2010-5-27 Ben N Ben Live from the MLTI Student Tech Conference

34:05 minutes (31.2 MB)

ben N ben broadcast live from the 7th Annual MLTI Student Conference. Their guests are Former Maine Governor Angus King, Ronald Ho from Google in New York, and Matt Montagne, from Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA.

Chat room:

Seedlings 2010-05-20 Show 89 with MEMoves!

64:28 minutes (29.55 MB)

Join us as we talk with the creaters and producers of MeMoves a musical-body puzzle, interactive program. Listen as Roberta shares the history behind MeMoves and then Chris jumps in a explains how their beliefs turned into a crusade!

 Another White Paper, just published, about MeMoves: International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia.

Seedlings Show 88-2010-05-13 with Jim Burke

64:37 minutes (29.58 MB)

A little bit of Maine Trivia starts out the show. Alice and Cheryl quiz Jim about his success as a classroom teacher, a retiree, and how he transformed himself into a 21st Century Facilitator. Jim has so many great experiences and idea we need to have him back next fall. Jim describes his job as an eMint trainer, his new ipad and his thoughts on the future of technology and education. You won't want to miss this.


The links: coming soon!

The Chat: 

 19:18:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting ready with the audio.

Seedlings-2010-05-06 with Lucy Gray and the K12Horizon Report

63:25 minutes (29.07 MB)

Join us as we learn more details about the Horizon Report with Lucy Gray. Plus Lucy tells us what has been happening in her professional life!


Links from the show:


K-12 Horizon Report

2010-04-29 Seedlings Chat with Lisa Nielson and Willyn Webb

59:59 minutes (27.5 MB)

 Bob and Cheryl are joined by and Willyn Webb: Author, Counselor at Alternative HS having success with cells in a district where it's banned Lisa Nielson:  Tech Innovation Manager in NYC and creator of The Innovative Educator Blog

Advocate for students using the tools they already own!



Here is part of the agenda with some great links:


    * Why do you think that cells are a tool necessary for combating the digital divide?

          o Ubiqutous (Lisa)

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