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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

Conversations #33 2009 04 19

67:30 minutes (30.9 MB)

Our topic for Conversations this week was EarthCast09 which led to a discussion about broadcasting live with students. Sheila shared her experiences in broadcasting with her 7th grade students during EarthCast08. Matt Montagne joined us near the end of the hour to talk more about Earthbridges and EarthCast09 and his students' work with Gator Radio.

Parents as Partners Episode #24 April 20, 2009 Dysart Unified School District

65:29 minutes (29.98 MB)

Laurie King, technology coordinator at Dysart Unified School District tells her story about supporting the Dysart community using technology. Principals receive ongoing training sessions timed to coordinate with their Governing board meetings. Teachers have instructions on how to use Google docs and iPod touch or smart phone to access their content online using wireless connection in the School District. Parents have access to Daily News TV put on by Secondary School Students and on... Please listen to how she and grade 3 teacher Lidia Goodman communicate with her students and parents.The list of exciting ways Lidia connects with parents is long but a particularly interesting practice is using a powerpoint presentation to keep parents and student in the loop with homework. Scroll down to daily powerpoint

Chat Log

EdTechWeekly #124

42:46 minutes (19.58 MB)

EdTechWeekly #124
April 19, 2009



 Chat Log Below


Teachers Teaching Teachers #146 - What does Obama's Online Town Hall Meeting have to do with our classrooms? 04.01.09

32:30 minutes (10.63 MB)

Our guest on this Teachers Teaching Teachers podcast is David Colarusso, developer of communityCounts and a moderator of Ask the President.

A few weeks ago, as soon as Paul Allison had finished reading about “Ask the President” in The Nation, Barack Obama was conducting his first online town hall. Obama answered questions that had been voted to the top at, an exciting new process which was molded on a project that was created and is being hosted by our guest, David Colarusso, “a 30-year-old law student and former high school teacher.”

When Paul read that this web innovator and activist was a former teacher, he started thinking that David may have some thoughts about how my students and the students involved in our social network,, might get involved in the “Ask The President” project or other communityCOUNTS projects.

Listen to our conversation with David Colarusso about “leveraging your voice for change.” We asked him how to “spark, collect, rank, and compel discussion for an assortment of web-content from Flickr to YouTube” using communityCounts.


Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

21st Century Learning #100 Andy Zucker on Transforming Schools with Technology

32:25 minutes (14.88 MB)

Andrew Zucker21st Century Learning #100
Andy Zucker on Transforming Schools with Technology
April 9, 2009

Andy Zucker, author of Transforming Schools with Technology: How Smart Use of Digital Tools Helps Achieve Six Key Education Goals and Senior Research Scientist at the The Concord Consortium joined us to discuss integrating education and technology in the classroom. 

A conversation concentrating on the core of what educational technologists should be working in this, the first decade of the 21st Century.

Click here for the chat transcript


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