTalk K12 - Digital Story Telling

45:55 minutes (21.02 MB)

During Ed Tech Talk #3, Anne and Jeff reviewed some of the aspects of Digital Story Telling.  Much of the content came from the recent NECC conference and the many references that came of out that.  Materials and links can be found at

It's Elementary #2 Webquests, Analyze This!

39:03 minutes (17.88 MB)

We had a great show discussing Webquests in the elementary classroom.

First, we shared the wiki that we used to plan this show. Then we defined what a Webquest is and talked about Bernie Dodge, who is the "father" of Webquests.

Lisa shared a Webquest template and Jose Rodriguez, shared the Webquest he is using with his summer school class. We then went through some resources, which can be found on our Diigo list.

Here is a great slideshow on Webquests:
[slideshare id=73726&doc=webquest-template4036&w=425]

We were then joined by Lisa Parisi who discussed work she had done with her students using the internet for inquiry based research.

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