Which screen resolution settings do you use?


1680x1050 - its a native res of my laptop. aaaaah, its beautiful - the reason I got that model laptop

I can't seem to vote for "other"...

i like things very small

I use 1152 x 864, it is between the different sizes. I use a 17 inch flat screen CRT monitor. It is small but still readable. :)


1280 x 854
Lee Baber

1280 X 854

I just got a Dell 2407FPW - 24 inch LCD. I love the ability to work on multiple full page docs side by side on this thing. It's a great productivity improvement versus ALT-TAB'ing all day.

I figured you had enough "other" votes. I've got a widescreen display on an IBM z60t

Carter F. Smith
docendo discimus

If you have IBM lenovo than leave the rest and enjoy working on it.