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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.


48:14 minutes (22.08 MB)

A "berry" good brainstorm.
Thanks to Jeff for hosting the call, and all who joined us in the chatroom. This week we check in with Vance Stevens, Jose Rodriguez, and Dave Cormier about plans for Webheads in Action: Online Convergence, 2009 (WIAOC09).

Teachers Teaching Teachers #145 - Discussing Fundamentals and Building Plans Together - 03.25.09

64:10 minutes (20.62 MB)

Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison welcome colleagues Ron Link (NYC Writing Project), Gail Desler (Area 3 Writing Project in California), and Fred Hass (Boston Writing Project) for a conversation about collaboration, publishing, and building a responsive community of students, mainly within our work together on Youth Voices.

Please listen to how we talk to each other, then plan to join us in the future.

Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

Conversations #32 2009 04 05

62:51 minutes (28.77 MB)

In this conversation we focused on the type of student we are creating in our classrooms where we empower them to be in control of their own learning. We discussed what this means when these students leave us and go to another classroom where this does not happen.

21st Century Learning #99: Sarah Hanawald - Designing Games and Activities for Faculty PD

28:01 minutes (12.85 MB)

21st Century Learning #99
Sarah Hanawald - Designing Games and Activities for Faculty Professional Development
April 2, 2009

Sarah Hanawald from Greensboro Day School and the Literacy, Technology, and Learning blog joined us this week.  We discussed desiging games and simulations for faculty professional development around using social learning tools.

What are your thoughts about this?  How would you design a game for faculty to learn how to participate in online communities? 


* Photo from: Vizzzual-dot-com

<click here for the chat transcript>

2009-04-09 Seedlings with Susan Phillips and Melanie Holtsman

61:50 minutes (28.35 MB)

Alice, Bob and Cheryl are joined by Susan Phillips, lead adventurer from Chets Creek Elementary School from Jacksonville with her technology integration teacher, Melanie Holtsman. It is our first on the road show, where Susan is traveling and coming to us via cell phone. They have great service in Georgia because we only lost her one time! This show is about how a principal as the instructional/technology leader in the building, can take the whole school community on an educational journey and have her school with 96% of the students who are performing at and above standard.

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