Women of Web 2.0 Show #25

This was a great show, a round table of educators explaining TappedIn.org, thanks BJBerquist, TechChick's, thanks Helen Mowers, and  Anna Adams, Sue Roseman, thanks Sue for supporting TappedIn.org, Kathy Shields, thanks for discussing kindergarten and podcasting.

Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl all got a chance to share their Wow's and had input with the round table. Please excuse the STATIC, we tested the SKYPE limits with 9 folks calling in.

You can read the chat below!

 John Pederson -> EdTechTalk: WoW tonight?

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I hope so - that's why I'm here

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: hoping I'm in the right place  :D

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I belive you are

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: hmmm -- everyone early tonight???

 John Pederson -> EdTechTalk: lol, just checking in! 

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hello John

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I think we might have a LIVE skypecast for everyone to join in

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: still waiting to hear all the particulars

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: HELLO KATHY

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Hi all

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: I'm getting some tea to keep me going brb

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: great

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hi Chris and Cathy and Danita and Jen and Jeff and John and Lorrie and Kathy and Simon

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: Hey Jenn

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: Hi JenW- I've missed ya :)

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: everyone -- meet BJ -- she is one of our guests tonight

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hi CathyE -- thanks

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: its been a weird couple of weeks

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: hey BJ

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: hello BJ

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: Hi!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: BJ lives in Pennsylvania

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: she is with TappedIn.org

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and other things as well

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: anyone here used TappedIn??  a member???

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: anyone catch the Biography on the Google boys tonight?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: no -- where???

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: on the Biography channel

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: that must have been intresting

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: we've been flipping back and forth - it is American Idol night  :p

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: ahhh -- shhhhhh -- it isn't one for me for  more hours

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: isn't on

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: my lips are sealed

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: thank you

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: its a very hard night for me

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOL

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: the chat, Gilmore Girls, Dancing with the Stars, Idol, and House

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: you must be on the West coast

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOL -- yes

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I use the remote A LOT tonight  :)

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I completely understand

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: hiya, still on Making connections?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hi AliceM

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: maybe with all the alices I should go back to MizMercer?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I couldn't get audio stream

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone.  Kids in the tub be back soon!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: No stream yet

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: congrats Jen!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Thank you Thank you

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: googleishious

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: So are we just texting?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Nope

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we shall be skyping soon

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: google jealous

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: me, too - but happy for Jenn

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Chris what is that thing beside your name!

 John Pederson -> EdTechTalk: from one WoW to another, evening everybody!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: Vicki - fires aren't near you are they?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: No, they are over in Waycross - about  hours.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: So how was Making Connections?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: That is the east part of the state, I am the west part of the state

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: good

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But it is sad -- the Okefenenokee isn't really a swamp and haven't been able to run boats since last July!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It is so dry!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Vicki,  hours is still close enough to make the air icky depending on wind.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The wind usually blows from west to east but yes, I guess I can watch for haze.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: That must be nasty in a humid climate...

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: hubby is from Carrollton

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I was used to it in SoCal during santa anas

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: not good on my asthma

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: was there a offshore or some other strange pattern leading to this fire?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: We had an offshore in Oakland, CA before the hills caught fire.

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: that must be terrible to live through

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I was down in the flats/foothills

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Not bad for me, but I knew folks it affected.

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: still scary

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: Greetings everyone!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: hey karen

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes, smoke in a bad climate is terrible.

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: is the audio working? I am hearing nothing. I have tried edtechtalk A and B

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But I'm really used to it!

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: first time I've been able to be here at the start of the Chat!!! I'm psyched

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Skype just hung for a moment, give us a second.

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I've not had any sound either

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Yeah, I knew we were safe, might lose flat, but we were fine.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: My skype is stuck!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: So I'm so out of it, what is WoW topic/personality?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Tonight is the elementary round table it will be so cool!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I'm now sending an error report about the offensive skype program.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Great for a Mac commercial, huh?

 John Pederson -> EdTechTalk: hi, i'm mac

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: :D

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Yeah, elementary

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I'm middle school

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Sainthood awaits danita

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I have earned my place up high after  years

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Wow, great chat room tonight!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: 'course I could say the same about you guys that are working with the little ones - shudders

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: we have audio!

 John Pederson -> EdTechTalk: woot

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Hey I have fifth

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: that's not too bad

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: so they are big, but not too big

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: so the stream is on???

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: but Kidnergarten - oh my

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Sassy, but not surly

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: can you hear us????

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Can you hear me now?

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: i can't

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: yes, it is on channel A

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I can't hear anyone

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: I can't

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: no i cannot hear vicki

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: hear her now

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Thanks!  How are you Vinnie!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: there we go

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: got it now

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: busy, busy, busy.

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: I am

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: So, Chris whas is the thing by your name!?

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Hear you on A

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: i just got audio

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: Only have  minutes tonight

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: okay, what am I doing wrong?  every time I click on the audio I get kicked out

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Well, we'll just try to wow you in !?

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: you always do

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: hee hee!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: That happened to me too Danita

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: anyone thought of tatting passwords?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Gave blood today.  A bit tired!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Had to find it again in my iTunes

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: are there other options for this chat?  there seem to always be technical issues!

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: how is audo

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But we had over  pints of blood donated!

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: audio

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I was so excited!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: dang, still having probs - ugh!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we are starting in    more seconds

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: we need to be controlled! lol

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Controlled!?

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: What's the wiki for?

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Happy May Day!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sort of keeps a log of what we discuss and share

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.cooltext.com

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Oh, I added something to it, lo

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: I'll remove

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: Hi, Cheryl

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: we got slowed back from a field trip by the crowd going to celebrate may day and the immigration protest.

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: it was pretty calm here this year in Corona --

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: last year the protests stoped traffic

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: oh yes, *that* May Day!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: should I be clicking on EdTechTalkA or B to be able to have audio?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: wows www.cooltext.com

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: VVrotny, are you in Cali?

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: no, we were in chicago, IL

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: I want to be a mediocre instructor?

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Danita, try A

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: great report   http://www.carnegie.org/reporter//new_era/index.html

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: okay vv

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: how did they determine what makes a quality instructor?

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: ugh!!!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: please share the links of that, Vicki!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: Ikeep getting this error message:  <ASX version = "."> <Entry>  <ref HREF="http://...:"/>  </Entry>  </ASX>

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Danita, do you have itunes?

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: yes

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: yes we have them

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: can you plug that url into itunes?

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: yes, we have two

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: danita -- sorry I don't listen through Itunes

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: we've funded them for our teachers in our schools

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I just go through the Channel A

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: yes- all my teachers have document cameras

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: our English teachers love them

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Karen, sorry to be so late.

 Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: that's ok!

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Like an ELMO?

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: work at nothing having them become another overhead

 vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: yes, usually like a elmo

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com:/

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: they take video as well

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: how different than ELMO?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: so late in seeing you, just a little busy, karen, glad you are here

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: What document cameras do you use?  Do you have any that you recommend?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://blue-met-bleu.com/u/pdfs/quebecroots.pdf

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: We are using Dukane

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: lots of static

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: We use Ken O'vision - works well so far

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: projector recommendations?

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Our Eikis do a great job

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/categories/

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/categories/

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: please vote!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: if you believe us to be worthy!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: WOW blog = all of us

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.teachade.com/home.do

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: Teachade is a tenant org of Tapped In

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: anyone on Library.ning?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: testing skype limits tonight folks..... a little scratchy on the sound

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: This is anna adam, a techchick, right anna?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I can't copy n' paste the link in the chat room and I could do that before

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: techtip chicks

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I couldn't open my chat tonight in flock, lisa I had to go tosafari?strange

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes alce I'm on library.

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: This is Helen coming up

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Anna and Helen work in the same district

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: lucky district

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Sue Roseman coming up next.

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: Anna & Helen I love your podcast  :)

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sorry for the scratchy noises....

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: link?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: BJ Berquist next, from TappedIn

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I can't hear Sue very well

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sound is getting better

 CathyE -> EdTechTalk: http://techchicktips.net/

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: yes

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Kathy shields next up

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: wow, we have some amazing trailblazers with us tonight

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you are right about that one

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: indeed

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: http://kinderteacher.podomatic.org

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: this is exciting.... you ladies must have lots of patience to stick with being tech pioneers all these years... you really have my respect!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: small voices

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: buzz, buzz

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The last link I think was supposed to be http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com/

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes, Jen, I get excited to hear about what is happening in K-.... you set the students up for those of us in the upper years!

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: I started podcasts with students because I like to listen to it myself....

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: Agendize away

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: mizmercer

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I wish I was brave enough to podcast

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Wiki tonight is at http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: it took me  hours to make a  minute video for Google Academy

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: why?

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Really Jen,it is so much easier for the kids

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Jen, for how long will you be at GA??

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: because I am ignorant  :)

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am sooooo envious

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: They just jump right in and talk

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk:  hours

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: no you are not!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I was learning to use my Mac

 mizmercer -> EdTechTalk: They are either eager or shy

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: so cool, want to draw their attention to poor neglected Quebec

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Anna and Helen, what do you use to check your stats?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: can't hear her

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: me, either

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, I just want to say (off-topic) that being involved in the Horizon Project as Coach of Peer Reviewers has been SUCH a terrific prof dev opportunity for me - such a treat to be working with Brandt, Graham, Chrissy and Lisa

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://techchicktips.net

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: lisa can you hear the stream, ?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: techchicks - that would have been my CLOSE second choice of a name after WOW

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: i love the name

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes, she was really quiet

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: she's not a middle school teacher  :D

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: how do you drop in the links so they're clickable

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: so MS teachers are loud?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Just type it and it makes it clickable automatically

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: just putting in the url should do it

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: yep, it's a matter of survival - lol

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am a MS teacher - some call me loud!:D

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: see what I mean?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I teach 'em all....preK are soooo cute

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: and then they grow up

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: and get loud

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: they don't get introspective til HS

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I have those too

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: ha

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: experiencing turbulence

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: :)

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: apologize for static

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: you started it

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hold on with us.

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: http://www.forsyth.k.ga.us//podcasts/browse.asp?A=&BMDRN=&BCOB=&C=   ... It's great for literature circles

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks sandyb

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I wanna call myself a "tech chick"

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: techchicks ..very catchy title

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: love the title

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yikes, sorry for more static....

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: their logo is cute too

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: sharon thanks, it could just be too much for skype

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Helen do you write a blog?

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: How about the other guests?

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Curious how many people in the chat are members of tapped in?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Me Me

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I am a member

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Me !

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and we have a WOW room

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: oh!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: or group

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Just for posting?

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Or so you hold extra meetings?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: yup

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we could

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I'm signing up :p

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/

 lnitsche -> EdTechTalk: Tapped in member, using a room for my students.

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: great lisa go sign up

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: what age are your students?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: K -  safe arena

 lnitsche -> EdTechTalk: I work with all elementary grade students.  My fifth graders have been the most active in tapped in.

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: group room can be created

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: lnitsche, is it better than a wiki or google docs?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: user names and passwords assigned to students

 lnitsche -> EdTechTalk: It is just another forum for them to chat and share resources.

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Sounds safer

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: which lands them in the ONLY room created by the teacher

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://techchicktips.net

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: it is great for typing skill improvement

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: you can have more than  class meet in the same room

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: from ANYWHERE

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and students can't go outside the room

 lnitsche -> EdTechTalk: I like that I receive a record of everything that happens in the room, every conversation, every login, etc.

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: so you are in a protected environment

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: AND that chats/transcripts

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: are sent to the teachers

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: anything there for college teachers?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: OH YES

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: transcripts are a great feature, especially for links

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: let me grab the calendar

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/CalendarAction?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I love tappedin, something happening all the time, day and night

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: lifelong learning

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: July

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk:  hour back to back learning

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and it is FREE

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: what a great idea the festival, BJ

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: TappedIn.org is FREE too

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: Here is the calendar

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/WelcomeAction?state=displayChatRoomFrame...

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: So could I use this for my workshops teaching online teachers?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Lisa

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: yes, you easily could

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: a lot of colleges use this arena

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: It sounds like an unconference

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Unconference in perpetuity

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: cool

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: cool

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: That would be great -- I've had no chat room to do that.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I love the transcript feature!

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: www.tappedin.org/transcripts

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: archives of the tapped In transcripts

 tech_chick -> EdTechTalk: wow--lot of features here!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOL -- if you join TappedIn -- mention me!!!

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: the webheads meet at tappedin on Sunday mornings each week, that is a lively group

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: a MOO - Multi-User Object-Oriented....

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: TappedIn is NOT a huge computer resource problem

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: so it is available to anyone

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and voice chat could change that

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: used to belong to a MUSH - Multi-User Shell (for gaming purposes)

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: even on dial up it is very user friendly

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: How do I find out which groups meet when?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Lisa -- the calendar link is http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/CalendarAction?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: lisa, check the calendar and you can subscribe to different groups

 soseman -> EdTechTalk: It is best to attend a Tips and Tours session to get maximum benefit

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am so in awe of Tapped IN for hanging in so long - such a stable environment

 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: can you paste your wiki, if you have one, for this chat for me, I arrived late to the chat, sorry

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Just a minute!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: mmiller, the chat will be posted, by thursday on edtechtalk.com/womenofweb

 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: thank you

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: here is learningismessy....

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: thanks, Jennifer and cheryl

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: which it is....

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you got it, spread the good news

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I just joined three groups!

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Like a snow storm

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i hate snow

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: a blizzard!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: heads up for static....

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I miss snow

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: oh, lisa I love snow, just skied for my last day sunday

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i hat blizzards

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: are you crazy?!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: it was in the 's here today

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: blizzards - ugh

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i don't like shoveling

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: or walking

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it was  here

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey, Brian!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hello Brian

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: glad you are here

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Do you have your group?

 maria -> EdTechTalk: hurray for kindergarten!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: brian!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Just a moment and I'll give you the wiki

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: thanks for dealing with the static -- sorry about that

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: who did you get to Skype brian?

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I loved Elluminate.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Brian had a very exciting week last week!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I blogged that I loved it and they quoted me on their website.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: the chat box is so small is elluninate

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Elluminate gave us a room for our youth summit for the horizon project.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: cool, Lisa!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: You can make the chat box bigger by dragging it!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: really?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yay, Vicki! You prevailed

 learningismessy -> EdTechTalk: Hey I'm here but I can't hear - it won't let me listen in - I'll just text you a question. We Skyped in to New Zealand awhile ago and that was great. How do you see Skype changing how weteach?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I will try that!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We're so excited!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: when is the date for the youth summit?

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: try listening on a different channel

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Simon?

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Yes

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: changing? you mean videoconferencing?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Brian is learningismessy?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: How is SKYPE changing teaching??

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: you and brian? I was thinking out loud

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: YYes, Brian is

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it is annoying, I know

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oops Brian is out now!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: and who is Brian - where does he hail from?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Brian is learning is messy!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: the west coast

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: NV I think.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Skype video with Celeste

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: how is Celeste?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: anyone know?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes!  Not so well, I think.

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hard week, I heard

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh dear....

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: He had Christa McCauliff's mother in last week.

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: YES that was exciting

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yup

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But Celeste wasn't available to come in, right Jen?

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I believe she was not there

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: she is in the hospital

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Right, yes, that is what I heard.

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Such a beautiful little girl.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: skype is amazing - my kids BEG to be allowed to be the ambassadors to the classes we talk to...

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: she is!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Skype is great!

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: http://ripplingpond.wordpress.com

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I wanted to try that with one of our kids

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But Sharon you are to be commended for the peer review your students did on the horizon project.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: they laughed at me

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: literally

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thanks, Vicki - I wanted more to participate but it was a difficult week with a band trip and other things going on

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: my kids have to complete their letters tomorrow

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: I'd love to do a Skype teleconference with my collaborative partner in England, but bandwidth is not what it would need to be to do it :(

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: or no more computer lab for the,

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: have you tried it, Simon?

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, no, but another teacher has

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: my peeps tested it and told me that it skype maxed out at  kps - which is not very much

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, what you did was perfect!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: is there any other software?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: for Simon, I mean

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: thanks so much -- this is always so useful!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: not sure

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: like what?

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: yes, it's always so informative

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: ims?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, are the students looking at the peer reviews? any feedback? would love to pas it on to my students

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Did you see what Julie posted on the Ning?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: She picked her top two peer reviews!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: no what?

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But, yes, the peer review is great.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: cool

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Two teams are having a little issue -- easy to get distracted!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: wowsa - have been preoccuiped (you know why) but will check it out!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it was brandt's wasn't it?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: he did a great job

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: In virtual worlds and massively multiplayer educational gaming!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: another great show ladies - thanks!

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Great show!

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks to all in the chat, what a great support network

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks danitaR

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I had forgotten the sound

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i remember

 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight everyone!  It was a great show!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: My computer is right next to my dial phone with a cord!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: and conference calls

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: nope, not that old - yet

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i lived in the boondocks

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: lol lisa

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: really!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: how fart we have come!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: far

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oops

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: oops

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: lis!

 tech_chick -> EdTechTalk: lol!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I'm old enough to be amazed!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: and all these other people can listen and comment in a chat room - wow

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I'm young enough to be in awe

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I finally got into SL, but I got stuck in a chair -- I blogged about it.

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: SO embarrassing.

 andy -> EdTechTalk: Does anyone know anyone who's developing lesson plans for Second Life?

 tech_chick -> EdTechTalk: this is VERY cool!!! no matter how old or young we are :-)

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: oh, sure.... thanks a lot! LOL

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: great idea about making lesson plans

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i got my arms stuck above my head

 andy -> EdTechTalk: Do you know of anyone who's doing it/

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: LOL must be a Lisa thing

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: so Lisa, did you get a virtual bruise??

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: on the teen grid

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I also got stuck in waltz position.

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Had to figure out how to sit somewhere else instead!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: could have been the tango

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Lisa -- the Lisa I know -- in Temecula

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I have to crash..... good night all!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: I couldn't walk, but boy oh boy could I dance

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: just call my durff

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I'll try LML next time

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: no, you're fine

 andy -> EdTechTalk: That's funny and sad.

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: virtual beggers

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: gives you a chance to fulfill a pillar of Islam

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: when I was in college, there were four of us

 andy -> EdTechTalk: They are paying for friends.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Liz, Libbett, Lissa, & Lisa

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: know THAT's confusing

 maria -> EdTechTalk: Webkins is a second life for some folks

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I've always been with millions of Lisa's

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: not many Danita's running around

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hey Maria, webkins is my second life

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: I also need to crash...late on the east coast and have school tomorrow

 BJBerquist -> EdTechTalk: thanks again, everyone!

 DanitaR -> EdTechTalk: me too - BJ - 'night all

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: bye bj, thanks for coming and spreading the word

 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: bye bj

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: THanks, ladies

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I did get to ride a shark, tho'

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: wow

 maria -> EdTechTalk: I've got lots of kinz cash now!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: a shark sounds dangerous

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: do you go each day Maria

 maria -> EdTechTalk: is this true confessions?

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: no, what was dangerous was sitting in a boat, which sank

 maria -> EdTechTalk: yes!

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: I saw a good book on SL yesterday

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh dear

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: what?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: which book?

 maria -> EdTechTalk: Either in class with my kiddos or on my own

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: on your own

 andy -> EdTechTalk: Lindens is the first international currency.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i thought the euro was

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Christine from google is here next week!!

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.lulu.com/technospud

 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: my book

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Second Life: The Official Guide

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it is igoogle now

 maria -> EdTechTalk: okay!

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: where do yougo for that lisa?

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: thanks all! bye!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i just ordered  at lulu

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: warlick's

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: bye

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Borders, amazon, etc.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: bye lisa

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: lulu is online

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: borders cannot get it

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: you have to go to lulu

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: welfcome

 Lisa M Lane -> EdTechTalk: Sorry, I was answering about another book

 maria -> EdTechTalk: bye

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: ok

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: bye maria

 cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: bye all, getting ready to close down the stream

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Can I share some news?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: bye cheryl - great show

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: what simon?

 andy -> EdTechTalk: I'm glad i live in Michigan.

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: My online project Flat Planet Project https://flatplanet.wikispaces.com/About has been named Wikispaces space of the month for April

 andy -> EdTechTalk: California traffic is no good.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Congrats!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: thanks

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Bye for now, it's getting late here...


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