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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

21st Century Learning #103 - Pandemic Flu And How Our School Are/Should Be Thinking About The Challange

25:35 minutes (23.45 MB)

Alex, Vinnie and arvind discuss the pandemic flu and how our schools and we are thinking about providing education/support for students if we were not able to meet with them in real, physical space.

WOW2 Show #114 (or so) Teachers Without Borders and Tribute to Jen Wagner

60:41 minutes (35.24 MB)

Tribute to Jen Wagner




















Tribute to Jen Wagner - our WOW2 founder!


Tonight (May 26th) was the last night Jen Wagner was with us as a WOW2 host.

WOW2 Show #113 with Robin Ellis

67:32 minutes (39.79 MB)

May 12, 2009

Robin Ellis joins us for our lively discussion about Open PD

Instructional Technology Specialist in the Quakertown Community School District in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. She has been working in the


21st Century Learning #105: Fred Bartels on N1H1 Flu School Closing

33:00 minutes (15.14 MB)

21st Century Learning #105
Fred Bartels on the Rye Country Day School N1H1 Flu School Closing
May 21, 2009

Fred Bartels, Technology Director at Rye Country Day School joined us to share what he and his school learned when they had to close for a day because of a possible case of N1H1 Flu.

Do you have a story?  How would you handle this?  Let us know in the comments below. 
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Conversations #37

55:10 minutes (18.94 MB)

Prompted by an article he shared from the NY Times, Out of Work in Finance, They Turn to Teaching, we asked Kevin Jarrett to join us. The discussion about the implications of the program mentioned in the article included talking about good teacher preparation programs, mentoring for new teachers, and the teaching profession as a calling.


Maria lost the stream several times when skype crashed on her end. The complete audio is in ustream.

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