Women of Web 2.0, April 4, 2007 Tuesday night Chat part 1

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Join Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes as we chat with George Siemens. It is a wonderful listen and learn about Connectivism. George gave us the short version and went through the strategies on how Connectivism would look in the K-12 setting. The chat room was rocking with all kinds of connections people were making as George was speaking. Thanks for listening. This show is in 2 parts!!

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EdTechWeekly#24 - Cyberbullying, Jumpcut, K12 HotLinks, & JustinTV

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Cyberbullying, Jumpcut, K12 HotLinks, JustinTV, & all sorts of Foolishness...
April 1, 2007

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #46 - Joomala? DrupalEd? Edublogs? Wordpress? Elgg?

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March 28, 2007 - This week, we invited several National Writing Project (NWP) technology liaisons to join us to talk about how they manage Content Management Systems (CMS’s) for their local sites, schools, and classrooms.We discussed the possibilities of using the DrupalEd profile that Bill Fitzgerald has recently been piloting, and is threatening to release within weeks. Our conclusion was less than clear but it will make for a good show next week! See you then.

Women of Web 2.0 March 27 Wow2.0.20-2007-03-27

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Join Jen, Sharon, Vicki and Cheryl as we chat and interview Cathy Evanoff, North Carolina Technology Teacher of the Year, and Carter Hawkins from Innertoob and Crowdabout.us.

Cheryl is finally out of the ECHO chamber. Enjoy the fun. The chat room was rocking and the link will be posted soon with all the goodies, links and conversations.


EdTechWeekly#23 - Twitterholics, TeacherTube, Mega-Downloads, & Podcamp Ahoy!

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March 25, 2007

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