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EdTechWeekly #194

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EdTechWeekly #194

May 8, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John
Guest hosts: iJohn Pederson, mayor of the Internet

This week's Links:

iJohn's Links:

  • Seth Odell's "Higher Ed Live" - Higher Ed communications, student affairs, etc. A community of higher ed web professionals.
  • Dan Benjamin's "Back to Work" w/ Merlin Mann - Dan Benjamin is, IMO, the biggest thing in podcasting since Leo Laporte's TWiT Network.
  • Related: Merlin Mann's "Cranking" -  Not quite "edtech" related, but "Back to Work" is heavily focused on creativity, particularly writing, and how to scratch that itch of balancing work and creativity.
  • Radio. What is it? "It is a free form live streaming station that has been setup for this course, and it is being used as a platform to broadcast the work being created in the class, and a space for live broadcasts as well as for programming shows."
  • Julia Fallon would kill me if I didn't mention Shifted Learning. Focus: ? :)
Chat Log:

19:07:48 JenM -> EdTechTalk:
19:14:08 JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Derek K. Miller:
19:18:20 JohnS -> EdTechTalk: What happens to the Google Video content that doesn't get migrated? Google Video, incidentally, eliminated the April 29 deadline, and provides a tool to transfer the videos to YouTube. What if people don't agree to the AVOS TOS? What happens to their data? What obligations do schools have to maintain the content of their students & staff? Can we just delete their Google Apps accounts when they graduate or retire?
19:46:54 JenM -> EdTechTalk:
19:47:04 JenM -> EdTechTalk: Dan Benjamin's "Back to Work" w/ Merlin Mann -
19:47:14 JenM -> EdTechTalk: Radio
19:47:27 JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Shifted Learning.

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