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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

21st Century Learning #102: Checking in

31:44 minutes (14.56 MB)

21st Century Learning #102
Checking in with arvind, Alex and Vinnie
April 23, 2009

arvind, Alex and Vinnie chat about what's going on at their schools; what the rest of the year looks like; and plans for the summer and next school year. 

Photo from: beatkueng

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Parents as Partners Episode #25 May 4, 2009 John Pederson and the Network Learning Manifesto

60:11 minutes (27.55 MB)

John Pederson joined Cindy Seibel and Lorna Costantini to finally do a follow up to his presentation at Edcuon 2.1. John had presented his Network Learning Manifesto and had included a parent voice as part of his presentation. The backchannel during that workshop and the show chat room from Monday night hosted the same exciting folks. It was a great discussion about how parents can fit in the learning process. 

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EdTechWeekly #126

43:34 minutes (19.95 MB)

EdTechWeekly #126
May 3, 2009



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48:51 minutes (22.36 MB)

The pre-Earthcast09 #EC09 edtion of the annual Earth Day event from -- yet another of the good works growing out of the Worldbridges rhizome. Welcome to @carolteach4 and apologies to her for the tardy posting of her on-air debut.



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Edtech Brainstorm - What happens to education during a pandemic?

71:34 minutes (24.57 MB)

ETBS is joined by James Sigler, Derrall Garrison, Doug Symington, Matt Montagne and a host of others in the chat to discuss issues surrounding pandemic planning in schools.


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