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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

Blended Live/Virtual Presentations

I have been fortunate to participate in a number of blended workshop presentations where I am live with a group and members of the EdTech Community join in virtually.  Yesterday I had 3 sessions and Jeff Lebow and Lee Baber joined and contributed. Arvind came in for one (for some reason people from NYC have great credibility).     I think this is a powerful support that the community can offer individuals who are trying to bring Web 2.0 tools and practices to their school communities.  We are never a prophet in our own land but when my participants heard the voice of Lee echo in the room as she described her work and Jeff L. talked about the communities that have been grown out of WB, they paid attention.  I felt like my credibiltiy went up.  The glazed eyes of people lost in the terms and concepts became more alert listening to the powerful stories.

I think this has potential as a model and resource to people who are trying to start this work in their schools and districts.  As we go forward, maybe we can articulate and package this type of work so that others in and outside our community may use this as a professional development opportunity.

Jeff Flynn - Ann Arbor, MI

EdTechWeekly #18 - SL Language & Culture, Citation Issues, & Post Show Fun

66:00 minutes (30.21 MB)

EdTechWeekly #18
SL  Language & Culture, Citation Issues, & Post Show Fun
February 18, 2007

This Week's Forums Topic: Community Introductions & Invitee Wishlist

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EdTechTalk Planning Session - Show Specs, Talking to MacArthur, & Community Screencasting

42:16 minutes (19.35 MB)
EdTechTalk Planning Session
February 15, 2007

Show Specs, Talking to MacArthur, & Community Screencasting

Teachers Teaching Teachers #39

Teachers Teaching Teachers
February 7, 2007
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Conversations among teachers often lead to better clarity, deeper understanding, and renewal, and you’ll find some of these qualities in this podcast. Sometimes teacher talk can lead to action. Such was the case this Wednesday when Lee Baber and Paul Allison invited their colleagues Madeline Brownstone and Sharon Peters to come up with some ideas for collaborating with middle schoolers on blogs in the Personal Learning Space. (Clarence Fisher also joined us late in the webcast.)

Take at look at this week at this week’s Google Notebook TTT 39 if you want to see what all the excitment is about setting up global collaborations between students. Get to know more about Madeline and Sharon in there.

Our plan is to find five themes around which to organize the students’ communication with each other. And instead of coming up with these oursleves, we are going to use James A. Beane’s strategey of asking students to write 10 questions about themselves and 10 questions about the world. Then we will guide our students to study their questions to find socially relevant, personally engaging themes to suggest to each other for creating images, text, flash, and video on the blog. It will be interesting to post 5 questions on the home page of the Personal Learning Space, and then to watch as tags from the students’ blogs begin to give these questions texture.

Ed Tech Weekly #17 - The Vista Episode

February 12, 2007
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