Seedlings-2009-02-26 with Kevin Jarrett

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 Join Alice, Cheryl and our guest Kevin Jarrett for this great show. We learn about Kevin, talk about Second Life and Virtual worlds for our elementary students, and share many great resources.

Here is the Delicious: Geek of the Week


You will love the chat! 


 19:23:52  Kevin Jarrett  yay

 19:23:58  Kevin Jarrett  this must be the right place

 19:24:13  cheryloakes~Seedlings  you got it.

 19:26:27  cheryloakes~Seedlings  sound check

 19:28:02  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Hello, just setting up.

 19:28:17  MaryOB  Great thanks

 19:28:23  Kevin Jarrett  Hi Mary!

 19:28:38  MaryOB  Hello

 19:29:23  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Mary where are you from?

 19:29:31  MaryOB  I'm a Mainer!

 19:29:35  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Hi Jo and tjtech

 19:29:36  JoNelle  hello from SC looking to see which audio works for me tonight

 19:29:40  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Yes

 19:29:41  tjtech  Hi

 19:30:01  MaryOB  So watch what you say!

 19:30:13  MaryOB  I live in Augusta - work in Manchester

 19:30:32  alicebarr (seedlings)  HI Mary! Thanks for coming

 19:30:43  cheryloakes~Seedlings  SO glad you have you all here.

 19:30:46  MaryOB  Hey Alice!

 19:31:04  MaryOB  Kevin are you KJ on SL?

 19:31:09  Kevin Jarrett  Yep!

 19:31:13  Kevin Jarrett  KJ Hax

 19:31:25  MaryOB  I'm Serena Offcourse

 19:31:37  Kevin Jarrett  HEY SERENA!!!!!

 19:31:40  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Oh Serena, I am Blizzard Oates

 19:31:47  MaryOB  thanks

 19:31:47  alicebarr (seedlings)  Yea!!

 19:32:49  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Welcome to you all!

 19:33:55  cheryloakes~Seedlings

 19:34:24  alicebarr (seedlings)  Thanks for coming everyone

 19:34:56  MaryOB  the pressure

 19:35:31  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Yeah for K-4 technology teachers!!

 19:36:02  cheryloakes~Seedlings  welcome kcaise!

 19:36:11  kcaise  hi everyone

 19:36:43  cheryloakes~Seedlings  evening Jim, glad you are with us!

 19:37:16  alicebarr (seedlings)  HI Jim

 19:37:17  jimburke  Evening, Cheryl, all. . . 

 19:38:10  MaryOB  wow great story!

 19:38:24  JoNelle  love the story Kevin! love k-4 too

 19:38:28  cheryloakes~Seedlings  It is like a bedtime story!! A dream story.

 19:38:47  cheryloakes~Seedlings  K-4 is the best job, it is like a party every day.

 19:38:59  JoNelle  in 5th they take"the turn"

 19:40:21  kcaise  kinders used to terrify me!

 19:41:23  kcaise  they are like sponges and fearless

 19:41:36  alicebarr (seedlings)  Yes sponges... So smart!

 19:41:40  cheryloakes~Seedlings  yes kcaise, the just want to learn anything!

 19:41:51  JoNelle  before 5th- girls don't know that it may be uncool to like tech

 19:42:04  cheryloakes~Seedlings  I agree joNelle!

 19:44:44  JoNelle  Would you pls address SL and elem level?

 19:45:22  cheryloakes~Seedlings  JoNelle, we are on the same wave link

 19:45:58  JoNelle  collaboration takes more time to organize it and learn the tech- worth every minute. 

 19:46:03  JoNelle  good on the name:)

 19:46:27  cheryloakes~Seedlings  oh, thank you joNelle

 19:47:32  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Welcome Deb!!!

 19:47:38  alicebarr (seedlings)  Hi Deb!

 19:47:46  MaryOB  Use what Kevin for social networking?

 19:47:48  debbarrows  Good evening.

 19:47:57  cheryloakes~Seedlings  imbee I think

 19:48:14  MaryOB  thanks

 19:48:40  cheryloakes~Seedlings  is a parent /family driven social networking site, baby myspace

 19:49:26  MaryOB  and what were names of the other sims you mentioned

 19:49:30  MaryOB  Webkins

 19:49:35  MaryOB  and what else

 19:49:38  cheryloakes~Seedlings  AtlantisQuest

 19:49:48  Kevin Jarrett  Quest Atlantis

 19:49:53  cheryloakes~Seedlings  thanks Kevin

 19:51:08  JoNelle  must step away - sister here to show me polycom :) will check chat later - thanks all!

 19:51:21  cheryloakes~Seedlings  great idea to use Webkins for nutrition   by Jonelle

 19:51:25  kcaise  you don't have to have a code to enter the webkin world?

 19:51:48  cheryloakes~Seedlings  I think you do kcaise, you need a code from one webkin

 19:52:18  MaryOB  great idea

 19:52:38  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Maria Knee also uses a webkin with her kindergarten and shares with each student

 19:52:50  alicebarr (seedlings)  Hey Sarah

 19:52:51  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Sarah S, no classes tonight/

 19:52:56  MaryOB  Hi Sarah

 19:53:12  Sarah S  Got home "on time" - new timeslot is 4-6:30

 19:53:18  cheryloakes~Seedlings  yippeee

 19:53:22  MaryOB  So many kids have them - they could bring their own

 19:53:36  cheryloakes~Seedlings  good idea MaryOB that is one way

 19:53:43  Sarah S  Just listened to last week's show on the drive home. Great stuff. Looking forward to getting back into the Seedlings Ning and getting more involved. :)

 19:55:05  Kevin Jarrett  Here is our middle school newspaper/media club:

 19:55:09  Sarah S  I wish more was happening at the elementary level in our district . . 

 19:55:19  alicebarr (seedlings)  Yea! Sarah!! We look forward to learning from you!

 19:55:26  cheryloakes~Seedlings  hello Jay, welcome

 19:55:33  Jay  Hi

 19:56:29  Sarah S  That's so empowering!

 19:56:49  cheryloakes~Seedlings  We are discussing students, teachable moments, making good decisions in online environments.

 19:56:49  Sarah S  The autonomy to make it their own is really key.

 19:57:25  alicebarr (seedlings)

 19:57:33  cheryloakes~Seedlings  is another good one from Kevin.

 19:57:37  Jay  maybe schools should run a new course - "Online Communities" teaching this stuff

 19:57:54  alicebarr (seedlings)  @jay Great idea

 19:58:08  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Good idea, I am going to put online and virtual environments in my tech plan

 19:58:16  kcaise  my niece loves or something like that

 19:58:18  alicebarr (seedlings)  @Jay would it be for students?

 19:58:31  alicebarr (seedlings)

 19:58:32  Jay  maybe students and teachers.... do it together ;-)

 19:58:39  cheryloakes~Seedlings  yes Jay!

 19:59:00  alicebarr (seedlings)  @Jay that would be cool!

 19:59:15  kcaise  they take care of horses

 19:59:20  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Hello Lorna, welcome!

 19:59:21  alicebarr (seedlings)  Hey Lorna

 19:59:35  Lorna  Hi ALice and all

 19:59:42  Jay  just opened bellasara and it plays audio - wondered where it was coming from oops

 19:59:43  Sarah S  Hi Lorna.

 20:00:05  Sarah S  Awesome experience. 

 20:00:06  Lorna  Hi sarah and cheryl 

 20:00:25  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Yes Sarah, it was a great experience.

 20:00:40  Kevin Jarrett  My Google Certified Teacher Application Video:

 20:00:51  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Sarah is a google certified teacher as well!

 20:01:27  Sarah S  It's always worth taking a risk!

 20:01:33  MaryOB  The only failure is not taking the risk

 20:01:51  kcaise  how many apply each time now?

 20:02:08  MaryOB  What is the advantage?

 20:02:11  Sarah S  Thank goodness they opened the geographic limit - Maine to NY is not exactly local.

 20:02:26  Jay  Great video Kevin

 20:02:35  Kevin Jarrett  Thanks Jay!

 20:02:59  Sarah S   ?500 maybe?

 20:03:09  kcaise  i would have thought much more

 20:03:32  kcaise  really?

 20:03:45  Kevin Jarrett  wouldn't suprise me....

 20:03:47  cheryloakes~Seedlings  yes, kcaise, apply if you get a chance

 20:03:55  Kevin Jarrett  ABSOLUTELY APPLY!!!

 20:04:08  kcaise  do you have to have a master's degree?

 20:04:19  Jay  teachers having contacts at Google - how many companies allow that?

 20:04:20  Kevin Jarrett  Nope!

 20:04:25  cheryloakes~Seedlings  no kim, just an interest and plan to share what you learn

 20:04:35  cheryloakes~Seedlings  hello Terry Kaminski, welcome

 20:05:09  Terry Kaminski  Thanks Cheryl

 20:05:14  Kevin Jarrett  Blog post: My advice to Google Teacher Academy applicants: ya gotta believe!

 20:05:41  Kay  Kay

 20:05:52  cheryloakes~Seedlings  hello Kay, glad you are here

 20:06:11  Kevin Jarrett  PEGGY!!!!!!!!

 20:06:12  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Peggy, hello 

 20:06:14  Kay  Kevin, will the "reload tomorrow be available for other cohorts to lurk into??

 20:06:29  Kevin Jarrett  ZOMG ZOMG

 20:06:31  Terry Kaminski  I really want to go to Google Teachers Academy.  Is there one in Canada??

 20:06:33  Kevin Jarrett  this is holly

 20:06:37  Peggy Sheehy  ummmm  I gues they can lurk into SL  LOL

 20:06:48  Peggy Sheehy  Hey Holllllllly!

 20:06:50  Kevin Jarrett  hi wats up ^_^

 20:06:55  cheryloakes~Seedlings  not sure, but we advocated for it

 20:07:10  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Terry, we advocated for Canada

 20:07:14  Terry Kaminski  Please keep asking for it Cheryl

 20:07:19  Peggy Sheehy  :-)  Crispy around the edges ... but keepin on keepin on]

 20:07:21  kcaise  aunts are so cool!

 20:07:29  debbarrows  Great video Kevin - very creative!

 20:07:30  kcaise  hi lorna

 20:07:40  Lorna  Hi Kim

 20:07:44  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Isn't great Deb!

 20:08:21  Peggy Sheehy  So tomorrow anyone in SL can just head over to GCT HEadquarters on Idea City 

 20:08:27  debbarrows  Yes Cheryl

 20:08:32  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Isn't it a great video, I mean Debbarrows

 20:08:54  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Oh, good Peggy!

 20:09:01  Sarah S  I loved that series of blog posts from your visit to Peggy's school, Kevin.

 20:09:23  kcaise  i hadn't heard of bill

 20:09:32  kcaise  what is his last name?

 20:10:21  cheryloakes~Seedlings  bill ferriter i think

 20:10:53  Peggy Sheehy  We're slated for 3 -3:30 I think (heheh I'd better check!)

 20:12:41  cheryloakes~Seedlings  We are missing Bob tonight, he is at a family funeral. He wishes he could be here but he is glad for this time with his family.

 20:12:58  Terry Kaminski  I cannot wait to see David Warlick in May in Calgary Alberta

 20:13:07  debbarrows  I wondered why Bob was in MD. Thanks

 20:13:10  Sarah S  No kidding - the tools he had for Educon 2.1 were impressive.

 20:13:23  kcaise  oh no, ss to hear that cheryl

 20:13:50  kcaise  awwwww how cute!

 20:16:18  cheryloakes~Seedlings  hello csitterley! welcome

 20:16:28  Kevin Jarrett  unPD:

 20:16:33  Kevin Jarrett  CONNIE!!!!

 20:16:34  cheryloakes~Seedlings  evening sr, welcome

 20:16:38  Kevin Jarrett  Are you in NYC???

 20:17:23  Terry Kaminski  Kevin: Great idea.  Have the people that WANT to PD get together

 20:17:34  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Brilliant!

 20:17:58  Sarah S  It really helps when the mainstream media has a good article about these tools.

 20:18:14  Kevin Jarrett  Yes Sarah!

 20:18:19  csitterley  Kevin-yes, Kyli and I are in NYC- looking forward to GTA tomorrow

 20:18:36  Terry Kaminski  Glad your teachers ar thinking 21st century.  My teachers I think are still in the 19th century.  we have a long way to go.


 20:18:51  Kevin Jarrett  Sorry Terry that was for Connie...

 20:19:01  Kevin Jarrett  What you need, Terry...

 20:19:02  Sarah S  Two chapters to go . . .got to finish this weekend!

 20:19:11  Kevin Jarrett  Is a 'Coalition of the Willing'

 20:19:38  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Terry all you need to do is invite any of us to a meeting and we will skype in!!

 20:20:11  Peggy Sheehy  Tomorrow I am spending the day with 25 students and teachers from Rockland COunty and Alan November 

 20:20:23  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Oh, have fun Peggy, say hi to Alan!

 20:20:26  Terry Kaminski  Thanks Cheryl.  I will take you up on that in the future.

 20:20:28  csitterley  Just catching up on the audio-it is a test for the internet here

 20:20:32  Peggy Sheehy  21st Century Curriculum Design  

 20:20:38  Lorna  one person doing it well others will follow

 20:20:46  Peggy Sheehy  I will Cheryl!

 20:20:56  Terry Kaminski  Kevin: I hear you.  That is why I hangout at Seedlings and am starting to participate in the Ed Tech Talk each week.

 20:21:04  Kevin Jarrett  My geek of the week:

 20:21:05  Peggy Sheehy  I was so happy that we got to bring STUDENTS!!!

 20:21:26  Peggy Sheehy  I will be twittering  ehhehe

 20:21:45  Peggy Sheehy  KJ   what time is ISTE?

 20:22:42  csitterley  That is a great tool-and very helpful when planning-really brings home the needs!

 20:23:05  Peggy Sheehy  THeCoalition of the Willing - I like that -- My boss calls it , Technology Welcoming

 20:23:08  Terry Kaminski  Thanks for sharing the matrix Kevin!!!!  I am on it!!!  This will definitely drive my impleemtation of 1 to 1 laptops

 20:23:18  debbarrows  Hey Kevin - don't say can we - say we are..

 20:24:02  debbarrows  maybe they will follow...

 20:24:13  alicebarr (seedlings)

 20:25:04  Terry Kaminski  These activity packs are neat!!!  Thanks Alice

 20:25:05  csitterley  Everyone should get geeks from twitter-so much learning there I can't keep up

 20:25:29  alicebarr (seedlings) has the #gr8t tweets post

 20:25:45  cheryloakes~Seedlings

 20:25:57  Sarah S  Great links  - what a wonderful idea! I know I get a ton of good stuff from twitter every day.

 20:26:44  cheryloakes~Seedlings

 20:26:49  csitterley  Oh man...My delicious is on overload now-gonna have to take vacation to check onall the links

 20:27:34  cheryloakes~Seedlings  yes connie, isn't that the truth

 20:28:50  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Thanks for listening to our show! 

 20:28:51  MaryOB  OH wow!

 20:28:59  alicebarr (seedlings)

 20:29:05  alicebarr (seedlings)  Bob's GOW

 20:29:26  MaryOB  Please type in their names

 20:29:50  csitterley  Kevin- you would need a 48 hour day to do more than you already do!

 20:30:05  cheryloakes~Seedlings  Connie, that is the truth!

 20:30:26  Terry Kaminski  Thanks to all of you for being a part of my PLN

 20:30:41  MaryOB  Thanks to all of you too!

 20:30:47  Sarah S  Great show - sorry some of us were late!

 20:30:51  sr  Thank you!!

 20:30:52  Kevin Jarrett  Thanks everyone!!!!!

 20:30:52  csitterley  G'night all-Kevin-see you tomorrow at GTA in NYC

 20:30:57  Kevin Jarrett  Yep!!!!!

 20:30:59  Lorna  thanks for  a gr8 show

 20:31:01  cheryloakes~Seedlings  thanks all, for stoppying

 20:31:11  debbarrows  Good night and thanks.

 20:31:13  MaryOB  Good night everyone

 20:31:21  Terry Kaminski  Thanks Kevin, Alice and Cheryl for a great webcast!!!

 20:31:23  kcaise  thank you everyone - have a great night!

 20:31:33  cheryloakes~Seedlings  great show thanks again!1


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