Teachers Teaching Teachers #56 - 06.06.07 - The International Teen Life Project

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At the end of this webcast, which features the five teachers involved with the International Teen Life Project, Scott S. Floyd, a teacher from the White Oak ISD and the Tech Liaison for the Bluebonnet Writing Project in Texas, USA asked, "What's one thing that teachers who want to get involved in a global project should keep in mind?" Clarence Fisher, a 7/8 teacher from Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada began his answer with one word, "Planning... " This only made sense, because the International Teen Life Project that Clarence organized with four colleagues from around the world this last winter and spring is a model for how to go about planning a global project for middle school students. In January 2007, just as "the fun" was about to begin, Clarence wrote about this work in his blog:

In the middle of December, a small group of teachers, Kim Cofino and Jabiz Raisdana from Kuala Lumpur, Jamie Hide from Columbia, Lee Baber from Virginia, and myself began putting our heads together about more intense ways to bring students together. All being middle school teachers, we came up with the idea for a project that would focus our students around examining and reflecting on their own lives first and the lives of other people their age in their nation. From here, we want the kids to think globally and look at the lives and the concerns of people their own age in other parts of the globe.... While we are just beginning off, I am truly excited about this project.We are bringing together so many things: blogging, Skype, wikis, videoconferencing, podcasting, digital storytelling, etc in one place that is truly a new literacies sandbox!

Remote Access: International Teen Life

Women of Web 2.0, Week 30!

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Join a fun evening with Chris Craft and the Women of Web 2.0.

Here are the links from the WIKI.This is the whole wiki.

Making Connections #9 (6-5-07)

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Mindmeister was our tool of choice for the June 5th show.  We had a great group playing together in our virtual playground.  Here is the link to our Making Connections Map.  Go ahead and sign-up for Mindmeister and we will send you an invite to join us. 

EdTechTalk K12

27:50 minutes (25.48 MB)This was our inaugural webcast with Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich and Jeff Flynn discussing web resources and introductions. Webquest, Rubistar, Teacher Tube, Keyboarding, Google Docs, and OpenOffice were suggested. Our links can be found at feel free to contribute to our network at for:edtechtalkk12. Later we were joined by Joel Ottenbreit and Jennifer Maddrell. We can reach us at or at


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June 10, 2007

Screencast - Part#1
SpaceTime     UBroadcast    Fixya     Twitter4skype      Juhu     Witricity   Babelgum

Screencast Part 2
Freebase, Mapping, SR205, Edheads, Mindmeister, Kayuda, Webby's, & Snaps

Screencast Part 3
CNet Webware & Bloggers Choice Awards, Logotwo, JobHunting2.0 , ElectroCity, Online Learning Tools

Screencast Part 4
Adobe Seminars, ETT Raw Stream & Twitter Archive, Song History DB,,  Zoomr,  Motionbox, Grand Central, Skype Lady, Thin Client Whiteboards, ASTD Materials

Women of Web 2.0, Show #31

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Join us in conversation with Bernie Dodge.

The wiki and chat links will be here later. 

Finally 6-17-07, here is the chat.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #57 - 06.13.07 - What's old and what's new about blogging?

44:39 minutes (20.44 MB)­L­isten in as Christina Cantrill and Paul Oh from the National Writing Project, Kevin Hodgson from the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, and Felicia George from the New York City Writing Project -- plus Jason from Australia and two students from his school, along with Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim describe ONE blog post, written by an 11th grader on Youth Paul directs our attention to the teacher-work and the student-work that went into producing this post. Our goal was to to collectively describe how blogging borrows from past writing pedagogy and seeks to go beyond it as well! It promises to be a very grounded, yet insightful conversation. We used a remote version of this Zoho Show during the webcast:

Making Connections #10 6-12-07

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We took a look at some new sites : 

EdTechWeekly #35 - Safari, Free Space, E-Discovery, Surface, Bumptop, Revver, & Blaugh

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Dell Demands, Windows Safari, Free Space, E-Discovery, Surface, Bumptop, Facebook Concerns, Revver, & Blaugh
June 17, 2007

This Week's Links

Chat Log Below

Women of Web 2.0 Show #32 Assistive Technology

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Join us as we converse with Karen Janowski, BrianFriedlander, Tammy Dupre, Joy  Zabala and Deb Barrows, with the Women of Web, Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes. Vicki was lucky enough to be in the mountains with her family!

You will hear the Wow's of the week great tips and resources for assistive technology, as well as a great conversation. The chat was buzzing and the wiki is full of the links.


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