This is the show the gremlins took over the SKYPE program. Cheryl is broadcasting from an echo chamber in a far galaxy, Wes Fryer is bubbling up from underwater in a couple instances. The rest of the crew takes over and maintains some decorum. It is a great show! You will love the content.


This is a great show we recorded with Terry Freedman and a discussion of the Coming of Age 2! Sharon Peters is on the road headed towards Sugarloaf Maine. It is a fun show, take a listen.


21st Century Learning Video#1: The History of the Show

Kathy Sierra is a favorite blogger of Alex and arvind. She put a call out asking for personal stories of how peoples' lives have been affected by the web and/or software. Alex and I have plenty of stories to tell - we have already produced 34 webcasts and hundreds of blog posts to prove it. So we told our story in our first video podcast. Luckily we were in the same place for once, so that made it kind of easy.

Women of Web 2.0 show 13

Here is the 13th show! Join us and have a listen.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #36

Bee Dieu Makes Global Connections for her Students
January 17, 2007
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In this podcast, we take some time to talk to a colleague from São Paulo, Brazil. Since 1997 Barbara Dieu has been using the Internet to connect her students with peers from different parts of the globe. Last year she was one of the first to volunteer her students to connect with Lee Baber’s students on the that had just been launched by Dave Cormier of World Bridges.

Recently, Bee has been teaching English as a foreign language to high school students preparing for the French baccalauréat at the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo, where she also coordinates the Foreign Language Department and belongs to the ICT committee. At the beginning April 2005, Bee was invited to serve on the Tesol Advisory Committee (TAC), she became a judge for the GSN Cyber Fair Contest , and she collaborates in and co-runs Barbara is presently leading the Blogstreams Salon at Tappedin and she has just opened the Braz-Tesol EduTech SIG.

We were glad that she fit us into her busy life. And we look forward to further collaborations. Thanks Bee!

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