EdTechPlanning - Formation & Grant Proposals - Just Doin' It

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EdTechPlanning - Formation & Grant Proposals - Just Doin' It

March 15, 2007

  • Review Just do it month. Check for milestones.
  • A description of 'step 1'
  • Where do 'you' fit in. Identify people and give them an idea of what they can do.
  • A review of paperwork
  • Final statement of 'the plan'

Women of Web 2.0.18 - Jeanne Simpson and Chris Harbeck - Wiki collaboration with Middle School math wikis

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Women of Web 2.0.18
March 13, 2007

Well fans, join the Women of Web 2.0, Jen, Sharon, Vicky and Cheryl as we interview Chris Harbeck and Jeanne Simpson. It was March 13, 2007, the Nicecast gremblins took over and quit out of SKYPE a couple of times. Then the guardian angel Jeff Lebow, stepped in and helped with the stream and recording. THANKS to Jeff. Anyway, the lesson/moral of the story is......try something new, there is always a safety net out there to catch you! The content of the show, in spite of the glitches, is incredible. Where else can you hang out on a Tuesday evening and get such great staff development. Thanks to Chris and Jeanne for their expertise and classroom examples. You are the pioneers and our heros. There are a number of great links in the chat log. Enjoy.

Links for the show!

EdTechTalk Special: arvind at SXSW

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EdTechTalk: Special
Our Special South by SouthWest Correspondent: arvind grover!
March 12, 2007

arvind is down at South by SouthWest and we're going to be checking in with him daily to get conference recaps.  Here's the first installment. 

You can check out the sxsw podcasts here.


EdTechWeekly #21 - Social Meter, Bubbl.us, Screencasts, Xical, & SXSW

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 Social Meter, Bubbl.us, Screencasts, Xical, & SXSW
with ETT  Senior  Conference Correspondent,
Arvind Grover

March 11, 2007

This Week's Del.icio.us  Links

Chat Log Below


21st Century Learning #35: The Research Behind Learning and Teaching

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #35
A Conversation with June Ahn
The Research Behind Learning and Teaching
March 6, 2007

This week we discussed learning and teaching with June Ahn, Ph.D student, focusing on Urban Education at USC.

We will be discussed learning and teaching and how educational research relates to the classroom.  We spend a fair amount of time discussing Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talks presentation that asks whether we are educating our students to be college professors. 

June blogged about our conversation here 

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