2011-10-24 SEEDlings Wes Fryer - Playing With Media

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We meet with Wes Fryer to talk about his new Book "Playing with Media"

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West Point research into effects of new media training methods

I'm interested in the source of the West Point study where students taught using new instructional methods were able to organize themselves and take a hill whereas those taught through traditional means were waiting for their commander to organize them.  Can anyone send more info to email or Google+ VanceStev ?  Thanks Vance


The students in this case weren't taught using 'new media,' they were taught using new approaches which emphasized initiative and proactive collaboration. The source for this which I heard in April 2011 was Col Casey Haskins (US Army) who was at the time director of military training at West Point. I shared notes from his session at the 2011 Intellectual Warrior's Conference at Fort Sill on:


I also reflected on the conference and lessons learned in a short podcast