Ed Tech Talk #48 - 1 Year Anniversary and Back to Basics

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Education Queensland's eLearning Centre - The Learning Place

You expressed an interest in what Educational Authorities were doing about creating safe web usage by schools.

I think that what we have in Queensland, Australia, for all Education Queensland schools works rather well.
The Learning Place is a dynamic centre for eLearning that offers schools free communication tools, resources, communities, and on-line learning in a secure, safe environment with some contolled portholes that are viewable on the Internet. I see it as a cocoon within the web.

Oh - and Happy Birthday EdTech Talk!

Lyndall Owbridge - Teacher
Learning Place Mentor

Thanks for the link...

And thanks for the birthday wishes. There's alot of resources on that site, you'll have to come on the show someday and walk us through it. I hope you don't mind if we do a little tour of it during our user show next weekend!