Teachers are Talking Episode 18 03-19-09

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Lisa Parisi and Susan van Gelder were joined by Dean Shareski and Alice Mercer to discuss preservice teachers and online classes. 

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21st Century Learning #98: Designing an Open Online Teacher Academy -- Part 2

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21st Century Learning #98
Designing an Open Online Teacher Academy  -- Part 2
March 19, 2009

Week 2 of figuring out how to design an online teacher academy. 

We're starting to nail down a goal for this academy: 

The goal of this experience is to:
1. Teach online tools in the context of teaching and learning
2. Creating online community to model and sustain this learning

 *Please not that these are in draft form.

This online teacher academy starts by walking its participants through some basic online tools while building a community, and creates a structure for the participants to create and document new work thus leaving a legacy for the next generation of learners. 

With these goals and constructs, where do you see this going?  Leave us a comment here or over at the isenet.ning.com/forum/topics/call-for-a-conversation-onlineISENet ning.


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Parents as Partners Episode #23 March 16, 2009 Parent Portal at Dade County

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Parents as Partners welcomed Debbie Graper from Dade County in Florida  for an excellent discussion about the development of their parent portal. Listen to the Q &A that included these questions: What challenges did you face before you started?How were parents involved in the design of the Portal?Have you faced any resistance to the Portal? Are parents comfortable about the privacy of their children's information; What do you do about families that don't have compute

Teachers Teaching Teachers #142 - Taking It Global with TIGed - 03.04.09

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Do you work with schools globally? Or want to?

The teachers whose students use Youth Voices -- and meet each week on this webcast -- often talk about “taking it global.” And this is a key value advocated by Jeff Lebow.

The idea for this webcast came when a teacher new to our work together contacted us saying that she was thinking of having her students get involved with both Youth Voices and Taking it Global (TIG). This teacher, Melissa Lynn Pomerantz, a 10 grade English teacher from St. Louis joined us on the show. 

To learn more about TIGed we invited:

Listen to this podcast if you would also like to learn more about Taking It Global. Perhaps like us, you will want to learn how we can broaden our -- and our students -- horizons beyond these United States.


Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

EdTechWeekly #119

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EdTechWeekly #119
March 15, 2009

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