2012-2-27 SEEDlings with Mike Muir Part 2

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(23:50:51) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968): Good Evening Everyone! (00:16:24) Cheryl Oakes ~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):  Hello all for our LIVE zombie show

(00:17:10) guest-2416:
Tonight SEEDLINGS is taking over, with permission
(00:22:32) guest-2416:
I love Mike's job descriptions and job titles
(00:22:39) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):

(00:22:53) guest-2416:
Advantage 2014, Auburn Maine
(00:23:04) guest-2416:
1-1 iPad initiative in K.
(00:23:23) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:23:29) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(00:23:40) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
HI Jim
(00:23:57) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:24:09) guest-2416:
Nice to have you here Jim!
(00:25:22) guest-2416:
Jim, how is the sound?
(00:25:35) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:25:42) guest-2416:
(00:31:50) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
Here's the graphhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/Adv2014_ResearchSum120216.pdf
(00:32:42) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(00:37:44) guest-2416:
From Gary Kidd: My district is working with iPads for kindergarteners in one of our primary schools. We are closely following the work in Auburn. Is there a way to get an outline of the PD for Paradigm Shifts work?
(00:38:36) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(00:39:37) guest-2416:
Professional Development outline for the Advantage 2014http://multiplepathways.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/professional-developmen...
(00:40:38) guest-2416:
doing one to one right!
(00:43:32) guest-2416:
Branding, social marketing need to be part of your lingo in your schools. Mike explains how this happened in Auburn.
(00:44:08) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
We have learned so many other things by being 1:1
(00:44:42) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
Really important that it's a team of people... Wisdom of the crowd!
(00:45:06) guest-2416:
Yes, collaboration and sharing!
(00:51:30) guest-2416:
Information age schools must develop the talent of everybody, not sort out the best learners. (paraphrase)
(00:52:07) guest-2416:
How can we change our structure.
(00:59:05) guest-2416:
. But it is important to keep in mind that this will develop a teacher’s personal use skill, not their integration for learning skill. That’s not a problem. The problem comes from thinking that if teachers know how to use their iPad that they also know how to leverage it for their students’ learning…
(01:01:02) guest-2416:
(01:05:48) guest-2416:
Yes, this is very transparent, all the steps you are following and sharing.
(01:06:47) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
I hope lots of other schools take a look at this model.!
(01:08:09) guest-2416:
Maine is doing great work with customized learning.
(01:10:00) Cheryl Oakes~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):
A cohort of districts in Maine working on customized learning.
(01:11:04) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(01:11:11) Cheryl Oakes~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):
RISC is a project out of Alaska that is award winning.
(01:12:17) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(01:14:02) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(01:14:40) Cheryl Oakes~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):
(01:17:30) Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):
(01:17:42) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
Thank you. :) Three days worth of dishes are washed and completed . . . with interesting ideas thrown in.
(01:18:01) Jim Burke (guest-2967): Appreciated.
(01:19:20) Jim Burke (guest-2967):  Night . . . thanks again. . . good stuff!
(01:20:37) Cheryl Oakes~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416): Thanks to the chat room!!

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