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EdTechTalk Community Discussion
February 17, 2008

Chat Log Below

19:41:30  gary ->  Academy thing?  Most don't have the time.
19:41:32  MizMercer ->  I will say there are more newbies on CR 2.0
19:41:36  JenM ->  durff ... exclusive BECAUSE of you!!! :)
19:41:39  courosa ->  i never saw it as exclusive either you webcast snobs
19:41:51  Durff ->  thanks jenm - i'll get you!
19:41:52  MizMercer ->  And I think Hargadon is really good at holding newbies hands?
19:41:58  MizMercer ->  You guys are great!
19:42:05  MizMercer ->  BUT, he has a knack for that...
19:42:14  dougsymington ->  @gary whatta mean most, who does? ;)
19:42:20  MizMercer ->  This place has a more hippie vibe too.
19:42:36  Durff ->  you think?
19:42:41  MizMercer ->  Since I'm in both groups, I can speak to it?
19:42:46  gary ->  You are right and I am supposedly "retired"
19:42:50  Durff ->  i think so
19:42:56  courosa ->  barriers to entry is more than just site design though ... it's the bigger teacher/technology context.
19:42:57  JenM ->  alice ... aw shucks ... cyber hippies ... all of us :)
19:43:02  Durff ->  a retired hippie?
19:43:10  MizMercer ->  Seriously, it's why I love you all!
19:43:16  Durff ->  cyber hippies!
19:43:18  MizMercer ->  Hargadon is pushing his stuff
19:43:20  courosa ->  hargadon does to a great extent
19:43:25  MizMercer ->  Yep!
19:43:26  dougsymington ->  this is the most open community you'll find on the web (WB, ETT) that I've encountered
19:44:06  courosa ->  if it's good and valuable for the time invested, people will enter through word of mouth
19:44:07  Sarah S ->  This has got to be the most accessible, vastly interesting, (and entertaining) applicable PD place I've been to (not just EdTechWeekly, but all EdTechTalk webcasts).
19:44:07  stevemaher ->  my participation is lurking - does that count?
19:44:09  gary ->  @durff - maybe
19:44:11  MizMercer ->  You did a good job with WebCast academy, but what if people are not at that level
19:44:22  Durff ->  how else does one learn if not by asking?
19:44:25  JohnS ->  Thanks, Sarah :-)
19:44:37  courosa ->  and really, when you think of how big you want this to be ... what are the greatest hopes for this place? what is the critical mass?
19:44:42  lorna ->  newbie here - need a buddie system  - not just a mentor
19:44:43  dougsymington ->  you also get more out of this community that you contribute, but you need to contribute
19:45:00  MizMercer ->  Maybe a listner academy?
19:45:09  Durff ->  we have a buddy system
19:45:24  chellouise ->  Go webcast academy!  Even though I was a HORRID intern.  I'll have to try again next time
19:45:29  MizMercer ->  How about a matching system for newbies with oldstres?
19:45:29  Durff ->  so many buddies in here right now got me through
19:45:34  courosa ->  it's partly about social affordance
19:45:41  dougsymington ->  and social capital is being built and accrued in this community
19:45:43  chellouise ->  Right, you get out of a community what you put into it
19:45:44  lorna ->  @MixMercer yes
19:45:49  MizMercer ->  FEW people will do Webcast academy, but NOT everyone needs to do that.
19:45:51  Cathy E ->  I have had some new folks join Making Connections the past several weeks
19:46:02  Cathy E ->  I do hold hands
19:46:02  MizMercer ->  Hey there is a vote for matching newbies
19:46:03  Sarah S ->  Some of it is learning about the online ettiquette - that you actually can ask for help or support and it's not seen as bugging someone.
19:46:20  MizMercer ->  It's a great place for pushy people like me
19:46:25  JohnS ->  Anyone want to skype in?
19:46:27  dougsymington ->  we all do re holding hands--but they have to "help themselves" too
19:46:35  Durff ->  i like it that way - it's always a challenge
19:46:35  lee baber ->  Yes Doug
19:46:42  MizMercer ->  I'm willing JS
19:46:47  Durff ->  keeps engagement
19:46:50  dougsymington ->  and it needs the challenge to be worthwhile
19:46:50  courosa ->  i like the idea of doing this in a distributed manner
19:46:53  MizMercer ->  DS yes
19:46:56  emichael ->  I recently stumbled on to this from itunes
19:46:58  dougsymington ->  spoonfeeding == death
19:47:02  gary ->  Overall - great experience - I hate missing the conversation on Sunday
19:47:05  Durff ->  yuckoo
19:47:06  chellouise ->  AMEN Doug!
19:47:08  courosa ->  not things happening IN edtechtalk, but bringing things from the outside to edtech talk
19:47:12  JenM ->  doug :)
19:47:19  courosa ->  like when doug simulcast my class.
19:47:23  chellouise ->  I love the conversations this all opens up
19:47:30  courosa ->  or whatever i did
19:47:30  dougsymington ->  lol
19:47:38  courosa ->  i think that is the key, people are doing their thing
19:47:42  dougsymington ->  har matey--that's my pirate voice @courosa
19:47:50  courosa ->  make edtechtalk a place for original content AND a bit of a clearinghouse
19:47:56  lee baber ->  group hug
19:48:02  JohnS ->  yes, alec
19:48:07  emichael ->  These shows make me feel like i am on the cutting edge
19:48:11  chellouise ->  thank lee, I feel better now.  All warm and fuzzy
19:48:13  lorna ->  skype me in pls
19:48:17  courosa ->  arrr ... she's driving me nuts
19:48:19  stevemaher ->  It's great, a wonderful resource - great for a commuter.  It fits the way I use it
19:48:28  Durff ->  i'll opt out of the group hug and catch a cab to starbucks
19:48:30  JoseRodriguez ->  ETT works for me.
19:48:39  lee baber ->  oh durff
19:48:55  chellouise ->  get me a tall hot chocolate while you're there, right
19:49:13  gary ->  Many of the links that you share are probably sent on to other teachers - the long tail goes a long way.
19:49:22  courosa ->  look at D'Arcy Normans eduglu stuff ... maybe there is something you can do to bring a lot more stuff into this edtechtalk drupal install.
19:49:28  chellouise ->  I'm with you.  Even though I am swamped I am still able to drop back in when time allows
19:49:32  dougsymington ->  @courosa agreed, and that's happening now, I think--I'm interested in "social justice" as an example--which is a component (should be?) to ed tech
19:49:35  cgseibel ->  this is my first visit, thanks to courosa.  I'll be back.
19:49:49  Durff ->  it was time intensive
19:50:05  emichael ->  How can I join your twitter group?
19:50:06  Durff ->  only possible during the summer for most of us
19:50:13  chellouise ->  although my time killed my webcast academy participation
19:50:33  courosa ->  @doug ... that would be great you know. I'm always here to talk about technology specifically ... would love to see that example specifically (social justice) as something we could talk about.
19:50:40  dougsymington ->  @dave the lag will let you complete prior to broadcast--update that is
19:51:05  courosa ->  or anything else related to or not ... and put the tool back into its place
19:51:19  Durff ->  alice is right - there was the buddy system going on during the summer
19:51:20  JohnS ->  emichael you can follow edtechtalk on twitter
19:51:46  Durff ->  copyright was one
19:51:51  dougsymington ->  @courosa--couldn't agree more--need to use tools for good and model that. Need to get over "look what I can do" for that to happen
19:51:56  Durff ->  socialbookmarking i think
19:52:19  MizMercer ->  http://www.classroom20wiki.com/LIVE+Conversations
19:52:23  MizMercer ->  list of topics.
19:52:25  courosa ->  old hen, new hen
19:52:35  courosa ->  never was teh greatest image for me
19:52:40  MizMercer ->  ALSO there are in person meetings that a geographic.
19:52:42  courosa ->  but the concept works
19:52:49  JoseRodriguez ->  old chick, new chick :-)
19:52:58  Durff ->  dave!
19:52:59  MizMercer ->  So I went to one at S.F. and I'll be at another in Palm Springs
19:53:02  Durff ->  behave
19:53:05  courosa ->  old dave, new dave
19:53:12  MizMercer ->  NO WE ALL BELONG!
19:53:15  Durff ->  one is enough
19:53:21  dougsymington ->  lol
19:53:21  JenM ->  lisa ;)
19:53:46  courosa ->  agreed
19:53:59  Durff ->  i still am
19:53:59  courosa ->  maybe this "place" is too ahistoric
19:54:08  chellouise ->  I will admit it's a little hard to "get in"
19:54:17  chellouise ->  to the community that is
19:54:30  courosa ->  is there a bio/about page that really explains the history ... there maybe needs to be something to explain "this" in an easier way.
19:54:41  MizMercer ->  They don't all work
19:54:43  courosa ->  i could see that being a barrier
19:54:51  Durff ->  the cutting edge
19:54:53  dougsymington ->  @courosa agree again--we need more of an institutional memory
19:55:02  JenM ->  @Alec ... when you get that written, route that around, please :)
19:55:23  emichael ->  It is hard to keep up with all of the changes
19:55:29  dougsymington ->  @courosa--that's the first thing to learn re community--you propose, you own -- thanks!
19:55:29  courosa ->  well i came here as a late visitor, i just kinda got here via twitter, and never left
19:55:41  emichael ->  I listen to hear what is up with the latest and greatest
19:55:46  courosa ->  but we can't expect everyone else to stumble upon this place and find meaning.
19:55:51  dave ->  yeah... we have to shove courosa out the door at the end of every show
19:55:55  JohnS ->  Right, Alec. But to someone just coming in, you've always been here.
19:56:19  chellouise ->  I realize that it's not the community though, it's alot of me not being able to be more active
19:56:23  courosa ->  exactly John, and that's how I felt about the best of you.
19:56:24  MizMercer ->  http://mercereld.edublogs.org/2008/02/07/friday-feburary-8-2008/
19:56:28  MizMercer ->  on technology
19:56:37  John on eeePC ->  Oh, yeah, the eepc is still here too
19:56:39  courosa ->  that lack of history can be intimidating
19:57:20  MizMercer ->  Sure!
19:57:22  Durff ->  uh?
19:57:29  MizMercer ->  Jose/lisa you down with that?
19:57:32  JoseRodriguez ->  Sounds like an idea, John.
19:57:36  chellouise ->  macaroni is done and kids are hungry.  Thanks for the great conversation tonight everyone!
19:57:46  Cathy E ->  Making Connections is an intro show every week
19:57:48  courosa ->  why not have an intro show that just introduces all shows
19:57:49  Durff ->  nite
19:57:50  MizMercer ->  I think we have info on how to tune in as a newbie
19:58:17  emichael ->  Thats a great idea
19:58:18  Sarah S ->  With the calendar and the posted shows on the ETT page, anyone who wanders in can get a sense of what is going on.
19:58:37  courosa ->  or create an audio or video that is just an intro ... if you are new to this place, this is what you see.
19:58:56  dougsymington ->  intro rotation is going to be cumbersome
19:59:02  Durff ->  and what would the topic be?
19:59:13  MizMercer ->  How about online communities?
19:59:18  Cathy E ->  Question- remember how we use to be able to introduce the show on the site - then go back and post audio  Can we still do that?
19:59:21  MizMercer ->  LIsa, online PD?
19:59:22  Durff ->  youi get this jose/alice?
19:59:23  courosa ->  i have no idea about any of that still.
19:59:24  dougsymington ->  proaly better for a "coming up this week" spot on each
19:59:26  JoseRodriguez ->  regular topic but geared toward a newbie?
19:59:32  courosa ->  i think just recordings
19:59:37  MizMercer ->  Yeah Jose, that could work
19:59:43  cgseibel ->  I like Alec's idea about a welcome video
19:59:55  MizMercer ->  Yeah! A screen cast might be nice?
20:00:06  MizMercer ->  Whaddya think Lisa/Jose
20:00:11  emichael ->  Do you have an area on the site with an overview?
20:00:13  Durff ->  the screen cast queen!
20:00:15  MizMercer ->  And readers need that on your blog Doug!
20:00:19  courosa ->  i just hit refresh a lot dave.
20:00:20  MizMercer ->  I mean DAVE! sorry
20:00:25  JoseRodriguez ->  @Alice works for me.
20:00:42  JenM ->  http://www.edtechtalk.com/About_EdTechTalk
20:00:43  Durff ->  i think i like it , but do i get it? probably not
20:00:51  JL ->  http://worldbridges.net/help
20:00:56  dougsymington ->  @miz was gonna say --those expecting info on my blog are all set, for late 2006!
20:01:05  emichael ->  I am so a year and a half ago
20:01:09  JoseRodriguez ->  @durff, just pretend you do. Like me.  lol
20:01:17  Durff ->  ok
20:01:30  MizMercer ->  Okay, but I'm thinking this summer maybe May, June, or July we do a show on online PD and how to use our show (and others)
20:01:42  Durff ->  ok
20:01:47  MizMercer ->  Jose?
20:01:53  Linda J ->  Cathy is always really good about sending me a private chat to make sure I am where I need to be and can hear the stream...newbies just need to ask
20:02:02  JoseRodriguez ->  It's Elementary Open House @durff @alice
20:02:03  MizMercer ->  YEAH!
20:02:11  MizMercer ->  YEAH! John!
20:02:18  Durff ->  a la jose
20:02:30  courosa ->  How about setting up an introductory "package" for people who want to spread the word ... i'd be willing to talk to some teachers/colleagues about this place.
20:02:43  Durff ->  edtechweekly goes first
20:02:47  MizMercer ->  And I have an idea, let's talk about it at CR 2.0?
20:02:54  MizMercer ->  Kumbaya!
20:03:01  courosa ->  but all i can really do is invite people in, i know very little about the whole community.
20:03:05  JohnS ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=206
20:03:09  courosa ->  like a recruiter package. or something.
20:03:21  Durff ->  yes we could copy!
20:03:21  dougsymington ->  cumbersome only in that newbies will never get there--it has to be async (ala screeencast) so avail. "just in time" for newbies, as an example
20:03:22  MizMercer ->  I want to do a PD at my district soon on this topic
20:03:26  JoseRodriguez ->  WOW did something also during k12Online
20:03:32  courosa ->  1.2 million dollars is my going rate.
20:03:36  Sarah S ->  Yes please! Intro package - I keep dropping links to shows in my grad classes and for the other staff at my hs. That would be fabulous.
20:03:38  JohnS ->  Right, Jose.
20:03:40  courosa ->  but will recruit for free.
20:03:48  JohnS ->  Actually, I think most of the people here did something for k12
20:03:55  dougsymington ->  recursion
20:03:56  JenM ->  @alec ... that sounds a bit high ...
20:04:01  dougsymington ->  woohoo
20:04:04  JoseRodriguez ->  true @john
20:04:06  JenM ->  maybe if we get our grant ...
20:04:21  MizMercer ->  Yes, or things may die off...
20:04:28  courosa ->  and that was my earlier question ... what is the desired critical mass?
20:04:33  Sarah S ->  @MizMercer - if you make a slideshare or something for your PD, perhaps you could share?
20:04:37  MizMercer ->  You need new members
20:04:54  MizMercer ->  Yeah, I'm going to have this and CR 2.0 etc.
20:05:10  MizMercer ->  YES WE DO!
20:05:25  MizMercer ->  LOLLOLOL
20:05:27  courosa ->  i'd like to push it in the sense that it gives teachers a great opportunity for PD
20:05:34  JoseRodriguez ->  Encourage
20:05:51  MizMercer ->  Hey, I thinking I'll do it in May when my fellow teachers are DESPERATE for PD hours
20:05:52  Durff ->  we have had europeans too
20:05:55  gary ->  If you ever have been involved in a webcast that has many more participants than this one you know it can become chaotic.
20:05:56  Durff ->  australia
20:05:56  MizMercer ->  before they get a pay dock
20:06:03  Durff ->  south america
20:06:10  Durff ->  U.K.\
20:06:31  Durff ->  it's the time thing that gets in their way
20:06:34  courosa ->  agreed ... the front page doesn't tell the story.
20:06:35  MizMercer ->  More visual?
20:06:49  MizMercer ->  a VoiceThread, or a video?
20:06:52  JoseRodriguez ->  A Flash page, nah
20:07:05  courosa ->  say a page that has short clippings from a number of shows
20:07:14  courosa ->  5 minute trailers/action shots.
20:07:36  MizMercer ->  Yep, how about just adding a video on the front page, without changing the theme/layout?
20:07:43  MizMercer ->  And intro?
20:07:51  MizMercer ->  an intro?
20:08:26  JenM ->  @dave ... can't wait to see that next week!
20:09:05  Cathy E ->  Do we still have a way to put text in about a show - BEFORE the show?
20:09:15  Durff ->  when you bring people in - to which page do you bring them?
20:09:27  Durff ->  the home? or this page?
20:09:31  courosa ->  links: about edtechtalk, sample conversations, how to contribute, how to participate ... answers to some key questions.
20:10:02  Durff ->  i like the links at the top at worldbridges
20:10:10  JL ->  http://worldbridges.net/live
20:10:31  JoseRodriguez ->  the Live Now needs to be automatic.
20:10:42  courosa ->  yes, just pieces of "exemplary" conversations
20:11:18  Linda J ->  Have a great evening! Thank you!
20:11:29  JenM ->  nite linda j
20:11:41  Cathy E ->  Night Linda
20:11:43  JoseRodriguez ->  goodnight
20:11:58  MizMercer ->  I'll put up with anything?
20:12:00  MizMercer ->  Thank you!
20:12:03  JoseRodriguez ->  yep
20:12:04  MizMercer ->  You're right!
20:12:12  lee baber ->  night
20:12:13  JenM ->  @alice ... highest compliment!
20:12:19  JoseRodriguez ->  night lee
20:12:26  JoseRodriguez ->  MySpace at ETT
20:12:33  MizMercer ->  I'm easy (as I said earlier)
20:12:40  courosa ->  my students have said the same thing.
20:12:53  courosa ->  difficult for a newbie to access
20:13:01  courosa ->  more the procedure than anything
20:13:14  courosa ->  agreed
20:13:30  Durff ->  the webcasts are engaging enough that people are determined enough to cause people to be determined
20:13:32  MizMercer ->  And most podcasts have the 3 buttons?
20:13:50  courosa ->  jeff ... do you have stats on the distribution of people connecting via itunes vs. say real player?
20:13:58  MizMercer ->  TOO many choices?
20:14:06  courosa ->  paradox of choice
20:14:07  lorna ->  yes jeff
20:14:13  JL ->  maybe -let me  check
20:14:21  courosa ->  just push VLC if you are going to use the streams
20:14:25  JoseRodriguez ->  I like automatic players like ustream, I agree
20:14:27  lorna ->   I did a screencast to explain how to link to a media player
20:14:43  MizMercer ->  Alec, that will not work with newbies
20:15:00  courosa ->  you're probably right MizMercer
20:15:03  JoseRodriguez ->  btw I lost ustream audio about a min ago
20:15:10  JohnS ->  Yes, Alec. But for new people, we need it to work without having to install anything
20:15:14  JoseRodriguez ->  I went back to ETT A
20:15:28  MizMercer ->  You guys are WONDERFUL!
20:15:34  courosa ->  agreed
20:15:39  MizMercer ->  You really are great.
20:15:47  Cathy E ->  I ditto Doug
20:16:09  JoseRodriguez ->  I xerox Doug
20:16:11  lee baber ->  no..problem. cool
20:16:14  lee baber ->  yes yes yes
20:16:15  JenM ->  yeah, doug!
20:16:16  lee baber ->  Go Dave
20:16:49  MizMercer ->  Improve players, do an openhouse show, tree the front page, have a matching service for newbies, share this network when we do PD ourselves
20:17:02  lorna ->  ditto
20:17:13  JenM ->  @dave ... can't wait to see what you come up with on that!
20:17:13  MizMercer ->  I will look into doing a screencast for our show?
20:17:22  JoseRodriguez ->  Goodnight.  Well, I go contemplate next steps over dinner :-)
20:17:36  JoseRodriguez ->  night
20:17:37  MizMercer ->  @everyone: does that last one look like what we came up with?
20:17:47  MizMercer ->  Improve players, do an openhouse show, tree the front page, have a matching service for newbies, share this network when we do PD ourselves
20:17:48  courosa ->  wow dave that front page that you are going to create with that dual, two-tiered redirect is going to be wicked awesome!
20:18:11  da ->  Thanks alec
20:18:14  da ->  you're very kind
20:18:16  MizMercer ->  Bringing in new people, and maintaing current members
20:18:34  courosa ->  what is the vision?
20:18:55  lorna ->  go lee
20:19:05  MizMercer ->  A vision of working collaborativly to discuss technology use in education
20:19:12  courosa ->  as a newbie, and someone who can be a part of this vision as a participant, i don't know the vision
20:19:40  MizMercer ->  with an emphasis on open source, collaboration, and keeping it real
20:19:58  Durff ->  oh no jeff is in charge
20:20:05  Durff ->  El Jeff
20:21:14  lorna ->  whatever  you do for edtech talk will be mirrored in all other shows
20:22:48  lorna ->  lee is right
20:23:43  courosa ->  open/naked sim
20:23:57  lorna ->  pls be sure that you record the meeting
20:24:31  dougsymington ->  thanks all, great convo
20:24:39  Cathy E ->  FYI- My schedule for the next 2 weeks is hectic - I'M Packing
20:24:54  emichael ->  I'm free
20:25:22  lorna ->  nite all
20:25:36  courosa ->  gnite all
20:25:38  emichael ->  THanks!
20:25:47  JenM ->  nite all
20:26:07  dougsymington ->  take care all cya soon
20:27:40  Durff ->  yawn...nite
20:29:01  randyn ->  still here?
20:29:27  JL ->  just wrapped up
20:29:42  randyn ->  oh
20:29:57  lee baber ->  JL
20:30:02  JL ->  sorry we missed you  - recording should be up in a few hours
20:30:03  lee baber ->  One question.
20:30:28  emichael ->  I am interested in joining a twitter group of school administrators.  Any thoughts on where or how to do this?
20:31:02  emichael ->  Or ed tech - that would be great
20:31:03  lee baber ->  i will email a bit later Jeff. Good evening!


Identity Crisis???

I've been more of a listener the last couple of months here at ETT. It was interesting today listening in live and getting pulled into the conversation. I guess that's what ETT is all about. Allowing for each person to participate and engage at his or her own level. I felt today's conversation was a community response to...this worldbridgie stuff.

Jose Rodriguez, It's Elementary