Women of Web 2.0, April 4, 2007 Tuesday night Chat part 1

Join Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes as we chat with George Siemens. It is a wonderful listen and learn about Connectivism. George gave us the short version and went through the strategies on how Connectivism would look in the K-12 setting. The chat room was rocking with all kinds of connections people were making as George was speaking. Thanks for listening. This show is in 2 parts!!

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   JohnSchinker ->  Sharon, you guys aren't on the Upcoming Events list

   sharonp ->  HI John, sorry am multi-tasking.... I am surprised

   sharonp ->  is there a conflict?

   sharonp ->  Hi again John

   sharonp ->  thanks for the response

   sharonp ->  I was just hoping we didn't have a conflict, the show has been advertised in various other places....

   JohnSchinker ->  no big deal at all -- I just usually check the upcoming events list on .com when I have a little time, to see if there's anything interesting coming on.

   JohnSchinker ->  WOW wasn't listed, but I know you're Tuesday nights, so I jumped in here anyway.

   JohnSchinker ->  Go do your show. Don't worry about my craziness

   sharonp ->  I wonder to whom I complain about the show not being advertised....

   sharonp ->  one can just never find good help!

   sharonp ->  should go brush my teeth so I don't offend anyone with my (virtual) dragon breath

   JohnSchinker ->  That's definitely a good idea

   JohnSchinker ->  I'd think Jeff would be the one to complain to.

   sharonp ->  there now, even put on the lipgloss!

   JohnSchinker ->  ooooo -- trying to impress someone?

   sharonp ->  D

   JohnSchinker ->  I'm finally off the phone with Dell, so I can take one of these two headsets off.

   sharonp ->  one can be on with Dell interminably - that has been my experience

   JohnSchinker ->  This was the fourth call for the same issue -- I think I have about  hours in on this one.

   sharonp ->  same person in INdia??

   JohnSchinker ->  Different person each time.

   JohnSchinker ->  Usually India, though, yes.

   JohnSchinker ->  I listened to last week's show on the way home from work today. I found myself taking notes while driving -)

   sharonp ->  I should go back and listen again to some of them - we have an incredible archive of knowledge and resources

   JohnSchinker ->  Yes, you do. I've found that I have to listen again to anything I'm involved live on. With edtechweekly, for example, I tend to miss a lot on the live show.

   sharonp ->  yes, the backchanneling that is going on  can be very distracting

   sharonp ->  last week, I thought I had offended somebody and it kept me very preoccupied

   JohnSchinker ->  couldn't have been too serious. They didn't kick you off the team.

   sharonp ->  oh dear, why does my  year old son pick NOW to practice his trumpet

   sharonp ->  I think only myself and the other person were aware of it

   JohnSchinker ->  It's better than half an hour from now.

   JohnSchinker ->  Does he take requests?

   sharonp ->  he is at the stage where the only request he could do is to hit the right note!

   JohnSchinker ->  My daughter is just learning about music (she's five). She likes the rests best.

   sharonp ->  yes, right now I like the rests best too!

   JohnSchinker ->  So who's on the show tonight?

   sharonp ->  sorry still multitasking

   sharonp ->  I am so excited - George Siemens

   sharonp ->  http//womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/connectivism

   sharonp ->  that is the wiki for tonight

   sharonp ->  I also wrote a blog post - Connectivism for Dummies

   JohnSchinker ->  Cool -- unfortunately, I have to call Dell back -(

   sharonp ->  is this on behalf of your school (board) or just your own probs?

   JohnSchinker ->  worse. It's *mom's* computer

   cheryl wow ->  getting ready in the background

   cheryl wow ->  getting ready for the show.

   cheryl wow ->  very quiet in here

   JohnSchinker ->  stream sounds good ladies

   cheryl wow ->  thanks JOHN it is always great to have input from the crowd

   Simon ->  Good evening ladies

   cheryl wow ->  Simon hello

   sharonp ->  http//womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/connectivism

   sharonp ->  hi SImon

   Simon ->  Hi Sharon

   sharonp ->  hey was chatting with Chris B today

   sharonp ->  he may join us tonight

   cheryl wow ->  we have a doorprize again, get ready

   Simon ->  wakey wakey

   JenniferWagner ->  sorry

   Simon ->  Sharon, cool, we miss him at our school

   Simon ->  what's the question???

   cheryl wow ->  Shout out to TERRY Freedman.

   cheryl wow ->  Hello Susan

   sharonp ->  believe Chris is in Toronto visiting right now

   cheryl wow ->  waiting until the end for the doorprize

   Simon ->  that's right, he told me he was coming over for Easter

   cheryl wow ->  Hello Cathy E. How is your week?

   sroseman ->  greetings everyone

   CathyE ->  I am well and you??

   cheryl wow ->  Hello Susan, how is skiing? Sugarloaf is getting  foot of snow tomorrow

   cheryl wow ->  Cathy, I am doing great, we have a little spring snow.

   sroseman ->  packed away my skiis for the season

   Simon ->  come on, gimme a fighting chance

   cheryl wow ->  Oh I have  more weeks of skiing. I will ski one for you. My favorite Widowmaker.

   CathyE ->  It was  degrees here yesterday but dropped about  degrees today

   sroseman ->  after Colorado everything here is a let down

   cheryl wow ->  Oh good ness,  degrees is too warm.

   sroseman ->  we are getting snow though

   cheryl wow ->  sure, snow is good.

   CathyE ->  Ohh Jen I have heard there is some file you can download so you can open  docs from

   JenniferWagner ->  yes, I have it on my computer

   sroseman ->  Is the stream on?

   sharonp ->  yes

   cheryl wow ->  yes  a

   sharonp ->  just starting out

   cheryl wow ->  do you hear the stream?

   JenniferWagner ->  http//davidwarlick.com/cents/

   CathyE ->  yes- stream is good

   cheryl wow ->  thanks cathy

   JenniferWagner ->  LINK to our WIKI -- http//womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/connectivism

   sharonp ->  http//plcmcl-things.blogspot.com/

   cheryl wow ->  hi,  www.fauxto.com

   cheryl wow ->  www.educationworld.com

   cheryl wow ->  hello maria

   maria ->  hello

   JenniferWagner ->  do a search for Jennifer Wagner or Technospud at educationworld.com   )

   JenniferWagner ->  I am on their Tech Team

   cheryl wow ->  yeah Jen. I did not know that!

   JenniferWagner ->  yup yup yup

   sharonp ->  http//halfanhour.blogspot.com///to-school-or-classroom--advocates.html

   JohnSchinker ->  Jen's famous. Whenever I talk about her, someone comments about knowing about her, or using her stuff.

   JenniferWagner ->  LOL -- truly???

   JenniferWagner ->  how fun --   )

   cheryl wow ->  hello Vinnie

   vinnie ->  hey there cheryl

   JohnSchinker ->  Yeah, really. I mentioned the St. Patrick's day thing to a teacher a month ago or so, and she said, "oh, yeah, I've been in her projects lots of times."

   cheryl wow ->  hello connie

   JenniferWagner ->  http//www.technorati.com/search/cyberbullying?authority=n&start=

   cheryl wow ->  Hello Jen, welcom

   cheryl wow ->  hi kathys

   sendkathy ->  hi!

   Jen ->  Thanks Cheryl.  )

   sharonp ->  hi kathy!

   sendkathy ->  Hi!

   sendkathy ->  Lisa!

   cheryl wow ->  hi lisa

   cheryl wow ->  hi alexr, welcome

   Durff ->  Sound?

   sroseman ->  should be taught as part of Character ED

   JenniferWagner ->  http//www.ncpc.org/media/cyberbullying.php

   cheryl wow ->  yes, we have it as part of our high school health

   sharonp ->  http//womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/connectivism

   Durff ->  oh, ok

   Jen ->  --sroseman, I agree, it should be part of character ed.  Great idea.

   Durff ->  hi ye all

   JenniferWagner ->  http//www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/

   JenniferWagner ->  Connectivism for Dummies???  Grins -- a simplistic explanation from George -- forthcoming

   sharonp ->  Hi Alex, my new ning friend

   JenniferWagner ->  yup -- I see him now

   alexr ->  Hi Sharon. 

   JenniferWagner ->  Hello room!!!

   Durff ->  hi jen

   alexr ->  Feeling silly --- ning?  twitter?

   alexr ->  Hello all.

   sharonp ->  yes

   alexr ->  ahhh.

   Durff ->  I got tired of Twitter so I untweeted

   alexr ->  thanks for having George on...  Catching up on my listening this week.  Great stuff...

   sharonp ->  I am excited too to have him on!

   Durff ->  networking is what we are doing right now

   Durff ->  we are a network node - are we not?

   cheryl wow ->  yes we are nodes of varying types

   sharonp ->  oops, forgot to mention George's bio - http//www.umanitoba.ca/learning_technologies/connectivisim/bio_george.php

   gsiemens ->  Durff - twitter does suck the life out of you doesn't it? )

   Durff ->  it takes a lot of time that I don't have

   cheryl wow ->  it is all encompassing to me

   Durff ->  ning was/is more fun

   sendkathy ->  Does anyone know od a way to make one post into a variety of different places at the same time?

   cheryl wow ->  superglu may still work

   sharonp ->  good question kathy - have wondered the same

   Durff ->  these networks despite the technology

   sendkathy ->  I would like to be able to comment on a blog and make it one of my posts at the same time

   JohnSchinker ->  Can you do it with RSS?

   Durff ->  he's saying that now

   JohnSchinker ->  Like one blog grabbing a feed from another...

   gsiemens ->  www.twittervision.com

   sendkathy ->  Kind of

   Durff ->  the connecting is faster...

   JohnSchinker ->  Can't you just post it on your blog, and track back to the other one. Then, your post should show up as a comment on their post.

   sendkathy ->  I think it would have to be a little utility like clip-it

   cheryl wow ->  superglu.com try that kathy

   Durff ->  we must move more quickly

   sendkathy ->  ok

   Durff ->  and we have less time to ruminate thougthts

   sendkathy ->  r u sure about that URL?

   sroseman ->  http//www.suprglu.com/

   JenniferWagner ->  feedburner, superglu, and xfruits -- none of them are working on our aggregator right now

   JenniferWagner ->  sadness

   cheryl wow ->  thanks susan I don't know if it still works, HEY DOUG

   Jen ->  I know i have th graders on some of these sites...

   Durff ->  Some parents want to ban social networking too

   Doug ->  Hey Cheryl, and all

   sendkathy ->  Maybe I'll try clip it.

   sroseman ->  it works

   sroseman ->  http//sroseman.suprglu.com/

   cheryl wow ->  you have been home a whole week, lucky you.

   Doug ->  so many meetings, so little time, sorry I'm late

   cheryl wow ->  thanks susan

   Doug ->  indeed, actually a month now Cheryl (I'm getting cabin fever ;)

   cheryl wow ->  you will then appreciate the travel more

   sendkathy ->  Do any of your kids use Why-ville?

   gsiemens ->  http//womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/connectivism

   gsiemens ->  sorry

   JenniferWagner ->  http//services.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/home

   alexr ->  Sharon --- you're not cheating --- using your network

   Durff ->  modeling

   cheryl wow ->  good point alex, she is making connections

   JenniferWagner ->  what is Why-Ville??

   sroseman ->  It is called collaboration, not cheating

   sharonp ->  good line, Alex, will certainly use it! ;-)

   sendkathy ->  http//www.whyville.net/smmk/nice

   sendkathy ->  a world for kids

   cheryl wow ->  door prize later on folks, stay tuned, jen will be back to announce

   JenniferWagner ->  exellent

   sendkathy ->  young kids

   JenniferWagner ->  right now I am watching twittervision

   JenniferWagner ->  can I slow down the posts -- a great link just went by and I missed it

   sendkathy ->  what do you see?

   cheryl wow ->  not fair Jen, I am watching windows

   Durff ->  we have always shied away from the grunt work....even before computers

   Jen ->  I was just taking a look at Why-ville... it looks impressive!

   gsiemens ->  www.quintura.com

   sendkathy ->  I signed up and they verify your employment and let you start a classroom

   Jen ->  There's actually a kids' version of quintura also... think it's kids.quinura.com

   cheryl wow ->  hello karen

   alicemercer ->  Hmm, funny, I was just trying to recreate the ITM # on creating XY tables and charts in spreadsheets.

   KarenJanowski ->  Hi, Cheryl!

   JenniferWagner ->  who is Jen???  )

   Durff ->  have you seen http//www.questia.com/Index.jsp

   Jen ->  Sorry, I forget how common the name is sometimes...  )

   JenniferWagner ->  grins -- just wondered if I signed in twice  )

   alicemercer ->  an entire generation of jennifers

   alicemercer ->  Can't wait until all those Brittanys grow up

   Durff ->  are you talking to yourself again?

   sendkathy ->  Questia looks interesting.  Also looks like a fee based service?

   alicemercer ->  I'm the only Alice most of the time, lol

   alicemercer ->  Hey, that would be an interesting data set, names...

   Jen ->  I don't even answer to it in the mall... much more to the teacher name.  My husband has resorted to calling that out to get my attention.

   Durff ->  yes fee based, but free for a while anyway

   Cindy P ->  Questia is a good site for research.

   sendkathy ->  Does your school subscribe?

   Cindy P ->  They have lots of info for media/ tech

   Durff ->  no I found today

   sendkathy ->  I'll tell my Meid Specialist about it.

   sendkathy ->  Media!

   Durff ->  while looking for info site on French Revolution

   Cindy P ->  I have a personal subscription my school is considering

   Durff ->  I'm connecting Study Skills to our other subjects

   sendkathy ->  What kind of research are you doing?

   alicemercer ->  Here is one on names http//roomd.blogspot.com///whats-in-name.html

   JenniferWagner ->  I did an online project called What's in A Name

   Durff ->  Higher Ed is ahead of K-

   JenniferWagner -> 

   cheryl wow ->  doyou think so lisa?

   alicemercer ->  I don't know about that Durff...

   Durff ->  I think not, they will move forward despite the prifs

   JenniferWagner ->  we had kids find out why their school, city, etc has the name it has

   Doug ->  not a chance re higher ed--especially at graduate level

   JenniferWagner ->  Like -- there is a school in Florida called Frostbite

   alicemercer ->  See Durff, there are more toys, but the ecngagment is much higher

   alicemercer ->  at elementary

   Durff ->  kids become adults when they go to higher ed

   JenniferWagner ->  which made me wonder how -- in Florida??

   Durff ->  they connect despite us

   JohnSchinker ->  I talked to a guy several years ago who said that in America, you can tell how well the Europeans and the native Americans got along by the place names.

   alicemercer ->  Online learning is the exception.

   cheryl wow ->  yes students in college can go on their own to learn new things, but higher ed needs to value and promote collaboration

   JenniferWagner ->  well I think we connect without even planning on it -- but again, we are not the norm

   alicemercer ->  Yeah joh, lots of mashup names though

   sendkathy ->  http//www.eschoolnews.com//news/showStoryts.cfm?ArticleID=

   JenniferWagner ->  I could not have imagined what I am doing NOW even  years ago

   alicemercer ->  And some of them have the indian names going into English through quebecois/trapper french

   sendkathy ->  This article talks all about the need for change in higher ed

   alicemercer ->  Truly difficult to decipher an origin.

   Durff ->  what about texts

   JenniferWagner ->  conferences used to be my own conversation arena

   JohnSchinker ->  In places with lots of native names, they got along pretty well.  In places where they use European names, sailing wasn't quite so smooth

   Durff ->  they are online now

   JenniferWagner ->  John -- that is interesting

   alicemercer ->  I think I was starting to see where I am now about  months ago.

   Durff ->  studying on campus

   JenniferWagner ->  who is they, Lisa??

   JohnSchinker ->  I don't know how true it is, but it's an interesting theory

   alicemercer ->  Durff, which texts?

   Durff ->  is done via wikis

   Durff ->  higher ed texts

   alicemercer ->  Most texts, no. Not for most university classes.

   alicemercer ->  Most of my classes were text or reader based.

   cheryl wow ->  sharon's book of the week wikinomics

   Durff ->  ours, yes

   Durff ->  but not now

   JenniferWagner ->  her book of the month -- I think

   Durff ->  this year

   cheryl wow ->  i am still on daniel pink, a whole new mind

   alicemercer ->  I think lots of movements are there for online texts, but it's not there yet.

   JenniferWagner ->  once the Egg Roll is over -- I will have time to read again  )

   alicemercer ->  And concentrated in some areas.

   sroseman ->  how about another tappedin session ..the soldier project, Jen

   sroseman ->  update

   KarenJanowski ->  Cheryl, just read whole new mind - loved it!

   Doug ->  have to run, great show, look fwd to catching up with the 'cast

   Doug ->  take care all

   sroseman ->  http//www.usatoday.com/news/education/---teacher-study_N.htm#uslPageReturn

   JenniferWagner ->  and Hands Across the World???  plus a preview of next year???

   sharonp ->  loved, loved Whole New Mind!!

   Durff ->  bye doug

   sharonp ->  I now read O magazine dedicatedly

   sroseman ->  yes, Jennifer

   sendkathy ->  Sheryl NB is tauting [i]The Medici Effect[/i][b] which has a similar slant to the Whole New Mind

   sroseman ->  nd or th Tuesday..let me know when it is convenient for you

   JenniferWagner ->  of April???  how about the nd Tuesday in MAY???

   Simon ->  Amen, my class prayer today was about slowing down

   sroseman ->  ok  nd Tuesday in May

   JenniferWagner ->  send me a reminder please

   sroseman ->  will do

   Durff ->  more challenging decision making

   Durff ->  so we still need an anchor

   gsiemens ->  Durff - yes - but a fluid anchor

   Durff ->  so what is out anchotr

   gsiemens ->  a fluid center

   Durff ->  it cannot be knowledge

   JohnSchinker ->  Thanks everyone, I'm going to bow out at this point.

   Durff ->  as humans, I think we naturally seek somthing more solid

   cheryl wow ->  the acceptance of uncertainty, paired up with patterns and recognizing what is and what is not happening, all these strategies go together.

   JohnSchinker ->  Let me know if I win the door prize -) And don't forget to give the answer to last week's.

   cheryl wow ->  sure John

   JenniferWagner ->  LOL ---

   JenniferWagner ->  LAST week's answer to DOOR PRIZE

   JenniferWagner ->  It was Teacher's Day!!!

   JenniferWagner ->  this week's question in  minutes

   Durff ->  so we rely more on the human collaboration - more on each other

   cheryl wow ->  we should to increase our connections and nodes

   Durff ->  like dendrites

   cheryl wow ->  exactly

   Durff ->  )

   cheryl wow ->  good connection

   Durff ->  the brain's ability to adapt is amazing because of dendrites

   Durff ->  the network is still based upon something

   Durff ->  is it based upon relationship

   cheryl wow ->  yes lisa, this chat would be incredible in tag clouds wouldn't it

   cheryl wow ->  all related to one another?

   Durff ->  yes

   Durff ->  we are defined by relationship

   Durff ->  we are a mother, a father, a sister,....

   cheryl wow ->  exactly, and relationships with others we meet through this conversation

   Durff ->  yes

   alicemercer ->  Hmm, interesting, so will this preference for topics effect the business world and their push for big-name "motivational" speakers?

   cheryl wow ->  June conference, John Seely Brown, David Weinberger,Steve Heple

   Durff ->  sso our collaborations are based upon our relationships which are our basis

   cheryl wow ->  our relationships and conversations

   Durff ->  yes

   gsiemens ->  [email protected]

   sroseman ->  Thanks all!

   Durff ->  our solid base, off of which we push

   sendkathy ->  Do you think relationships based on voice alone can be stringer in some ways than coversations in person?

   Durff ->  we are all learners

   cheryl wow ->  thanks for coming

   cheryl wow ->  thanks susan

   Durff ->  stingier? no

   cheryl wow ->  stronger?

   sendkathy ->  yes

   cheryl wow ->  hi brian

   sendkathy ->  I think the visuals can actually detract from the conversation

   Durff ->  conversations in person have more than one modality

   sendkathy ->  exactly

   Brian Crosby ->  Hi

   Durff ->  hi brian

   sendkathy ->  we can focus better on voice or text

   alicemercer ->  hmm, but the text only is not great Kathy as that parody of if a class were done like text chat video

   Durff ->  so we seek those who do serve our knowledge needs

   alicemercer ->  And just listening is not interactive

   sendkathy ->  right

   sendkathy ->  I was thinking of the discussion model, not simply the lurker model!

   alicemercer ->  Discussion though can't have ALL of us talking

   Durff ->  conversation involvles more than one

   sendkathy ->  I just think that in person people make all kinds of visual evaluations that don't cloud online conversations

   Durff ->  but all of us can think

   alicemercer ->  Yes...how about video skype?

   sendkathy ->  do you use it a lot?

   Durff ->  haven't tried it

   cheryl wow ->  doorprize

   alicemercer ->  Not at all, but I know others have?

   Durff ->  brian has

   alicemercer ->  yeah, doorprize!

   sendkathy ->  I find it a little intimidating

   alicemercer ->  I got last weeks, so I'll stay out.

   Brian Crosby ->  Yes it is easy

   sendkathy ->  and distracting

   cheryl wow ->  hi tilleyca

   Cindy P ->  Hi ya'll...Will the chat log from last week be posted? ...or have I missed a link somewhere

   alicemercer ->  I second cindy's q

   cheryl wow ->  the chat from last week has been captured, and I will upload by Thur. Hang in

   gsiemens ->  Kathy - I agree

   cheryl wow ->  I could put it in the wiki!, the chat that is

   Cindy P ->  Thanks.  There were good links I didn't want to miss!

   gsiemens ->  it's not really an either or - often it's a best use based on context

   alicemercer ->  My computer crashed too...hmmm, strange spreadsheet was up when I got back into excel,hmmm

   sendkathy ->  yes

   sendkathy ->  I would use the video for my classroom

   sendkathy ->  Because my students would want to see the other students

   alicemercer ->  yeah, that would be a dream (bandwith, and filtering issues)

   alicemercer ->  kathy what grade do you teach?

   sendkathy ->  true, but I can do it with Elluminate

   Cindy P ->  What is the wiki link?

   sendkathy ->  I teach Kindergarten

   Brian Crosby ->  The trick is finding really valuable uses for video skype beyond just doing what you could do in an email or chat room. I'm thinking about that a lot lately.

   alicemercer ->  oic

   cheryl wow ->  http//www.womenofweb.com/

   cheryl wow ->  by Thur. I will have things posted online

   JenniferW ->  sorry Maria -- nope

   JenniferW ->  I need the  tools not the  pages

   JenniferW ->  door prize still available  )

   Durff ->  so how does connectivism help define who we are?

   JenniferW ->  helps us to be known to othrs

   alicemercer ->  Sacramento - sunny with some clouds and about  degree f.

   JenniferW ->  enable us to be visible

   Brian Crosby ->  What might be cool with video Skype would be setting up a list of "Experts" that could be "skyped" with questions or short discussions on a topic.

   JenniferW ->  we have avoice we can define

   JenniferW ->  yt others can define us as well

   cheryl wow ->  that would be cool brian

   JenniferW ->  we are defined by our links

   cheryl wow ->  skype experts on video

   JenniferW ->  that is what George is saying

   Jen ->  word searches, crossword puzzles, sudoku, word scrambles

   JenniferW ->  congrats to Maria --

   JenniferW ->  email was correct

   cheryl wow ->  yeah maria

   maria ->  woohoo!!!

   Brian Crosby ->  Yes - storytelling also, because being able to see the storyteller's expressions and mannerisms is so important to the experience.

   JenniferW ->  the  FREE tools are Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku & Word Scrambles

   Durff ->  who we are offline may be irrelevant

   JenniferW ->  I shall mail you a hat this weekend

   JenniferW ->  I hope I am not defined by my blog -- but extended by my blog

   maria ->  as long as I have it to wear @ NECC!

   JenniferW ->  YOU have to wear it

   maria ->  no hurry!

   Durff ->  online personas - Dembo

   Brian Crosby ->  Getting kids to reflect deeply is tough. Fourth graders.

   JenniferW ->  Steve Dembo -- April th -- WOW chat

   cheryl wow ->  but brian they need to practice at the th grade so they can reflect later on

   Durff ->  our brains are wired for it George

   Brian Crosby ->  Absolutely!!!

   Durff ->  networks need to emante from us

   cheryl wow ->  so you keep the kiddos practicing

   Durff ->  not necessraily to us

   alicemercer ->  Brian, yeah, I was talking about that with a fourth grade teacher, talking about how my fifth graders can do it, and she said they can't in fourth until second half of the year

   Brian Crosby ->  Check out my post from last week about our YouthBridges interview.

   JenniferW ->  I find that th graders often are more real -- they are honest and haven't thought that they have to "Give the" right answer yet -- they tend to just share their thoughts

   JenniferW ->  they can be timid

   JenniferW ->  but they tend to be real

   JenniferW ->  especially if you ask for quiet time BEFORE someone responds

   Brian Crosby ->  Or not because they.ve NEVER done that.

   Durff ->  they are more open in th grade

   alicemercer ->  JW Yeah,

   Brian Crosby ->  I'm rolling my current th graders to th next year so I'm really looking forward to developing that thought.

   Durff ->  thank yo u

   JenniferW ->  rolling???

   Durff ->  yes'

   cheryl wow ->  Maria is our winner.

   Brian Crosby ->  I tend to take a th class and keep them as th and then th graders

   Durff ->  is it ever too early?

   alexr ->  thanks --- cheryl -- please post the post-show

   alexr ->  Thanks for the great show..

   Durff ->  PreK

   cheryl wow ->  I will post the post show, it was great! the whole show.

   Durff ->  )

   sharonp ->  It was a great show! George was great

   Durff ->  too late you are

   cheryl wow ->  Sharon did a great job interviewing

   Durff ->  and it is a good thing

   alicemercer ->  Elementary, they get connections, but sometimes they need help to see them

   sharonp ->  thank you... I am still sheepish about Connectivism for dummies.... George is so deep and is difficult to condense

   alicemercer ->  I've done a lot with organizers this year...

   cheryl wow ->  they get connections at elementary and practice their reflections

   alicemercer ->  Not always cheryl

   alexr ->  that's why the audio no  is so important.

   cheryl wow ->  you can go back to  to see older stuff

   Durff ->  that is a good point

   alicemercer ->  You have to think about HOW they wil make the connections, you have to set them up for it.

   Durff ->  first perceptions count

   Brian Crosby ->  At Risk kids have very little experience with connecting ... and it shows in their dearth of schema.

   cheryl wow ->  Alice I mean simple connections, and while they practice that they will get deeper. Yes Alice, it is a linear reflection

   alicemercer ->  they don't always have the background, but they can do it.

   Durff ->  I need to go sleep...sicknesss. yuck

   Durff ->  night all

   alicemercer ->  But they are expected to make DEEP connections on testing.

   alicemercer ->  Durff i have some throat crud too.

   cheryl wow ->  good night all, the chat room is beginning to fade

   alexr ->  night

   Brian Crosby ->  But currently with little outside of literacy and math ... they don't get much chance.

   alicemercer ->  SO I have to teach them so they can infer, etc. and many are ELLs too

   maria ->  it is important that young children have the early guided experiences in connecting

   alicemercer ->  My district is now saying, you can skip the weekly assesssments or some of them, and use the time for science/social studies because that is reading too.

   maria ->  we discuss what makes a good comment when my students make comments on their friends blogs - in kindergarten

   alicemercer ->  ANd my principal was saying, just do la and math up to testing. I said, I'm doing some Social studies because it has cause and effect, etc. and she agreed.

   sharonp ->  http//halfanhour.blogspot.com///to-school-or-classroom--advocates.html

   maria ->  just like we discuss how to commnet on someone's work that they share in class

   alicemercer ->  I LOVE my kids doing discussion of weekly reading selection, and connecting it to their lives.

   alicemercer ->  I started to record them on podcasts

   cheryl wow ->  good night all, see younext week!!

   cheryl wow ->  over and out.

   JenniferW ->  good night all

   sharonp ->  must toddle off to bed

   ElenaW ->  Hello


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