Women of Web 2.0, Week 30!

Join a fun evening with Chris Craft and the Women of Web 2.0.

Here are the links from the WIKI.This is the whole wiki.


WOW2 Order:

Chris Craft:
Be ready for Open Source Fun!!

  • People often call such things as you are doing, "tandem" learning -- where each take time to teach the other their language. In the days of skype, wikis, and blogs, should tandem learning via Web 2 be integrated into every language classroom? If so, what do you think the results would be?
  • Do you think students are more motivated when there is another live student on the other end of a project? Do you think they learn more about language?
  • There are different dialects around the world, should language programs be set up to give a variety of dialects -- i.e. Costillian Spanish/ Mexican spanish -- or should they focus on one with their Tandem learning approaches?
  • What does discipline look like in a tandem learning approach -- when you have one partner who doesn't contribute it negatively affects the other.
  • What advice do you give to language teachers -- where do they start? What are the best websites? How do they connect with other classrooms?

Links tonight!!
http://webreply.ws/microsoft/InTeachForum/FrameSet.asp - Microsoft Innovators Network Application - due July 11
http://k12onlineconference.org/ - Applications due June 15
http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/course/view.php?id=12 - Future of Education Conference
http://whttp://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=181 - Cheri's website
Better gmail - http://lifehacker.com/software/gmail/lifehacker-code-better-gmail-firefox-extension-251923.php
Gimp Shop - http://www.gimpshop.com/
Free mind - http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Mindmeister - http://www.mindmeister.com/
Kompozer - http://sourceforge.net/projects/kompozer
Audacity - www.audacity.com
Alternatives to Vision - http://www.osalt.com/visio

Here is the chat! Do not rely on these links as I take out numbers to clean up the chat.

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Hello

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: HELLO ROOM!!!

   veepatton -> EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Chris

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: What is your skype????

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Yoo Hoo -- :)

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: me thinks he isn't at his computer

   veepatton -> EdTechTalk: April Patton

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Thanks April Patton

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Sorry i was in another browser window

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: what's your skype, Chris???

   veepatton -> EdTechTalk: oops i thought you were talking to me

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: no worries April

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: now I know YOURS too

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: crafty

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/June  -- this is our WIKI for tonight

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: feel free to use it

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: getting the stream ready, here we go.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: how is the sound/stream?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Maria

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Getting ready with chats, questions and people.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: tremendous thunder here with hail

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Oh, that is too bad, our storm is gone for now vincej

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Deb.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Mmiller

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Hello! glad to be here again

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: I noticed I was the  "member of the month" in your newsletter. You would have thought i made people magazine I was so excited

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: hi sharon

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: hello vicki

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: congraulations Mmiller!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Welcome everyone!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: congratsmmiller

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: congrats mmiller

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: you all are too generous

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey Jason!

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: great article sharon in the newsletter

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: hi Deb!

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Hey Jason

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: Hey Vicki!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Wow, the gang is here!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: Hi all

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Lots of great chatters for the back channel.

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Hello

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: first time in edtechtalk so be gentle :-)

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: you will love it

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: welcome jahndo

   JohnSchinker -> EdTechTalk: Welcome

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: welcome jahndo

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Don't worry Jason, we're nice around here.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: jhando i logged in and out quite a few times on my first visit and they still let me in

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: glad you are here, and welcome to some assistive technology people who are here listening.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: very forgiving croud

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: :):):)

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: cool mmiller

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: hellow jgarton

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: welcome jgarton

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: i mean hello you know me

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: from sydney

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: hi melinda and cheryl

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: at school at moment - chris invite

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Hi Charlotte

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Jason -- do you have skype

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: Hi Deb

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello cducote, Charlotte, get ready for next week.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: yep

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: would you like to join our chat

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: what time is it there in sydney

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: jhando is skype handle as well

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: excellent

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: am here at moment

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sharon - thanks for coming to FOE today

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey, Jason -- we're going to impromptu pull you in here!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: have a lesson off class and jumped on

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: If you have your skype and mike handy?

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: hehehehe

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: no twitter unfort ;-)

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: What do I do to turn on the sound?

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Cheri great job today

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: thanks Vince

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Cheri I was with my son at swimming lessons and I missed it.  I'm so sorry that I missed you!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I heard that the buzz was that you did a GREAT job!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: no biggie, it's archived :)

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hi Simon.

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: thanks - we had a good time - the nerves disappeared once we started

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Cheri I liked what u said about the tertiary level disconnect...so true

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: to listen go to the listening and click on real player, windows media or itunes

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: Hi Vicki

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: welcome back jgarton:D

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hello EVERYONE!!!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Vince - it has amazed me how many of my colleagues have never taught in a k- classroom

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hello Susan

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hello alice, sue, deb,

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: so it seems so many of their decisiions re: good teaching are based on how they were taught - yeasr ago

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Deb can  you hear us yet?

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: hello all

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: my WOW of the week is my new Olympus digital voice recorder. I recorded  podcasts!!! it is the recorder David Warlick mentioned in a post this week or last

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: from Sydney?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: yeah mmiller, competition!

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: right cheri... they ar ento aware of current k- classroom teaching needsa

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: no, i am not competition, believe me

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Hi, Window Media player  kb let me hear - yeah!

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Hi cheriT enjoyed your presentation at Manitoba today!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: that's what i'm trying to get them to see - I'd like to make a movie and show college educators what is going on in k- with technlogy

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk:  folks in the chat room so far.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: I'm using iTunes to listen and it is working v well

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, Alice

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: CONGRATS M Miller

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: OUR WOW MEMBER of the MONTH!!!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: via the newsletter

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Yes, she is the superstar

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and congrats on your  podcasts

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: careful I might get a big head, no not really

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we can handle a big head

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://webreply.ws/microsoft/InTeachForum/FrameSet.asp - Microsoft Innovators

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOLOL

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: there is tons of room in this chat room

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: for inflated egos

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: hopefully will make gerater use of video for teachers

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: :)

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://konlineconference.org/

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: http://www.meebo.com

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey our project managers used meebo in the Horizon project to let their group contact them.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: THEY came up with it -- isn't it so cool.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: did you like meebo in the project?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: oh boo hoo! can't get url into this space to share photo of daughter with TerryFreedman

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It was so useful b/c the project managers used it ot keep "office hours"

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.katsfunfonts.com/

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: And I think next time I might use it to keep office hours.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: vicki, good idea office hours

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Really, teachers at the college level could keep online office hours!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Via meebo.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen, welcome

   JenMad -> EdTechTalk: Hi!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i work in the summer, too

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.crucialthought.com/

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: Yeah Chris!!!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sandy, Durff, patruffing, John, simon

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryfreedman//

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Vicki - when I teach all online courses, my office hours are virtual - using Skype

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: hi Cheryl

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Jason Hando - special surprise tonight!!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: glad you are all here.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Meebo just links all IM platforms so you can communicate with all IM's even if they don't have skype.

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Good to be here!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: hi chris!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: one year olds are so cute :-)

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thks VJ for dropping link for me - mac-bound

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hello, glad you are here and enjoy the chat.

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Glad I made it this week - missed the last few

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.djinkers.com/

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: go latin!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Great chat room tonight -- remember to drop in where you are from and your WOW of the week, it becomes part of the permanent part of the show notes.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: would love to know what your SL names are? Jason and Chris?

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: yahoo!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hi cathy!

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk: hello all

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: part-time Spanish teacher here, one of the many sombreros I wear

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: from Willard MO; my WOW is photowipe: http://www.hanovsolutions.com/?prod=PhotoWipe

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks jgarton, that is great, please feel free to share a wow of the week

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: you know, this is the best way that global projects begin - through relationships bet teachers like this!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: For most of you in the chat, if you click on the link it will knock you out of the chat, just come back

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: very spontaneous it was

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: better software than BB or WebCT!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i learned to open a new window!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: I love Moodle

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I really like Moodle, just started  month ago. I may be talking to you soon.

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Charlotte, can you hear the audio stream? You can type at the bottome of the screen - below the text to write back

   janices -> EdTechTalk: From Los Angeles, WOW is http://www.weebly.com/ from one of you on Bit by Bit Seedlings last week. Free web page creator.

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: have a moodle acct...haven't used it yet

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Janices, I have the Weebly men coming as guests September , !!!

   veepatton -> EdTechTalk: April Patton - from Atlanta, Georgia - Program Administrator for a single gender girl's school - i don't have a wow at the moment

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I set up a moodle just for our international exchanges -

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: Deb -not having any luck with the audio - it keeps knocking me out of the chat

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Weebly looks like a very simple interface, have you tried it janices?

   janices -> EdTechTalk: Very cool. I'll make sure to be here.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: just loaded moodle a month ago . quite impressed.

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i have a + list of things to tackle over the summer

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Vince we shou ld have a moodle night!

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: click on the Talk  A Medai button - the colorful one

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: oh my gosh don't even start on all the things I want to do over the summer

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: good idea Cheryl!

   janices -> EdTechTalk: I just started. It seems very easy.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: the summer isn't long enough for me to explore

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Diane Hammond, Ontario, Canada. My WOW for today id Adobe Connect. Used it for the first time today.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: that would be great cheryl

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: charlotte, get into the chat and open a different page to get the audio

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: HI Diane - I am orig from ONtario!

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: that's the one that closes my chat window???

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi egoodwin, welcome!

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: me too

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: my WOW is that I finally got all my kids to record their multimedia projects...only  days before the end of school

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: sharon, i live in collingwood.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Adobe Connect, haven't heard of it

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: excellent patruffing, whew,

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: cottage country, Diane

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Adobe connect used to be called Breeze. Webconferencing tool.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: I prefer "embedded"

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: ahhhh

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: the ski area, Diane

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: diane I ma originally form London

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: And SNOW!!!

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Vince means London ON, I am orig from Windsor ON

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl, Charlotte can't hear this broadcasts, when she clicks on the real player it closes

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: what browser?

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i learned to only use IE not Firefox

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: what browser deb?

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: my WOW is www.ask.com new google like interface came out today...

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Cool vince.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Diane..were you connected with ENO

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk:  how about windows media charlotte?

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: yep, she is using Firefox. thanks

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: In a former life I taught French; I sooo wish I'd had these tools then!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks patruffing

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: ask.com looks very sleek

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: like the built in blog search engine

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Sue, yes i was with ENO for years.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Sue  form Ottawa?

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: yes

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for your help Cherly, Charlotte it in.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: from Ottawa

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: I can't stand having to multitask tonight....i feel like i am missing everything!!!grrrr

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: yeah, it is tough to get all this working.

   janices -> EdTechTalk: If you have a mac, hold down the apple key when you click on a link, and it won't kick you out of the chat room. It will open a new page or tab.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Val, glad you could make it.

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: firefox will open the link in a new window as well

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i missed that one

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Sue - connected to a school?

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: ocdsb

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Cheri -- get ready to have yoru ears burn

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: they are chatting about you

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Ok tks

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Sue, did you register for Ontario blogs at some point?

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: yes, I did

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: really?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: yes

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: That's my project!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: hi commercials inspired my kids!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: his

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: aha Diane

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: Crafty's

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: :-)

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: much food for thought Cheri, earlier today.... was listening avidly

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: trying to paste an address for the future of education conf

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Future of education moodle - http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/course/view.php?id=

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: not pasting for some reason - firefox on osx

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: You have to control v

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: And control C

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: same prob Jason

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It doesn't let you right click in here.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: command v on mac

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Jason, try draggin the URL on the mac

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: ok trying a drag

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: does the drag work? the ctrl c and v thing just isn'T working for me tonight?ß?†

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com/listen

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: do you just go to the FOE moodle to participate?

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Oh my friend is the tech coordinator in Lima!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: drag just worked for me

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sorry for extra letters, still getting used to French keyboard!

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: http://umanitoba.ca/learning_technologies/conferences/foe/schedule.php

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: mmiller, you can just get into the elluminate link from what is posted on teh FOE main page

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Yes - the design will drive the project and make sure that the pedagogy fits the technology

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: the  things about me meme in the edu-blogosphere was how I connected with my partner Neil for the Flat Planet Project

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: just posted by Vince

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: oh really Simon- how cool is that?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: You did a great job, Simon.

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Hi Val, thanks for listening tonight.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: sorry, I didn't do better on my judging piece!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Simon post flat planet in here so everyone can see it!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: OH, Val, you are back in! I am glad to see so many here.

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: cant drag a url either

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Ctrl V does it work?

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: nup

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: jason which browser?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Simon, I have to ask, because I am finishing multimedia projects on wikispaces - is there a way for students to post an audio file, like an mp on wikispaces??

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: pretty cool, we're talking about what to do next! Thanks Vicki, I consider that a great compliment from the master of wikis!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: firefox  on osx

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: if you are on a Mac..you should be able to drag a URL into the chat

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Jason, same problem for me too - tried everything!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hm, should be able to drag, I am using flock, Ireally like flock

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: now he has to do it!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Will you paste in the link and mention what the project was about -- some of the listeners need to see the information on the project.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: Life in a box

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: another good blog title

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Fascinating idea -- America in a box.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Could you put your school in a box.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I agree Lisa, Life in a box

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: do u drag from another firefox window?

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: you need add all these terms and descriptions in a wiki

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: drag right from another page to the chat

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: [u]jhando - drag from Word

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: The wiki is https://flatplanet.wikispaces.com and the blog is http://flatplanetproject.com/

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: My Wow of the week is my husband as a new teacher ... he started his first class today - teaching US history at Heartland CC ... instead of having them write  a term paper, they will be creating digital stories on some part of history!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: i tried dragging from the little globe icon in another window and not working

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: http://chriscraft.pbwiki.com/

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: ok, will try from word

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: Word

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: WOW!!! I guess he knows who will be helping him, Cheri!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Your husband is so Web .! WOW

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hey Cheri, I did something similar with my students - called it a multimedia essay

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: It was two religious education classes in Canada and the UK examining environmental issues from a Catholic ethical perspective

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Really - he's been hanging around me too much - he's even attending NECC with me :-

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: http://www.flixn.com/  is my WOW

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: will be great to meet you there, Cheri, at NECC!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: I like that idea, Jen

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: susan what is flixn?

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: cool it worked!!!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: yeah jason!

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: drag from M$Word and it works - yipppeee

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: I'm also enjoying Gcast - http://www.gcast.com - my students are creating podcasts for their podcast critiques :-)

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: sroseman: what do you use this for?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: good idea cheri

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: send video emails

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: my staff are listening and they had a go at me for saying they are knuckle draggers :-)

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: cool

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: thanks Pat -- it was a very small project

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, the group who did air pollution used http://myflashfetish.com/ to put some MPs in their project pages

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: as long as you have a web cam

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: one student used her phone with her class and had the th graders create a podcast from class

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi monica, welcom

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: webcam, yes

   monica -> EdTechTalk: hello...

   jhando -> EdTechTalk: good obsession to have Chris!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Hi Monica

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: did it work well, myflashfetish?

   monica -> EdTechTalk: Hi...working to get audio going...I have my new macbook pro tonight! woohoo!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: so cool!

   janices -> EdTechTalk: Young at heart?

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: personal attack!!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: http://www.nextgenteachers.com/

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I love my new macbook pro, Monica!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Yeah Monica, there aer a few mac folks here tonight. I listen through itunes

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: thanks Chris

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: you are allowed to join that group === and still be a part of WOW  :)

   monica -> EdTechTalk: i'm getting an error on itunes

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: which browser monica?

   monica -> EdTechTalk: i'm trying something else for now

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes, so many of my collaborating partners are closer colleagues than those people I occasionally bump into in my staffroom

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: monica log out an d try again

   Simon -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, it seems to work well.  This was a tool that my students found on their own, I'm not too sure how it works, but it was great to see them finding tools to use on their own!

   monica -> EdTechTalk: hold on...

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: no kidding, Simon - great!

   monica -> EdTechTalk: error says "the file itunes library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes....sounds like i need to upgrade something?

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Great to hear from you Jason

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, goodness, Monica -- I'm glad that the brains are here.

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: thanks Jason

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: See it wasn't so bad! Great people here!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: thanks Jason

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: thanks jason

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Bye Jason

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Lots of people coming in and out tonight.

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: money...what's that

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I don't know that is why I have to go free and / or open source.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Karen! glad you made it

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: Great to be here, even a little late!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Better late than never!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you can catch the podcast later, you know.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Kompozer - bug fix of nview

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: cool

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: it's not like being here in person, I  totally understand karen

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Need the links in here

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: I will!!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh cool -- if you know the links for these, please drop them in.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: osalt.com

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Get ready for opensource links.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: osalt.com

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: wow, lots of people here tonight!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: www.gmail.com

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: yes, there are many people here!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: think.com

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: love google docs!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://lifehacker.com/software/gmail/lifehacker-code-better-gmail-firefo...

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: gmail extension for FF

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: better gmail.

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Yay firefox!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.gimp.org/

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Yay firefox and yay gmail

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: can i import contacts into h=gmail?

   monica -> EdTechTalk: oh....greasemonkey....

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: gmail

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.gimpshop.com/

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: gimpshop - looks like Photoshop -

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: freemind - and mindmeister

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Hi, I get a pop up window on the right hand side of the screen which covers the Onine window so I can't scroll down. How do I get rid of the pop up window?

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: durff, you can import contact into gmail

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: dfeb - float chat window

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: so does Photoshop...have a steep curve in my opinion

   monica -> EdTechTalk: gimpshop works on windows?

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: rd button from the right

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: unless you use Yahoo and I haven't figured out how to import togmail

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Deb, try looking at the icons and count over , click the floating tool bar, maybe that will help.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: freemind

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: gliffy

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: mindmeister doesn't have all the whistles that kids might like

   monica -> EdTechTalk: open source rocks....

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: love the google tools, so friendly

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: mindmeister is just starting out.... bells and whistles to come??

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i hope so...i found it a little limiting

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.mindmeister.com/

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: however...i flit from site to site and don't spend enough time to become friendly

   monica -> EdTechTalk: open source, richard stallman, think commune....

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: smorgasbord of sites...and i am a glutton

   egoodwin -> EdTechTalk: Hi folks...Hi Cheryl...kind of auditing the conversation and trying to work aroundto work around the popup, too

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: great title patruffing smorgasbord.....

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: blackmail!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: gotcha!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi egoodwin, which popup are you referring to, which browser/

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: I have an off topic question - has anyone heard of Blue Ribbon Schools or been part of the process?

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: flow charting

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: http://www.osalt.com/visio

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: what was the open source for dreamweaver?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kompozer

   monica -> EdTechTalk: i've heard of blue ribbon schools here in illinois

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: opensource of dreamweaver, is Kompozur

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: one highschool in my area is blueribbon

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: cducote, it was composer part of Mozilla Suite

   monica -> EdTechTalk: they had to meet some academic standards, I think based on ISAT

   egoodwin -> EdTechTalk: ...and spell correctly...it looks like a popup but its a grey rectangle just to the right

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: thanks cheryl

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Oh, maybe there is another composer (komozer?) that I don't know

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hm, don't know I've seen that. which browser, explorer or firefox? Help anyone/

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: www.audacity.com

   egoodwin -> EdTechTalk: firefox

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: love audacity

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: for digital stoorytelling?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: use it ALLLL the time

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: you know how they talk about curriculum sometimes being a mile wide and an inch deep...that's how i feel with all these sites...too much to learn...tackle one or two and learn them ...then try more

   monica -> EdTechTalk: open source is definitely a good way to go....

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: pat I use as I need

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: my one year old is wearing my headphones and listening to you now:):)

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But I've had problems with my teachers with going to Open Office.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: don't have time for any more

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: but sometimes if you experiment you find something and say, i wish i had known about this it would have made things so much easier

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi baby MIller listening to headphones

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: so you almost need to keep experimenting

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: HI allyson

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: how old is baby miller?

   monica -> EdTechTalk: cognitive effort...ouch... :)

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk:  months

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: awww!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: she is amazed that my computer talks when I take the headphones off

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: :)

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: similar to Kid Pix  http://www.tuxpaint.org/

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: WE have tried implementing the open source programs at younger levels and phase it out at higher grades

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: we are going to open source at all levels in cluding the community and telling them why?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Thanks SANDY

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: didn't think of KidPix

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: jgarton i hope you are getting these links for me, :):):)

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: thanks for the links!

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: My  year old loves tuxpaint

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: didn't know about tuxpaint

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i can't legally download at school, so i have to use online stuff

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: the developer is very open to suggestions

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, sandyb, good to know

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: you have to have some things to fall back on that are not web-based...what happens if your connection is down...has happened to me "I don't care if the lab blew up, I need my kids togo to computer class!"

   monica -> EdTechTalk: link for tuxpaint, please?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Yes, Pat, I hear you on that!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i hate to be thought of as a babysitter

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: www.tuxpaint.org

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: always have a back up plan

   monica -> EdTechTalk: thx

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: ye never know

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: patruffing, we ordered the CD for Virtual Math Manipulatives so we have a backup when the internet is down. very good software and site.

   monica -> EdTechTalk: cute!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: thanks...i will jot that down

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: bandwidth is teh key

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: readwritethink.org has excellent interactive online student activities

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes!

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: teachers love readwritethink

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: Sandy - do you use the interactive activities?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you got it, http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: http://internetclassrooms.com/

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I like readwritethink - have used a few times

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: a librarian wanting a book - go figure

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Yes.....this was a great site to hook teachers

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Thanks again ladies! the attention span of my  month old is over!

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: I find that most people need to be shown the interactive links

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I will work on the podcast and posting of links to be ready by Thurs. at edtechtalk.

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Good night Allyson & Melinda

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: great Cheryl!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Good night jgarton, email me

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: rather them use readwritethink than strictly drill and kill

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/June the links for tonight.

   egoodwin -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for sharing

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hope I got them all.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: great stuff

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: it is good to be a learner when you are a teacher

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Vicki I post the whole chat at edtechtalk for anyone to refer to

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: thank you for the links

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hi Mrcirce, and you bet fceblog, you are welcome

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i agree Jen

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hi qdsouza, welcome

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Hi Quentin

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Jen, maybe we'll see you on one of the Mac ads!

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: hi Quentin...dad:)

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sharon

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOL

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: are you sure we cannot?

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i differ sir

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: did you hear Bill Gates reaction to the Mac ads??

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: :-) thanks Diane

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: he wasn't that happy

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: speaking of mac and pc....if i have a mac in my house...do i need an airport or can i pput in a wireless adapter and pick up the signal from my existing Linksys wireless router

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: he was mad

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: he was not impressed

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: No, I didn't hear his comments

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Pat -- I use my LINKSYS

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: standardized scores rising is enough to convince me, thankyou

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you can use any wireless router, it will pick it up

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes Pat

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: my PC is tethehered

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: my Mac is wireless

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: NO problem

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: we have both mac and pc in our house

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: all I needed was the WEP #

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: Teaching is decision making all the time.

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: great...now i just need to find a wireless adapter for the emac

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: from my Linksys

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Pat - you have an older mac?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: mac picked up in no time - just need the WEP key once

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: I use a Lynsys

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I use netgear

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: it is not old, but it is i think an Emac...it is  years old...i guess that is old

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: whoops Linksys for my Macs and Pcs

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: just can't buy apple/mac stuff at best buy

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Pat -- will you be at NECC

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Can't get my EMac to see my Linksys network

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: my daughter's old ibook had no problem when we got it used a few months ago

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: hah...i wish

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: in Maine you can since we have ibooks all over the place.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: where do you live PAT??

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: Bethlehem, PA

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: we also need to ask why too?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: write me at [email protected]

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Netgear works with Macs too

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: i have a wireless card that is not being used

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: it you want it -- PAT -- it is yours

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: ok jen...just trying to use my best buy grant money as i have none of my own money

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: ahhh

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: nooo - late again

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we have $ left

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i hyave about

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i am a verrrry cautious shopper

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i will be in touch jen...thanks

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: We are using a LINKSYS wireless router for two Macs and a PC

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: so much for the geeks at best buy...they said it couldn't be done

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Thank you all for coming?

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Bought a refurbished airport card for E-Mac -maybe bad

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh keep going!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: crafty Milgrove - Second Life

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Chris..great stuff on OSS

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: Great job in the chat room

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk: Good job tonight, Ladies.

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: I agree with Chris

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: nooooo

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: thank you Chris!!!!

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: thank you Chris

   monica -> EdTechTalk: thanks chris!

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: So many things to think about-thanks

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: thanks Chris - we'll run into you in our aimlessness

   janices -> EdTechTalk: Thank you, Chris, Interesting conversation

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for listening! I hope it was ok...

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: thank you Chris. Let me know if you'll be in Buenos Aires soon.

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Me encantaria

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: uh?

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: We'll meet then!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Chris -- you did a great job!  Such a cool show!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: yo tambien!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hola - que tal --

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Almost all that I remember!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: wiedersehen

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: wonderful show - lots of links, great information

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: me too

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: AT

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: estoy cansada

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: YAY!

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Charlotte and Karen

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: wunderbar!

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: chau chau

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: great show with Chris and Jason!

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: yo tambien, aca son las : de la noche

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: very nice chat about OSS - love this stuff

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: ich denke so viel

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: : in Buenos Aires

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: There are many free resources for AT and I"m looking forward to sharing those as well!

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: tengo hacer mucho trabajo

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: ich kan ein bisele web.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk: cool show

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Merci! See you all at NECC!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: There will be so much hype for assistive technology, we will hvae to have  chat rooms!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: denada

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh wrong language

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: We will have to have chat police directing traffic!

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Good point Cheryl.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes, the assistive technology night is going to be great -- hope I can find a connection.

   Karen Janowski -> EdTechTalk: hopefully people are interested!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh no the chat police

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: goed gedan mense

   qdsouza -> EdTechTalk: Wish I was going to necc ;-(

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Any questions?

   janices -> EdTechTalk: Where do I find the details of where you will be at NECC

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: About to finish up.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: a boat company?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hah, Vince, I alwasys suspected you use Dutch for spelling!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i don't either

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Not anymore Chris. But it is a great boat!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Janice

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Open source pavillion

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: oh Sahron thats lol

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: check out bulletin board

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Blogging solutions

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and check our BLOGS

   janices -> EdTechTalk: will do

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: auf Deutsch or in English?

   janices -> EdTechTalk: bye all

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: bye janice

   Deb Barrows -> EdTechTalk: Good night all.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: bye, thanks for coming all

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: it does look great!

   cducote -> EdTechTalk: Good bye everyone - enjoyed it!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: charlotte come back! another week

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk: http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC/program/

   SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for some end of the year inspiration

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: you are welcome

   LindaJ -> EdTechTalk: Great show! Thanks!

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: Transparency, yes

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: ah...your "permanent record"

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: hi jason, just finishing up

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: I agree, Sharon.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i justdon't care enough i guess

   JasonR -> EdTechTalk: Would you want to work for a place that rejects you based on your blog?

  [Action] JasonR -> EdTechTalk: was listening

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: no I wouldn't

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: overly transparent?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thanks, Cheri

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: oh, lurking

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Besides, Chris, you don't want to work in a department that doesn't understand the culture and power of blogging.

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: That can be the nature of higher ed

   JasonR -> EdTechTalk: In the near future, everyone will be indexed, everyone will have spiderbots in their closet

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: NO!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: why work there then, Chris?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: oh, not the spiderbots!

   JasonR -> EdTechTalk: That's not a bad thing

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: http://www.crucialthought.com////can-transparency-be-detrimental/

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The post Chris is talking about.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl has a spider aversion

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Doug Belshaw's post - http://teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk/index.php////-reasons-why-im-not-looking...

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: Your blog is a record of your thoughts. Sooner or later they will know you

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: Better sooner

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: 'they' already know me

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: At this point in time, hiring committees at the average college don't even know about blogging.

   Chris Craft -> EdTechTalk: Dr. T, but they do know about Google and searching for my name

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: yes

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes - sent my links to my principal

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Chris, that will be the exception for then next couple of years

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: I've been on committees, I blog, and I never really thought about googling the candidates

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Chris, you might even take the offensive and include your blog url in your teaching philosophy

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: I google job applicants first thing.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: Cheri... you are sharing HE stories .. I was applying for a position at a local university about two months ago..they told me theri most udes technology was the fax machine!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: i was doing that  years ago

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: i talk to my daughter at college (communicaton major!) and she has never been exposed to these web. tools

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk: bye all, see you next week.

   vincej -> EdTechTalk: bye

   Durff -> EdTechTalk: stream off - nite!

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk: nite all

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk: that's right, everyone, college is not up with the times - there are pockets of folks who are doing great things, but not most

   fceblog -> EdTechTalk: Good night

   patruffing -> EdTechTalk: hasta la vista!

   dhammond -> EdTechTalk: Night

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