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Conversations #47 September 6, 2009

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The announcement of President Obama's speech to students caused many conversations across the US and that is the topic of conversation for today's show. Sheila was visiting relatives in Alabama. Her cousin Laura, a middle school teacher in Indiana joined Lisa, Maria and Sheila for today's show.

Chat Log

21st Century Learning #94: Carol Broos aka Music Techie

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2Carol Broos1st Century Learning #94
Carol Broos aka Music Techie
February 5, 2009

Carol Broos aka Music Techie
joined us to discuss her conversation with Arne Duncan, our new
Secretary of Education, and the intersection of performance and
technology education.  

<Click here for the chat transcript>


21st Century Learning #64: U.S. Presidential Primaries and You

29:29 minutes (27.01 MB)Alex, arvind and chatroom guests discussed all the technology surrounding the U.S. Preisdential Primary races. How can you use the Internet and online tools to understand the process? Tune in to find out...
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