Women of WEB 2.0 Show 11

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as guests Terry Freedman talks about the upcoming release of Coming of Age 2. Then Kathy Send explains the details and fun of podcasting with Kindergarteners in Georgia.

Chat Log Below 

 cheryloakes wow2  Hello, getting ready to go to a sound check
 JenniferW  Hello Room
 sharonp  HI there!
 sharonp  Extra busy toda
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi ladies
 sharonp  y
 JenniferW  no sign of Wes yet ---- Hmmmmm ;0
 cheryloakes wow2  I said 8:45, hang in.
 sharonp  i did send him an email yesterday just like Jen asked
 JenniferW  hey -- cool about the typing tool huh
 sharonp  reminding him.....
 JenniferW  thanks Sharon
 sharonp  and saying we are excited about his coming!!
 JenniferW  I like the typing box next to our names in the chat room when we type
 cheryloakes wow2  that is so cool, the little key!
 JenniferW  WIKI LINK --- https://womenofweb2.wikispaces.com/January+16+2.12
 JenniferW  please use that link for questions, comments, etc
 JenniferW  ignore that link please
 JenniferW  here is the correct link:
 JenniferW  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070116
 sendkathy  hello
 sendkathy  can you see this post
 sharonp  yes
 sharonp  hi sendkathy
 sharonp  wonder what Vicki is seeing
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Alice, Cathy E newbie2, new zealand chrissy!!
 sharonp  Hi Vicki - you made it!
 nzchrissy  Hi everyone! Pleasure to be here
 coolcatteacher  I was in the world bridges chat room.
 sharonp  nzchrissy - are you from New Zealand
 coolcatteacher  hello!
 alicebarr  HI cheryl
 cheryloakes wow2  oky glad you got her
 sharonp  ?
 nzchrissy  Yes Sharon I am from New Zealand
 sharonp  welcome! What time of day of is it tomorrow (how is the future?):D
 nzchrissy  It is 3pm on Wednesday - the future is looking bright!:D
 coolcatteacher  http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking+Acceptable+Use
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, i want to change our AU, I'll be part of the wiki
 coolcatteacher  Join the wiki!
 coolcatteacher  http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking+Acceptable+Use
 cheryloakes wow2  it is really ethics for the 21st century
 sroseman  exactly
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Susan
 sroseman  we had a teacher filmed by a student here in Ottawa/Gatinaeau
 cheryloakes wow2  did they know? hm, that would be disconcerting
 sroseman  the teacher went on stress leave
 alicebarr  Funny we were just discussing this same thing today at tech team
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, that is soo bad.
 alicebarr  Oh boy this is scary!
 sharonp  Yes Susan - I heard about that!
 coolcatteacher  http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking+Acceptable+Use
 sharonp  I told my students about it as well
 sharonp  Hi Terry, I see you found us!
 Terry  Yes, thanls
 cheryloakes wow2  hi Terry and Vvrotny!
 coolcatteacher  Hello, Terry.
 Terry  greetings
 JenniferW  http://www.speedofcreativity.org/
 sharonp  we *could* ask Terry to give us an update about Coming of Age - soon to be released....
 Terry  eggzactly, thats what I was gonna say
 sharonp  Hi Vinny
 coolcatteacher  This is the wiki to contribute to the acceptable use policy. http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking+Acceptable+Use
 vvrotny  Hey cheryl. At some point in the future, I would love to talk to you about your parent ed class. I have started one myself. http://vvrotny.edublogs.org/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=41
 coolcatteacher  Just ask to join the wiki and I'll accept you.
 sroseman  we are to teach as if we are being watched and on display at all times.. lesson to be learned
 Terry  I read a sci fi story about that once
 coolcatteacher  Sue -- that is PERFECT. Can I quote you on my blog?
 sroseman  of course
 sharonp  can't hear terry
 Terry  hi Cheryl, can hear u, but can't talk
 Durff  where do I go to listen?
 cheryloakes wow2  I saw a brief sound wave Terry
 vvrotny  Vicki, since this seems like the same wiki as the k12 conference, do I have to rejoin or am I a member already. We are in the midst of reworking ours and am looking forward to the collaboration
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Durff, go to chanel 1 worldbridges.
 sharonp  channel 1
 coolcatteacher  No, you don't have to rejoin.
 Terry  Can I give u my input via this please?
 coolcatteacher  Just go on and edit!
 Durff  thank you!
 Terry  sorry, but wife is asleep!
 JenniferW  http://www.terry-freedman.org.uk/db/web2/
 cheryloakes wow2  Okay Terry we will translater.
 vvrotny  Great, I look forward to the collaboration
 Jeanne S  Hello everybody!
 coolcatteacher  Yes -- via the wiki? Do you want to join the wiki or are you talking about something else!
 coolcatteacher  Hello Jeanne!
 Jeanne S  It is finally cold in Alabama!
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Jeanne,
 charbeck1  What is your definition of cold
 Jeanne S  31 F
 cheryloakes wow2  hello Chris, how cold are you tonight?
 Durff  anyone heard how JenW made out on her 2nd day?
 Durff  snowing here!
 Jeanne S  The wind chill while I was on sidewalk duty was about 20
 coolcatteacher  It's finally cold here too!
 charbeck1  -10 C and with windchill -30+
 coolcatteacher  My goodness - we'll get that tomorrow.
 JenniferW  :) Jen survivedd
 coolcatteacher  We have thin blood down here!
 cheryloakes wow2  that is what we will have tomorrow Chris
 Jeanne S  Chris would call our weather a heat wave!
 Durff  great Jen!
 JenniferW  thanks Lisa
 cheryloakes wow2  You are great Terry!
 Terry  thx
 Terry  lol
 coolcatteacher  I can't believe he is talking to us at 2 a.m.!
 Terry  nor can I
 JenniferW  thanks for coming to us, Terry --
 Durff  some people
 vvrotny  via the wiki and maybe on another project that I will contact you about later
 coolcatteacher  hello, newbie! You are welcome here!
 coolcatteacher  I love that name!
 sharonp  There is nothing else like it out there for teachers about web 2.0!
 sharonp  really practical
 coolcatteacher  Newbie2 -- I still feel like a newbie2! (too)
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Laura
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Tech4teaching, welcome
 sharonp  I liked the international representation
 tech4teaching  Hi. Excited to have figured out the chat and the stream.
 sharonp  I found it very interesting to see what was going on in the UK, for example
 cheryloakes wow2  glad you are here
 sharonp  And 2nd edition will be even more global in perspective
 charbeck1  World bridges... nice new features. It is awesome
 coolcatteacher  It was interesting to hear the different terminology.
 JenniferW  yes
 sharonp  yes, love the new look here in ETT
 cheryloakes wow2  doesnt it look great, did you see the little key when you are typing in the chat?
 JenniferW  they updated drupal to 5.0 --- WebCast
 coolcatteacher  nzchrissy - you are now a member of the k12wiki
 sendkathy  Yes, and Jeff renamed the channels
 nzchrissy  thank you Vicki
 JenniferW  yes, and we need to ask for a WOW2 chatroom too
 charbeck1  Jeff and Dave it looks really good on my new 19" monitor!
 coolcatteacher  If any of you ask to join the k12 wiki to edit the social networking acceptable use policy - now is time to ask to join!
 cheryloakes wow2  show off Chris!
 sendkathy  I want a new monitor!
 coolcatteacher  I think the editor should get paid something.
 charbeck1  The text is so biggggggggggg
 charbeck1  jen what is the wiki address?
 JenniferW  which wiki??? Women of Web or K12??
 coolcatteacher  http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking+Acceptable+Use is k12 wiki.
 coolcatteacher  We are editing to create an acceptable use policy to include social networking.
 JenniferW  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070116
 JenniferW  that is our Weekly Wiki
 sharonp  there isn't anything else out there like CoA - esp. with so many authors
 charbeck1  CoA was a great read. Looking forward to reading the new one!!
 alicebarr  Books take too long to get to the publisher!
 vvrotny  It is a great volume and was such a help to me
 coolcatteacher  Alice you are in the wiki now!
 alicebarr  Thank you Vicki!
 sharonp  yes, it is an interesting document - a true product of web 2.0
 alicebarr  I wil be meeting with HS students next week about Social Networking norms
 Durff  oh yeah, that will work well with your wife
 cheryloakes wow2  When students work with purpose they respond.
 VinnieV  Somehow I got bumped from the chat and audio. Is there a way I can get this on skype, or is this the best way?
 sharonp  relating your use of tech tools (i.e. blogs, wikis) to the state standards for curriculum is brilliant - a very hot topic right now
 coolcatteacher  http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com/Virtual+Communication
 JenniferW  VinnieV -- right now, this is the best way!!!
 charbeck1  vinny you seem to be in twice. VinnyV and vvrotny
 coolcatteacher  http://flatclassroomjudging.wikispaces.com/Awards+Given Here are the flat classroom awards.
 cheryloakes wow2  Vinnie, can you try another browser.
 nzchrissy  Wow I can hear you all now
 coolcatteacher  Yeah!
 cheryloakes wow2  yeah chrissy
 coolcatteacher  Vinnie - we don't know if we can handle two of you!
 VinnieV  Yes, I got bumped and had to enter a new name to get back in.
 coolcatteacher  :D
 VinnieV  Vicki, I am not sure if I can handle myself twice either!
 coolcatteacher  Podcasting with k?
 coolcatteacher  Wow!
 cheryloakes wow2  double trouble vinnie
 coolcatteacher  I like to call him V2.
 coolcatteacher  Kind of like T2.
 cheryloakes wow2  yes
 VinnieV  Cheryl, did you catch my request to follow up later?
 sharonp  Podcasting with kindergarteners sounds like so much fun!
 cheryloakes wow2  no, vinnie i missed it, type again please
 VinnieV  Hey, you guys figured out my college nickname, vsquared
 Durff  Kindergarteners?
 JenniferW  http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com/
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Deb B.
 coolcatteacher  Yes! Isn't that amazing!
 Durff  I want to begin with 2nd grade on Friday
 JenniferW  Kindergarteners!!!!!!
 VinnieV  http://vvrotny.edublogs.org/2007/01/15/educating-parents-through-partici...
 JenniferW  Kathy's Link: http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com/
 cheryloakes wow2  Durff, look for LeahTondreau, Garland ME, she podcasted with 2nd graders and now K.
 VinnieV  Was listening to bit by bit and hear that you are doing something simiiar
 cheryloakes wow2  Vinnie thanks.
 coolcatteacher  There were some pictures of kindergarteners in the Web 2 wonderland and they almost made me cry! The kids were SOOOOO excited!
 Durff  I still can't copy and paste. Using Firefox now, IE previously
 VinnieV  I would like to compare notes or set up a collaboration
 Jeanne S  I can't copy and paste either
 JenniferW  Extreme iPod Microphone: http://www.xtrememac.com/
 coolcatteacher  Just come on in and edit, Vinnie!
 JenniferW  check this out!!!! - - http://www.xtrememac.com/
 coolcatteacher  You can't copy and paste from in here for some reason, but we're posting the links to http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070116
 Durff  yeah on Friday I'll try from school
 Deb Barrows  HI
 coolcatteacher  Hello, Deb!
 Durff  with just one 2nd grader - BookTalk2
 JenniferW  Yes, Vicki and I are editing the WIKI almost at the same time :)
 sroseman  I taught 4 year old kindergarten today..wish I could have podcasted them singing O Canada.. the words were so fractured!!
 Durff  thank you for posting to wiki
 coolcatteacher  We're interviewing Kathy Shields about podcasting with kindergarteners for those who are joining us.
 Durff  I used podomatic too
 Deb Barrows  I couldn't get the Chat room to show up with IE 7 - I tried to update Java but it didn't work so reverted to IE6.
 JenniferW  hi Deb -- good to know -- didn't know there was an IE 7 issue
 coolcatteacher  Thanks!
 JenniferW  will tell Jeff and Dave
 Durff  Lee encouraged me to go to Firefox - it's faster
 cheryloakes wow2  IE 7 is still buggy.
 VinnieV  Vicki, what would you like me to come in and edit?
 Jeanne S  Firefox is my favorite
 cheryloakes wow2  I like FLOCK and firefox as my backup on a mac.
 nzchrissy  I'm using IE7 with no problems at all - just me doing silly things
 JenniferW  SMALL VOICES -- http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com/
 Durff  2nd grade will do Audio book reviews
 coolcatteacher  Neat!
 Deb Barrows  hmmm... if IE7 is working for you I wonder why mine wouldn't update
 Jeanne S  I tried Flock, but my setting kept being reset to default...probably too many people using the home computer.
 JenniferW  Lisa -- remind me later to tell you about A site who WANTS your audio book reviews
 JenniferW  I will have to find the link
 cheryloakes wow2  great idea Durff, audio book reviews.
 Durff  we can't download Audaciaty, yet
 coolcatteacher  Some studies have been done -- the Duke University study about using a digital recorder improving writing -- record and listen and then one writes better.
 Jeanne S  Vicki...do you have a link for the Duke study?
 Durff  improving writing research - w2hat a way to sell it to admin
 coolcatteacher  Adacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
 sroseman  no problem with parental permission, Kathy??
 coolcatteacher  I am looking for the Duke University study - they gave everyone in a freshman class an ipod.
 JenniferW  Pinnacle: http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Home/
 JenniferW  also check out Ebay
 JenniferW  Pinnacle is a MEMORY HOG
 coolcatteacher  I had trouble with pinnacle - it was dropping frames and killed one whole project.
 JenniferW  so be warry
 sharonp  I bought my usb mic on ebay
 sharonp  for much less
 JenniferW  and wary :)
 coolcatteacher  I had to go to windows movie maker and just use pinnacle for the menus for DVD.
 Durff  I'm kidnapping kids from the 2nd grade classroom one at a time
 Jeanne S  Durff...come kidnap some of my kids!
 lee  :)
 Durff  ok
 Jeanne S  They love to talk
 Durff  send them over
 lee  That cute..
 vvrotny  got bounced again. Sorry
 Durff  I did faculty trainig today
 sroseman  Kinders say the cutest things ..everything they say is sooo fresh and spontaneous
 coolcatteacher  http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/2006-03-14-ipod-university_x.htm?P... - There are tons of results for the Duke study.
 Jeanne S  I gave a test today, and I was amazed at the number of students who were talking to themselves!
 cheryloakes wow2  vinnie are you trying t o click on a link/ that will bump youu
 Jeanne S  Vicki...are you putting those links in the wiki?
 Durff  I want a mike like Vickie used - an iRiver
 coolcatteacher  I am going to go over there.
 Jeanne S  Thanks!
 Durff  for podcasting lectures
 cheryloakes wow2  If you have questions for Kathy the Kindergarten techer podcaster write them in the chat please
 coolcatteacher  I LOVE my IRiver but I can't buy another one right now b/c Circuit city has sold out.l
 vvrotny  no, this time I was changing to my vpn network to send an email
 Durff  does anyone else sell them?
 vvrotny  I have been clicking on links alright with no problem
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, I can never do that.
 vvrotny  For the iRiver, what model. I bought two refurbished for around $20 on ebay. 1gb t30's
 sroseman  btw before I forget ... I can't get the iphone out of my mind ...check this video out later ....http://www.applegazette.com/mac/cbs-w-the-best-look-at-the-iphone-yet-vi...
 cheryloakes wow2  the iphone has stuck with me too susan. I can't decide upon my next techno gadget.
 sharonp  iPhone ---- drooooooollll
 Durff  the iRiver model is on Vickie's website
 coolcatteacher  I want the iphone - it is why I didn''t get the iPod this Christmas!
 Durff  who can afford iPhone?
 sroseman  take a look at that video later, Cheryl..more than a gadget
 alicebarr  OOOOOOOooo iPhone!
 JenniferW  I am NOT going to iPhone -- unless they lower the cost and also go with verizon
 cheryloakes wow2  I watched the steve jobs presentation 2 times.
 cheryloakes wow2  plus iphone could be bigger HD
 Durff  Kimdergarteners on blogs?
 cheryloakes wow2  Kindergarteners blogging on David Warlick blogmeister.
 Durff  do they have the keyboarding skills enough?
 JenniferW  they have key recognition
 cheryloakes wow2  Kathy Cassidy, Leah Tondreau, Maria Knee, all blog with K's.
 Durff  really?
 Durff  hmmmm..............
 coolcatteacher  Some people have asked about parent permission! We need to talk about that also.
 Durff  I walk around itr
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, Maria in NH, Leah in ME, and Kathy in Manitoba
 JenniferW  Yes, that is one of my questions
 tech4teaching  Question for Kathy: So students write and then type in blog response. They don't compose on the computer? And how many computers do you have in your classroom.
 Durff  I invite all the parents to the blogs and wikis
 Jeanne S  Chris...I have another idea for our project.
 cheryloakes wow2  good job reading the chat Kathy for questions!
 sroseman  Vicki .. I used to tape all my lectures in the old days..and my marks improved ... so I could see the success of the ipod in University
 Durff  some do, even our principal did
 JenniferW  Kathy's school has a well written AUP
 Durff  AUP?
 JenniferW  parents sign an agreement for child's photos -- yes or no
 sharonp  yes, Kathy we do the same - not put single photos with students' names
 cheryloakes wow2  Good idea group photos, no closeups
 coolcatteacher  Actually, I've seen some of my more difficult students suddenly become "angels."
 JenniferW  Acceptable User Policy
 vvrotny  this is a great conversation. thanks for you who are putting this together and letting this WOW supporting participate
 JenniferW  also -- she can place audio
 sharonp  our AUP has a global permission built in
 coolcatteacher  It became very apparent when one day my battery was not working and a student said "Oh, I can be myself today, you're not recording."
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks vinnie, you are our support.
 Durff  can you post that form?
 sharonp  That's funny Vicki!
 coolcatteacher  We would love to have a copy of the media release form.
 alicebarr  My superintendent was wowed by podcasts after seeing an Apple presentation. He thinks teachers should use them more! I am thrilled!
 coolcatteacher  I laughed too! And then got rechargeable batteries!
 coolcatteacher  I hang it around my neck all of the time and leave them wondering!
 cheryloakes wow2  Maine Supt. some of them received ipods from Apple as part of the laptop rollout
 Durff  I want a copy of that media release form
 alicebarr  And a great presentation to go with iPod!
 coolcatteacher  The other students said that some of the "slackers" participate more and that is true -- they said "Wow, Mrs Vicki that recording really has got so and so participating."
 sharonp  Kathy - have you thought about documenting your experiences with K and podcasting??
 coolcatteacher  Maybe the new will wear off but hopefully not!
 cheryloakes wow2  Alice, we have a school rule not ipods, no CD players, no headphones. I am going to try and make that change
 Durff  me too, I'm told to take it
 coolcatteacher  If they have a cell phone hidden in their pocketbook, they can still record. Unless we are going to xray them for ipods / cell phones AND other items.
 alicebarr  It's all technology so we are trying to approach from that perspective.
 Durff  so I tell Seniors - don't put it where I can see it
 coolcatteacher  Its a conduit!
 coolcatteacher  Even if you can't see it it can still record.
 Durff  during Writing, it can be motivating
 alicebarr  That is why we're trying not to take away, just use certain times
 coolcatteacher  The kids today have technology that James Bond of 20 years a go would be jealous of!
 Durff  they are writing more now, listening to music
 coolcatteacher  Music is a vital motivator -- I love using music.
 cheryloakes wow2  I agree.
 coolcatteacher  I like to listen to group music,though so I know what it is.
 coolcatteacher  It is like - "I can relax now and learn something."
 Durff  exactly
 Durff  I just have to work around the school board
 alicebarr  Learn 2 cool tools at once
 sroseman  kill two birds with one stone
 Durff  they still have us wearing skirts
 vvrotny  I am running to get my battery charger, in case I drop off
 cheryloakes wow2  oh vinnie, don't drop off!
 coolcatteacher  I need to drop off -- about 10 pounds.
 Durff  I've found a Daily Scribe seems useful
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Cheri
 coolcatteacher  Socon - http://pjnet.org/weblogs/pjnettoday/archives/001411.html
 Durff  we could start that idea as a podcast....
 coolcatteacher  Our AP teacher has started using a blog with scribes to document her ap curriculum.
 coolcatteacher  It is a GREAT use of a blog and is searchable.
 Durff  I transfer them to a "Daily Scr ibe" section....I made the Daily Scribe a student
 vquared  didn't quite make it. I don't have to lose any weight. Rather, I just need to grow about 5-6 inches to reach my goal height.
 cheri t  hi everyone
 coolcatteacher  Podcamp atlanta - http://podcampatlanta.com/
 cheryloakes wow2  Durff this sounds great, I love the scribe concept.
 Durff  look at our blog..blogmeister...MD...Ms.Durff
 Durff  Mrs.Durff is the English crowd
 cheryloakes wow2  sure will so you are a blogmeister too
 vquared  Hear hear, sounds like a great AUP
 coolcatteacher  Remember the links for this show are at http://podcampatlanta.com/
 coolcatteacher  Woops!
 coolcatteacher  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070116
 Durff  but Ms. Durff is the gung-ho 7th grade
 coolcatteacher  Mrs. Durff is amazing!
 vquared  Durff, do you mind if I point teacher to this at a conference preso that I am doing on Jan 27?
 cheryloakes wow2  okay, got it.
 coolcatteacher  Hey vinnie -- I love it!
 Durff  go ahead
 Durff  point away
 vquared  ty
 coolcatteacher  v - quared? or squared!
 vquared  hey, icnat type. Didnt hav e you as a techer
 Jeanne S  ha!
 coolcatteacher  Having kids hunt and peck makes me nervous.
 Durff  is Promethean board like a Smartboard?
 JenniferW  she is working with 5/6 year olds
 coolcatteacher  Yes, but a certain percentage of kids cannot be retaught after they learn the wrong way -- more boys than girls. I've seen numbers as high as 20%
 cheryloakes wow2  but for little K, 1, 2, it works. I've done that with this age group, they are dectives and look for keys and make abc order.
 Durff  these kids are growing up with keyboards......
 JenniferW  would be an interesting survey and research
 coolcatteacher  I'm sure it does, but it will be interesting to see when they are taught keyboarding IF they are taught keyboarding if they can be taught to type quickly.
 JenniferW  which is more damaging --
 coolcatteacher  Remember our podshow -- two finger typing is no faster than handwriting!
 JenniferW  stretching little fingers to reach where they can't
 JenniferW  or reteaching keyboarding :::) Hmmmm
 coolcatteacher  I know that they can't be taught to do it, I just think podcasting is better for that age for that reason.
 coolcatteacher  Wow!
 Durff  so why not skip the keyboard and use voice recognition software for composing?
 coolcatteacher  We had a voice recognition expert a whle back and it cannot be used with young and/or developing voices.
 coolcatteacher  no time in the near future.
 Durff  I wonder why not
 coolcatteacher  It is an older show and we interviewed Patsy Lanclos -- we also had a researcher from Dragon Naturally speaking as well. Look in the archives - womenofweb2.podomatic.com
 coolcatteacher  It is near the end of the show!
 JenniferW  Best Buy Grant -- http://communications.bestbuy.com/communityrelations/teach.asp
 Durff  and how long until it can?
 cheryloakes wow2  post show!
 coolcatteacher  Indefinitley -- computers like stable things - voices such as c`hildrens are unstable and therefore very difficult to handle and work well.
 Deb Barrows  Great show tonight. Thanks.
 coolcatteacher  The speed comes down lower than 2 finger typing or handwriting so why bother.
 coolcatteacher  We have the research in that show, you might want to listen to it, It was a great show!
 Durff  is the wiki on the toolbar of yours?
 JenniferW  lets put keyboarding aside for a while -- if we might
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks deb and all in the chat room
 JenniferW  we shall all do research and come back to it later
 Durff  wiki?
 Durff  where?
 JenniferW  Lisa -- chat with me later about the toolbar -- I hear you have some issues??? WOW2 Toolbar
 Durff  my life is an issue
 coolcatteacher  Mrs. Durff - here is the show - http://womenofweb2.podomatic.com/entry/2006-11-27T02_23_02-08_00
 JenniferW  :) I am right there with you :)
 Jeanne S  Me too!
 coolcatteacher  *) This is your brain on teaching.
 coolcatteacher  But it is so wonderful!
 vquared  :D and this is your brain on learning
 sendkathy  http://ripplingpond.edublogs.org/
 coolcatteacher  Go with what you know -- that is GREAT advice!
 JenniferW  Kathy's Blog: http://ripplingpond.edublogs.org/
 vquared  I will be commenting
 Jeanne S  Somebody had some great pictures (funny) about comments recently.
 JenniferW  Photo Story : http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/d...
 JenniferW  for PC users
 nzchrissy  That was fantastic! Great show :D
 JenniferW  for Mac -- you can use iMovie
 Durff  can't find the podomatic
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks chrissy
 cheri t  I'm looking for commenters also, to share the process with my students drctedd.wordpress.com
 coolcatteacher  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/d...
 coolcatteacher  Photostory
 cheryloakes wow2  Cheri, you are looking for teachers to comment on y our student teacher blogs?
 vquared  but you can purchase a paid version which will allow you to rip to dvd, it is about $40
 JenniferW  Grins -- Vicki -- I dropped the link already :) Great minds
 cheri t  not really, just anyone commenting on my blog so my students can start to see how it works
 cheryloakes wow2  sure, thanks for the link.
 cheri t  next semester I'll be working with them blogging adn solicit comments
 coolcatteacher  I was so busy finding it, I didn't see it!
 cheri t  i also want to start working with teachers at our k-8 lab school - get them going on blogging
 cheryloakes wow2  Cheri, I'll check out your blog and ask others to comment.
 coolcatteacher  Oh, but I beat you to the wiki, Jen!
 coolcatteacher  Hee Hee!
 Cathy E  I am using Photo Story all the time- uploading the wmv to my web server and linking from the web server
 cheri t  thanks
 JenniferW  YUP
 cheri t  I had teachers (new tech users) use PS3 for the first time, they loved it and did some super digital stories
 Durff  do you want teachers or kids commenting?
 tech4teaching  I had trouble using published music that I had purchased in PhotoStory. Is there a trick to it?
 vquared  i am working on a project with photostory with 11th graders. http://nsreflectionssupport.wikispaces.com
 coolcatteacher  womenofweb2.podomatic.com -- it was show 4
 cheryloakes wow2  Cheri that sounds great,PS3, is so engaging.
 cheri t  teachers at this point, durff if you're asking me
 Cathy E  We had a Mother's Day Tea last year and all the kids brought in baby pictures and we made Photo Story Movies
 coolcatteacher  It is such a great thing to do! PhotoStory is so easy!
 Durff  oh, I typed the in there
 cheri t  ok, i'm late, but in color
 vquared  for use of purchased music, check my wiki. I talk about the problem and a solution
 coolcatteacher  Hello, Cheri!
 cheri t  hi CCT
 nzchrissy  We used PS3 to report to parents during the middle of the year - very engaging
 cheryloakes wow2  Vicki, Cheri is looking for teachers to comment to her blog so she can show her student teachers how blogging works.
 sroseman  We used to make Stone Soup!!
 charbeck1  Thanks everyone for I have family to see
 cheryloakes wow2  Chrissy, how do you do that with ps3, can you explain?
 coolcatteacher  I'm looking for cheri's blog to go comment. I don't see it in the chat.
 sroseman  Cheri's blog ..the link
 cheri t  drctedd.wordpress.com - here you go, Vicki
 vquared  I have great resources for creating stories, creative commons, and music for a project on my wiki - you can all use and add to it please. http://nsreflectionssupport.wikispaces.com
 nzchrissy  Students took photos of each other learning, they wrote what they wanted to tell their parents about their learning so far and then recorded this then added music to background. parents came in with student and watched the story
 vquared  Need to walk the dog before I go to bed, so thank you all for the great conversation
 coolcatteacher  Great show everyone! This was a great show!
 sharonp  good night to all.....
 coolcatteacher  I've got to go do laundry!
 Durff  wow - nsrefections wiki - wow! It's great
 Jeanne S  I have folded a load of clothes while listening!
 Durff  I hate laundry
 sroseman  Great session..I am off to get ready for skiing
 sroseman  tomorrow
 Durff  no fair
 Cathy E  night all
 Jeanne S  Be safe!
 sroseman  teach one day ..ski the next
 cheryloakes wow2  Thanks to the great chat room group.
 Durff  no brteaking legs
 alicebarr  Thank you!
 sroseman  or teach in the morning and ski in the afternoon
 cheryloakes wow2  susan I am jealous of you skiing
 nzchrissy  Thanks WOW2 - goodbye from tomorrow (hehehe)
 coolcatteacher  Or breaking blogs.
 coolcatteacher  Goodbye from tomorrow, I love it!
 cheri t  cool
 coolcatteacher  Goodbye newbie -- I still love your name!
 cheri t  edubloggercon
 Durff  :D
 JenniferW  Great chat everyone
 coolcatteacher  I might write about I'm a newbie2.
 cheryloakes wow2  bye gang
 sroseman  still not enough snow here in Eastern Ontario, Cheryl
 coolcatteacher  Goodnight!
 cheri t  great! I'm trying to organize the one for the IL-TCE Illinois Ed Tech Conference
 Durff  Pray for snow
 cheryloakes wow2  susan, we just got 12-15 inces at sugarloaf
 cheryloakes wow2  inches
 sroseman  10 cm here
 cheryloakes wow2  well really off to dream land.
 coolcatteacher  Hey, if you look at the podcamp page they have one in toronto and around the country - I posted it to the chat wiki.
 sroseman  we are metric
 Jeanne S  bye
 cheryloakes wow2  bye all
 coolcatteacher  Ok. nightie night!
 Durff  I'm sure we don't have anywhere near that
 sroseman  yeah I noticed the podcamp inToronto
 coolcatteacher  We haven't seen snow in 15 years here.
 Durff  must be nice
 sroseman  Thanks all..GREAT SESSION
 Durff  I like to look at it, but not deal with it
 tech4teaching  Wow this was fun and SO informative! Can't wait for next week.
 JenniferW  tech4 -- do dyou have a name???
 JenniferW  grins -- I need to know
 Durff  does vquared want teacher or student comments?
 sroseman  don't forget to login to Tappedin..some great sessions there too..
 lauraBFogle  I was actually on twice. I signed off on tech4. My name is Laura Fogle.
 sroseman  www.tappedin.org and click on the calendar
 JenniferW  Cool
 JenniferW  thanks -- I was just wondering --
 sroseman  to see the events for the month
 JenniferW  and is that your website too???
 sroseman  I have my virtual office there and two group room
 sroseman  rooms
 sroseman  Cheerio all!
 lauraBFogle  Tech4Teaching.com is not me. I have a blog www.tech4teaching.blogspot.com.
 Durff  bye all! :D
 JenniferW  okay -- I was just wondering
 lauraBFogle  Goodnight!
 cheri t  jennifer, sorry i missed you when i was out west. I had good intentions, but too many other promises to keep
 cheri t  we enjoyed our So Cal time but were glad to get back to the slower paced midwest :D
 cheri t  good night all
 JenniferW  thank you
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