ETT Community Meeting - Spring 2008

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Agenda for Spring 2008 Community Assembly
April 22, 2008 -- 8:00 PM EDT, 5:00 PM PDT
April 23, 2008 -- Midnight GMT

Please help build a better EdTechTalk by participating.  



  • Management structure, roles, tasks, Community Board?
  • Policy on show fading -- is there a point at which shows are considered inactive?
  • ETT role in project support (Youth Voices, Earthcast, etc)


Look & Feel

  • Branding/Theming -- new logo/tagline/music
  • increase navigational options
  • Design basic site taxonomy, Additional metadata standards
  • show 'type' from closed lexicon (conference/timesentive/greatshow/ no good in 6months) something that allows for filtering the shows
  • Naming of shows and use of tags

Technology - Drupal, media specs/tools, graphics, layout

  • Media hosting/posting standards
  • Anonymous User Interface / Produce Intro Materials
  • Streaming options and interfaces
  • Re-activating automatic recording, moving
  • Officially switching email to and setting up forwarding from there?
  • Media hosting
  • Flash player/broadcaster/recorder
  • Tech Support--how does this happen?



  • Relationship with Other Networks in the Edublog/podosphere


  • Task force to explore ads?
  • Paypal donations?
  • Cafepress?
  • Grants?
  • Further funding opportunties?