Women of WEB presentation at NECC 2007

Here is the recording of the presentation of the Women of Web 2.0 at NECC 07.

The slide show and notes and live wiki reside here http://wow2necc2007.wikispaces.com/WOW2+NECC+ 

Enjoy the show! It was great to greet and meet all the great folks who made it to Atlanta. However, leave us a comment and it will be great to converse with you! Thanks to so many of you who told us how much how show has meant to you. We thank you for making our show what it is!

Cheryl, Vicki, Jen and Sharon 

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Thanks for making this available. I'm not sure if everyone had this, but I found it very hard to hear what was being said, even with the volume up to max. I think this was because the mic was quite a long way from the people speaking, so audio was quiet and more boomy/echoey, with more background noise. However this can be fixed in a two ways: increase the recording volume; or after recording, increase the volume the audio. If you want to do the last toption automatically, use the 'normalise' tool in most audio editors, or try the awsome free tool levelator. http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator

 But better to be there than not at all :) thanks again.

http://wow2necc2007.wikispaces.com/WOW2+NECC+ does not exist, which is unfortunate, as I could not make out many of the links mentioned due to bad audio quality.

http://www.wikispaces.com/WOW2+NECC+ does exist, but is completely empty.

After some searching I found http://www.slideshare.net/speters/wow2necc07/ has the slides. And possibly http://coolcatteacher.wikispaces.com/Women+of+Web+2 but it does not have many of the links mentioned.



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