Women of Web Show #38, We are Back!

The Back to School show.We asked our guests and ourselves to consider the following.

What are your dreams and visions for this school year? 07-08.
Question for all participants.
Many of us have had the past 8-12 weeks off from school. During this time what new things have surfaced that you are beginning to put into your plan for your schools in the upcoming school year?
What is the most exciting thing you are going to introduce?
What is your goal, vision for the year? By next June 2008, my community, my staff, my students will be on board and able to do........

We were lucky to start off with Kristin Hokanson
Keystone Technology Integrator / Discovery Educator
Classrooms for the Future Coach, Upper Merion Area School District


Blog: http://khokanson.blogspot.com
Website: http://snipurl.com/UMHokanson http://theconnectedclassroom .org

Thanks Kristin!

  Janetta Garton- joined us from Willard East School.

The chat lives below, there was a lot happening!

20:42:31 coolcatteacher Hey guys!

20:42:52 jgarton hi vicki

20:43:15 JenWagner HELLO ROOM!!!!!

20:43:23 charbeck hi jen

20:43:25 JenWagner We are BACK!!!!!

20:43:30 jgarton hello jen

20:44:27 sharonp welcome everyone - so great to be back in the saddle!

20:44:43 jgarton hi sharonp

20:46:22 coolcatteacher Hey guys.

20:46:30 coolcatteacher Start sharing your cool stuff if you're here!

20:46:35 Jason Hando Hi Everyone, how long til WoW gets cracking?

20:46:40 coolcatteacher Just a moment.

20:46:47 coolcatteacher Hey, guy, we've missed you!

20:46:51 coolcatteacher How is it down under?

20:47:04 Jason Hando down under is you beaut!

20:47:23 coolcatteacher I'm not sure I understand that statement, Jason!

20:47:23 LisaParisi hi all

20:47:26 coolcatteacher ;-)

20:47:26 Jason Hando busy setting and chacking exams! and looking forward to the show

20:47:38 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Chris Harbeck, want to sound check in a minute

20:48:10 Jason Hando thats ok, its an aussie thing!

20:48:24 JenWagner Hi Jason -- do you SLEEP???

20:49:13 Jason Hando Hi Jen, its almost 11 am here so would be kinda strange if I was asleep LOL

20:49:32 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back how is the sound?

20:49:41 Jason Hando but maybe my wife is cause she was up all night with the bub

20:49:54 LisaParisi ah sound

20:50:07 JenWagner LOL

20:50:15 Lori HI

20:50:15 coolcatteacher Poor wife!

20:50:21 JenWagner I thought it was already TOMORROW for you Jason

20:50:23 coolcatteacher Is everyone in schol now?

20:50:27 jgarton yes

20:50:31 Lori figured out Safari worked but not Firefox on my computer

20:50:41 coolcatteacher Where is everyone in the world?

20:50:44 Lori I started school yesterday

20:50:47 Lori in IL

20:50:48 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back both sides of conversation? yet

20:50:59 Jason Hando Sydney, Australia

20:51:00 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back how is the chat room?

20:51:05 coolcatteacher Camilla, GA

20:51:09 Jason Hando Hi Cez

20:51:12 Jason Hando Chez

20:51:13 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back where are yo u from? me, Wells, ME

20:51:14 sharonp Montr?©al Canada

20:51:15 Diane H. Hi everyone...sounds good!

20:51:18 JenWagner choose your COLOR NOW -- bottom left icon of chat

20:51:22 sharonp Hi Diane!

20:51:28 JenWagner I am blue

20:51:29 Diane H. Hi sharon

20:51:33 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hello all

20:51:38 JenWagner Nope blue green

20:51:41 Lori I"m purple

20:51:43 Lori or pink

20:51:44 sharonp Am excited to see everyone

20:51:49 jgarton doing good in Missouri

20:51:58 Diane H. How's my colour?

20:52:02 Jason Hando purple for me

20:52:04 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back great colors

20:52:07 LisaParisi colors don't show for me so let me know if i copied someone

20:52:09 JenWagner DianeH -- great color

20:52:11 jgarton red

20:52:17 JenWagner Lisa -- you are our NEWEST WOW 2 MEMBER

20:52:18 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back lisaP, great flamingo pink

20:52:20 Lori Lisa you are pink like me

20:52:21 JenWagner congrats!!!!!

20:52:22 Lori I'll change

20:52:22 sharonp Okay too many chose blue green

20:52:30 Diane H. I'll change

20:52:34 LisaParisi i think i signed up before but thanks jen

20:52:40 LisaParisi maybe not

20:52:44 Lori Now I'm peach

20:52:44 JenWagner hmmm -- it just came on

20:52:50 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hello Larry,, so good to see all these folks for the back to school.

20:53:01 LisaParisi is this color better?

20:53:08 Lori aqua Lisa

20:53:10 Diane H. rasberry...cool

20:53:15 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back no lisap, that is too light

20:53:33 LisaParisi better cheryl?

20:53:46 Diane H. sounding like The View :-)

20:53:57 Lori I can see that LisaP

20:53:59 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back that is better Lisap, darker

20:53:59 melindaj Hello all, I'm Melinda (a newbie) from Sydney Australia too ... hi Jason!

20:54:09 coolcatteacher Hey Melinda!

20:54:32 jen_moy hello everyone! i'm Jen from PA

20:54:33 coolcatteacher I love the down under folks -- such a great perspective and I love learning all of the new words!

20:54:34 jgarton hi streamers

20:54:44 coolcatteacher Larry, I'm so glad you're here!

20:54:51 coolcatteacher glad everyone is here.

20:54:59 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hey, Chris please do the traditional sound check

20:55:03 Cathy N (SC) where is the stream?

20:55:22 loria Ok listening now too

20:55:29 Larry.Carlton I'm glad to be back.

20:55:57 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back trouble shooting like webcast academy

20:56:00 Kristin Hokanson Hi everyone testing my orange text :)

20:56:19 charbeck go cheryl go

20:56:47 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks Chris, so good to have you back

20:57:00 jgarton yes scratchy

20:57:07 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Welcome all, just ready for the show

20:57:26 sharonp Hi Bud!

20:57:37 jgarton lol

20:57:41 sharonp oops.... connection issues??

20:57:46 mjantzi Greetings from Virginia!

20:58:10 LisaParisi yay webcast academy!

20:58:16 Diane H. Just like the first day of school...have we done this before?

20:58:17 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back you are so right

20:58:35 JenWagner Hey Bud

20:58:40 sharonp Hi Bud! Connection issues?

20:58:50 JenWagner thanks for all of you taking the time to enjoy tonight with us

20:58:51 Bud Evenin'

20:59:00 loria Hi Jen

20:59:07 Bud think I'm all fized, sharon, thanks

20:59:09 Bud oops

20:59:11 Bud fixed

20:59:27 coolcatteacher Chris -- I thought we were losing you!

20:59:41 LisaParisi go jen

20:59:44 charbeck summer is over. the routine is back!!

20:59:55 charbeck long live wow tuesdays

20:59:57 Cathy N (SC) is there a tream yet?

21:00:04 Diane H. In Canada we still have more summer :-)

21:00:20 JenWagner my summer ended 3 weeks ago -- and I am in So California

21:00:23 sharonp Hi Cheri!!

21:00:24 CheriT Welcome back!

21:00:30 CheriT Hi Sharon!!!

21:00:40 charbeck Augest means thinking about school end of Augest means work work work

21:00:43 coolcatteacher CCCCCCHHHHHEEEEERRRRRRIIII!! I've missed you!

21:00:46 loria Hi Colleen

21:00:51 LisaParisi Hi Colleen

21:00:53 coolcatteacher Hey Karen!

21:00:58 LisaParisi Hi Karen

21:00:59 ColleenK Hi Lor, Hi Lisa

21:01:01 coolcatteacher I could say hey to everyone one of you!

21:01:02 Karen Janowski Great to have you back Vicki!

21:01:05 Larry.Carlton HI Cheri

21:01:06 CheriT Meeee tooooo Vicki!!!

21:01:14 sharonp So great to see all you peeps - feels like I am back with old friends!

21:01:16 ColleenK Glad you made it in, Lori!

21:01:16 coolcatteacher hee hee!

21:01:20 CheriT Hi Larry - how are you feeling?

21:01:21 Cathy N (SC) finally found the stream

21:01:32 loria yes I even am in chat this time

21:01:34 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Welcome to Cheri and the extended group!

21:01:35 Karen Janowski feels like fall here - 65!

21:01:43 Larry.Carlton Late this afternoon much better

21:01:45 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back yes, I am wearing fleece

21:01:56 LisaParisi 58 here karen

21:01:56 Cathy N (SC) hot here--100 degrees

21:02:04 CheriT Hi Cheryl - a couple of my faithful teachers are here

21:02:06 JenWagner http://www.fauxto.com/user/signOut.asp

21:02:09 coolcatteacher We've had so many days over 100 and now it is hot!

21:02:10 Karen Janowski Lisa saw you in the DEN webinar

21:02:12 Karen Janowski where are you?

21:02:12 coolcatteacher Over 90 or so.

21:02:13 JenWagner why don't we do location and temperatures

21:02:17 Cathy N (SC) i love fuxto

21:02:19 JenWagner Corona, CA 99 degrees

21:02:19 CheriT I mean teacher-students

21:02:21 sharonp http://onlinefacilitation.wikispaces.com/Twitter+Collaboration+Stories

21:02:24 Cathy N (SC) fauxto

21:02:30 JenWagner http://www.fauxto.com/user/signOut.aspx

21:02:43 CheriT Normal, IL 87 degrees 95% humidity

21:02:47 Diane H. Collingwood Ontario 18 degrees celsius

21:03:06 JenWagner is it raining Cheri???

21:03:09 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back bob sprankle just blogged about twitter at www.speedofcreativity.org, Wes Fryer's blog

21:03:11 JenWagner HEY JOHN

21:03:17 CheriT nope

21:03:20 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back ijohn, hola!

21:03:21 LisaParisi i hear you fine

21:03:25 JohnPederson evening!

21:03:26 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back hello Aliceb

21:03:29 Bud hi, john!

21:03:30 JenWagner so how can it be 95% humidity

21:03:35 CheriT Hi Alice

21:03:39 Cathy N (SC) sprankles story is mine

21:03:40 ColleenK Hi Alice!

21:03:42 JenWagner sorry -- I don't understand humidity

21:03:45 LisaParisi I love twitter!

21:03:47 CheriT Jen - that's the nature of the midwest :-)

21:03:51 Karen Janowski WOWOWOWOW - look how many people in room!

21:03:53 loria love twitter too

21:04:03 jgarton twitter newbie, still learning

21:04:05 LisaParisi getting addicted

21:04:07 Cathy N (SC) yall--just like a souther girl!

21:04:08 mjantzi twitter is great!

21:04:13 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hi Vince!!!

21:04:16 JenWagner 31 in chat room

21:04:20 Karen Janowski love twitter - great distractor!

21:04:20 CheriT Jen - you're such a Californian ... from one Cali to another

21:04:27 Cathy N (SC) and im at the beach--Myrtle Beach SC

21:04:28 vincej Hi Cheryl..Hi Anne

21:04:38 Karen Janowski Vicki,

21:04:40 LisaParisi did you just twitter this?

21:04:44 Karen Janowski what was the personal use?

21:04:49 JenWagner I am a 4th generation

21:04:49 sharonp Hi Bob!

21:04:54 coolcatteacher Goign to drop in the links.

21:04:56 coolcatteacher Just a second.

21:05:00 Kristin Hokanson vicki--I actually searched my maiden name and it has EVERY plcaice I ever lived

21:05:07 coolcatteacher Looking at it - http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2007/08/teen-cops-guilt.html

21:05:10 Cathy N (SC) wouldn't that be 10% or less and maybe under fair use?

21:05:12 JenWagner Hi Michael

21:05:22 JenWagner I don't think so CathyN -- not on new releases

21:05:24 coolcatteacher http://www.intelius.com/

21:05:29 JenWagner but I could be wrong

21:05:49 JenWagner it is not a distributed movie yet -- right??

21:06:08 LisaParisi Wow thanks for that!

21:06:29 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back www.letterpop.com which has hooked up with FlickR so sweet

21:06:30 coolcatteacher My students want the gov't to notify the people who have been searched the name of the person who is searching them.

21:06:43 sharonp Hi JOyce!

21:06:44 JenWagner I know the person who designed LETTER POP

21:06:48 coolcatteacher Hey Joyce.

21:07:00 joycevalenza hi sharon and vicki!

21:07:02 vincej Hi Joyce

21:07:03 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back 34 people in chat

21:07:08 joycevalenza and kristen

21:07:12 Karen Janowski Hi, Kristin

21:07:20 Karen Janowski great to hear you - love your blogs

21:07:38 Cathy N (SC) He assured me his family is safe (Chris)

21:07:49 loria so many of my twitter friends are here

21:08:06 Cathy N (SC) thx for the tweet folks

21:08:07 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back welcome twitter friends

21:08:07 sharonp Prof dev is absolutely key when going one-to-one

21:08:17 sharonp HI there Brian!

21:08:20 Diane H. Hi Cathy

21:08:26 Cathy N (SC) Hello

21:08:27 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hi Brian!

21:08:28 JenWagner Look -- everyone I know on TWITTER

21:08:33 loria might ask some of you to be twitter friends

21:08:34 Brian Crosby Hi! Only here for short time.

21:08:38 Cathy N (SC) specif cathys pls

21:08:42 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks for stopping

21:08:43 joycevalenza hey tweets!

21:08:45 coolcatteacher Hey Brian.

21:08:49 LisaParisi loria...i'm always looking for more friends

21:08:54 coolcatteacher In the chat -- feel free to share your goals for the year.

21:08:54 LisaParisi what's your name?

21:08:57 Brian Crosby Hi Vicki

21:08:58 alicebarr Hey tweets!

21:08:59 jgarton I'm a twitter newbie and would appreciate being added to your conversations: jgarton is my twitter name

21:08:59 coolcatteacher This will make a great archive.

21:09:00 sharonp Hi Susan! Welcome!

21:09:01 loria you are my twitter friend lisa

21:09:05 loria its fsinfo

21:09:12 loria lol

21:09:12 coolcatteacher We love newbies!

21:09:14 Cathy N (SC) my twitter anme is cathyjo

21:09:21 sharonp speters is my twitter name

21:09:22 JenWagner jgarton -- I am jlwagner

21:09:22 Brian Crosby Whoopps - shorter than I thought ... gotta go

21:09:23 susanvg Hi Sharon

21:09:25 Karen Janowski twitter name is karenjan

21:09:36 Bud good grief, y'all have a hoppin' room

21:09:40 LisaParisi loria you confused me with your name here!

21:09:47 LisaParisi Lor, Lori, Loria

21:09:55 LisaParisi can't keep it all straight!

21:09:57 coolcatteacher OK, share your vision for this year, guys! If you're looking at the chat!

21:10:06 alicebarr Hi Lisa hi Loria

21:10:09 LisaParisi find me at lparisi on twitter

21:10:11 loria yep

21:10:12 jgarton thanks everyone for sharing twitter names

21:10:13 ColleenK Karen, I think you live fairly close to me.

21:10:15 Karen Janowski having our own kids certainly does motivate many of us!

21:10:25 charbeck twitter = charbeck

21:10:28 ColleenK I'm in Framingham

21:10:32 Karen Janowski Collen, where are you?

21:10:36 vincej twitter = vjansen

21:10:42 ColleenK Framingham, MA

21:10:44 Cathy N (SC) vision--get folks on board using the library--new school lib been painfully neglected

21:10:45 sharonp Vince, you twitter??

21:10:49 JenWagner Hi Colleen

21:10:49 loria where's Colleen?

21:10:50 susanvg twitter = susanvg

21:10:53 Bud jgarton - you've got it backwards - you add yourself to the conversation. Sort of.

21:10:53 coolcatteacher Great!

21:10:53 CheriT Twit: drctedd

21:10:54 ColleenK Hi Jen

21:10:57 coolcatteacher Cathy do you have computers!

21:11:00 JenWagner Good to see you!!!!

21:11:03 jen_moy go keystones!!!

21:11:06 coolcatteacher In your new library!

21:11:09 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back this chat will be published at edtechtalk with the podcast

21:11:12 Cathy N (SC) yes, roughly 20

21:11:13 Jason Hando great vision Cathy N

21:11:13 vincej tks sharon

21:11:18 Cathy N (SC) but old

21:11:24 Cathy N (SC) slow

21:11:29 JenWagner so jgarton -- look at all the twitter friends you have now

21:11:36 Cathy N (SC) got to start grant wtg rt away

21:11:40 sharonp betting you are a lurker....

21:11:55 JenWagner everyone who live in USA NEED to apply for Te@ch Grant through Best Buy

21:11:58 JenWagner I will get link

21:12:04 Cathy N (SC) YES

21:12:09 mjantzi twitter: mjantzi

21:12:15 coolcatteacher You have to be 50 miles from a Best Buy for the grant -- I'mat least 90 miles away!

21:12:16 JenWagner http://communications.bestbuy.com/communityrelations/teach.asp

21:12:17 Cathy N (SC) don't foget donors choose

21:12:17 sharonp we poor Canucks aren't so lucky with BEst Buy.... :-(

21:12:20 coolcatteacher And can't apply -- I was crushed!

21:12:22 mjantzi I'm not 50 miles from a Best Buy....bummer

21:12:28 JenWagner you need to find someone nearer

21:12:34 JenWagner I have 4 within 20 miles

21:12:39 charbeck tell me why since Canadians have best buy we do not have the same access to the bling!!

21:12:51 coolcatteacher We're out of the blingosphere here.

21:12:51 Cathy N (SC) good q

21:12:55 JenWagner Chris -- check again -- maybe the rules change

21:12:59 sharonp I even emailed and asked!

21:13:02 coolcatteacher I checked lasat week.

21:13:03 Jason Hando bling = iPhone?

21:13:08 jgates that's the toughest thing to get teachers to think about - reaching a global audience

21:13:15 coolcatteacher When you wrote about it? Didn't you talk about it recently?

21:13:21 joycevalenza i got rejected by best buy twice. :-(

21:13:23 Cathy N (SC) finidng many 2.0 tools blocked in new district

21:13:26 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hi Michael, welcom

21:13:27 Cathy N (SC) ': (

21:13:36 coolcatteacher Jen needs to tell us her "tricks"

21:13:39 jgates nice job kristin!

21:13:41 JenWagner Joyce -- let me check yours if you wish -- if I get it -- it will be 5 ina row

21:13:49 lori.sheldon well stated Kristin

21:13:50 JenWagner grins -- tricks -- nope DREAMS

21:13:53 susanvg Hi Anne - Susan - here

21:13:57 joycevalenza wow, jen!

21:13:59 charbeck Jen needs to write the apps for everyone and take a commisssion

21:14:02 coolcatteacher Jen is batting a 1000!

21:14:05 JenWagner 10%

21:14:07 vincej Hi Susan...

21:14:07 JenWagner LOL

21:14:12 Kristin Hokanson ha ha apparently I have lots of friends listening in this evening :)

21:14:13 coolcatteacher OK, she is the blinginator!

21:14:18 JenWagner lets see -- 8 schools -- $250 -- each

21:14:22 charbeck Job number 501 for her

21:14:23 susanvg to Anne - That will be a shift - Sherbrooke from Cookshire!

21:14:27 mjantzi Thanks Kristin.

21:14:32 jgarton Bud: Thanks for the tip.

21:14:35 JenWagner hmmm -- new computer -- NO -- new PLASMA TV

21:14:38 Cathy N (SC) Hi Ann

21:14:47 JenWagner smiles -- chris, not yet, only 499 :)

21:14:50 CheriT Hi Ann

21:14:51 charbeck mini mac attached to new plasma tv

21:15:01 JenWagner ohhhh -- or Ipod -- that is my goal

21:15:18 Karen Janowski realize i'm a lousy multitasker tonight - can't follow everything

21:15:24 loria I tried for ipods last year

21:15:25 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back oh, chris, that is just very cool

21:15:28 loria rejected

21:15:35 JenWagner 34 still in chat

21:15:37 LisaParisi me either karen but i now have many new twitter friends

21:15:38 JenWagner wow

21:15:41 jgarton Jen: I'm excited. Tomorrow twittering will be a new experience

21:15:53 charbeck no I do not have my mini attached... just a dream for jen!

21:16:01 JenWagner Jgarton -- I am so happy for you -- twitter is great fun

21:16:19 Kristin Hokanson if you have a twitter stream add your name here in the list to follow

21:16:27 JenWagner grins -- and 3 months ago -- I didn't think so :) I scoffed at Twitter

21:16:36 Kristin Hokanson twitter= khokanson

21:16:49 Karen Janowski twitter - karenjan

21:17:01 lori.sheldon twitter=skutchmom

21:17:02 jgates **I STILL don't 'get' Twitter** :-(

21:17:15 JenWagner jgates -- just try it with the names given tonight

21:17:17 Cathy N (SC) i luv twitter

21:17:19 Diane H. Great idea for a Science Fair!

21:17:21 loria twitter - fsinfo

21:17:21 JenWagner I think you will get it

21:17:28 JenWagner takes a bit of time though

21:17:46 JenWagner or -- suddenly it HITS you and you get it

21:17:52 jgates I've been on before and I've .. tweeted :-) - but I just didn't like being that connected

21:17:53 sharonp Twitter, like any social netowrking service, depends on the QUALITY of your network -

21:17:55 JenWagner that is how it impacted me

21:17:56 Jason Hando twitter is awesome - one way I find out about intrstg events and tech

21:18:03 Cathy N (SC) i agree u must lurl for a bit

21:18:06 CheriT jgates - it's like continual connection and ongoing professional development

21:18:22 jgarton When my hardware guys find out my twitter there will be no end to the teasing

21:18:26 JenWagner i didn't really get it until it said "Ryan Bretag is chatting with Jen Wagner in The Bloggers Cafe" and Mark Wagner came running up

21:18:26 sharonp if you have awesome peeps on your network (and please include us) - then you will find some treasures

21:18:29 Cathy N (SC) i luv the preview to blog posts a lot--tho some do not hink u should post blog urls

21:18:33 LisaParisi when i first started this summer, i hated twitter

21:18:36 JenWagner and I realized -- how powerful it is

21:18:41 LisaParisi didn't get it thought it was silly

21:18:47 charbeck one of the best ways to get people to read your blog posts is to twitter about it

21:18:48 LisaParisi then i started following some of you

21:18:51 LisaParisi now i get it

21:18:51 JenWagner lol -- sometimes it still is

21:18:54 joycevalenza twitter gives me my best leads

21:18:55 LisaParisi so powerful

21:18:59 LisaParisi get great blogs

21:19:01 LisaParisi sites

21:19:02 CheriT Hi Joyce!

21:19:03 LisaParisi ideas

21:19:03 sharonp I agree Cathy - this is how I am finding some great blog posts

21:19:04 jgarton I thought it was silly too, that's why I've waited so long to try it

21:19:06 Karen Janowski powerful but so distracting!!!

21:19:06 JenWagner twitter makes me laugh

21:19:09 Cathy N (SC) and u can get quick answers there

21:19:10 JenWagner and makes me cry

21:19:26 JenWagner like tonight -- we are waiting to hear if Mark Wagner is going to have a girl or boy

21:19:29 jgates maybe I shuld give it a second chance

21:19:31 JenWagner I think that that is cool

21:19:37 Karen Janowski scoble follows over 5,000 people, how does he do it?

21:19:38 sharonp Chris Lehmann had me in stitches with his twittering of conference sesions for principals....

21:19:47 Diane H. There's a fear though that some teachers feel they need to reach "mastery" level before they try new technologies. Need to balance starting slow with jumping in and getting your feet wet.

21:19:49 LisaParisi 5000 people is a bit crazy

21:19:52 JenWagner JibJab last week was HYSTERICAL

21:19:56 Pam Shoemaker twitter=shoemap

21:19:58 sharonp is Mark Wagner due any minute?

21:19:58 Cathy N (SC) I do watch to see how many friends--too many makes me skeptical

21:20:01 JenWagner the dancing heads had me smiling

21:20:06 JenWagner The ultrasound for baby

21:20:07 CheriT that was hilarious - Chris shared the positives and negatives of his pd

21:20:09 joycevalenza yes, jen!

21:20:16 sharonp teh WR and DJ jibjab??

21:20:21 jgarton dancing head, Will? I saw that one

21:20:29 JenWagner yep -- I howled

21:20:49 jgarton me too, my daughter came running in the room to see what had me lol

21:20:55 Diane H. Things change but you can do so many innovative things with even "old" tools.

21:20:56 ColleenK twitter = mathplayground

21:21:11 sharonp that jibjab was almost too much - almost sacriligious! I would *never* do that to my friends.... I think.... well, maybe..

21:21:14 joycevalenza we have to get used to messy learning

21:21:16 Cathy N (SC) twitter=playground in gnral

21:21:17 Karen Janowski my kids watched me in twitter - they thought it was so lame - facebook talk for adults

21:21:17 Diane H. Sometimes??? Mess-up is a given!

21:21:30 Kristin Hokanson markwagner ultrasound his eve

21:21:34 JenWagner LOL -- Sharon so I am safe??

21:21:38 Cathy N (SC) blogs blocked at school but NOT twitter

21:21:43 Diane H. We need to give up our expert role.

21:21:43 Cathy N (SC) go figure

21:21:44 JenWagner do we know the baby's sex yet??

21:21:57 mrichme not yet

21:21:59 Cathy N (SC) i did not see it posted yet

21:22:00 LisaParisi my students tend to learn faster than me

21:22:04 Cathy N (SC) mark oh mark where are u?

21:22:07 LisaParisi then they show me how to do things

21:22:18 Karen Janowski yes, lisa

21:22:29 joycevalenza i just hope we can integrate traditional skills into new landscapes

21:22:33 Karen Janowski i ask my son to show me when he learns something cool (he's 17)

21:22:35 LisaParisi and they love telling me how dumb i am :)

21:22:50 Karen Janowski yes, joyce

21:22:57 LisaParisi my daughter's into showing me all the widgets for blogsites

21:23:11 joycevalenza I love widgets

21:23:16 Karen Janowski joyce - good to balance

21:23:17 ColleenK Lisa, I've been doing the same

21:23:21 joycevalenza but I have too many

21:23:32 ColleenK I'm widget happy

21:23:41 LisaParisi me too colleen

21:23:50 sharonp hey Karen and Lisa - I rely on my kids too to keep me in the loop with Internet goodies

21:23:52 Karen Janowski i'm statistics happy on my blog

21:23:57 LisaParisi but my daughter is 100x worse

21:24:17 LisaParisi when we started our blogsite in spring

21:24:22 LisaParisi we showed kids basics

21:24:32 ColleenK I avoid statistics.....not that popular yet :)

21:24:32 jgates wow!!

21:24:34 LisaParisi they showed us widgets and fancy writing and icons

21:24:36 Cathy N (SC) SCAD!

21:24:36 CheriT very cool

21:24:43 Karen Janowski love to see where people come from

21:24:44 LisaParisi then they showed each other

21:24:53 sharonp CollenK, I am with you - there are some things I don't want to know

21:24:55 Karen Janowski Vicki,

21:24:58 LisaParisi they blogged about it

21:24:59 Cathy N (SC) my son's best friend is there--he is at DePAul

21:25:14 Cathy N (SC) but they are as close as ever due to web 2.0

21:25:16 loria DePaul in chicago?

21:25:16 Karen Janowski i worry that we are overlooking kids with special needs when we talk about 2.0

21:25:19 LisaParisi but colleen, i love clustrmap

21:25:19 ColleenK I just imagine a cluster map with 3 red dots :)

21:25:24 LisaParisi love watching it grow

21:25:27 LisaParisi gets exciting

21:25:29 Karen Janowski ]lol colleen

21:25:43 jgates one dot for each relative?

21:25:44 LisaParisi and twitter is helping my clustrmap grow

21:25:48 Karen Janowski but clustr map is fun - so is google analytics

21:25:51 joycevalenza So what is the killer app for newbie teachers in 2007/2008?

21:25:53 ColleenK That's about it...

21:26:15 Karen Janowski good question Joyce - what's your take?

21:26:18 LisaParisi i send a twit everytime i post a new blog

21:26:19 jen_moy hi lori! it's jen moylan from KTI :)

21:26:20 Kristin Hokanson WHOO HOO macs rule

21:26:23 LisaParisi voila...instant audience

21:26:31 Kristin Hokanson hi Jen

21:26:32 joycevalenza wikis? they're powerful and easy to master

21:26:35 Karen Janowski I think voice thread is a must

21:26:35 CheriT Mark Wagner - baby boy identified - due Feb

21:26:39 jen_moy hey Kristin

21:26:46 jgates woohoo!!

21:26:51 joycevalenza love VoiceThread!

21:26:59 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back joyce I love voice thread too

21:27:04 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Hey Bob, welcome

21:27:06 LisaParisi hard to decide...wikis? voicethread? blogs?

21:27:10 joycevalenza hey bob!

21:27:14 LisaParisi delicious?

21:27:15 Karen Janowski lisa - all three

21:27:18 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Lisa, use all at differnt times

21:27:19 bob s howdy all

21:27:22 LisaParisi i do

21:27:23 jgates my favorite is splashcast.net

21:27:35 ColleenK I think Jing has potential.

21:27:40 bob s hi joyce!

21:27:48 mrichme As long as Jing stays free

21:27:49 joycevalenza :-) bob!

21:27:50 jgarton Jing is the wow I hope to share

21:27:52 CheriT I love Jing - it is so cool and so easy

21:28:01 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back jing only let me upload one thing from my mac

21:28:02 bob s :)

21:28:05 Karen Janowski what audio do you use?

21:28:07 LisaParisi i just learned yugma

21:28:09 bob s hi cheryl!

21:28:11 LisaParisi loved that

21:28:11 jgarton I'm going to addicted and when it's no longer free in trouble

21:28:15 ColleenK I plan to do real time mathcasts with it.

21:28:17 alicebarr Hi Bob s!

21:28:19 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back hey bob thanks for stopping by

21:28:21 Karen Janowski I recommend Word Talk - it's free and highlights every word as it is read

21:28:23 LisaParisi google docs are great too

21:28:23 langwitches Does anyone know when Jing will start costing something?

21:28:25 bob s hi alice!

21:28:38 LisaParisi this list could go on forever

21:28:42 ColleenK No date yet, langwitches

21:28:44 LisaParisi i learned so much this summer

21:28:44 Kristin Hokanson have you all seen the new player in YouTube that allows you to embed a whole folder from your playlist

21:28:51 mrichme When it comes out of beta (unknown time frame)

21:28:52 Cathy N (SC) Bob ur twitter story is mine

21:28:54 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Please list your vision for the year, or one goal you are pushing

21:29:04 bob s @alice, you've been working on SL house!

21:29:05 Karen Janowski Please I want to shout this at the rooftops for you kids with learning disabilities - for every classroom that uses pcs, PLEASE DOWNLOAD WORDTALK!!

21:29:05 ColleenK Kristin - Teacher Tube is crashing your browser?

21:29:13 Karen Janowski for your kids, sorry

21:29:16 bob s ah, thanks, cathy

21:29:23 CheriT My vision: education reform in my little corner of the world

21:29:24 JenWagner JEN'S VISION ---- To get every teacher at my ELEMENTARY using at least ONE web 2.0 tool by March

21:29:25 Cathy N (SC) ill be doing some dig storytelling this yr too--new prod studio in library

21:29:36 jgarton goal: promoting collaboration using web2

21:29:40 alicebarr @bob s YES Finally!

21:29:47 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks for sharing, this will be published

21:29:53 bob s @alice looks great

21:29:55 JenWagner VISION 2 -- and to get my Computer Teachers doing more than GAME PLAYING

21:29:57 CheriT Hi Alice - you should see my SL condo now :-)

21:29:59 bob s we should head there after!

21:30:10 JenWagner CheriT -- we were over by your place last night

21:30:16 alicebarr @bob S Let's do it!

21:30:20 JenWagner or the night before

21:30:21 bob s :)

21:30:23 joycevalenza Me too, Cathy. We will completely defeat PowerPoint in favor of digital storytelling

21:30:24 Cathy N (SC) iv had several online grade classes thru breeze

21:30:25 Karen Janowski sarah - what audio do you use?

21:30:26 CheriT cool - it's open did you go in

21:30:28 langwitches I goal is to have all of my students (Pre-K- 6th grade) participate in some sort of collaborative international project

21:30:29 alicebarr @Cheri T I'd love to see it!

21:30:37 JenWagner nope -- we were at the Halodeck

21:30:46 sharonp langwitches - WOOT! Glad to hear that!

21:30:47 Diane H. Goal: to pull more university profs/researchers into sharing their research online with our K-12 students. Got a couple of great experiments in the wings.

21:30:48 jgates oh my.. that's AWFUL!!

21:30:53 Cathy N (SC) im still awaiting the vid equipment tho--school starts Monday

21:30:54 JenWagner Langswitches -- come join one of my projects

21:31:01 jgates to say that she would have to bring her aunt with her, that is

21:31:03 sharonp Diane - wow!

21:31:03 CheriT diane - i'm interested

21:31:05 JenWagner or check out Global Schoolhouse or Susan Silverman

21:31:07 cathywo My goal: Digital classroom in some form in every K-4 classroom as recording learning and publishing to blogs, etc.

21:31:08 joycevalenza I have a new principal. It will be a switch. May have to start from close to scratch

21:31:18 Cathy N (SC) Joyce I plugged teh TTT tomorrow on list & in blog again

21:31:19 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back welcome Jim

21:31:26 Cathy N (SC) u should have gotten a pingback

21:31:27 LisaParisi i want to try digital storytelling this year

21:31:31 LisaParisi so new to all of this

21:31:31 loria Jen trying to get teachers at my school to sign up for OREO project

21:31:34 joycevalenza cool, Cathy.

21:31:44 coolcatteacher Digital storytelling is great and such an important thing to integrate!

21:31:45 JenWagner Lor -- that would be great -- we hit 550 today

21:31:48 alicebarr Did you see the article in Down East about the Maine laptop program?

21:31:56 LisaParisi i'm willing to try

21:31:57 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back no haven't seen it yet alice

21:32:01 mrichme My goal: Maintain my sanity will advocating for more technology usage woven into the curriculum without seeing technology as an add-on experience.

21:32:05 LisaParisi have lots of apps in delicious to help

21:32:06 loria We started school - so i was able to email them the link and talk it up

21:32:07 bob s @alice: link?

21:32:09 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back good one michael

21:32:11 charbeck Goal to do more than last year. wiki'sfrom the start and movies movies movies long live the unproject

21:32:12 Karen Janowski computers work very well with students on the Autism spectrum - they are predictable unlike people

21:32:12 loria we'll see if we get any takers

21:32:15 sharonp From what I can see, this has been the summer of web 2.0 explosion - are others sensing this too??

21:32:24 LisaParisi is anyone here cowboy101?

21:32:25 Kristin Hokanson colleen k --am still having problems with embedded teachertube videos

21:32:29 Karen Janowski sharon - absolutely

21:32:33 alicebarr Sahron Yes indeed huge explosion!

21:32:33 bob s hey michael! didn't see you there!

21:32:38 Cathy N (SC) 39 chatters

21:32:47 charbeck up 5 chatters

21:32:47 joycevalenza this summer was a turning point, sharon

21:32:49 CheriT Sharon - especially in my head!

21:32:52 ColleenK Kristin, me too. Thought it was something on my end.

21:32:52 mrichme Hey Bob, thanks for the wiki plug

21:32:58 ColleenK Any ideas?

21:33:00 bob s :)

21:33:01 langwitches @[Karen Janowski I can't embed Teachertube into my wordpress blg either

21:33:04 alicebarr Goal: Spend more time with teachers in their classrooms working on WEb 2.0

21:33:14 Kristin Hokanson they say update flashplayer but I did that :(

21:33:15 mrichme Good one Alice

21:33:20 langwitches can't embed teachertube into wordpress blog either

21:33:22 Cathy N (SC) goal get blogs unblocked

21:33:28 jgates great to hear you and your story, sarah

21:33:29 alicebarr Thanks Michael

21:33:31 JenWagner Alice -- I am writing directions for Web 2.0 tools on my wiki -- if you want to share them -- let me know

21:33:33 Diane H. i feel learning disabled in some of these chats sometimes

21:33:37 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back anyone want to skyp e\\ in

21:33:40 CheriT Goal: complete a video of the processes going on in my undergrad class 2.0 this semester

21:33:44 alicebarr I would love to share them JEn

21:33:44 Kristin Hokanson sent a request to teacher tube with a question

21:33:52 JenWagner just a sec

21:33:52 LisaParisi i have so many special ed success stories thanks to technology

21:33:57 Cathy N (SC) teachertube not blocked!!

21:34:03 coolcatteacher Teacher tube is great!

21:34:18 cathywo Connect2.0 wiki has great list of Web2.0 tools I used in a USM class

21:34:20 JenWagner http://salutetoseuss.wikispaces.com/Resources

21:34:20 sharonp twitter poster child!!!

21:34:26 jgates i'm not a real fan of teachtube -yet

21:34:30 Cathy N (SC) you tube is, as is blogger and gmail

21:34:33 ColleenK Kristin, I'm updated too. Please twitter their response when you get it.

21:34:43 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back welcome Janetta

21:34:48 Karen Janowski Jim gates - love your computer tips - keep them coming

21:34:58 jgates thank you! karen

21:35:16 jgates i'll tell you - tonight's WOWs are GREAT!

21:35:23 alicebarr Thanks Jen

21:35:32 JenWagner it is still being worked on

21:35:36 sharonp Thanks jgates

21:35:40 JenWagner but I am building it slowly

21:35:54 sharonp isn't it exciting to hear excitement, enthusiasm and vision??!

21:36:07 JenWagner yep --- this is FUN

21:36:12 Karen Janowski there is so much excitement in this room - we all missed WOW2

21:36:20 sharonp It is so great to be starting OFF this year already knowing each other and having that support system right there for us

21:36:21 njtechteacher Goal: Introduce web 2.0 to teachers at school, continue wikis, add a math blog.

21:36:29 CheriT Amen, it's good to be connected again

21:36:41 Cathy N (SC) i missed u all

21:36:49 JenWagner smiles -- we missed you too

21:36:55 LisaParisi Goal: Connect with all the teachers I met this summer and collaborate on projects throughout the year.

21:37:01 charbeck http://animoto.com a new fun app. Kids will eat it up

21:37:03 CheriT sounds like time for a group hug

21:37:11 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back kumbaya

21:37:13 ColleenK Great goal, Lisa.

21:37:14 JenWagner <<hug>>

21:37:16 Cathy N (SC) skype was talked about on a fox radio staion this afternoon

21:37:19 ColleenK lol

21:37:20 cathywo Twitter's takinga nap

21:37:23 bob s lol

21:37:30 Cathy N (SC) we overloaded it

21:37:39 LisaParisi it's still up for me

21:37:41 langwitches Google is supposed to come out with their presentation application sometime this month

21:37:46 CheriT :D

21:37:53 joycevalenza I would love to find a way to give each teacher a tour and have them pick what makes most sense.

21:37:59 alicebarr Read Bob Sprankle's 20 days of Twitter

21:38:01 JenWagner MARK WAGNER is having a BOY

21:38:04 JenWagner twitter news

21:38:05 alicebarr oops 30 days

21:38:07 sharonp yay - google "presently"

21:38:17 bob s congrats, Mark!

21:38:18 joycevalenza I suspect it has a lot to do with who you follow on Twitter

21:38:23 sharonp when is MW's BOY due?

21:38:27 JenWagner Feb 4th

21:38:28 LisaParisi yes joyce it does

21:38:29 joycevalenza you need a good network

21:38:31 Cathy N (SC) Feb

21:38:34 alicebarr agreed Joyce

21:38:36 sharonp ahhhh - how cool

21:38:50 JenWagner due to TWITTER -- the news -- not the baby :)

21:38:51 Karen Janowski Hey, Miguel!

21:38:57 sharonp welcome Miguel!

21:38:57 MGuhlin.net Hi Karen!

21:38:58 CheriT that was really

21:38:58 bob s oh, that was soooooo cool!

21:38:59 JenWagner hey lookie -- it is Miguel

21:39:01 alicebarr It was wonderful!

21:39:01 joycevalenza welcome, miguel

21:39:05 CheriT really cool

21:39:06 MGuhlin.net How long has this been going on?

21:39:08 bob s we didn't even know each other had done it!

21:39:09 bob s lol

21:39:13 joycevalenza i love using twitter camp with groups

21:39:14 Karen Janowski since 9

21:39:24 LisaParisi i did love that idea and plan to use it with my web 2.0 class this year

21:39:31 CheriT I was doing a workshop today and got some howdies from our twits

21:39:31 charbeck or 8 central time

21:39:32 Karen Janowski joyce - that sounds like something new to learn about

21:39:33 alicebarr Janetta Twitter name?

21:39:49 JenWagner jgarton

21:39:50 CheriT that's great

21:39:51 bob s lol

21:39:54 loria I gave a hi to cherit's class

21:40:04 Karen Janowski i leave an anonymous comment on my daughter's blog

21:40:09 CheriT thank you

21:40:21 joycevalenza emily and I have been reading each others' blogs for three years. great mother/daughter thing

21:40:37 sharonp I am now following jgarton

21:40:41 LisaParisi my daughter just started blogging

21:40:48 Karen Janowski ? - when you twit, do you like people to respond?

21:40:51 LisaParisi i read hers everytime she posts a new one

21:40:59 charbeck gnight all see you in a week

21:40:59 alicebarr I am also following jgarton

21:41:05 LisaParisi she says i invade her privacy

21:41:10 JenWagner I cant figure out how I have 74 following and only 71 followers

21:41:14 LisaParisi i tell her online NOTHING is private

21:41:15 joycevalenza :-) new ways to parent. also check her flickr regularly

21:41:16 Karen Janowski Lisa, how old is she

21:41:22 JenWagner I don't understand following followers

21:41:25 jgates i have to go, but I will listen to the archive to hear the end of this.

21:41:26 ColleenK depends on what I've said

21:41:28 LisaParisi almost 12

21:41:29 sharonp okay - anyone using twitterfox and/or twitbin?? Any preference between the ttwo??

21:41:39 coolcatteacher I use twitku.

21:41:44 Karen Janowski tough age!

21:41:45 loria i think there are some groups like DEN that don't follow

21:41:46 langwitches I have a mySpace and a Facebook account and am a "friend" of my daughters too

21:41:50 joycevalenza yeah, lots of PA folks!

21:41:50 LisaParisi i haven't figured out anything but using the twitter site

21:41:53 JenWagner I didn't like either Sharon

21:41:55 jgarton Ive gried twitbin. Dont like having to give up the space on my browser for the sidebar

21:41:56 Karen Janowski what's the difference between all those twit options?

21:42:19 joycevalenza don't give up

21:42:20 JenWagner I like choose TWITTER when I want too -- having it all the time was TOO much for me

21:42:24 loria use twitterific

21:42:25 Cathy N (SC) blocks-story of my last three school days

21:42:28 loria and twitterbox in SL

21:42:30 sharonp I like twitbin (except it seems to be flaky) cuz I don't have to navigate away from my current page to keep up

21:42:34 coolcatteacher twitku does twitter and jaiku

21:42:34 JenWagner and YES, Janetta -- I agree

21:42:39 alicebarr I use twitterific

21:42:42 joycevalenza we need to defend rather than accept

21:42:45 jgarton twitterific is only mac, right?

21:42:46 JenWagner I am wearing my PB wiki t-shirt right now

21:42:51 CheriT Sharon, i'm using twitteriffic

21:42:56 Jim in Pa love twitteriffic

21:43:02 sharonp hmmm... well I will have to look at those - in all my abundant free time

21:43:03 LisaParisi i am waiting for my t-shirt to arrive

21:43:05 joycevalenza i like it too

21:43:16 JenWagner They sent me a HUGE one -- it is my new nightie :)

21:43:18 joycevalenza they use wikispaces

21:43:19 alicebarr Twitterific is mac only... there is a PC equivilant

21:43:21 coolcatteacher I'm a wikispaces gal.

21:43:24 Cathy N (SC) edublogs is NOT blcoked at my school--surprise, surprise

21:43:25 JenWagner but I use WIKISPACES

21:43:30 coolcatteacher tee hee

21:43:40 MGuhlin.net Can't you setup a DekiWiki or PMWiki solution on a server in your district?

21:43:41 coolcatteacher edublogs blocked?

21:43:43 joycevalenza We really need to argue this

21:43:46 lori.sheldon I have begged and gotten things unblocked successfully

21:43:49 jgarton I need to find the PC equivilant for twitterific

21:43:56 lori.sheldon depends on each district

21:44:00 joycevalenza right!

21:44:05 JenWagner My teachers get sites unblocked when the fill out the form -- and admin approves

21:44:11 JenWagner 45 sites were unblocked this week

21:44:16 LisaParisi my school gives us the unblock code

21:44:24 LisaParisi we can unblock for periods of time

21:44:26 joycevalenza did you see the new national school board report on 2.0?

21:44:34 LisaParisi yes,

21:44:35 JenWagner yes, we use QUOTAS a lot

21:44:37 Cathy N (SC) im still learning the existing policies cuz im new there

21:44:40 vincej where is the report Joyce

21:44:41 CheriT no, Joyce, where is it?

21:44:43 Karen Janowski yes, joyce, that might have some positive impact

21:44:48 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back any questions from this group

21:44:52 loria Only a few in my school have the ability to unblock

21:44:54 LisaParisi if anyone in admin reads it

21:45:07 coolcatteacher Lisa that is great!

21:45:11 LisaParisi love the conversation

21:45:13 JenWagner HEY KATHY!!!

21:45:17 sendkathy Hey!!

21:45:32 sendkathy I got out early. Get to catch a minute or two>

21:45:47 Cathy N (SC) did you all read Chris Crafts dig storytelling project?

21:46:00 LisaParisi no

21:46:01 sharonp Hi Kathy!

21:46:04 LisaParisi do you have a url

21:46:16 sendkathy Hi Sharon!

21:46:21 Kristin Hokanson http://chriscraft.pbwiki.com/

21:46:31 Cathy N (SC) called "life round here"

21:46:38 Karen Janowski thanks, Kristin

21:46:40 Cathy N (SC) trying to copy url

21:46:55 CheriT close to your mic and your cat

21:47:09 LisaParisi thanks for the link...i tagged it for delicious

21:47:14 Cathy N (SC) http://www.crucialthought.com

21:47:39 CheriT great idea, Jen

21:48:07 bob s wow!

21:48:11 Cathy N (SC) that is AWESOME Jen

21:48:24 CheriT whoooohoooo

21:48:30 Kristin Hokanson my admin used a wikispaces space to do their strategic plan

21:48:33 Kristin Hokanson and google docs

21:48:55 Karen Janowski Have ten tabs open in Firefox. Anyone have more open than that?

21:48:57 Cathy N (SC) i think every admin confernece was exposed to Karl Fisch

21:48:58 joycevalenza and the grass roots support is growing

21:48:58 JenWagner yep -- i am blessed

21:49:01 LisaParisi Wow! Jen...that sounds awesome!

21:49:04 alicebarr Me I am up to 15

21:49:11 JenWagner I have 3 tabs open

21:49:12 Karen Janowski Wow, alice

21:49:18 ColleenK I'm only up to 8, Karen

21:49:20 CheriT Great, Vicki

21:49:21 JenWagner I don't multitask :)

21:49:25 LisaParisi I only have 12 tabs open

21:49:31 CheriT Here's a researcher!

21:49:39 sharonp Hi Kathy!N

21:49:46 Karen Janowski love tabbed browsing - surprising how many people still don't know about it

21:50:00 Cathy N (SC) ff not allowed at school

21:50:04 Cathy N (SC) : (

21:50:11 sharonp Isn't that cool that DID YOu KNOW? is getting KNOWN!

21:50:13 LisaParisi really Karen...isn't it just ...well there for everyone?

21:50:14 JenWagner firefox??

21:50:14 jgarton :{

21:50:15 Karen Janowski Cathy, why it's safer than IE

21:50:22 Cathy N (SC) yes

21:50:27 Cathy N (SC) i don't know

21:50:28 JenWagner our school grading program won't run on FF

21:50:43 Cathy N (SC) they are very funny with their blocks and supposedly watch the downloads too

21:50:51 ColleenK That's a great video. I'm always passing around the link.

21:50:52 Cathy N (SC) maybe that's it

21:50:56 Karen Janowski Yes, lisa - some people still don't explore

21:50:56 coolcatteacher I love firefox.

21:51:01 sharonp I had to sneak FF onto my laptop at school last year - they completely disabled the ability to use it

21:51:02 Cathy N (SC) i do too

21:51:39 Cathy N (SC) my old district didn't block a lot

21:51:42 Cathy N (SC) this one does tho

21:52:07 Karen Janowski just got bumped!

21:52:17 Karen Janowski what happened to the audio?

21:52:21 MGuhlin.net run Firefox off a USB flash drive

21:52:24 JenWagner Nope

21:52:27 JenWagner we are on HOLD

21:52:33 JenWagner and we are BACK

21:52:37 sharonp just try to keep us quiet

21:52:45 LisaParisi i can hear you

21:53:08 Karen Janowski didn't like the quiet!

21:53:24 coolcatteacher Quiet -- aurgh!

21:53:34 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back sorry about that folks, just a temp, skype call taking over

21:53:52 Karen Janowski Miguel, is that a way to get past the inability to download firefox on school computers?

21:54:25 LisaParisi thanks for the great convo folks...loved it! will be back

21:54:34 Cathy N (SC) don't wnt to get my hand slapped only three days into my new job--they said no ff, so no ff

21:54:38 LisaParisi keep twitting...it's how I found out about all these webcasts

21:54:38 Karen Janowski bye, Lisa see you in twitter land

21:54:40 ColleenK Bye Lisa

21:54:43 LisaParisi good nite all

21:54:55 bob s bye lisa

21:55:21 jgarton I will be watching for everyone in Twitter.

21:55:34 JenWagner ending up --

21:55:38 JenWagner any last thoughts???

21:55:42 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks for a great show to all in the chat!

21:55:44 SusanEttenheim that's great - what a luxury but where does the money come from to support that!

21:55:58 JenWagner Cathy -- I agree

21:56:05 sharonp I can tell you another way - what I did was to rename the FF exe name and put it on my desktop - so I had FirFox or Fiefox.... hee hee - the students renamed all the FF exe files to "Internet Explorer" on the school library computers - I laughed my head off

21:56:06 JenWagner give up the small battle -- you will win the WAR

21:56:07 Karen Janowski susan - does your town have an education foundation?

21:56:22 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back sharon leave it to the kids

21:56:40 MGuhlin.net @Karen, yes, it is.

21:56:42 SusanEttenheim what do you mean by an education foundation karen?

21:56:47 Karen Janowski i'm on the board of directors of our town education foundation - we fund innovative technology grants submitted by teachers

21:56:50 SusanEttenheim sharon - that's a riot!

21:57:07 joycevalenza america's got talent--terry fader--ventriloquist. (I am very shallow)

21:57:08 SusanEttenheim that's great karen.. I'm in NYC...

21:57:20 sharonp wow Karen - sounds like quite a position to be in!

21:57:22 Karen Janowski oh, different story

21:57:37 SusanEttenheim karen - what state?

21:57:40 Karen Janowski MA

21:57:43 Cathy N (SC) frisbees? slap!

21:57:50 Karen Janowski i'm the VP of the Board

21:57:57 coolcatteacher He is an amazing researcher!

21:58:04 Karen Janowski the teachers in my town know I love innovative technology

21:58:05 coolcatteacher Who really cares passionately about the classroom!

21:58:07 Kristin Hokanson what a cast :)

21:58:12 coolcatteacher Along with Dr. Shepherd.

21:58:21 sharonp the chat has been FABULOUS tonight!

21:58:33 sharonp we missed you! so GREAT to be back in action!

21:58:35 Karen Janowski wonderfully fun night!

21:58:37 loria this has been fun

21:58:46 bob s thank you, WOW! so good to have you back!

21:58:47 CheriT This is so good - great to be back with you all

21:58:47 ColleenK Great show!

21:58:51 JenWagner raise your hand if you are an INTERN by saying !!!!!!WebcastAcademy!!!!!

21:58:58 joycevalenza nice to hear you all again

21:58:58 langwitches Thank you!

21:59:05 JenWagner thanks Joyce and lang

21:59:08 Karen Janowski Red Sox up 8 - 6

21:59:09 Kristin Hokanson Thank you all...

21:59:17 njtechteacher It's been fun to see the chat as well as hear the podcasts I've been downloading...even though I've been quiet.

21:59:18 mrichme Let's go Red Sox

21:59:19 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back it is the post show!

21:59:21 SusanEttenheim go interns!

21:59:23 Kristin Hokanson pleas add to twitter khokanson

21:59:23 SandyB Thanks ladies

21:59:25 CheriT wow! That went by fast!

21:59:29 Diane H. Great night! Thanks!

21:59:30 CheriT Way to go interns

21:59:37 Cathy N (SC) thanks all

21:59:38 alicebarr THANK YOU!

21:59:39 loria I added you Kristen

21:59:41 lori.sheldon Thanks! THis was awesome

21:59:44 loria thanks

21:59:44 Karen Janowski see you next week!

21:59:45 bob s whoo hoo!

21:59:46 CheriT Thanks, WOW

21:59:47 Diane H. I'll be checking out the twitter list.

21:59:48 loria anyone for SL?

21:59:54 jgarton Good night.

21:59:57 JenWagner for moments just moments

22:00:06 ccass add to twitter: ccassinelli

22:00:06 JenWagner need a nap

22:00:07 ColleenK Maybe in a bit.

22:00:20 Karen Janowski this was an amazing night

22:00:24 JenWagner thanks Karen

22:00:27 JenWagner it was

22:00:32 Karen Janowski thank you all ladies!

22:00:46 Anne Thank you everyone, I really enjoyed this experience.

22:00:50 JenWagner Thanks Anne

22:01:25 coolcatteacher Thank y'all for ocming on.

22:01:51 loria was able to chat before tonight but listened before

22:01:52 Karen Janowski gotta go, my daughter is skyping me at 10 from college in Florida

22:02:01 ColleenK Bye Karen

22:02:10 loria going to SL

22:02:49 joycevalenza see you all later!

22:03:03 mrichme Thanks everyone for a great conversation

22:03:07 bob s alice... sl?

22:03:29 coolcatteacher Bye

22:03:34 CheriT lol

22:03:51 CheriT tht's a great idea, Cheryl

22:03:53 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back HI, and thanks for all

22:04:01 mjantzi adios

22:04:05 njtechteacher Good night.

22:05:06 CheriT tech-nervy

22:05:32 JenWagner tech nervy???

22:05:48 CheriT willing to be brave with technology

22:05:55 CheriT lots of nerve!

22:06:07 SusanEttenheim better to wish for more than be dying for it to be over...

22:06:23 JenWagner why WHS

22:06:31 JenWagner LOL Hey -- not WHY

22:07:08 CheriT How's Julie, my student? A star?

22:07:23 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back Julie is unreal, and her father is just a great addition!

22:07:32 CheriT MaryFriend Shepard

22:07:36 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back OKy, stream is going to disappear.

22:07:38 CheriT yippee

22:07:42 CheriT noooooooo

22:07:43 SusanEttenheim goodnight everyone!

22:07:46 CheriT bye

22:07:51 SusanEttenheim great to have you back!!

22:08:31 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks again!

22:08:40 CheriT thanks, cheryl

22:08:48 CheriT Thanks, Jen

22:08:51 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back you bet

22:08:55 CheriT Thanks, Sharon

22:09:34 cheryloakes WOW2 iz Back thanks susan

Join us next week!

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