A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability
November 16, 2006

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While hanging out on air before EdTech Brainstorm, Brad Hicks skyped in and asked Jeff & Dave about the sustainability of Worldbridges and The Webcast Academy.  The discussion that ensued covered non-profit possibilities, other financial considerations, potential management structures and how to avoid participant burnout. 

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The Eight Competencies of Online Interaction: What Should We Be Learning and Doing?

A Presentation by Nancy White & Dave Cormier at NYSAISEdTech2006
November 10, 2006

The Eight Competencies of Online Interaction: What Should We Be Learning and Doing? Presider: Alex Ragone Speakers: Nancy White and Dave Cormier A conversation between David, Nancy and the audience on the eight competencies for online interaction. What should we be developing in ourselves? Our staffs? Students? Think of yourself as Oprah and think up questions for David and Nancy.


EdTechWeekly#7 - EdTech News Roundup

November 12, 2006

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EdTechBrainstorm #57

NOTE: The attached audio has some "echo issues" that fade in and out; however, I've decided to post it anyway because we had such a great time with our guests.

EdTechBrainstorm #57
November 9, 2006

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It was great to have Jeremy and Oliver join us and to explore this "new frontier" for "information-communication technology" (ICT)-based education.

The real fun came when we dropped in on Oliver's class at Harvard following the show. Full credit to Harvard for making all content available to anyone with a 'net connection.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #27 - Blogging as Swarming

Teachers Teaching Teachers #27
November 1, 2006
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How can we sponsor and deepen the natural swarming that happens in student blogs on a social network? This complex question is where several teachers — Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Madeline Brownstone, Susan Ettenheim, Teb Locke, and Chris Sloan — seemed to be at the end of their conversation here. Teb talked about the kinds of committed writing he is seeing in his 3rd - 5th graders blog, their social network, and their wiki. We also talked about the differences from typical school writing that we are seeingthe personal, digital writing students are doing for their peers on blogs in The Personal Learning Space and Youth Voices.

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