Women of Web 2.0 Show # 37

Vicki Davis and Sharon Peters, streaming, held down the fort for this show.

The audio for the show is here. Tonight, Sharon experienced the dreaded echo. The content is great! Check the chat for some information.


Peter Shaheen: Co-Director of the Oakland (MI) Writing Project (part of the National Writing Project network, a nationwide organization for professional development for teachers around writing across the disciplines) faculty of FLEX program at Birmingham Seaholm HS.
Adam Hellebuyck: 2007 graduate of the Master of Arts with Secondary Certifiication (MAC) Program at UM. Mentored for the Place out of Time & Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulations. New faculty member at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe, MI.
Maurita Holland: Associate Professor and Assistant to the Dean at the UM School of Information, as well as Director of the Office of Academic Outreach. Maurita has been the point person in a cross-campus collaboration between our two schools on a state history project for upper elementary students (see http://www.si.umich.edu/ ~mholland/MichiganMatters.html to see an "in progress" descriptive website).
Jeff Stanzler: UM School of Education faculty and Director, Interactive Communications & Simulations.

I'm involved with a project based here at the School of Education (called "Interactive Communications & Simulations") that I thought might be of interest to you. We're actually 'greybeards' in terms of computer-mediated educational projects, as we started in the early 1980's using an early computer-conferencing software called "Confer" that was developed here at the U of M, and have continued to revise our mode of connection from an e-mail basis to the current web interface. Basically, what we do is offer term-long, interactive, web-mediated, mentored (whew!) activities that link peers in different schools with teams of university student mentors on both the Ann Arbor and Flint campuses of our university.Some of our projects are simulations. Our oldest simulation has students engaged in a diplomatic interaction while portraying actual stake-holders in the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Another, Place out of Time, engages students in portraying actual figures from the range of human history who are brought together as participants in a "trial" based on an issue of our day (how might Julius Caesar and Malcolm X talk about religious freedom?) Non-simulation projects include our International Poetry Guild, and a socio-cultural issues forum centered on vicarious travel called Earth Odysseys (our fall 2007 "trip" explores China). Middle school and high school student participants in our projects are supported by teams of university student mentors who take classes specifically tied to the various projects. U of M students interact with the students, and try to support their writing while challenging them to think more deeply.I write because I hoped that you might find what we do to be of interest, perhaps even to the extent that you might be willing to share a little blurb about our project in one of your list of links. Our projects require an ongoing commitment on the part of a teacher and her students, but we think that the rewards justify the expenditure of curricular space. We'd love to broaden our network to include some of your readers and their students, and we'd be happy to offer scholarships to your teacher-subscribers who are interested in our offerings. More information can be found at our website (http://ics.soe.umich.edu/) or by contacting me, and guest access to the password-protected sites of our actual projects can be made available as well.


1) WOW's of the week - Sharon, Vicki

2) Introduction - Your name, title, work that you are doing, describe your project and how it relates to classroom learning
Jeff - I'd like you to introduce the entire work that you are doing at Univ of Michigan and your vision. Then, we'll go in order below:
Peter, Adam, Marita

3) Now that you've introduced your projects I'd like you each to talk about how people can get involved in the project (if it is possible) and what types of classrooms are appropriate for each?
Maurita, Jeff, Peter, Adam

4) What type of results are you seeing with projects and simulations and where do you think we need to go from where we are now?
Adam, Maurita, Jeff, Peter

5) Questions from Sharon here?

6) You have a mentoring model that has evolved at the University of Michigan-- We'll go in this order: Jeff, Maurita, Adam, Pete
This would be something that Maurita and I could talk about from the course/project design side, that Adam could talk about as a new teacher (and as a student of history), and that Pete could talk about in terms of the impact of these mentoring relationships on his HS students.

7) Creativity and Theatricality - How is this important in simulations and how have you used it, particularly in the Place in Time simulation?
This one is for Jeff and Adam as per below:
I could certainly speak about this, and Adam was one student who fully resonated to the theatricality of the interaction, and how it could be used to create interest and build learning opportunities.

8) Michigan Matters -- Let's talk about this now. How is it structured? What type of results have you seen?
Pete, Maurita and Jeff -- Pete talk about this first and the Oakland writing project.

If there is time

    * Let's talk for a moment about the potential for virtual worlds and what some are calling Web 3D in the classroom: what do you think about the opportunities for 3D environments in the classroom?
    * Dan Pink's book A whole New Mind discusses our move to the conceptual age from the information age, what things need to happen at the K12 and college level to encourage creativity and Right brain thinking in addition to the logical, procedural knowledge that we already teach so well?
    * What are the dangers to colleges and K12 organizations that refuse to change in our fluent environment?


Chat-for July 24, 2007

 20:41:56  Vicki Davis  : http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/

 20:44:43  Jeff Stanzler  : http://ics.soe.umich.edu

 20:45:14  sharonp  : hi Lisa - special hello from JEn Wagner!

 20:45:40  LisaParisi  : hello there

 20:45:50  Vicki Davis  : You can change your color.

 20:45:51  peter  : I was just dropped

 20:46:09  peter  : but I suppose you know that

 20:46:56  sharonp  : so I have a funky blue green colour

 20:47:13  Jeff Stanzler  : I was cut out of the call

 20:47:52  sharonp  : this is going to be an exciting night with all these dropped calls

 20:47:58  sharonp  : please be patient iwth us

 20:50:27  Vicki Davis  : www.twitter.com/coolcatteacher

 20:50:57  Jason Hando  : Hi everyone

 20:51:41  Vicki Davis  : Hey Jason!

 20:51:45  Vicki Davis  : We'll be streaming in a moment!

 20:51:52  Vicki Davis  : How is it going down under?

 20:51:59  Jason Hando  : No worries - channel A as usual?

 20:52:02  Vicki Davis  : Did anyone listen to your show that let you know?

 20:52:09  Vicki Davis  : Yes, Channel A.

 20:52:15  Jason Hando  : All good here, weather is warming a little

 20:52:26  Jason Hando  : My show?

 20:52:44  peter  : hi Jason

 20:52:53  Vicki Davis  : Yes.

 20:52:54  sharonp  : Could someone check the stream and see if we are echoing?

 20:53:14  Jason Hando  : checking stream now

 20:53:19  sharonp  : thanks Jason

 20:53:29  Jason Hando  : echoe

 20:53:39  Jason Hando  : sounds fine now

 20:53:46  Jeff Stanzler  : Jason, nice to have you here. I enjoyed listening to you on the show.

 20:53:51  Jason Hando  : ok, am listening but sharon is echoe

 20:54:10  sharonp  : just me echoing??

 20:54:15  sharonp  : to me everyone is echoey

 20:54:19  JL  : yes

 20:54:23  sharonp  : so please bear with me tonight

 20:54:24  Jason Hando  : Hi Jeff, thanks for encouraging me

 20:54:30  JL  : are you streaming sharon?

 20:54:31  sharonp  : I will be brief - forced to!

 20:54:34  Vicki Davis  : lol

 20:54:42  sharonp  : yes, I am the streamer

 20:54:47  sharonp  : JL - any advice??

 20:54:56  JL  : check skype settings

 20:55:02  sharonp  : for??

 20:55:13  Jason Hando  : mute when talking?

 20:55:20  JL  : Tools/Options/ audio settings

 20:55:25  Jason Hando  : is a setting in skype isnt it?

 20:55:29  JL  : make sure audio in is set to usb mic, not sound card

 20:55:56  Cathy Nelson  : Is there audio difficulties tonight?

 20:56:04  Cathy Nelson  : sorry if that is an obvious q

 20:56:07  JL  : audio 'challenges' :)

 20:56:13  Cathy Nelson  : gotcha

 20:56:29  sharonp  : yes tis set to usb mic

 20:56:38  sharonp  : and still echoey

 20:56:40  JL  : are you on mac or windows?

 20:56:44  sharonp  : mac

 20:56:44  Vicki Davis  : Hello everyone.

 20:56:46  Vicki Davis  : Welcome.

 20:56:51  Vicki Davis  : Drop in where you're from.

 20:56:59  JL  : ah, no hablo el mac

 20:57:10  Cathy Nelson  : Im from South Carolina

 20:57:17  peter  : [b][/b]detroit

 20:57:18  Cathy Nelson  : just south of Charlotte NC

 20:57:28  Jeff Stanzler  : Ann Arbor

 20:57:34  Durff  : stream good but sharon

 20:57:34  Jason Hando  : Sydney, Australia

 20:57:40  Durff  : hi jason

 20:57:45  Durff  : hi jeff

 20:57:47  Jason Hando  : hi Lisa

 20:58:12  Vicki Davis  : How's school today, Jason.

 20:58:37  Jason Hando  : Good - I have a teacher-in-training shadowing me ;-)

 20:58:42  JL  : Sharon - info here:  http://www.webcastacademy.net/node/908

 20:58:49  Jason Hando  : she is still at Uni

 20:59:06  JL  : Then just by chance I checked effects in Nicecast, then editor, then advanced and viola, the hijack had mysteriously taken over and hijacked  all audio streams instead of one audio stream. As soon as I checked that back to select one audio stream, I've been good!

 20:59:15  Vicki Davis  : http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/

 20:59:39  sharonp  : http://classroomtechtrends.wetpaint.com/

 20:59:44  kevin_sandridge  : Hi all, Kevin Sandridge here from Winter Haven, FL. Echo still pretty bad... but happy to be here!  :)

 20:59:46  Durff  : hi barbar

 20:59:48  Durff  : hi pat

 20:59:48  Vicki Davis  : http://www.flickr.com/photos/9207453@N02/853910611/

 20:59:56  Durff  : hi kevin

 20:59:58  patruffing  : hey Durff

 21:00:04  Vicki Davis  : http://www.flickr.com/photos/9207453@N02/852523763/in/photostream/

 21:00:05  Durff  : hi vince

 21:00:06  kevin_sandridge  : Hola, Durff!

 21:00:07  sharonp  : Class project by Bishops University grad students who are teachers here in Quebec

 21:00:18  Jason Hando  : Hi Kevin, how's weather in Florida?

 21:00:23  sharonp  : hey Vince, can you share that link again?

 21:00:30  kevin_sandridge  : muggy and rainy!  Just like we like it!  :)

 21:00:35  kevin_sandridge  : been pretty hot

 21:00:41  vincej  : hi there lisa

 21:00:52  Durff  : :)

 21:01:09  Durff  : hi alice

 21:01:18  alicebarr  : Hi there

 21:01:24  Barbara  : Hi Barbara here

 21:01:30  vincej  : http://classroomtechtrends.wetpaint.com/

 21:01:34  Durff  : and anyone else who i missed

 21:01:58  sharonp  : Thanks Vince

 21:02:01  vincej  : http://classroomtechtrends.wetpaint.com/

 21:02:02  Cathy E  : I am from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

 21:02:25  Durff  : yes

 21:02:37  Jason Hando  : Hi Cathy - we just had the USS Kitty Hawk visit Sydney Harbour on leave - must be named after your town!

 21:03:09  Cathy Nelson  : Ya wreckin'?

 21:03:17  Cathy Nelson  : reckon

 21:03:24  Cathy E  : yep

 21:03:35  Vicki Davis  : Three Cathy's again tonight!

 21:03:35  Cathy Nelson  : i amnot sure of the southern spelling of reckon

 21:03:38  Jason Hando  : wreckin' - freudian slip

 21:03:42  DBragg  : hi room

 21:03:47  Cathy Nelson  : don't know that it is spelled right either

 21:04:07  Cathy Nelson  : i still have no sound please tell me im not alone

 21:04:16  Vicki Davis  : Are you on channel A.

 21:04:24  JL  : what media player are you trying to use Cathy?

 21:04:26  Vicki Davis  : We've started.  Who cannot hear.

 21:04:33  Vicki Davis  : reckon or reck'in?

 21:04:33  Cathy E  : I have ch A loud and clear

 21:04:43  Cathy Nelson  : me-- working on it again

 21:04:45  cathywo  : It says not streaming when I go to Listen

 21:04:59  Cathy E  : Click it anyway

 21:05:03  Durff  : still need the techno link?

 21:05:12  patruffing  : Jen is technospud.com and her project page is technospudprojects.com

 21:05:20  Durff  : great!

 21:06:11  sharonp  : Hey, to all you Michiganders - you should know I am originally from Windsor ON - jsut across the river from Detroit - so Michigan is sort of like home to me (my grandmother was born and raised in Michigan)

 21:06:26  Cathy Nelson  : : ( still no sound--im on a mac if anyone can recommend something to try--A dosn't do a thing except launch itunes and then nothing

 21:06:36  Cathy Nelson  : usually this is what jumpstarts it for me

 21:06:40  kevin_sandridge  : Love the technospuds site!  As a new web 2.0 user, just starting a moddle site, I can really use the help!

 21:06:41  sharonp  : quit iTunes and try again

 21:06:56  cathywo  : Thanks for the help, it works now

 21:06:58  sharonp  : I have occasionally had that problem

 21:07:02  DanitaR  : hello all

 21:07:06  AdamH  : http://sitemaker.umich.edu/adamh/place_out_of_time

 21:07:43  Cathy E  :

 21:07:48  Cathy Nelson  : nope that didn't do it for me

 21:07:54  Barbara  : link for place out of time?

 21:08:13  Durff  : i'm listening thru iTunes

 21:08:18  DanitaR  : me, too

 21:08:30  Cathy Nelson  : im on now

 21:08:34  DanitaR  : love the current event idea

 21:08:35  Vicki Davis  : Hello Sue.

 21:08:43  Cathy Nelson  : ijust kept trying different sources from the list

 21:08:44  Vicki Davis  : David is a genius!

 21:08:48  sroseman  : Hi Vicki and friends

 21:08:49  patruffing  : how much background teaching, reading, etc. has to be done before students are ready to take on those roles?

 21:08:53  Vicki Davis  : But it souns like Adam is too!

 21:09:06  Vicki Davis  : www.ipl.org

 21:09:17  Jeff Stanzler  : Here's a wiki we've put together with links to our various online projects and information about them   http://umsimulations/wikispaces.com

 21:09:22  DanitaR  : underage learners :o)

 21:09:25  AdamH  : i just posted a link to my website that explains the mentor role of university students in place out of time, I hope it is helpful!

 21:09:27  Cathy Nelson  : lots of Cathy's today

 21:09:29  sharonp  : wow Jeff - thanks!

 21:09:51  cathywo  : That wikispsaces link didn't work.

 21:09:59  sharonp  : hmmm doesn't work fo rme either

 21:10:23  AdamH  : i think a "/" should be replaced with a "."

 21:10:27  DanitaR  : shouldn't it be umsimulations.wikispaces.com

 21:10:32  Barbara  : anybody catch that library web site url

 21:10:51  Vicki Davis  : www.ipl.org

 21:10:58  Durff  : http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com/

 21:11:01  peter  :  ipl.org

 21:11:08  Cathy Nelson  : love IPL

 21:11:18  Vicki Davis  : Maurita is a director for that.

 21:11:22  Jason Hando  : who funds IPL?

 21:11:28  Barbara  : thanks peter

 21:11:39  sharonp  : Adam - you mentioned a link on  your website - what is the link??

 21:11:45  Vicki Davis  : Maurita is on Vista and cannot type in the chat here.

 21:11:47  Vicki Davis  : We'll ask

 21:12:05  cathywo  : thanks for the correction Durff

 21:12:11  patruffing  : it is such a struggle for tech people to coordinate with curriculum...time to meet with teachers and coordinate for team teaching is so scarce

 21:12:28  Durff  : it is

 21:12:30  AdamH  : http://sitemaker.umich.edu/adamh/place_out_of_time

 21:12:37  Jason Hando  : the tyranny of the urgent Pat

 21:12:47  patruffing  : yes

 21:13:43  sharonp  : sorry Adam - think I misunderstood - I see that link - thought there was another one from there

 21:14:03  AdamH  : oh, i'm sorry!

 21:14:05  sharonp  : I have a few thoughts and questions tonight....

 21:14:25  sharonp  : s"okay Adam - the website is great - makes me drool as a teacher

 21:15:15  sharonp  : Would like to know what these folks think of Second Life as a MUVE for education?

 21:15:33  Vicki Davis  : ics.soe.umich.edu

 21:15:35  Jason Hando  : good question Sharon

 21:15:45  sharonp  : great Vicki - faster than me!

 21:16:04  sharonp  : I know of at least two initiatives for Second Life

 21:16:38  sharonp  : Firstly, I know that my employer, LEARN, has bought an island in SL hoping to do some socio-constructivist projects there (yet to be defined??)

 21:16:42  Vicki Davis  : Shar will you be able to unmute?

 21:16:47  Vicki Davis  : yourself?

 21:16:48  alicebarr  : Hi Angela

 21:16:55  sharonp  : yes, can unmute me

 21:17:00  sharonp  : if you can bear the ec ho

 21:17:01  Angela Roy  : Hi Alice

 21:17:14  Vicki Davis  : Just wanted you to ask them the question after we cover this and then poetry project.

 21:17:32  Barbara  : Just saw the poetry project..very nice

 21:17:42  Jeff Stanzler  : Trying again with the wiki:http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com/

 21:17:58  Vicki Davis  : Everyone our four presenters tonight are on landline telephones so we do not have a skype backchannel as usual so you'll get a little "housekeeping comments"

 21:18:15  Vicki Davis  : http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com

 21:18:21  Vicki Davis  : The wiki: messed that one up.

 21:18:40  sharonp  : secondly, big kudos to Dave Cormier for his initiative in Prince Edward Island - Anne of Green Gables Project - sizable CAnadian federal government grant to recreate 19th century PEI in Second Life - quite a big project using digitized archives

 21:19:08  dnorman  : @sharonp: is there a URL fo Dave's SL project?

 21:19:09  Vicki Davis  : Hey John.

 21:19:12  Durff  : slurl?

 21:19:20  JohnPederson  : evenign kidz

 21:19:22  kevin_sandridge  : Jeff... are you guys working on anything related to Middle School Tech Ed? (Electronics, flight, engineering, etc.)

 21:19:27  Durff  : hi john

 21:19:59  peter  :   not flight but we can

 21:20:05  patruffing  : who has a password, just the other students?

 21:20:12  Jeff Stanzler  : If someone could let me know if the wiki address is working?

 21:20:15  patruffing  : and teachers?

 21:20:21  kevin_sandridge  : got to the wiki

 21:20:35  Vicki Davis  : Links to all of these simulations are at http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com

 21:20:37  Jason Hando  : http://sleducation.wikispaces.com is a great collection of projects in SL

 21:20:41  Jeff Stanzler  : thanks, kevin

 21:20:49  kevin_sandridge  : ubet

 21:20:56  Durff  : great json

 21:21:01  Durff  : jason

 21:21:17  Durff  : oh there goes that 'A' again

 21:21:27  Jason Hando  : :-)

 21:21:34  sharonp  : wow that IPG looks amazing! My daughter, as a budding poet, would love a place like this to stretch her skills!

 21:21:45  dnorman  : thanks, vicki. All I had was Dave's blog post.

 21:21:58  peter  : drop jeff an email @ [email protected]

 21:21:58  Jeff Stanzler  : We welcome poets one by one, Sharon!

 21:22:09  Vicki Davis  : Dave's blog post?  What did I do D'Arcy?

 21:22:12  Vicki Davis  : ;-)

 21:22:18  sharonp  : really good point about limitations of hardware and bandwidth!

 21:22:36  peter  : include your phone and we can start putting our heads together

 21:22:52  Vicki Davis  : That is an issue and if you don't own an island as we didn't it was a problem for us to find mmeaningful places for us.

 21:22:54  dnorman  : keep hearing the Smoke Beast from Lost in  A. Not complaining. A pretty cool effect :-)

 21:22:57  Vicki Davis  : I think it has great potential.

 21:23:03  Durff  : many schools won't allow the download

 21:23:12  Vicki Davis  : Smoke Beast from Lost?  Ha ha!

 21:23:17  Vicki Davis  : Am I the smoke beast?

 21:23:18  Durff  : but one can run SL on a thunbdrive

 21:23:27  Durff  : on Mojopac - i think

 21:23:44  Vicki Davis  : ha ha!

 21:23:45  dnorman  : @vicki: I just googled for Dave's PEI project, and the only relevant hit was his blog post.

 21:23:47  Jason Hando  : has anyone ever seen the teacher simulation where u control the class?

 21:23:52  Durff  : smoke beast? what is that?

 21:23:54  Vicki Davis  : Oh!  OK.

 21:24:10  dnorman  : if you watch Lost, you'd recognize the sound...

 21:24:27  kevin_sandridge  : do we need to dl a program to get into 2nd life?  Firefox doesn't recognized the app

 21:24:27  patruffing  : someone breathing into the microphone

 21:24:29  DBragg  : Lost?  TV? what's that?

 21:24:30  Durff  : Vicki did jason

 21:24:40  Vicki Davis  : OH, I'll mute me in case but we have four telephones on here.

 21:24:46  Vicki Davis  : I have a new mike, I'm goign to mute me.

 21:24:53  Jason Hando  : it was pretty cool - don't have link but u could google it

 21:24:55  sharonp  : Dave Cormier's description fo the Living Archives - www.davecormier.com/edblog/

 21:25:21  Durff  : kevin - yes

 21:25:21  sharonp  : yes, one needs to download a program to use Second Life

 21:25:22  Vicki Davis  : Perhaps it is the smoke beast mike!

 21:25:31  Durff  : SL is a download

 21:25:41  Vicki Davis  : www.secondlife.com

 21:25:46  Durff  : and continuously updates

 21:25:47  dnorman  : and you get to update SL every time you launch it :-)

 21:25:55  sharonp  : ARe you also measuring for critical thinking skills?

 21:26:12  Durff  : it's so much fun

 21:26:36  sharonp  : I can certainly believe that there are significant learning gains for students from this approach - but it is always nice (and somewhat necessary) to be able to document it!

 21:27:03  Durff  : for the admin anyway

 21:29:04  Jason Hando  : can a school use some of these simulations - like the arab-israeli one at umich?

 21:29:16  peter  :  sure

 21:29:20  Jeff Stanzler  : You bet, Jason!

 21:29:23  christine southard  : Hey!  Where is everybody? :D

 21:29:25  Jason Hando  : how do they gain access?

 21:29:33  sharonp  : good question Jason - we would love to be able to use these great apps too!

 21:29:38  Jason Hando  : I'd like to recommend to our History Faculty here

 21:29:49  Vicki Davis  : It is incredible what they've done with having the university students actually work with the students.

 21:29:59  Vicki Davis  : It adds an intelligence that a program just wouldn't have.

 21:30:00  sharonp  : would love to show my former dept head of English at my last school

 21:30:00  Barbara  : Is it through the wiki?

 21:30:04  vincej  : is fun an indicator for student engagement?

 21:30:04  peter  : just drop jeff a line.  he'll put you on the list

 21:30:12  Durff  : no

 21:30:18  Jason Hando  : ok, will do

 21:30:29  Durff  : but it shouldn't be an exclusion

 21:30:41  Barbara  : Can we reach Jeff through the wiki?

 21:30:46  sharonp  : can be one indicator - might need to more to get fuller sense

 21:30:50  vincej  : is this relative to the tool used? these are some of the measures that I think should be logged

 21:30:52  Jason Hando  : gotta run to class - thanks everyone, a great show!

 21:30:52  Vicki Davis  : No, sometimes it is NOT fun.

 21:30:55  Vicki Davis  : But sometimes it is.

 21:30:59  peter  : [email protected]

 21:31:01  Vicki Davis  : Bye Jason.

 21:31:12  Vicki Davis  : Audience is important.

 21:31:12  sharonp  : thanks for joining us Jason!

 21:31:25  Jason Hando  : Bye Vicki, bye Sharon

 21:31:26  Durff  : bye jason

 21:31:28  Vicki Davis  : No, I think that it is odd that when my students are having fun, I always get asked about what they are learning.

 21:31:28  vincej  : agreed fun may not be..connect to learning

 21:31:31  Jason Hando  : Bye Lisa

 21:31:33  sharonp  : I think audience is absolutely critical for collaborative exercises

 21:31:39  Vicki Davis  : I think it is human nature.

 21:31:51  ChristineSouthard  : I agree w/ you Sharon

 21:31:59  sharonp  : lately studies have shown the benefits of sociality in learning process

 21:32:01  Durff  : you mean a wider audience

 21:32:10  Vicki Davis  : Audience is a key operative that I think should be measured in research -- the existence of a real or perceived audience and its effect on performance in the classroom.

 21:32:15  sharonp  : yes - audience of more than just teacher

 21:32:17  ChristineSouthard  : They have other people to impress beside their teachers

 21:32:17  Durff  : because the participants are the audience

 21:32:29  Durff  : like a global audience?

 21:32:31  ChristineSouthard  : authentic experiences

 21:32:35  Vicki Davis  : Yes, global.

 21:32:44  Vicki Davis  : Or if you're in a walled situation -- a perceived audience there.

 21:32:45  ChristineSouthard  : like a global audiences are super motivators

 21:32:56  sharonp  : global or at least possibility of one other engaged audience (i.e. another class at a distance)

 21:32:58  Durff  : yup

 21:33:05  Vicki Davis  : Yes, Sharon.

 21:33:09  Barbara  : the mentoring helps the students devlop the expert voices that Darren K talks about

 21:33:26  Jeff Stanzler  : Thanks, Pete...good catch!

 21:33:37  sharonp  : yes - mentoring has a great potential - works both ways in developing experts

 21:33:39  ChristineSouthard  : Even a clustr map creates interest... the audience who responds is the icing on the cake.

 21:33:51  Vicki Davis  : And I bet it makes the college students also have a great place as an expert where they are at the "bottom" of the "food chain."

 21:33:56  Vicki Davis  : Yes, clustr maps are great.

 21:34:18  sharonp  : face to face mentors??

 21:34:38  peter  : both online and face to face

 21:34:53  sharonp  : great - blended is best! (that's my motto!)

 21:34:55  Barbara  : f2f can be powerful or intimidating it all depends

 21:35:01  peter  : sometimes the assumed characters come to school to visit

 21:35:06  Durff  : VOIP & videoconference mentors?

 21:35:30  ChristineSouthard  : VOIP & Skyping would make super mentoring opportunities

 21:35:34  Jeff Stanzler  : Barbara, my ed tech class has internships built in and one of the internship opportunities is to be a blog mentor. We're working with Darren and are looking for more opportunities...

 21:35:39  kevin_sandridge  : what types of subject areas do the mentors cover?

 21:35:55  sharonp  : you are working with DArren K for blog mentoring??

 21:36:11  Cathy Nelson  : that is so cool Jeff

 21:36:20  patruffing  : @Jeff: What age groups do you work with?

 21:36:28  Jeff Stanzler  : Some are clear cut Poetry Guild-English. Others, like Place out of time, draw students from all over...theatre majors business majors...

 21:36:40  Vicki Davis  : Adam is talking about his project.

 21:36:48  Vicki Davis  : Place out of time.

 21:37:12  Jeff Stanzler  : Pat, our poetry guild and MI matters reach to upper el. The rest are MS/HS, Pat.

 21:37:28  sharonp  : how cool is that?? Blog mentoring! I also like this Poot mentors - links to real people - adds an entirely new dimension to the learning experience!

 21:37:30  patruffing  : thanks...wasn't sure if you were talking about just hs here

 21:37:38  Vicki Davis  : What mentors?

 21:37:54  Durff  : so jeff how would we join if we had a ms or hs class?

 21:37:56  Cathy Nelson  : all kinds of ideas are spinning out

 21:38:09  Jeff Stanzler  : Just send me an [email protected]

 21:38:27  Cathy Nelson  : look for one from me Jeff

 21:38:31  Durff  : ok jeff

 21:38:45  sharonp  : I would love to know more as well!

 21:38:47  Jeff Stanzler  : Wonderful, Cathy...you too, Durff.

 21:39:03  Barbara  : Love to see some examples...are there any?

 21:39:06  patruffing  : I would like to investigate the possibilities as well

 21:39:06  Jeff Stanzler  : I'll get you more info, Sharon...we'll talk

 21:39:46  Jeff Stanzler  : Barbara, if you go to the wiki, you'll see visitor logins for many of the projects to see LOTS of examples...

 21:39:53  sharonp  : would love to highlight your program somehow at LEARN here in Qu?©bec

 21:39:58  Jeff Stanzler  : That's great, Pat.

 21:40:17  Barbara  : Thanks Jeff...that will help me show and tell with the teachers..i am a principal

 21:40:58  Jeff Stanzler  : In our early years, we got a running start thanks to working with the Peel Board outside Toronto. Would love to reestablish links in your wonderful country...

 21:41:02  Vicki Davis  : Goodness time is flying.

 21:41:11  Durff  : Jeff - don't have class assignments yet, but am interested

 21:41:14  Jeff Stanzler  : Let me know what else you need, Barbara

 21:41:34  vincej  : Jeff..I also work at LEARN count yourself in...

 21:41:39  Jeff Stanzler  : we're here when you're ready, Durff ;-)

 21:41:51  Durff  : Time flies when you are in the 'flow'

 21:41:53  Jeff Stanzler  : Thanks, Vince

 21:42:12  Durff  : thanks jeff

 21:42:13  Cathy Nelson  : I can't wait for this to be posted tomorrow

 21:42:26  Cathy Nelson  : i will be sharig like crazy

 21:42:31  Cathy Nelson  : sharing

 21:42:57  patruffing  : good point Vicki

 21:43:55  Vicki Davis  : They are really doing some great things.

 21:44:21  Cathy Nelson  : true authentic and engaged lerning too

 21:44:26  Cathy Nelson  : learning

 21:44:38  Jeff Stanzler  : [email protected]

 21:44:45  peter  : [email protected]

 21:45:31  Vicki Davis  : We need the wiki again for these links.

 21:45:34  Cathy Nelson  : truly global

 21:45:41  Durff  : Woo-Hoo!

 21:45:46  Vicki Davis  : I lost it could someone drop it back in for those who want it?

 21:46:08  patruffing  : http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com

 21:46:11  Barbara  : http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com/Place+out+of+Time

 21:46:13  Vicki Davis  : Thanks Pat!

 21:46:17  sharonp  : thanks Pat and Barb

 21:46:19  Vicki Davis  : And Barbara!

 21:46:32  sharonp  : NIce to see you here tonight Barb (such a good time in Boston!)

 21:47:01  Barbara  : Miss the f2f! It was great

 21:47:05  Cathy Nelson  : Sharon & Barbara thanks for the great pix and skypechat conversations!

 21:47:41  sharonp  : Jeff - I am going to be in Windsor next week (minutes away from Michigan) - any chance of a f2f meeting for a podcast interview??

 21:47:53  Barbara  : Love the thinking he is describing

 21:48:08  sharonp  : and/or with Adam and/or Maurita

 21:48:13  Jeff Stanzler  : Happy to do it, Sharon. I'd love to have the chance to talk with you in person.

 21:48:21  Cathy Nelson  : arts integration too

 21:48:30  Cathy Nelson  : best of both worlds

 21:48:56  sharonp  : we'll be in touch - (can't wait to do Mexican Village in Detroit on Monday for dinner! ;-)

 21:49:15  Durff  : mexican!

 21:49:21  Durff  : yum!

 21:49:30  Barbara  : This is what it means to break down the classroom walls...we could never provise such a rich enviorment within our own 4 walls

 21:49:46  Barbara  : provise+provide

 21:49:51  Durff  : the beauty of web2.0

 21:50:05  Jeff Stanzler  : I appreciate the comment, Barbara...I hope we're helping in that way

 21:51:18  Vicki Davis  : I think what they are doing with Place out of Time and the other projects are so very important.

 21:51:32  Vicki Davis  : Role playing.

 21:52:27  Vicki Davis  : http://umsimulations.wikispaces.com/ has a list of all of the simulations

 21:52:41  Vicki Davis  : And information on how you can contact them to join in these exciting projects.

 21:53:28  Jeff Stanzler  : We also have a website that describes our projects and some of the work being done by our colleagues at U of M-Flint

 21:53:38  Jeff Stanzler  : http://icss.oe.umich.edu

 21:53:54  Jeff Stanzler  : Oops. http://ics.soe.umich.edu

 21:54:21  sharonp  : Context helps students understand and appreciate their own context

 21:54:43  Durff  : and it helps adults too

 21:54:50  Jeff Stanzler  : That's nicely said, Sharon...

 21:54:58  Durff  : knowledge is contextual

 21:55:03  sharonp  : hey, how about this, Vicki - we haven't lost a single guest tonight!

 21:55:13  Durff  : yeah!

 21:55:24  Vicki Davis  : Yeah!

 21:55:29  Vicki Davis  : A few chatters but that is typical.

 21:55:39  Vicki Davis  : WE lost 2 before the show started.

 21:55:55  sharonp  : and I thought we had a rocky road ahead of us - but we flowed nicely

 21:56:00  Durff  : but that doesn't count

 21:56:09  Barbara  : Do any other state universities have something like Michigan matters?

 21:56:13  sharonp  : very nice - thinking across age levels

 21:56:18  Durff  : only what happens during counts

 21:56:24  sharonp  : building skills in empathy

 21:57:32  sharonp  : I can see language learning could also be a part of this (as someone in a milieu where my language group is the minority)

 21:59:10  Jeff Stanzler  : We used to do a french poetry guild, Sharon :-)

 21:59:15  sharonp  : elements of relevance, audience, cross-generational communication, risk-taking for improved learning

 21:59:29  sharonp  : cool!

 22:00:01  patruffing  : we remember 10% of what we hear....80% of what we experience, etc

 22:00:13  sharonp  : but I can see where these simulations can also be used to teach language skills (for second language learners) as well as historical and cultural

 22:00:19  Jeff Stanzler  : It was hard to sustain back in the day, but I think you have just the right idea...maybe now's the time.

 22:00:49  Jeff Stanzler  : Amen, Pat!

 22:00:56  sharonp  : yes, Jeff - in my context, we struggle in a culture where both languages are demanded

 22:01:03  Durff  : ummm....dale's cone?

 22:01:24  Durff  : have we seen the blog posts re that?

 22:01:26  sharonp  : and not all of our students in Qu?©bec find learning the other language easy

 22:01:31  peter  : we're talking about risk takers when students get punished for making mistakes....

 22:01:43  peter  : what a wonderful complication

 22:01:48  Durff  : we make mistakes

 22:01:59  AdamH  : As a former historian, I think that these simulations really do bring the subject matter to a level that history was MEANT to be engaged on

 22:02:03  Durff  : how else does one learn?

 22:02:37  Vicki Davis  : We have got to encourage mistake making.

 22:02:45  Durff  : yup

 22:02:47  Vicki Davis  : Innovation is about making mistakes and so is creativity.

 22:02:47  AdamH  : absolutely

 22:02:54  Vicki Davis  : Seeing brainstorming is so very important.

 22:02:59  DBragg  : and how to handle mistakes

 22:03:29  Jeff Stanzler  : That's great, Vicki. OuR mentor Fred told me that "anything worth doing is worth doing badly" ;-)

 22:03:34  Vicki Davis  : Ha ha!

 22:04:06  Barbara  : Thanks this was great ..I've got to run

 22:04:08  Cathy Nelson  : over and out until the 21

 22:04:17  Barbara  : bye

 22:04:25  Durff  : bye

 22:04:34  vincej  : bye barbara

 22:04:41  vincej  : bye lisa

 22:04:49  Durff  : bye

 22:04:56  sharonp  : blah blah blah - hate talking with that echo

 22:05:08  Durff  : but you did great

 22:05:10  sharonp  : feel like I have oatmeal in my mouth!!

 22:05:13  vincej  : what echo..Mac

 22:05:17  sharonp  : funny what the brain does in that situation

 22:05:18  Durff  : ewww!

 22:06:14  Durff  : nite ladies! great show!!

 22:06:37  AdamH  : goodnight!

 22:06:44  Vicki Davis  : Goodnight everyone!  Thank you so much for coming.!

 22:06:58  Jeff Stanzler  : Thanks SO much, Sharon and Vicki!!

 22:07:04  Vicki Davis  : It was great!


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