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This week Cammy Bean interviewed Robert Squires about how he became involved in Instructional Design as well as current design projects.

Texts mentioned in the discussion:

Mark Pegrum: From Blogs to Bombs

Brinck, Gergle and Wood: Designing Websites that Work: Usability for the Web



11:42:20 JenM -> I can't hear anything on the ustream .. should I?
11:42:34 JenM -> ok ... I just heard robert
11:42:54 robert -> Hi all
11:43:03 JenM -> I have only heard robert ... is anyone else on the call?
11:43:32 robert -> Marlene is speaking
11:43:41 JenM -> nope ... not getting marlene at all
12:00:13 jonidunlap -> Good morning everyone!
12:00:38 JenM -> ok ... robert ... I am recording and on skype call muted
12:00:39 scottblackan -> If I may, to be clear, is it best to listen via Ustream or EdTechTalk A?
12:00:50 JeniseCook -> Hi Cammy, it's Jenise Cook.
12:01:00 Cammy Bean -> Hi Jenise!
12:01:09 JenM -> ustream is better as there is no delay ... but that is only difference
12:01:25 scottblackan -> thank you JenM
12:02:30 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! great to be hearing you! Audio is great :-)
12:03:15 mrsdurff -> hi
12:03:39 PeggyG -> is the chat happening here or in the studio?
12:03:44 PeggyG -> hi Durff!
12:04:03 JenM -> @peggy ... main chat is here
12:04:23 PeggyG -> great! thanks JenM :-)
12:04:42 mrsdurff -> working but listening
12:05:39 PeggyG -> good for you :-)
12:06:09 guest478 -> @Jenise nice to see you made it
12:08:36 PeggyG -> Is one of Robert's roles to help instructors learn to provide online instruction when they have always been f2f instructors?
12:09:38 JeniseCook -> @Robert ... very good points... please continue your topic. Profs reticent to "leave" fsf instruction.
12:10:30 PeggyG -> what's the next step with instructors when they are at that stage of just using the online site as a respository for assignments and content?
12:10:58 PeggyG -> yes--would love to hear about the process :-)
12:11:29 jonidunlap -> @PeggyG I think one next step is to make sure they can see good examples, especially from their discipline.
12:12:10 PeggyG -> good point!
12:12:40 jonidunlap -> I like to encourage faculty to talk about what makes a great learning experience in their discipline...tell that story. And then use the story to talk about what we want to do online.
12:12:53 PeggyG -> my experience as a university instructor was that even though they saw it modeled they tended to say "I don't know how to do that--you're a techie" :-)
12:13:01 JeniseCook -> @joni ... good suggestion.
12:13:48 jonidunlap -> When folks think about their "best learning experience" stories, and then are inspired to use it as a model for teaching, it is impossible to use it as a repository.
12:13:50 PeggyG -> stories are powerful! love that suggestion jonidunlap
12:14:30 jonidunlap -> Stories are everything. :-)
12:14:31 PeggyG -> what are Blackboard greenhouse awards?
12:14:38 JeniseCook -> As Robert said, it's about the learners. However, for the profs WIIFM, what else do you tell them in addition to what Joni wrote?
12:15:02 marlene.zentz ->
12:15:25 marlene.zentz -> The url will take you to the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program.
12:15:39 PeggyG -> thanks for that link--very helpful :-)
12:15:45 JenM -> @robert ... what do you feel are the biggest / most difficult f2f to online transition points / problems for faculty?
12:16:22 PeggyG -> do you use a student survey to get feedback on their online experience?
12:16:29 scottblackan -> Does the course for your instructors attempt to follow the ADDIE model?
12:17:18 jonidunlap -> @JeniseCook I also like to talk with folks about student engagement, and what that means in terms of learning and professional preparation. We do this a lot in cadre mode with faculty groups.
12:17:24 PeggyG -> are the blackboard syllabi available online for other instructors to see and learn from?
12:17:37 marlene.zentz ->
12:17:57 marlene.zentz -> This link will let you see Blackboard exemplary course winners.
12:18:09 JeniseCook -> Room 3: At the Univ. of Montana, do your online courses have audio narration?
12:18:27 linda -> I think experiencing what it's like to be a STUDENT in an online course is essential to being able to TEACH an online course
12:18:31 PeggyG -> that was something we started at AZ State University-offering a stipend for faculty who participated in delivering hybrid courses
12:18:58 JenM -> @linda ... that is why I got my masters and PhD at a distance so I could practice as I hope to one day teach ...
12:19:06 PeggyG -> very interesting point linda! that is really valuable!
12:20:05 jonidunlap -> @linda I agree. Since it isn't always possible, we do a weekly synchronous session (we use Adobe Connect) with faculty so they can see what it's like -- in short spurts -- to be on the student side of things. Also they get used to using the tools, and using the tools in a variety of ways.
12:20:22 linda -> it sounds like U of Minn provides great support for their faculty in this process
12:20:48 linda -> sorry - u of Montanta
12:21:11 JeniseCook -> Room 3: Do you use a set of templates, and reusable learning objects in course development?
12:21:32 PeggyG -> the weekly synchronous session for faculty sounds like a great idea! is it voluntary? we always had a hard time finding a common time when faculty coule meet for something like this because of their teaching schedules
12:22:11 PeggyG -> love the idea of online office hours :-)
12:22:26 linda -> re: what Robert is saying about syllabus...what I've seen so far, syllabus has to be much more detailed for online, than for classroom
12:22:43 jonidunlap -> @PeggyG Yes, it is voluntary. We refer to it as the FLC (Faculty Learning Community) and the group is growing. But, since it is every week (same bat time, same bat place) faculty get used to it, and show up when they can.
12:23:01 linda -> I think it's easy for a new instructor to underestimate that. (I say this from having recently taught first course many things to do different next time!)
12:23:09 PeggyG -> love your model with the learning community and cohorts
12:24:46 PeggyG -> @joni-you're modeling what you want the faculty to do in their classes :-) great design!
12:25:55 linda -> weekly discussions between faculty sound like terrific idea - i agree - knowing it is happening regularly helps, - if miss one, can jump in next week
12:26:05 PeggyG -> thanks-would love to have the link :-)
12:26:49 PeggyG -> isn't it fun when that happens and you get the developer/creator to join you--hooray for social networking!
12:27:08 K Smith -> More twitter chat - :-)
12:28:02 Cammy Bean -> From Blogs to Bombs:
12:28:09 K Smith -> user centered :-)
12:28:22 PeggyG -> that looks like a really interesting book :-)
12:28:44 mrsdurff -> kasha for lunh = yum!
12:29:05 PeggyG -> very interesting tidbit!! it makes sense :-)
12:29:23 mrsdurff -> navigation bar? who needs that?
12:29:30 mrsdurff -> use social bookmarking
12:29:35 JenM -> re: usabilty book ... we used this as a text at Indiana University ...
12:30:07 JenM -> usabilty book: Don't make me think! : a common sense approach to Web usability
12:30:17 jonidunlap -> Here is the link to the FLC blog -- This is where we will post our schedule and link to sessions (won't start up until Feb.) I'll be sure to let folks know when we are up and running again...we plan to post the new schedule by end of next week.
12:30:43 PeggyG -> do students have to pay for online service in addition to textbooks?
12:31:03 mrsdurff -> moodle?
12:31:06 PeggyG -> thanks jonidunlap! can't wait to explore it
12:31:11 mrsdurff -> wimba,no?
12:31:15 JeniseCook -> At the Univ. of Montana, do your online courses incorporate audio narration?
12:31:17 PeggyG -> they are using blackboard
12:31:30 JeniseCook -> Do you use template sets and reusable learning objects in course development?
12:31:42 mrsdurff -> where do you as a faculty collect links
12:31:51 mrsdurff -> delicious>
12:31:55 mrsdurff -> diigo?
12:31:56 JeniseCook -> The asynchronous courses, that is... audio narration?
12:32:05 jonidunlap -> I love VoiceThread!
12:32:09 PeggyG -> Diigo groups would be great for faculty sharing
12:32:17 mrsdurff -> I agree
12:32:43 PeggyG -> great question Jenise! I'd like to know about template sets too :-)
12:33:29 mrsdurff -> haircolour?
12:33:38 Cammy Bean -> yes, hair color!
12:33:50 Cammy Bean -> when you go to a hair salon and get your hair colored
12:34:01 mrsdurff -> makes me think of valenza and then sheehy
12:34:14 K Smith -> templates mmmmmmmmmm:D
12:34:20 scottblackan -> Stumbled across this event through a tweet from Cammy. So very interesting and helpful. Sure would like to connect through twitter with others participating here. Is there an ability to get twitter ids of people here today? Voluntarily of course.
12:34:39 jonidunlap -> jonidunlap is my twitter id
12:34:50 mrsdurff -> what is our purpose as online educators?
12:34:51 linda -> however, for instructors/faculty, they need to put their lectures online...that is the "writing" part, I think
12:34:58 PeggyG -> sure scottblackan--i'm @pgeorge on twitter
12:35:05 scottblackan -> Thanks jonidunlap. I'm scottblackman on twitter
12:35:13 scottblackan -> thanks PeggyG
12:35:15 mrsdurff -> could it be critical digital literacy
12:35:17 linda -> I'm @lindaurban
12:35:34 linda -> hashtag of #edtech turns up lots of links, also #elearn
12:35:36 JenM -> @scott ... twitter id "edtechtalk" will keep you up to day on other live events at ... there are many that occur during the week
12:35:42 PeggyG -> it can be a fine line between providing prescribed syllabus/curriculum and providing resources to support a teacher's individual teaching style in online teaching
12:35:45 JenM -> *up to date
12:35:47 Cammy Bean -> I'm @cammybean on Twitter.
12:36:02 scottblackan -> very interesting. Thanks for everyones time!
12:36:05 JeniseCook -> @jenisecook  on Twitter.
12:36:10 mrsdurff -> you're rockstars!
12:36:15 PeggyG -> thanks for sharing your twitter names :-)
12:36:15 K Smith -> :)
12:36:23 jonidunlap -> Have a great weekend everyone!
12:36:23 robert ->
12:36:24 linda -> 30 minues seems short, but I'm glad actually, because if it was 60, I probably would think I didn't have time :-)
12:36:31 linda -> really appreciate these sessions@!
12:36:32 PeggyG -> thanks for another informative, interesting show!!
12:36:37 JenM -> bye, all!
12:36:37 linda -> thanks to all
12:36:38 JeniseCook -> bye!
12:36:43 PeggyG -> bye everyone
12:36:49 mrsdurff -> did you put that blog url in newsletter dodad?
12:36:55 mrsdurff -> would you?
12:37:02 marlene.zentz -> Thanks, everyone!
12:37:23 Cammy Bean -> Cammy's Blog
12:37:40 JeniseCook ->