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February 15, 2009

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21st Century Learning #94: Carol Broos aka Music Techie

27:14 minutes (12.5 MB)

2Carol Broos1st Century Learning #94
Carol Broos aka Music Techie
February 5, 2009

Carol Broos aka Music Techie
joined us to discuss her conversation with Arne Duncan, our new
Secretary of Education, and the intersection of performance and
technology education.  

<Click here for the chat transcript>


It's Elementary #30, Wikis in Education

22:33 minutes (5.16 MB)

JeffUtechtIt’s Elementary interviewed Jeff Utech from the Thinking Stick.  After a roller coaster ride on the Ustream train and some very interesting audio looping :-), we were able to salvage the last 20 minutes of the conversation.  Thanks to all that showed your patience and support during our live show and especially to Jeff Utech for his spirit of collaboration and a great example of an edtech superstar.  Make sure to check out all the great links in the Text Chat 

Conversations Episode 26 02-08-09

68:52 minutes (31.52 MB)

This week Maria Knee, Sheila Adams, and Lisa Parisi were joined by Gary Stager in a discussion about the Constructivist theory of learning.

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