21st Century Learning #37: South by Southwest Recap and EducationBridges.org

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #37
South by Southwest Recap and EducationBridges.org
March 20, 2007

This week arvind and Alex recap arvind's trip to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. The second half of the show is on EducationBridges.org and a discussion of where this show and Worldbridges in general are headed.

Women of Web 2.0 March 20 Bonus Wow2.0.bonus-2007-03-20

10:53 minutes (3.74 MB)This is the greatest interview! Thanks to Edward for sharing some insight about gaming at home and gaming at school. You will love this podcast. Leave Edward a comment. We have some serious competition here, ladies.

Women of Web 2.0, March 20, 2007 The SuperAdministrator Show

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Join Jen, Vicki and Cheryl as we chat with Miguel Guhlin, Scott MacLeod, Pete Reilly and Doug Johnson. Sharon Peters is on vacation in Costa Rica but shares her Wows of the week via email before she headed out to the rainforest. She is really enjoying Wikieconomics.

Cheryl opened the show with the wrong date for EST, but was correct for Terry Freedman's time zone! Then Skype dropped Doug and when she went to drag him back to the conversation, SKPYE crashed. All in one evening. By the end of the show Cheryl was in an echo chamber again. Only to find out that Nicecast had jumped settings and instead of recording one mic, was picking up multiple inputs. So, hopefully by tomorrow all the settings will check out.

Enjoy the great administrators who are behind the scenes and encouraging the use of Web 2.0 tools. The bottom line I will keep listening to teachers and students and will make day to day evaluations. One size does not fit all!

Thanks to all 28 people in the chat room, all the folks on SKPYE and all of you who download this podcast. There is great stuff! Over and out. Cheryl

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Bill's Excellent Drupal Adventure

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A Screencast Tour of Open Academic's
specially configured Education  Drupal

Drupal Tour

21st Century Learning #36: Sarah Heard

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #36
A Conversation with Sarah Heard
Klingenstein Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University
March 13, 2007

This week Alex discussed graduate school at the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College with veteran History Teacher, Sarah Heard.  We discussed the Klingenstein program and Sarah's experiences during her graduate program.

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